21 Ekim 2021

Time with Aunt Amy

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Time with Aunt Amy

I gawked when came out onto the decking. I was sitting half-reclined on one of the loungers next to the pool. It was shady under the big parasol shade but I still had sunglasses on. And I was grateful to have them because at least they gave me some cover to mask my surprise and delight at seeing my ripe, voluptuous Aunt Amy in the two-piece swimsuit.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said from behind her own huge sunglasses, “but it’s too hot to wear mush else.”

I gulped down against the inappropriate urges rising inside me. “Why would I mind? It’s your villa, Aunt Amy.”

“I’m forty-two,” my aunt replied through a grimace. “Things aren’t as tight as they were. I’m worried you might not be comfortable with all this wobbly flesh.”

The truth spilled from me before I knew I was going to say it. “You’re joking,” I gasped, “I think you’re fantastic.”

I think I caught a look of surprise flash across her face. I can’t be sure, however, not with those big dark lenses covering almost half her face.

Nevertheless, my sense of Aunt Amy’s surprise came through in her voice when she said, “Oh, thank you. That’s nice to hear. Very encouraging.”

My aunt settled onto the lounger alongside mine. She lay on her back, sighing as she adjusted the fit of her bikini briefs.

“God, this is so peaceful,” Aunt Amy breathed.

“Thanks for letting me stay,” I said.

Without looking at me, my aunt waved a hand in a gesture of dismissal. “Oh, don’t be silly. The place is empty for at least three-quarters of the year. You know how busy I am with work. I hardly ever get the chance to enjoy this place. I wonder why I keep it on sometimes. But times like this…” My aunt paused and sighed again, a sound of contentment as, disconcerting for me when her boobs shivered and shook, she stretched and then rested her weight on a hip and an elbow. “You can stay here as ling as you need to,” Aunt Amy went on. “You’ve had a hard time. Why not stay here and hide out?”

“Thanks,” I repeated.

“I just hope I’m not in your way. I thought perhaps … You know,” she added after the pause. “That you might be looking to move on after Gabrielle? Another pretty girl to help you with all that romantic pain and loss.” My aunt chuckled so show she was teasing about the pain and loss. It would just be her way of jollying me out of any heartbreak I may be suffering.

“I’m pretty much past any pain and suffering,” I said. “But I’m not looking for a replacement for her. Not yet.”

My aunt nodded. “Wise,” she said. “I wish I’d made better decisions. I wish I’d been wise. Four husbands,” she told me, which wasn’t news.

I shrugged and suggested, “Maybe you work too hard?”

Aunt Amy pulled a face. “That’s part of it, I suppose,” she breathed. “But I went for the older man when I was younger, and that went wrong. Then, as I’ve gotten older, my husbands have been younger in turn. I’ll be dating a teenager next!”

I didn’t have any reply to that so I kept quiet. My aunt let out another satisfied sigh and eased onto her back and made the adjustments to her bikini again, my eyes sliding over her feminine shape and large breasts.

We lay there in silence for no more than a minute.

“You know what would be lovely?”

I turned my face to my aunt and asked, “What?”

“A large gin and tonic with lots of ice. And a ciggy,” she added.

“I can get you the drink but can’t help with the cigarette.”

“Would you, Carl? A large gin and tonic? Lots of ice?”

I was on my way to my feet as I said, “For sure. Anything, Aunt Amy. You’ve been kind enough to put me up for these past couple of weeks. I’ll jump in the car and get down to the shop for cigarettes if you want, too.”

“No-no,” my aunt replied. She was back on her hip and elbow, dark lenses presented to me. “I think there might be an old packet in one of the kitchen drawers. Maybe have a look there, Carl.”

Standing, looking down at my aunt’s curves, I said, “I didn’t know you smoked.”

She pulled a face. “I don’t. Not really. It’s just an occasional thing.” Aunt Amy gave a half-shrug, an action which set her boobs jiggling. “I feel decadent out here in the warm in the company of a gorgeous young man. A drink and a cigarette would be divine. Just to round it all off.”

I walked over the decking towards the back of the villa. The pool filter hummed, clear water gurgling through the system, thoughts and impressions tumbling in my mind. I found the cigarettes and then poured my aunt a generous measure of gin over a fistful of ice. I splashed tonic into the mix, then took a San Miguel from the fridge. I had to make a return trip to fetch a lighter, and then sat down on my lounger, feet on the decking, my gaze sliding over Aunt Amy’s substantial frontage. I watched her spark up and take a long drag at the cigarette. She grimaced and blew smoke from her nostril’s in a vehement dragon’s breath.

