20 Ocak 2022

The Surprise

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Group Sex

A big thanks to smoothed for his editing assistance with this story.


It’s early evening and I stand at the bus stop, eagerly anticipating your arrival. My thoughts drift back to the message you sent me last night asking me if I would be up for something a little out of the ordinary. You gave very little away in your message other than asking that I wear a dress with easy front access but no knickers and telling me where and when you would pick me up. I’m rather intrigued as I try to envisage the type of “surprise” you have planned.

My mind recalls flicking through my wardrobe and choosing a summer dress with small buttons down the front. The dress compliments my rather voluptuous figure and ends just above the knee with a low enough neckline to show off my plentiful cleavage. Although it’s late summer and plenty warm enough for bare legs I still had slipped on a pair of flesh toned hold ups at the last minute and slid my feet into some strappy sandals.

Before coming to the bus stop, I had scanned my reflection in the mirror, being sure to tuck a few strands of my soft blonde hair behind my ear. After applying my makeup…nothing too heavy, just some mascara and lipstick, I set off on the short walk to the bus stop.

I enjoy our casual relationship. There are no ties. We’re both free to enjoy whatever with whoever; basically, we’re fuck buddies. This arrangement suits us both and your spontaneous, experimental nature has already started to bring me out of my previously shy shell.

A light breeze causes the bottom of my dress to fly up, not quite enough to expose my lack of knickers to passing traffic but certainly high enough to reveal that I’m wearing stockings. A cheeky wolf whistle from a builder’s van snaps me out of my daydream just in time to spot your car about to pull over at the stop.

I get in and I notice your eyes brazenly moving over my body as, yet again, a more than generous portion of thigh is revealed while I settle myself into the seat. I click the seat belt in place and I smile to myself. I may not be in the first flush of youth anymore, but I have been told that I have a nice, curvy, soft womanly body. In fact, you’ve always shown your very obvious appreciation for all my feminine attributes. I run my fingers through my loose blonde, shoulder length hair that’s been tousled by the breeze and smooth down my dress a little.

“You’re looking beautiful,” you say as we move off, joining the flow of traffic. “Glad to see you had no problem finding something suitable to wear. I hope that includes what’s underneath?”

“Thank you and yes, I’m going commando as instructed.” I giggle. “So, are you going to tell me what this is all about?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.” You laugh. “But I’m almost certain you’ll enjoy it”.

We drive on through the town just chatting about things in general and it’s as we get closer to a certain area that I start to realise where this road is leading to. We’re soon turning in towards it, my thoughts confirmed…it’s the fire station!

I give a tiny gasp of surprise and you turn to me grinning and say, “See, I said you’d like it.”

You drive round the side of the building towards the back and park up in what looks like a vehicle maintenance area. You get out of the car telling me you won’t be a minute. I watch you walk off and disappear inside as I sit there feeling a bit confused, wondering what exactly is coming next. You return after a few minutes and get back in the car.

“Err, what exactly is going on? ” I ask, thinking that you’ve just brought me here as a bit of a tease after I confessed to you my weakness for men in uniform. But you don’t reply, instead leaning over and kissing me. Your hands move softly over my body, fingertips stroking up my thighs towards the tops of my holdups. My eyes close and I relax back into the seat, spreading my thighs a little. Your fingers slip between my already moist pussy lips. Your warm mouth presses against my neck, nibbling teasingly. All the naughty thoughts that are running through my mind are now, combined with your touch, starting to make me feel incredibly aroused. I reach down running my hand over your leg, all the way up to the big bulge that’s formed in your jeans. I trace my fingertips over the outline of your hard cock but you start to pull away and I’m suddenly aware of the sound of low voices by my side of the car. My eyes fly open to see three firemen standing close by.

My heart almost stops for a second. My eyes widen in surprise and to top it all, they’re dressed in the full kit… jackets, trousers., boots and helmets! I swallow hard as a hot rush spreads throughout my body, my mind now working overtime, hoping that all this is heading in the direction that I think it is.

“I have a few mates in the fire service who are always happy to oblige,” you whisper in my ear. ” Just go with it eh, I know you want to and it’ll be one to tick off your bucket list won’t it?”

I reluctantly tear my gaze away from these three escort bayan gorgeous men to have a further glance around at our surroundings. I’m relieved to discover as we’re at the back of the station, there’s a good degree of privacy from the public.

