18 Mayıs 2021

The Awakening

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My eyes feel heavy as I try to turn on my side and stretch. My motion is stopped by something unseen holding my arms above me, and my heart starts to pound. My worse fear has always been, being raped in my bed, in the middle of the night by an intruder. My mind jumps to this horrific conclusion, as I raise my head off my pillow to scream for you. My eyes try to adjust to the pitch-black room and see where you are, but, before I can scream for help, I feel your hand cover my mouth, and your breath on my cheek. “Shhhh… It’s ok, I’m here.” You tell me, as your unshaven face brushes against my cheek.

My eyes take in the scene I have awakened to. I’m in my bedroom with you beside me, yet the blinds have been drawn tightly, and my long frame, is held securely down by ties at my wrists. Jasmine scents the air heavily, and I watch candle wax dripping down a candelabra by the window, the only light in the dark room.

“What the hell is going on here, why are my arms tied? Untie me before I kick your ass.”, I demand.

You shuffle next to my side, opening the drawer of my nightstand. I hear the strike of a match, and watch you cup the growing flame, lighting the small candle on the table. I watch you hesitate to look at me, and than slowly you sit on the edge of my bed and place your arm around my waist and lean close to my face to speak to me.

“Well…if I untie you, it will ruin everything, you see. I went to a lot of trouble to plan this baby, so if you think you can kick my ass, all tied up, as you are, I’d like to see you try.”

You smile at me and I turn my face from you, staring at the opposite wall, I feel anger boil within me, and I refuse to meet your eyes, wishing I could disappear through that thick wall.

“No, you’re not going to start getting mad.” You say as you turn my face towards yours.

“I don’t like this at all. I’m not into this, you know that, I’ve told you, before, damn you.”

You smile at me and I feel the urge to slap your smug face, knowing you like seeing me like this, at your total mercy, your plaything, to be used, making my fear a reality.

“The only thing you don’t want to do is lose control, you know that. I’m not going to hurt you ever, but I’m not giving into you this time. So go ahead get raving mad, but I’m warning you, the madder you get the sexier you look to me.”

“Your such a jerk.”, I say smiling, turning my head.

You lean into me and lightly kiss my lips, your eyes serious, dark with desire.

“Yep, pay back is a bitch, ain’t it love?”

I stare at pendik escort you in disbelief, afraid to totally trust you, knowing your words are true. I’m afraid to not be in control.

I watch you get up and walk across to the dresser and rummage in a plastic bag, for some unseen article. My heart begins to race and I close my eyes, and feel panic rise in my throat. I concentrate on breathing, knowing if I give in to my fear, I’ll hyperventilate.

“Are your arms hurting? If they start hurting tell me and we will stop, ok?”

“I’m ok.” I say, in a shaking voice and I see a flicker of concern flash across your features.

“Trust me.” You say and my heart knows your testing me.

A crimson piece of fabric is clutched in your hands and you raise my head off the pillow to tie it securely around my eyes.

I open them desperately, trying to see something, but my eyes see blackness, as I close them and lay my head back on the pillow. You lie beside me and pull my face towards you and kiss the tip of my nose. My breathing increases as I feel your hand circle on my breasts, and I feel your lips crush my lips in a deep kiss.

Your intensity shocks me, as your kiss remains demanding, yet your caress stays gentle. The bed squeaks as you raise your self over my body, straddling me, with your thighs on either side of me.

I feel trapped, and before I can complain I feel you kneading me through my thin cotton nightgown. Shivers run through me, and my skin begins to tingle when you fondle my nipple into hard pebbles. My mind blurs, and my breathing increases as you lean forward and take one into your mouth, clothed. You fumble for something on my nightstand, and I feel something rest on the bodice of my nightgown, feeling it’s cold weight.

“What is that? I ask, worried.

“My pocket knife.” you say without explanation.

“What??? Let me up!” I say trying to lift myself off the bed.

“If you’re not quiet, I’m going to gag you too.”

“Trust me.”


I hear you flick the top of your pocketknife open and imagine seeing it’s blade, my heart knowing you would never hurt me. I feel the side of the cold steel, lightly against my throat. You run the side down to the top of my bodice and unexpectantly suck a nipple into your warm mouth.

“Ohh…” I moan into the air.

“You know how bad I want you tonight? I’ve laid here watching you sleep, thinking of ways to fuck you, and every time you moved in your sleep, I’ve wanted to rip your clothes off.”