My aunt held up the cigarette and gasped, “God, how old is this fucking thing? It tastes foul!”

I drained off the small bottle of beer and offered it to Aunt Amy as a receptacle. “here,” I said. “Put it in this.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” Aunt Amy beamed. “You getting another beer?”

I nodded and rose to my feet, went to the kitchen, disposed of the bottle and barely diminished cigarette, grabbed a beer, and went back to decking. For the next fifteen minutes, as I took an occasional sip at the beer and Aunt Amy took delicate sips of her drink, we chatted about her disastrous marriages and nightmare relationships. I offered to make her a refill when Aunt Amy finished her glass.

“God, but you’re lovely,” she said though a grin. “I could get used to being waited on like this.” My aunt held out her empty glass. “Might take a little dip,” she added.

I saw her stand up and move to the pool before I went towards the villa. I heard my aunt gasp and squeak that the water was lovely. “So cool and refreshing!” she trilled.

My aunt was in the pool, water up to her neck, sunglasses still on when I went back outside with another beer for myself and a replenished drink for her.

“Come in, Carl,” she said as she moved to the edge of the pool. “It’s divine,” added Aunt Amy after she took her drink from my hand.

She sipped at the gin, sunglasses aimed at me, head tilted slightly towards one elbow, a position that gave me a disconcerting feeling she was looking right at me.

“You know what else would be fun?” Aunt Amy placed the glass several inches away from the edge of the pool. “Skinny dipping,” she said when I asked what would be fun.

I felt fingers of excitement clench in that indefinable place seep below the pit of my stomach and, despite the cold logical notion she was my aunt – my father’s sister – my cock thickened at the prospect of seeing her naked. It was a dark, clandestine sensation, slippery with a sense of the forbidden, the sly and furtive element to the idea adding a thrilling spice to the mix.

With the visceral tug of dark desires down in my core, I gulped out a halting, “What? Me and you? In the pool?”

Her nod was eager as my aunt beamed a smile. “Bloody naughty, isn’t it?”

She trilled a mocking laugh when I stammered, “But you’re muh-my aunt.”

“What’s that got to do with it, Carl? You’ve seen a lady in the nuddy before, haven’t you? It’s not like we’ll be doing anything wicked,” Aunt Amy went on through a smirk. “It’s just bare skin.”

I wanted to do it. Inside my head was a voice screaming at me to take the shorts of and get into that pool with my aunt. But, regardless of the way my body responded and the voice yelled at me to stop being a dickhead, I still felt the reluctance. “Yeah, but…” I said.

“What are you scared of?”

She said it in just the right level of goading to taunt me into muttering a swear word as I put the beer down on the small table near the loungers. I heard my aunt shriek as I dived into the water, and she was laughing as I emerged.

“I’m taking this bikini off now,” my aunt informed me.

I watched her contortions, unable to define any detail as the water swirled.

“You too,” my aunt said, then flung her bikini bottoms away. Her bikini bra came off next, landing with near the discarded briefs with a wet slap, her sunglasses fixed directly on me as she went on to say, “Come on. I’m bare. Don’t embarrass me by keeping those shorts on, Carl.”

“Can anyone see us?”

I was shoving the shorts down when my aunt replied. “No,” she said. “One of the reasons I bought this place. We’re not overlooked. Good thing since I’m often naked around here. I’ve only kept my kit on because you’re here. I didn’t want to scare you.”

I looked at my aunt, attention dipping to the waterline as I tried to get a look at her nipples. I still couldn’t make out any features with a degree of clarity. All I got was a sense of the size of her boobs, the impression nothing different to what I already thought. Shimmering under the water, Aunt Amy’s breasts looked to be big and weighty, an impression formed from gawking at the scoop-necked dresses and sweater my aunt seemed to prefer.

Emboldened because of a surge of illicit arousal was warming me inside, I looked at my aunt, brave behind the sunglasses as I gave a half-choked response of, “You could’ve done that if you wanted, canlı kaçak iddaa Aunt Amy. I reckon I wouldn’t be scared.”