One of the firemen approaches, then opens the car door. He holds out his hand and says, in a deep sexy voice, “I think you might be more comfortable out of the car, love.”

I take his hand. It’s big and feels strong but gentle. I let him guide me towards the front of the car. I lean back against the warm bonnet, savouring the view and it’s not just the uniforms that really get my pulse racing. They’re all very handsome men and from what I can already see, they’re in the peak of physical condition. The taller one of the three one takes off his helmet and runs his hand over his short dark hair. He gives me a cheeky grin and starts to pull open the one touch fastening of his jacket to reveal the red braces of his fire service trousers underneath. I can almost feel myself swooning as I imagine my hands clutching those braces while he gives me a good pounding and my already throbbing pussy gives a heavenly little twitch of delight.

The men introduce themselves as James, the tall dark haired, cheeky looking one and Matt, slightly shorter with gorgeous brown eyes, both men look to be in their early 30’s at most. Then there’s Pete who appears to be the oldest of the trio, probably in his mid to late 40’s with a very masculine rugged appearance complete with a shaved head and a look in his eyes that makes my legs almost tremble with excitement. I can’t help but notice the growing bulges in their trousers and it feels as though they are stripping me with their eyes. Their combined heated gaze wanders over my body, lingering over my bountiful breasts as they push forwards against the buttons on my dress and moving all the way down to my shapely stocking clad legs. The hungry looks I’m getting make my nipples feel so bullet hard, it’s a wonder my lacy bra can take the strain.

James steps towards me, our bodies almost touching. He rests his hands lightly.

“Just relax,” he whispers, gently pushing me back onto the bonnet, his mouth descending softly on mine.

His firm warm body presses against me as our tongues entwine in an increasingly passionate kiss. My hands slide slowly up under his open jacket across his back as he uses his knee to nudge my thighs wider apart. I can feel the outline of his rigid cock even through the thick fire retardant fabric of his trousers as he grinds his groin deliberately against mine.

I’m conscious of Matt and Pete standing either side of me, their wandering hands fondling whatever part of me that isn’t covered by James’s body. Fingers insistently try to ease my dress up further. I can feel the still warm early evening sun on my bare skin as more my dress is lifted. Hearing what sounds very much like trouser fastenings being pulled open, my heart skips a beat and my pussy throbs. As James’s mouth leaves mine and begins to kiss its way softly downwards, I instinctively turn my head, offering my neck fully to his lips, desperately wanting to feel those butterfly soft kisses on my skin. My eyes flicker open to see Matt and Pete have already got their cocks in their hands, leisurely stroking their growing erections.

My head reels. I still can’t quite believe this is happening. My pussy has never been this slippery before and without knickers my copious juices have actually started dribble onto my inner thighs. My clit is swollen, succulent and I’m more than hoping that one of these men will satisfy my urge for a sensuous slow tonguing.

Suddenly, as if he can read the dirty thoughts running through my mind, James slides off of me letting Pete take his place. A gasp escapes my lips as he grabs my thighs in his big strong hands and immediately nuzzles his face against my pussy, making no secret of the fact that he’s inhaling the musky scent of my arousal. His day’s growth of stubble rasps against my soft damp skin as he expertly flicks his tongue over me, teasing my clit with the tip, slipping his forefinger inside me slowly until it’s knuckle deep. I reach down, smoothing my hands over his shaven head as I grind myself against his warm mouth in sheer bliss.

“Come on, don’t be greedy mate!” Matt exclaims over his Pete’s shoulder after several short but wonderful minutes.

Pete reluctantly moves aside allowing room for Matt to eagerly dive in between my thighs. His warm tongue feels like wet velvet as it laps seductively over my clit, teasing me back almost to the edge of orgasm again. I’m spread out like a sacrifice on the bonnet being eaten out by a gorgeous young fella in uniform and it feels utterly fantastic. My eyes go from one man to another drinking in the sight of them all.

‘Oh my god, this is like my horniest dream come true,’ I realize.

James grins naughtily at me as he reaches for the buttons at the front of my dress, popping them swiftly open and sincan bayan escort easing my big soft breasts out of my pale blue lacy bra. He and Pete start to fondle and caress my breasts with their strong firm hands, fingers rolling each stiff nipple making me shiver with pure delight.

