20 Ocak 2022

Trench Coat and More

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She picked up hubby, told him he has a special night out. She cuffed his hands behind him before he realized what was up, made him take yohimbe bark, put a trench coat on him over his suit, buttoned up, sleeves in pocket. She strapped him in the seat next to her, then got between the coat flaps, unzipped him, got his cock out of the front opening in his underwear and hence out of his pants. She put very tight cock rings on him and told him now he would be unable to cum till she let him…..she strokes him without mercy as they drive.

She takes him to a local titty bar. Once in a quiet booth, she tells him his weekend will be fun. There is a mirror so he can see dancers on the stage. She gets him out of the jacket. She did not put him back in his pants during the drive. Strokes him as he watches the dancers and as they come to get their tips seeing his throbbing hardness. He sees his wife and several girls smile wickedly, even a few kisses. She stroked him as the dancers watched and let them stroke him ankara duşta veren escortlar too… as she gave them their tips.

After awhile she takes him home. On the walk to the car his cock rubs against the trench coat. She strokes him all the way home…

Once at home she does get him stripped, then ties him on the couch, hands still cuffed behind but legs VERY spread and tied securely to the couch legs. He is gagged with a penis gag, then she tells him.

Baby, I told you worked my way through college but what I didn’t tell you it was at the club we went to. Several of the dancers are close friends and they are coming over later. He sees an evil quirky smile on her face he had never seen before.

He could only sit there naked, tied, throbbing and helpless. She gives him the closest lap dance he ever dreamed of, also licking and sucking his nipples and playing with his butt. His wife told him she and her sisters have played with each other for a lot of years, and also with elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar her friends from the club. Now he gets them all. But first, her friends. Oh, and from this time forward he is only their cock toy. He will have more pussy than anyone he knows, but he will be tied helpless as he does.

The wife put gauze over his eyes and taped it and blindfolded him. Then she tape gagged him. Then earplugs, cotton over and tapped, then a full padded hood. He could not see or hear anything. He was still teased on his nipples and butt, as the wife rubbed all over him. He was allowed no control and was constantly teased as he was used, but because of the rings was unable to cum.

Still bound, the dancers join the fun. They rub against him. He can feel their naked bodies, and they slide up and down on him also. He can only feel their wet pussies sliding up and down on his helpless cock. His wife sends a text to her mom who got her into this lifestyle and who etimesgut iranlı escort soon shows up to join the fun. Soon the females are taking turns using his cock as he can only take. After awhile his blindfold was removed and his wife held his head, forcing him to watch as the women took turns using him.

His wife tells him “Welcome to just being a slave cock toy.”

She tells him that because he has such a nice cock and more importantly, a Vasectomy with zero sperm count that he is now going to be tied naked every night as part of a ring. He will join other similar hubbies who also get tied nightly for women to enjoy, knowing they will not get pregnant. He will not have any say on the women that use him.

His wife tells him he does get a choice. He can see who is using him so long as even if he meets them on the street there is nothing more than casual or business discussion — or — if he cannot handle that, he will be fully blocked in every way from knowing who they are.

His wife knows he can keep things separate, though not all hubbies have. He agrees to keep it separate, he wants to actually see the women, even though those nights he will be kept at the edge for hours and only after they leave his wife makes him cum. He tells her he wants it exactly that way. That is, that she makes him cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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