21 Mayıs 2022

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

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It was approaching our 6th month anniversary and I wanted to do something special for you. After the 2 years of waiting for me to move and the very few times we had managed to really be together during those 2 years, the last 6 months had been like heaven. I had found in you the love of my life. We had a wonderful and imaginative sex life, but there were several fantasies that we had discussed that we had not been able to explore, maybe I could give you one of them. I knew exactly which one you craved the most and that is the one that I wanted to give to you. I felt myself getting excited as I sat on the couch. I could feel the wetness seeping out of my slick shaved pussy lips. I looked at the clock and saw that I had a couple of hours before the girls would be home from school. I got up and quickly pulled my tee shirt off letting my big titties spill out. I liked them much better since I had gotten them fixed. I ran my hands over them…pinching hard at my nipples feeling the firmness they lacked before and loving the new size of them. It wasn’t a drastic difference going from a C-cup to a D-cup but one that you and I both appreciated. I continued to pinch and pull on my extended nipples making them harder and causing a shooting sensation to run through my body…reaching my already wet pussy. A loud moan escaped my lips.

I pulled my shorts down and walked over to the DVD player and put in a porno. I pulled out our toy chest and took out the 9-inch realistic shaped cock. Lying down on the couch I clicked the TV on and the movie started. It was one of our favorites…as I watched it, I thought about the last time we had watched it and how hot our lovemaking had been. The girl was dressed in a black and red latex halter and thong that was embellished with chains. Her black and red halter bra was laced in the front with chains that looped sensually over her bare mounds of flesh and taut nipples. The latex thongs rode high on her hips and narrowly covered her Venus mound. She had on a pair of black over the elbow latex gloves. Black and red checkerboard print latex thigh high stockings covered her legs. The outfit was completed with the casino oyna red 4-inch spiked ankle boots on her feet and the latex cat mask that covered half her face.

Her partner lay naked on the bed…his legs spread into a wide V and drawn up by chains attached to the cuffs around his ankles. His wrists were pulled above his head and attached to the headboard. His man-meat was visible through the opening hole in his latex thong. He was wearing a latex blindfold.

The movie begins with her walking into the room…the only sound is her heels tapping on the hard surface of the floor. The camera zooms in on his cock and you can see it jerk as he knows that his mistress has finally arrived. She circles the bed several times before she eases herself onto it and lies down beside him. Not saying a word she straddles his chest and leans over him her massive breasts pushed against his face as she licks down each of his bound arms across his shoulders and to his neck. She sits up and asks him if he likes the feel of her wet tongue caressing his bound and useless arms. He answers her in the only way allowed, “Yes, Mistress!” She sits up and runs her fingers over his lips and urges him to open his mouth.

He does and she pushes three of them into his mouth…giving him a one-word command. “Suck”. The audio is great on this video and you can hear him greedily sucking on her latex fingers. She tells him that she has to stretch her bitch’s mouth, because he is going to suck the biggest and fattest cock tonight.

He moans at the mention of this. The camera pans to his hard cock and you can see the pre-cum gathering on the tip.

I am pulling and twisting hard on my nipples with one hand as the other finds a stimulating motion of rubbing my clit. I can feel the steady stream of moisture leaking out of my smooth slit and running and gathering under me.

In the movie the girl is walking over to a table beside the bed and picking up a strap-on harness attached to it is a huge dildo. It looks as if it is at least 11 inches long and 2 or 3 inches thick. The molded plastic balls are huge. Attached to the other prongs on the strap-on slot oyna are a 4-inch butt plug and an 8-inch cock. She slips her latex thong off and puts on the strap-on; stroking it with her hand after she gets it settled on her hips. She walks over to the bed and climbs onto it. As she straddles him again she asks if he is ready to suck her cock. He replies “Yes, Mistress”.

I pick up my own dildo and bring it to my lips and suck it the way I sucked your cock this morning. Running my lips up and down the shaft as I greedily suck it deep into my mouth.

She is straddling his face and telling him to open his mouth and suck her big manly cock. I watch as his lips are stretched wide as he tries to get his lips around the head. She pushes the cock deeper into his mouth as she sees him adjust to the girth of her cock.

Ohhhh! I wish you were here with me. It makes me so hot watching him take most of her big cock into his mouth and watching as she starts moving it in and out of his mouth fucking him as I know the cock in her pussy and ass are fucking her. She moves her hands to her nipples and pulls and pinches on them. She suddenly pulls her cock from his mouth and leans down kissing him passionately on the lips.

“Alright Bitch, are you ready to take my big cock in your male cunt?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replies.

“Would you like to watch as I plunge my big hard cock in your male cunt?”

“Yes, Mistress, please let me watch?”

She climbs off the bed and takes a chain attached to the ones holding up his legs and pulls it until his legs are folded back over his body, attaching it to a hook on the headboard. She takes the blindfold off and kisses him again telling him to take a good look at what he was about to receive in his male cunt. The camera pans to his cock and pre-cum is oozing out of his cock and running down the shaft. She climbs onto the bed behind him and leans down and pulls his ass cheeks apart…licking her tongue up and down his crack and stopping at his puckered hole. I plunge my dildo in my pussy as I think of doing that to you. She plunges her tongue deep into his ass and he moans canlı casino siteleri loudly…lifting his body off the bed. She reaches forward and places a latex glove around his cock, stroking up and down his shaft, spreading his pre-cum leaving a glistening shine on his hard cock.

I can feel the moisture building as I fuck myself with my hard dildo…wishing it were you plunging in and out of me. She takes lube and pours it generously onto his ass and then shoots some into his asshole…taking her gloved fingers and working it deep into his ass. She does this a couple of times and puts a couple of fingers in him and fucking him with them. She pours some over her hard cock and strokes up and down the shaft making sure it is well lubricated.

I can feel my orgasm getting closer. The thought of her fucking his ass with that big cock makes me so hot. I watch as she moves closer and pushes the head against his tight rosebud. My eyes are glued to the scene before me, as she pushes and his tight hole opens up, stretching around the head of the big cock. She keeps pushing steadily until she has half of the cock in him. He is moaning loudly and I have already come to one mind blasting orgasm. She starts rocking back and forth plunging deeper and deeper into his male cunt, constantly calling him her bitch and asking him if her fucking his cunt is going to make his big hard clit cum. Finally she is all the way inside him and he is fucking her back as best he can…since the chains have his movement restricted. She takes his cock in her hand and starts pumping it…as I pump my hard cock deep in my wet cunt. Ohhhhh yessssss! I can feel that I’m getting ready to explode. She fucks him harder and then they are both cumming, his cum shooting in a wide arch hitting him in the face then each spurt landing in shorter distances on his chest until finally it is dripping down her black latex covered hand.

I am soaked with sweat and my hand is sticky with my juices. I lay there for a few minutes trying to bring my breathing back to normal. I look at the clock and decide that I had better hurry and get cleaned up, before the girls came home from school. What started out as a search for the perfect present for our 6th month anniversary has turned into a mind-blowing orgasm…but now I know what I am going to do for you on that special day.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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