There’s a repeated clicking noise behind the men that breaks me out of my pleasure induced trance and I see you standing there, cock bulging in your trousers, with a camera busily snapping away.

“Just a few pics, strictly for my own private collection you understand!” You laugh as you move around to the side of the car to get a better view of the action.

Matt straightens up, his chin looking wet and sticky. He licks his lips playfully. “Fuck, I need to get my cock in there,” he mutters.

“Oh God yes please!” I cry out as my fingers spread apart the slick puffy lips of my pussy invitingly.

Quick as a flash Pete whips off his thick jacket and spreads it out on the ground. I slither off the bonnet with my dress rucked up almost to waist level. I kneel on the jacket and the men quickly surround me. As I gaze at the array of splendid cocks on offer all for me, I run my tongue across my lips. The fire squad are all average sized in length by my reckoning, nice and thick too, just how I like them. I’m almost mesmerised as I stare longingly at the three of them, my hand sliding down between my thighs, fingertips brushing lightly over my engorged slick pussy lips being careful not to push my sensitive clit over the edge too soon.

Matt moves behind me, gettng me on my hands and knees. James kneels in front of me with his thick hard cock grasped firmly in his hand pointing towards and level with my lips. I feel Matt’s warm hands lifting my dress and revealing my plump round arse. His hands leave me momentarily and I feel the hot bulbous tip of his cock rubs up and down my wet slit.

I look up at James, parting my lips. He has one hand on my head and the other on his shaft. With a broad smile, he puts his dick into my mouth. At the same time, Matt enters me from behind. Both firemen moan as they simultaneously stuff the full length of their hard dicks into me. hands on my head,

Matt’s hands grab onto my arse, fingers sinking into the warm plentiful flesh as he starts to build up a rhythm. I feel his heavy balls slapping against me with his eager thrusts. Meanwhile, James has both hands on my head, fingers stroking through my hair as I suck his length, my tongue wet and twirling round his veiny throbbing cock as his work colleague drives deeper into me.

Not to be left out as he awaits his turn Pete kneels next to me, his hands cradling my breasts as they start to swing freely out of the front of my opened dress. Feeling his palms against my hard nipples makes me shiver with desire. He lays down, scooting under me. One of my pink ripe nipples drops straight into his waiting mouth. He suckles at me hungrily and I quickly cast my eyes sideways to get a glimpse of his thick shiny headed cock standing straight up to attention. I reach over and grip his shaft. It strains in response and I start to stroke him.

Matt continues to pump forcefully into me, jostling me with each thrust. His thick cock is stretching my tight pussy. My clit, already swollen and hard from the sucking it got earlier, starts to throb madly. I can’t help but moan around James’ cock in my mouth, I feel his grip tighten in my hair and I suck him even more urgently.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s it!” James cheers.

Behind me, Matt slams in deep, gripping my ass. I feel his cock surge, somehow growing even harder in that moment.

“Oh hell! I’m gonna cum!” announces Matt. With a low animalistic growl he pumps his thick hot spunk into my sodden pussy.

This outburst seems to act as a trigger for James and I feel the surge of his cum start to pulse through his shaft. He yanks on my hair and jerks furiously into my mouth. I increase my sucking instinctively and within seconds I feel multiple squirts of hot jizz hitting the back of my throat. I gulp it down greedily as he gives a long sigh of relief. His big strong hands gradually loosen their grip on my hair. I release his softening, wet cock from my mouth and stagger to my feet, still tasting his thick come on my tongue and feeling Matt’s warm spunk dribbling down my inner thighs. In the commotion of having two firemen come in me simultaneously, I’ve lost track of Pete.

Then I feel him close behind me, his hands sliding round my waist pulling me against his rampant hard cock. I turn around and slide my hands up over his chest, feeling the hard thud of his heartbeat through his dark blue fire station shirt, my fingers tracing upwards over his braces. I smile at him and run my tongue over my lips teasingly.

“Now it’s your turn gorgeous,” I whisper. “Where do you want me?”

He grabs my hand and turns me back towards the car.

“Here, like this,” he says huskily as he gently manoeuvres me against the bonnet, his hands helping elvankent escort bayanlar to lift me up so I’m laying back.

My dress is gaping open, breasts spilling out of the front. He grabs my thighs, hands stroking upwards, caressing the soft flesh that bulges over the top of my lacy holdups. His face lights up in a sexy smile. I can see the raw desire in his eyes and in that moment I melt, not caring about anything else other than my urgent need to feel him inside me.