Silence followed my remarks. The filter still hummed and water gurgled as I stared at the impenetrable depths of Aunt Amy’s dark glasses. During that shirt communication void, I felt a flutter of anxious anticipation down in my tummy. I had no idea what my aunt might be thinking, but somehow sensed something significant was in the air around us.

Then, in a low voice which made my balls tighten, my cock swelling to half tumescence, my aunt said, “If I did that, Carl, if I went naked around here, would you do it, too?”

I was struggling to breath from the lust swelling inside me as I replied. “Yeah,” I said, croaking it out.

“Don’t you think it’d be a bit … mucky? You know,” my aunt continued, still almost too quiet for me to hear, “a bit naughty in a sexy kind of way? We’re related after all. Would it make things awkward between us?”

“I … I don’t think it’d be awkward,” I said through what was almost a groan.

“We could never … you know … touch or anything. Not if we were both naked.”

Disappointed, I shook my head in a show that I wouldn’t think about touching her. “Of course not,” I said.

“We couldn’t tell anyone either,” added my aunt. “I don’t think people would understand. They might think it a bit pervy.”

I nodded and tried to look like any illicit desires had never clutched at my insides and that my dick wasn’t semi-erect right at that moment. “No,” I agreed, “people wouldn’t get it.”

My aunt’s head canted towards one shoulder. “So, we’re in agreement?”

I wasn’t really sure what I was agreeing to, but I nodded anyway.

“All right,” murmured my aunt. “If we’re going to be nude in front of one another, I suppose we better get the awkward bit out of the way. I’ll get out now, Carl. Then you’ve got to get out, too. But I want us to behave like nothing’s different. We’ll just be nude, that’s all. You look at me all you want. Let’s get that part of it finished so we can relax.”

I swallowed down on the sudden fear rising inside me. I couldn’t get out of the water just yet. Not with my cock all swollen up like it was.

Too late, I called out, “Aunt Amy,” but she was already half out of the water.

My aunt turned, swivelling at the waist to show me a three-quarter profile view of her generous breasts. She asked, “What is it?”

“Oh,” I blurted, stunned to idiocy by the sight of her boobs.

“Come on,” Aunt Amy said. “Don’t keep gawking. They’re only tits.”

My aunt turned her back to me, presenting the shape of her femininity in the sweep of her waist into her hips, round buttocks pulling a gasp from my throat.

“Come on, Carl,” insisted my aunt when she reached the top of the terraced steps. This time she turned full frontal to face me, fists on her hips, breasts swinging and swaying.

“Oh, Aunt Amy,” I breathed, eyes on her hairless vulva.

It surprised me to hear her chuckle. I thought she might be pissed off with my reaction. “Oh, Carl,” purred my aunt after the chuckle. “You’re not thinking dirty thoughts, are you? My big tits too much for you, sweetie? Didn’t expect me to be bare down there either?”

I gulped when my aunt cast a glance towards her own pubis.

“Get out of there now,” Aunt Amy insisted with a curl of an arm. “You’ve had an eyeful of me. Now, how about you give an old lady a thrill and let me get a look at your lovely tight bod.”

She didn’t leave me any choice. I was appalled to do it, but still followed my aunt up the steps.

My face was burning as the water fell below the jib of my half-hard cock.

Then I heard my aunt gasp and, through a low moan, she said, “Fuck, Carl, now that is a lovely surprise.”


We were back under the oversized sunshade. I was standing while my aunt sat on her lounger. She had her sunglasses off, gin in one hand, her blatant gaze set on my dick.

“You know what I said,” murmured my aunt, “about not touching?”

I nodded and breathed out a, “Yeah…”

“Well,” Aunt Amy said, “would you like to touch my tits?”

“Fuck,” I gasped, surprised, “can I?”

I saw her throat work as her face tilted up. “Yes you can. Do you like big tits?”

I groaned out another yes.

“What about older ladies? You know, like me?”

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” I said through a moan. I almost took hold of my cock and started to stroke it.

“If you touched my boobs and I touched your cock…?”

Then, before I could respond either way, my aunt leaned in and curled her fingers around my shaft.

As she stroked, I groaned, my aunt murmuring, “Lovely fit boy … Lovely thick cock.”

My aunt let out a sigh, her eyes coming up to catch my stare. “We can just do this for a little minute, can’t we, Carl? I just want to get a feel of your big thing. Go on,” she added, thrusting out her chest. “Touch those tits. Be firm with them, sweetie. I’m in a filthy fucking mood. I need you to handle my tits.”

