27 Mayıs 2022

The Bath

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She stood gazing out the window, bored and horny. It was Saturday night and no date as usual. But she knew that was no ones fault but her own. Since the breakup with her long time boyfriend, she just hadn’t felt like getting into the dating game, after all, it had been years since she had dated anyone and she just wasn’t sure she was up to it right at the moment.

Robin was an attractive woman, at thirty-six she still wore her blonde hair long and kept her body in good shape. Her 36B breasts were firm and lovely with their dark pink nipples. She worked outdoors in her yard a lot and her stomach was taunt and flat. Robin had heard many times that her ass was her best feature. She always joked saying it was her “best asset.” She was a mere five feet tall and had tiny feet and hands. In fact, she wore a child’s size 2 1/2 shoe, which she hated. Robin was what was considered to be petite and a lot of men liked that.

Robin dreaded the ‘dating game’ but she craved sex if she didn’t get it on a regular basis. One thing was for certain, she wouldn’t go looking for someone just to fuck.

Turning away from the window, she sighed. ‘A long soak in the tub would relax me’ she casino oyna thought as she headed towards the bathroom connected to her bedroom.

She turned the water on in the spacious tub and stood there for a moment before deciding to add a perfumed skin softener to the steamy water filling the tub. She attached a small ‘tub spa’ to the side of the bath tub as a last minute thought before removing her clothing and stepping into the water. She had put her hair up in a pony-tail to keep it out of the perfumed water. Now she lay back and sighed again at the wonderful feeling of the water’s warmth as it covered her body.

She reached over and flicked the switch to the on position on the tub spa and felt the jet kick in…the water from it rushed out and around her as she lay back. The whirling water caressed her body gently. One of her hands moved to a breast, cupping it for a moment and then pinching the nipple between her thumb and finger, causing it to grow hard.

The spa had several settings and as this was her first time using it, she wasn’t sure which was best. Robin twisted her body towards the spa to adjust the setting and felt the water from the jet rush against slot oyna her pussy, causing her to gasp. It felt good, no…it felt great! She lifted her hips slightly beneath the water and turned her body more towards the jet and again the water rushed towards her pussy, parting the lips and moving against her clit, which made her moan softly as it sent a thrill through her.

Before she had gotten into the tub, she had lit several scented candles, now she lay in the candlelit bath, being pleasured by a tub spa’s jet! She giggled at that thought and turned the dial on the spa one notch…the water picked up in intensity as it rushed out and against her clit.

The water was moving with a lot of force as it rushed against her snatch. Lifting one leg, she opened herself even more and felt the water push deeper into her pussy, making her pump her hips towards the watery penetration. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

One hand stroked her breasts…pinching her nipples as her hips moved slowly underwater. She turned onto her side and rested her foot on the edge of the tub, leaving her pussy wide open to the pounding water fucking it. Robin reached over canlı casino siteleri to flick the switch up one more notch. The little spa went into overdrive.

The water was pounding itself into her open snatch and against her clit with force. Her hips pumped back and forth, faster as the water worked its magic. Her eyes were half closed and her lips parted. She was making little moaning sounds as her hips thrust against the water jet fucking her pussy. Using one hand to balance in the water, she reached around behind herself and slowly inserted a finger into her asshole. “Oooooooh…mmmmmm..aaaaah..” she moaned and knew she would come soon if she didn’t stop now. But “what the hell…just another form of masturbation” she thought as her hips continued to buck and thrust against the jets spray.

The force of the water against her clit was delicious. Her body jerked with the orgasm that washed over her in wave after wave of pure pleasure until she was spent. It seemed to go on and on as her body made waves in the bathtub, splashing water over the side as the orgasm took control.

When it finally ended, Robin lay back in the warm water, breathing hard for a few more minutes, her body limp and relaxed, her eyes closed. When she finally opened her eyes…she thought “Now that proves sex isn’t dirty” and laughed out loud. Robin knew it wouldn’t be the last time she used the little spa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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