Pete leans over me, his lips close to my ear and whispers, “Let’s show these youngsters how to really fuck eh?”

It’s suddenly at that moment that I’m aware that I’ve been so caught up in the excitement of it all that I’ve completely forgotten you. Not that you look too bothered about that as you lean against the driver’s side of the car, camera in one hand and your swollen cock in the other, a look of greedy desire on your face. I smile back at you; the kind of smile that lets you know you’ll be getting your reward later.

Watching the next bit of the action unfold, James and Matt leisurely stroke their spent cocks as Pete starts to kiss me; a soft kiss at first then slightly more pressure as our lips part and our tongues entwine. My arms wrap around his firm body, as his mouth moves further down, kissing and nibbling on the soft sensitive flesh of my neck, sending shivers all the way down my spine. His strong warm hands cup my breasts, smoothing over them, palms against my stiff nipples, his stubble rough on my skin as his mouth latches onto a nipple and he starts to suck hungrily.

There’s something about him, maybe it’s just that he’s ‘my type’, I don’t know and frankly at this moment in time I don’t care. All I know is my legs are shaking and I’m thankful that I’m already laying back . My eyes close as I surrender myself to the feelings of sheer bliss this man is provoking in me. I am purring slightly as my nipples send jolts of electric pleasure down to my clit and I push my hips up to meet Pete’s. His cock is solid and throbbing as it presses firmly against the wet slippery folds of my pussy. My fingers instinctively slide between our hot aroused bodies, quickly descending upon my swollen clit, pulling gently back on its hood allowing my sensitive little pearl to receive maximum stimulation.

Pete pulls back, standing between my widespread legs, his hand around his thick engorged cock, pumping it slowly as his gaze moves seductively over my body. I sense he’s taking his time with me. He leans closer just lightly brushing my pussy lips with the tip of his cock, smearing all that sweet precum over them. He teases me by drawing the bulbous, shiny head up and down my wet creamy slit, rubbing it over my clit with slightly increased pressure at each stroke.

My mind is reeling and I don’t know how much more of this I can bear. The urge to explode is getting stronger and stronger and I lift my legs and wrap them round Pete’s waist. My ankles cross behind him, trying desperately to pull this gorgeous man deep inside me. His hand are still round his shaft, allowing the sticky, swollen head to just slip inside my wet entrance then slowly he pulls it out again. In and out, over and over again, each time pushing his throbbing cock a bit further in, just keeping me teetering on the edge of my orgasm.

James and Matt have now positioned themselves either side of the car, cocks coaxed back into full hardness once more. They both start to wank slowly, observing Pete tease me, and me squirming in anticipation.

Pete is driving me wild, rubbing his fingers over my aching clit. Then his expression changes and he is driving into me with the most tremendous, wonderful force. His installs his full length into me.

“Oh fuck! ” I yell out as his cock fills me. I can feel Pete forcing out some of Matt’s cum as my pussy adjusts to the new, thicker occupant.

Our bodies are taught against each other for a breathless moment. My legs and arms are wrapped around Pete and he holds me tightly. I can feel him throb inside me. Then he is flexing over me and we both inhale as he pulls back, then grunt simultaneously as he strokes back into me fully.

“OOOooooooh god,” I moan wantonly.

Pete rears up and he starts to pump with long deliberate strokes that press firm against my g spot almost thrusting my clit upwards from the inside to meet his fingertips. He opens his fingers and slides them either side of my now very slippery clit and wanks me in a scissoring motion.

Oh, the sensation as my clit pops out from between those fingers each time is sublime! I can only lay there whimpering and moaning, incapable of doing anything else, knowing my orgasm is only seconds away.

Heavy, gruff groans are coming from Pete and I can feel his cock twitch inside me as the fucking gets more vigorous; his fingers on my clit squeezing just that little bit harder… faster. I can feel myself gearing up to come and as much as I want to make it last, I can’t hold back anymore.

Suddenly my orgasm hits me like a tidal wave. That whoosh where everything just feels hot with a massive release of pressure that spreads from my thighs, bum, lower belly, deep inside my pussy and almost up the length of my spine. Oh it’s so all consuming it makes every nerve ending in my body tingle!

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