28 Mayıs 2022

Torn Anus

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Last night, after months of no sex at all, I met a guy at a friend’s place. He’s maybe 20 years older than me – wow – but instant attraction. Big tall man, fleshy but powerful. Confident and good looking in a distinguished 50ish way.

We went to a quiet club, a couple of drinks, sitting close, talking and finding much in common – then back to his place. We kissed in the car and I felt a thrill at his heavy maleness – smells, taste, presence. I could feel a really strong physical pull and could tell by looking at his eyes that he felt it too.

As we walked to the house he ran his hand over my butt, squeezing each cheek. He did it again and I paused in a dark shadow and tilted forward. He felt me up appreciatively then landed two hefty smacks, making me gasp and wet myself.

Once inside I had to go to the loo. As I was sitting there pissing he pushed the door open. He was naked, grinning, stroking a nice sized cock, squeezing the foreskin back and forth over its bulbous purple head. I got a real sexual rush, anticipating sex. We smiled at each other and I unbuttoned my blouse and freed my boobies, massaging illegal bahis my hard nubs as he massaged his cock.

When I finished pissing I sat there rubbing my puss until he walked over and slotted that semi-hard prick between my lips. He tasted of raw sex – from the salty slipperiness around his knob to the sweaty cheesy taste under his foreskin. I was getting into blowing him, enjoying a nice fat tasty cock after a long (for me!) abstinence. He was getting nice and hard as my lips slid up and down his length and I was getting off on the musky odour of his grey pubic bush.

Then he eased back and pulled away. ‘Show me that beautiful arse’, he said, eyes hooded, again stroking his glistening cock. As I stripped off, I wondered if he was one of those guys who gets off by wanking as a gal parades about naked. I’ve met a couple of those before and it’s not much fun for the gal. But I needn’t have worried.

I leant over, bracing my hands on the bath tub and he caressed my cheeks then ran his hand between them and gently rubbed my tight dry pucker. I looked back at him, my eyes hooded now like his, breathing illegal bahis siteleri through my mouth. An understanding passed between us. He opened the vanity drawer and took out a tube of KY and a condom.

Once his cock was sheathed and greased, he applied a little gel round my anus. ‘You want a couple of fingers first?’ I shook my head no and without any more preliminaries he stepped behind and pushed his fat cock head against my little bullseye. I was expecting it to go in OK, but it didn’t – it was certainly a bigger cock (the head anyway) than I’ve had for a long time and, for sure, it has been months since my pooper was plundered – and he had to push and shove and work it to get through my ring.

I was gasping and squealing a little as he stretched my sphincter, the pain a little sharp, and I thought that once he got that fat head inside he’d pause so I could get used to it. But no – he held my hips steady and rammed all the way in! It took me by surprise and I squealed again. He fucked me hard like that for a while then I lay on the bathmat and a couple of towels, pulled my legs up high and canlı bahis siteleri he did me that way for ever so long, sucking my tits and driving me backwards along the floor until I was squashed in the corner, his big cock ramming so far up me I was having trouble breathing.

But god I was hot! He was sweating, red in the face, eyes bulging as he thudded his thighs against mine. With a few enormous thrusts he came, his full weight pinning me down as he bucked his hips. Still panting he pressed his open mouth over mine, our tongues and saliva mixing, then pulled back, his cock slithering out of my ravaged arse, resting on his haunches, the shit stained condom covering his wilting cock half full of semen.

‘You ready to cum too?’ he asked. He then lay on his back and I straddled his face. I was so charged that it only took a minute or two of his lips on my clit and tongue on my puss to bring me off.

He called me this evening and told me it was the best sex he’s ever had (nice, even if he was exaggerating), and he was looking forward to fucking my tight bubble butt again real soon. I told him it was good for me too but that he’d tore my anus a little and much as I’d like to do it again we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.

However we agreed that there are other things we can do in the meantime and he’s coming over the night after tomorrow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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