I groaned at the spongy-soft texture and the weight of my aunt’s big breasts.

“Yes,” Aunt Amy sighed. “That’s it. Squeeze. Give them a good fucking mauling.”

My aunt’s fingers caressed my length, appreciation coming out of her in little sighs and gasps and moans.

“You don’t know how much I’m dying to give you a little suck, Carl,” she whispered.

“Go on,” I urged, desperate for the sin.

“Don’t ever tell. Make sure this stays a secret…”

Then, as I boggled, shocked to see my aunt’s familiar features distorted, her lips around the big dome. As I watched, awed and gasping, mouth hanging slack, I listened to my aunt snuffling around the girth of me, her own hands cupping her breasts, fingers kneading those tits, fingers tweaking at her nipples, her rump shifting against the lounger so its aluminium frame squawked in protest.

“Aunt Amy,” I groaned, hips moving as I started to fuck into her face. “I want to put it in, I want to fuck you,”

Her eyes flashed fire as, with her hand stroking the hardness of me, my aunt smirked up into my face. “Filthy little fucker,” she breathed. “I’m your aunt, Carl. We’re related by blood. You really think I’m going to let you put this thing inside me?” When she said it, Aunt Amy waggled the length of my desire at me. “I mean,” she added through a teasing purr. “That would mean we’d be fucking. I’d be fucking my nephew. You’d be fucking your father’s sister. You understand how twisted that is, don’t you?”

I knew but didn’t care. I was caught up in the heat of the moment. I was outdoors. The sun was shining. My aunt was naked, all her lovely bounty on display. I was horny for her, needy and urgent to push my size into her body. I wanted to watch her face as I fucked at her pussy. I wanted to hear her gasp and groan and tell me how sweet it was to feel me moving inside her.

I wanted to fuck my aunt.

I wanted to flood her cunt with my lust.

I wanted to lick her pussy and make her wriggle and moan.

I wanted it all.

“I know,” I said, grunting it out.

“Do you really want it?” My aunt had let go of my dick. She was leaning back on the lounger, legs wide, fingers of one hand splaying her large, meaty folds. “It looks scary, doesn’t it, Carl? These loose piss-flaps flopping about. Thing is, don’t be scared. She’s tight inside. It’s just these bits that are big.” My aunt diddled her thick labia with her fingers, then she smirked, winced and gasped, and said, “My clit’s on the large side, too. But that doesn’t matter. I get pleasure from attention to my bean…”

Aunt Amy fingered the pink nub, gasping as she looked at me through eye glazed with whatever she was feeling inside.

“If you really want it, Carl,” Aunt Amy continued, showing me her scarlet core, “then get on here and put it in. Fuck me. But you better make it worth the while. This is wickedness. We shouldn’t be doing it. And I don’t believe I’m actually letting you do it. But,” my aunt went on with a half-shrug and a grin, “you’re a good-looking lad and that’s a lovely fat, veiny cock. I’m so fucking randy, too. Gin and sunshine,” Aunt Amy cooed, fingering her sex. “Plus a gorgeous boy with a hard-on. I can’t refuse…”

It was surreal as, with my fist pumping my cock, I got onto the lounger with my aunt, the structure groaning under the added load as I shifted about so I could aim the cock-head at her body.

“That’s it,” murmured my aunt, her stare on my dick. “Just slide it in, Carl. Nice and slow to start with, darling. Let me feel every inch. Take it easy. I want to commit this to memory. God, imagine, we’re actually going to fuck.”

Excitement clutched my chest as, not really believing it was all real, I looked from Aunt Amy’s face to her substantial breasts and on down to her vulva. She still held herself splayed, face twisted with eagerness as she also shunted towards me.

Aunt Amy nodded when I groaned, “Can I really…?”

“Yes,” she said, almost snarling the word. “Don’t question it, Carl. Don’t ask me if it’s all right. Look at me, darling. See how I’m choking for you to fuck me.”

With the lounger creaking and groaning, I moved in close, a gasp bursting from my aunt when my dick nudged at her body.

“Just a little push,” Aunt Amy instructed.

She was squirming around, apparently desperate to take me into her body. My aunt canlı kaçak bahis moaned and sighed, lower lip between her teeth as she focussed on the detail down between her legs.