You pull your mouth from me maltepe escort and I feel the night air on both my damp nipples, making them respond, and tighten. With a flick I feel you tug at the top of my nightgown, surprising me, exciting me. I hear the sound of ripping as you rip my night gown down to my navel, air rushing across my pale skin, igniting it as you claim my breasts in your hands cupping, molding them to you. I arch my back into your hands begging them to continue as I feel you kiss down my torso, making me gasp as you grab me by the sides lifting me up, my legs falling apart at the knees, begging you to taste me.

Your hands grasp me hard and bring me to your mouth, I feel you lick me through the cotton nightgown, wetting it with your tongue, arousing me, further, I feel your hands clench the night gown and rip it completely off, burying your head in me as you throw it beside the bed.

My arms tug at the cords tying them to the bedposts as your tongue slips inside of me and hits home on my clit.


Your tongue circles my clit sending me into my head with pleasure, as you increase the pressure and suck on me hard, bringing me so close to orgasm that my muscles contract, and you raise your head.

“Not yet.”You whisper.

Your hands travel down my vagina, and I open further seeking my release, knowing you can give it to me. You thrust two thick fingers into my tightness and I moan in surprise. You know my labia so well, know where to push, where to pull and your fingers are your magic tonight, circling, around my opening, making me buck on your hand, taking you in as far as I can, wanting to consume your entire hand.

“My God….I want you inside me now,” I plead, but the only response I receive is the harder thrusting of your fingers.

I feel you withdraw your hands and reach for something unseen, and my heart pounds, my body ache with un-released passion, and my clit is throbbing.

“You trust me don’t you?”

I shake my head, praying silently that you will hurry and end this cruel game.

You brush my dark hair off of my breasts and dip in to tease them with your teeth.

“Please…I’m so close.”

“Please what?” you say sucking harder on my hard tit.

“Please stop?”

I shake my head, frustration making me clutch your head to my breast.

“Please fuck me? Is that what your saying?”

Your eyes glitter, as you watch me shake my head yet again.

“Say it.”

Your hands ram into my vagina, making my stomach leap.

“Your pretty kartal escort wet, your enjoying this aren’t you?”

I shake my head and arch my hips, riding your hand.

“Oh… God….mmm..”

“Say it.” You say stopping your hands from bringing me closer to cumming.

“Say I’m making you wet, tell me what I’m doing to you, what you want, tell me.”

“I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me. Ohh….uhhhhh…please.” I say to you as your thumb caresses me in a new place, inches below my vagina, that sacred place no one has ever dared to touch, sending shivers up my ass.

“When your fingers are in me, you make me so hot, uhhhh…that. I want to cum so bad.”

“You like this?” you ask as I feel something hot, splatter on my chest, making me cry out, as my mind adjusts to the pain on my chest and your fingers ramming into my hole.

“I knew you would like that. How about some here? You don’t wait for me to answer, take my moan as a red light and splatter lightly some wax on my stomach trailing down inches from my mound.

“Uh …Uh…Uhhhhh.” I moan my voice rising higher , Sounding foreign to my ears.

I feel your erection against my leg, and hear you concentrate on breathing, knowing your watching me. I know it’s only a matter of time until you’re to excited to do anything but fuck me, your pre- cum dribbling on my bare thigh already.

You stroke my legs inside, and I feel you lifting them, running your tongue behind my knee.


You place my right leg over my left half turning me and hold on tightly to my right thigh, as you push into me your hard length. Your hands go over my head untying my hands from their prison and the ribbon around my eyes.


“GOD….fuck it’s tight.” You blurt out thrusting into me, creating a tighter ring around your large dick by our position.

My hips arch towards you and I grab hard onto your shoulders, letting you have complete control, thrusting hard into me and giving me your entire length, I feel it hit the top of my womb and I moan.

“Oh I’m gonna cum soon… I can feel it.”

This excites you and I hear your breathing become labored as you continue to push further into me sending us both closer. Your deep inside of me when I squeeze around your dick tightly, cumming onto you, and I bite your shoulder, my nails drag out blood underneath the surface of your skin as you cum inside me, filling me up with your hotness.

“Uhhh…Uhhhhhhhhhhh.” Your orgasm seeming to last forever as I feel you rush into me again, with a short stream.

Our breathing is fast as we lay together in my bed, and I think this has been the best sex I’ve ever had. You look into my eyes, and I feel your dick twitching again coming to life as you say in that sexy voice,” See, I told you to trust me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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