21 Mayıs 2022

The Call

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I love turning you on. It’s become my main hobby lately. I love that with a word, or phrase dropped at just the right moment I can make your dick jump. Or that with just a look, or even the slightest hint of nudity you’ll want more. I love it so much. So that night, when you were out and I was left to my own devices, what else would I have thought of?

I got a few happy drunk texts, I was glad you were having a good time with the boys. But there was something here on my end that I really needed you to take care of. I rolled over, and turned the page on my book then realized I couldn’t even remember what I had just read. I was too distracted. My look flicked past the top of my book, and caught a glance of the toy I had setting on my bedside table. I smirked to myself, but sighed, getting off on my own just wasn’t as fun anymore. And so I went back to trying to read my book.

Before long though, I realized that the distraction was getting the better of me. Cause though there was still one hand steadying my book, the other was roaming. Almost subconsciously. I don’t know about everyone else, but there’s this one spot on my body, that I just love to touch. Nobody but me has ever really paid any attention to it before, but I just love casino siteleri running my finger tips and nails over the spot on my pubic area just over my hip bone. Even if I haven’t shaved for a while, it’s always soft and smooth. And if I press it just right, it makes me feel so good. But that’s where my hand found itself, just brushing back and forth across my pubic area while I kept my eyes pointed at the book I was pretty much ignoring by now.

That was enough though, I let the book fall to the bed, freeing my hand to glide up along the side of my breast, carefully brushing my finger tips over the hardened nipple. It was at that moment, that I committed myself to what I was about to do, because as a shudder raced through me, I closed my eyes, and my other hand slid down between my thighs to part my already moist pussy lips. I didn’t do much though, just stretched a finger out over my exposed clit, and brought it down to tap it, just slightly. Marveling at how wet I was already.

‘Mmm fuck, I wish you were here to see this.’ I thought to myself. And just then, it dawned on me. And I dropped the hand from my breast, down onto the bed beside me, to find my phone. I smiled at it, as one hand continued to caresses my tender pussy lips, slot oyna and the other went to search through my phone for your number. I didn’t dial it yet, though, instead I just set it ready on the bedside table, and reached past it to get my trusty ol’ toy.

It was already plugged in, and so I clicked the button turning it on low and just laid it in my thighs, letting the head lightly vibrate my puffy lips. Now that my hands were free, I closed my eyes and reached up running the palms of my hands up along the sides of my body, ’til my fingers found my breasts again and firmly massaged them. With the vibe sitting on my thighs, I could press my legs together and lift my hips against it, sending a shock wave through my body, starting right at my clit. And it felt amazing. But I could feel myself getting close already, and I wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

So, I let loose my plump breasts and turned myself over so that, with my legs parted only slightly I could set the vibrator behind me and tease myself by grinding down against it. Lifting myself up onto my elbows, I ran my finger nails roughly over my scalp and teased my sensitive shoulders with the tips of my hair.

As my breathing started to pick up, I could tell it was time and so canlı casino siteleri I reached down beside me and dialed your number. I knew you wouldn’t pick up, and so, as I had hoped, I reached your voicemail. “Baby, I…” I began with ragged breaths, “I miss your cock so much.” And just then, I left the phone on the bed, just beneath my face, and reached down between my thighs to bury a finger in my dripping, hungry cunt. The moan you heard on your end, must have been spine tingling. Cause at that moment, I really, really wanted nothing more than to be filled, not by my fingers but by you, and now. But my fingers, they seemed to be doing the trick.

Pressing my thumb against my clit I continued to roll my hips against my hand, pushing my finger deeper and deeper into my pussy. As the recording on your end picked up every breath, sigh, and moan. “Fuck baby, I need you now.” I managed as my legs began to shake beneath me. And kneeling there, with my face hovering over the phone, and fucking my fingers at a needy pace, I imagined you getting home later and listening to this voicemail and that thought alone sent me over the edge. Now with my face practically pressed into the phone, I shook and moaned out my orgasm. Letting my breasts rub against the bed, and my pussy move down against the vibrator, pressing my fingers even deeper into my it.

“Oh fuck.” was the last thing I breathed, before I reached over with my clean hand and hung up the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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