“Gently, remember,” Aunt Amy whispered, her eyes on my face.

I mumbled, “Yeah, okay, Aunt Amy,” and then moved in so the cock-head popped past the slick resistance of her opening.

When it went in, Aunt Amy’s eyes went wide. “Oh,” she yipped, like it was a surprise.

I moaned at the slow glide when my aunt’s body accommodated my size. I felt the heat of her molten embrace, stunned to realise I was really inside her. When I looked down and saw the ugly-beauty of her loose labia clinging to my shaft, I croaked in awe.

“Don’t move,” mumbled my aunt. “Please, Carl,” she gasped, wide-eyed gaze locked on my face. “Give me a moment. Let me get used to it. Having you there, inside me, my nephew…” Aunt Amy paused, gulping and sighing as she glanced to our conjunction, her stare returning to my face. “Incredible,” muttered my aunt. “You’re there, Carl. We’re together.”

It wasn’t comfortable on the lounger. I was positioned on my knees, balanced precariously while my aunt lay spread beneath me. When I started to move, sliding my length out and back into Aunt Amy’s sex, and while she shoved in to meet me on the way in, the lounger shifted over the decking, moving inches at a time in response to the robustness of the action. We were both gasping and constantly moving around, muttering and cursing when it became difficult for us to gain any momentum and the all-important friction we needed for pleasure. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties, we persevered, Aunt Amy’s large breasts rolling as we rutted and lusted.

Then, with the emotion on me, I looked at me aunt, gasping, “Can I kiss you, Aunt Amy?”

“That means love,” my aunt replied. “I don’t kiss men I fuck, Carl. Kissing means more to me than the sex.”

I didn’t understand what she was talking about. All I knew is I wanted to be inside her as much as I could physically manage. My cock was working her cunt and I wanted to kiss her mouth and offer my tongue.

When I blurted out I didn’t follow, my aunt looked up at me and asked, “Is this just fucking or do you feel something emotional?”

“I … I don’t know,” I replied.

In response, Aunt Amy pushed at my chest with her palm. “Get off me,” she gasped, shoving at me.

Unbalanced, I rolled off, barely catching my balance as I went up onto my feet. As I gawked, my aunt hefted herself upright. Then she stood up, boobs swaying as she moved past me.

“Into the villa,” Aunt Amy said over one shoulder.

So I followed her jiggling rump, my dick waggling around and, in the kitchen, where my aunt paused, she turned to face me square on.

“Come here,” Aunt Amy told me. “Hold my waist. Look me in the eye.”

Perplexed and anxious she was going to end it, I went in to do as instructed.

“Look at me,” Aunt Amy murmured. I set my attention on her face and away from her boobs. “All right, this is what I mean…” My aunt paused and took hold of my cock in an underhand grip. Then she stroked the length of it, saying, “I’m a bit of a tart. A slut if you want to put that label on me. Not that I care. I don’t give a toss. I do what I want to do. I’m not married any more. I’m not limited. If I want to fuck, I do.”

I gulped at the pleasure tingling down at my root. “Okay,” I sighed.

“So, for me, fucking is just for fun. I like it. It feels good. I’m good at it, too.”

“God, Aunt Amy,” I moaned in response.

“Shush,” she admonished. “Let me explain.”

I nodded, almost wall-eyed with delight as she kept on working her fingers over my dick.

“But I’m not just all about the physical act of the sex. It isn’t all about fucking. Sometimes there’s feelings. Love, Carl,” my aunt said on a whisper. “If this is just fucking, we don’t kiss…”

My aunt paused and moved in close, her breasts compressing between us.

“We can do this today and put it behind us,” she added, breath wafting my cheek. “But we won’t talk about it, we won’t have a repeat. It’d just be one hard, hot fuck…”

I groaned when she emphasised the ‘fuck,’ her use of the word causing me to move against her hand.

“You’re randy for me, aren’t you, Carl?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“So we can do this hard and hot. You can fuck me. Is that what you want?”

“Aunt Amy, please…”

She chuckled, eyes holding my stare, a devilish glint of teasing delight in her expression. “Fuck my hand, you dirty boy,” Aunt Amy smirked.

“I’ll come,” I warned, gasping it out.

Which is when she released my cock, the thing twitching like it was going to spit ejaculate across the kitchen.

“Not yet,” scolded my aunt.

I gawked at her, shocked to be left hanging like that and, when I grabbed at myself to tug the shaft, my aunt slapped at my wrist.

“No, Carl. Don’t waste it. We’ve got unfinished business. I shouldn’t have started to wank you off,” added my aunt, “but you really do have a lovely big cock. I couldn’t help myself, sweetheart. I wanted to feel you.”

Groaning and getting pissed off, I asked, “What are you talking about?”

Aunt Amy sighed and shook her head, looking at me like I was an idiot. “All right, to spell it out … If we fuck together right now, no kissing and no coming inside me by-the-way, that’s another little foible of mine, but if you want to kiss … well, that means investing emotion. We’ll be connected on a more intimate level. I don’t mean we’re going to get married, Carl – not that we could given I’m your aunt – but we’ll be lovers. I’d expect romance and tenderness. It won’t all be climbing on and fucking until you come.”

I still didn’t understand what she was on about, and my expression must have conveyed that message because my aunt tutted and sighed and shook her head again.

“If you want to be part of my life as a lover, Carl,” Aunt Amy said, slowly putting me straight, “then I’d want us to be a bit like a boyfriend and girlfriend. We’ll go out together. Hold hands and kiss in public. I’d expect you to talk to me like we’re equal. Like I matter. If you want something like that with me you can kiss me and I’ll let you come inside me. If you don’t want us to be lovers that way, if this is just a physical thing to you, well, no kissing and you can’t ever dump your spunk in my pussy.”

It was starting to make some kind of sense. “So,” I asked, “you want us to be together?”

My aunt gave an ambiguous signal by first pulling a face, head bobbing side-to-side in what was neither a nod nor a shake of her head. “I don’t mean like we’re engaged, Carl. I’m not mental. I don’t expect us to be a permanent couple, I’m talking about for as long as we’re both here in the villa. We’d be lovers for as long as it lasts … Whatever ‘it’ is.”

It all ran through my head as I looked at my aunt. I wasn’t quite getting the precise nature of what she envisioned, but I intuited enough to put together a sentence. After long seconds of my eyes ravelling over my aunt’s tempting curves, the desire bubbling inside me, I said, “I want to kiss. I want to do it inside you.”

Aunt Amy stepped in and put her arms around my neck. “Then kiss me. Squeeze my tits. Then we’re going upstairs to finish this off.”

We kissed, my aunt moaning into my mouth as she squirmed and pressed her breasts against me. In response, I growled, my hands moving over her body. I squeezed and I touched, my hand on the small of her back as my fingers went down through the crease of her buttocks. When I reached the sodden flesh of her sex, my aunt grunted an obscenity and angled her pelvis to facilitate my probing digits. After that, I went to her side, fucking two fingers into her cunt while she leaned her elbows on the counter, hips pushed back in lewd invitation.

While I worked my aunt’s pussy, she swivelled her face and mumbled that she wanted to kiss. “God, I’ve been dying for us to do something like this,” groaned my aunt. “I’ve been going mental these past few days. I need a lot of sex, Carl. And, sweetie, you’ve been cramping my style.”

“I’m sorry,” I said as we gazed at each other, both sucking in air.

“Don’t worry, I’ve gotten what I need now.”

After she said it, my aunt went to her knees, working a hand over my dick before she sucked at its swollen bulb.

My aunt glommed and slurped, wanking me down at my root, her eyes on my face as she grinned around her mouthful of me.

“You like me this way?” Aunt Amy was working her hand over my cock, her action brisk, excitement in her tone and the flash in her eyes. “Did you ever think I’d be sucking your dick? Me, your aunt? Am I a good aunty to you, Carl, my lovely? Is this anything you ever imagined would happen?”

“It’s unbelievable, Aunt Amy,” I moaned.

“It’s i****t,” gasped my aunt before she went back to lick and suck at my dick. Aunt Amy used her lips and tongue and hand on me for a few sublime seconds, gasping and muttering depravity to herself, something I thought must turn her on. Confirmation of that assumption came very quickly when she broke off from glomming at me. “Family,” she sighed, a hand down between her legs. “Isn’t it dirty? We’re the same family but I’m sucking your cock? I licked my cunt off you, too, Carl. You had me all bahis siteleri canlı over your dick. You’ve been fucking your aunt’s wet pussy. You dirty, naughty, gorgeous boy. You want to fuck me some more? You want to put this big fucking thing inside me again?”

“Fuck, yeah,” I said, mumbling it out.

“Upstairs,” gasped my aunt as she stood up. “My room. We’re sharing my bed from now on. We’re going to my bed. I need you to fuck me.”

I watched, stunned at how the day had worked out, my stare on my aunt’s shivering buttocks. The shape of her and the way she swung her hips as she walked brought a low growl bubbling from me. I wanked at myself, tugging my cock because it excited me to see my aunt’s bare skin.

“Come on,” Aunt Amy said as she paused at the door. “Come and fuck your aunty, Carl. I’m so ready for some dirty fun with my nephew. You wanted to kiss me? You can. Get up those stairs. Fuck me and give me the cum.”

When she winked and smirked and blurted a delighted laugh I went towards her, my aunt dancing away with a trill of delight. She giggled like a girl as I chased her upstairs. Then we were tumbling onto her bed, kissing as we both moved into position, each one desperate and needy for the physical act of our burgeoning love.

With my aunt on her back, me in the superior position above as I slid into her pussy in the missionary style, Aunt Amy was serious all of a sudden. With my cock inside her up to my balls, she stopped me from rutting, legs clamped to my flanks, her hand on my back as she held me with her gaze. “Fuck me this time, Carl,” murmured my aunt. “Smash my cunt. Use me for sex. But, next time, I want us to take our time and love one another.” Aunt Amy paused, eyes searching my face. “You hear me?”

I nodded, unable to speak as the emotion burst inside me. “I’ll love you,” I said on a gasp of pleasure. “This is fantastic.”

My aunt chuckled and started to move. “Yeah,” she drawled, “it’s so fucking lovely.”


I sobbed out I was there, going in deep as the long groan of ecstasy issued forth. I heard my aunt squealing that she could feel my cock pulsing, the lust bursting from me in a divine surge, the goo flooding my aunt. As I worked into her as deep as I could go, instinctively giving her my seed so my sperm could more easily find her core, we kissed, the joy bursting from my mouth while my aunt gasped out her own pleasure.

“Keep fucking,” Aunt Amy urged. She shunted her pelvis, working my greasy shaft with her slick cunt. “Just a few strokes. Keep fucking me, Carl. I’m going to get there, too.”

I went up on straight arms and, awed, watched her folds cling to the buttery length of me as we went for her peak. Still full of desire and lust for my aunt’s body, I kept on at her pussy while she helped herself along by fingering her swollen clit. She was gasping and mewling, shifting and writhing, face tight with the effort as she strove for her climax.

“Oh, fuck, Carl, I’m going to come…” Her expression was shocked when she said it. It was like my aunt was surprised at the outcome, as though her orgasm was a rare thing. “Shit … God … Oh fuck,” she gasped, eyes closing as the judders began.

The contractions inside her forced my dick from her body, the slide of my cock accompanied by a liquid squelch from Aunt Amy’s pussy and a quick outrush of spunk while my aunt rocked and writhed through her climax. I watched her go at it, fingers still busy at her sex, the digits not quite on top of her bean, the sobs and grunts bursting out of my aunt until she finally gave one long wail and the fight left her limp and gasping, the same look of shock on her face.

“Oh,” gasped my aunt on what was also a chuckle. “God, Carl,” she went on the same breathless way, “that was bloody divine. It was lovely. Feeling you go…” Aunt Amy let out a sigh, shaking her head in an attitude of disbelief while she reached a hand out towards me. “Come here,” she said. “In close. I want to cuddle.”

It was warm in her bedroom. The heat of the afternoon outside and the physical effort had brought me out in a sweat. “You sure? I’m all sticky,” I told her.

Still fighting for air, my aunt shook her head and beckoned me to her. “I don’t care about that. I want to cuddle and kiss.”

So we did. For the next several minutes I lay with my aunt, gently kissing as we stared at each other. My mind was awhirl with thoughts and impressions. I couldn’t believe we’d done it. It was impossible, surely? Sex with my own father’s sister? That kind of thing didn’t happen.

But, as my fingers traced the line of her body, and my aunt shivered and whispered that I was tickling her – and that she liked it – I had to accept the reality of what had just passed. My semen was seeping out of Aunt Amy’s sex. I had her essence on my dick and the sound of her soft tender endearments in my ears. We kissed, emotions passing between us, the moment poignant when my aunt snuggled in close, her face in the hollow between my shoulder and throat.

“We’re lovers now,” mumbled my aunt. “This is so very special for me. How about you? How do you feel?”

“Like I want to do it again,” I said as my cock twitched with desire.

“Oh-ho-ho,” chuckled Aunt Amy as she went up onto an elbow. “The vigour of youth.” Her fingers encircled my girth. “I think you’re going to be fun, my gorgeous nephew.”

For the following four days it was like a honeymoon with my aunt. We kissed and made love; we rutted, with me fucking into her body as we snarled and grunted and I showed her my strength. We ate quick meals, drank gin and tonic, went around naked, and lived for the moment.

Then, one afternoon, both of us dozy with slumber after sharing our love, my aunt murmured, “Your mother and father are coming out here tomorrow.”

Alarmed at the news, I sat upright. “What? Fuck? What do we do?”

Languid, unconcerned, my aunt asked, “What’s wrong?”

“We can’t keep doing this,” I said, starting to babble. “I’ll have to go and sleep in the other room. They can’t find out. Shit, Aunt Amy, can’t you tell them not to come? Mum’ll know something’s been going on just by looking at me. She always knows when I’ve done something. But this is too fucking huge…”

“Calm down,” interjected my aunt. She put a hand on my arm.

I recoiled from her touch. “Shit no. Don’t touch me!”

“It’ll be all right, Carl.”

I gawked at her like she was crazy. Which she had to be if she thought my mother wouldn’t divine what we’d been doing. “No, it fucking won’t,” I gasped.

Insistent, Aunt Amy nodded and then came up to her knees. She sandwiched my cheeks between her palms. “Look at me,” she said. “Pay attention. Focus, Carl. Look at me.”

I let out a troubled sigh and tried to settle. Then I looked at my aunt.

“I promise everything will be okay,” Aunt Amy murmured. “Better than okay. You’re going to love it.”

Puzzled, I groaned out, “How do you know? How can you be sure?”

“Trust me,” she purred, grinning at me. “There are currents all around that you can’t see, Carl.”

I thought she was talking nonsense.

When I tried to pull away, my aunt continued by asking, “Do you think your mother’s attractive?”

Confused, I gawked at her. “My mother?”

Aunt Amy nodded. “Your mother. Is she sexy, you think?”

“What the fuck are you asking me that for?”

“Because I’d like an answer to the question, Carl.”

“I suppose so,” I snapped. “It’s not anything I’ve thought about.”

My aunt gave a half-shrug. “Try thinking about it, Carl.”


The sentence died on my lips. I boggled at Aunt Amy.

“My brother’s very sexy,” murmured my aunt.

On a flash of shock, the realisation hit me like a physical blow. “Wuh-what are you telling me?”

Smirking, my aunt pushed a hand between her legs. She groaned and winced, fingers teasing her sex. Then she took hold of my cock, stroking it while whispering, “Imagine I’m your mother … You’re both naked, like this. Would you get hard for her, Carl?”

Despite being stunned by what I thought my aunt was saying, my cock still thickened and grew to full-blooded tumescence. Lust exploded inside me, the heat of it surging as the unbidden image of the scene my aunt described popped into my mind.

Glancing down at my dick, my aunt chuckled. “I think that’s my answer,” she said.

It was a staggering concept, too much reality to absorb. “I … I don’t get it,” I stammered.

“Things could be just like they are now,” my aunt said, caressing my dick. “Naked, sex, love … The difference is I’d be with my brother sometimes … And, if you want to, you could spend some time with your mother…”

My aunt eased me onto my back. Then she sucked and slurped at my dick before climbing on top to take me into her body.

I groaned when Aunt Amy let out a moan of pleasure and then said, “This could be you and your mother tomorrow night, Carl.”

I reached up and mauled Aunt Amy’s breasts, testing their weight and spongy-softness while I also thrust up to go in her deeper.

“Yes, fuck me,” she sighed. “Think about what it could be like if this was your mother on your cock…”

Then we went to it. The rutting started and I lost my mind.



This is another one I typed up and submitted fresh from the keys. As the Aunt Cathy scene, this is also unedited, etc. This means there may be typos and other errors. Please forgive any fuck-ups in the text. Real life keeps getting in the way, stealing my time!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the scene. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading.

Ricky – Cambs, England – 26 July 2019

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