18 Mayıs 2021

The Appointment

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I arrived at my accountant’s office in plush new office park and took in the grandeur of the onyx tinted, glass-walled buildings and the impressive gardens and fountains. When I entered the lobby of the wing his office was in, my cell phone went off. Annoyed, I looked down to find that it was my accountant. I answered the phone as I stepped into the anteroom of his offices and smiled as I teased the receptionist by talking to her on the phone for several moments before she finally realized I was actually standing in front of her. she had called to cancel out meeting—ten minutes before it was to start.

She smiled up at me demurely and apologized for the SNAFU. I smiled down at her wishing that she would find a creative way to make it up to me. She was a small-packaged goddess. Probably in her mid twenties; long blond hair; shapely legs revealed by a well-cut, but professional skirt; her breasts were small, but very well-shaped as was the rest of her body; and she had a sporty flair to her that seemed to promise fun. She seemed to read my mind, or at least follow my eyes. “Mr. Kirshner apologizes for the last minute cancellation, but as you may have heard he has been recruited to solve the city budget problems and one of the commission meetings has run over. He has instructed me to reschedule the appointment and to offer a small token of his condolence. . .”

My imagination got the best of me and my minds eye watched as she slipped seductively from her desk chair, turned the door lock, and shrugged out of her dapper business dress revealing a well-curved body barely contained in ruby red lingerie. . .

“. . .If you have a block open this afternoon or this evening he would like to buy you drinks and a meal and he wanted me to pass this on to you.”

Her hand brushed my wrist as she handed me a small gift envelope. The touch was electrifying.

“I highly recommend them. They are located right here in our building. It is the most relaxing time you will ever experience. Would you like for me to book you an appointment? Since you are now free, I can probably convince them to fit you in. It just so happens that my sister is on staff there, and might I say, you uhhm,” she glanced at the erection in my chinos, “look like you need to relax.”

The information was passing me in a blur. I opened the envelope and saw a gift certificate for $75.00 to an exclusive day spa. I had heard their commercials on the radio, but assumed it was for women. I did not look forward to a facial and pedicure. I decided I had nothing to lose and the whole afternoon open, since I had predicted it would take a number of hours for my accountant to make sense out of my taxes.

“That sounds like an excellent idea. Just have Mr. Kirshner send me a voice-mail when he is returns. Tell him I will be downstairs at the spa.”

The receptionist seemed to flash me a devilish smile as she quickly made arrangements and sent me on my way.

I entered the spa unsure what to expect since it was my first visit. They were pendik escort complete professionals and ushered me into relaxation smoothly and efficiently. I had barely handed my voucher to the receptionist, and suddenly I was relaxing in a steam-bath, dressed in the plushest robe that had ever touched my skin, enjoying the tingling coolness of fresh kiwi slices on my eye-lids, and sipping chilled champagne from an elegant flute. No wonder women loved this place. After relaxing completely, I was escorted to another room by a very lovely young lady. She seemed to be a slightly older and more elegant version of my accountant’s office manager. I wondered if this was her sister. She had a slight Nordic accent, so I wasn’t sure. I had failed to catch her name. She helped me slide up and onto the massage table, lit several candles, and turned on a sound system that emitted the smooth flowing conjugation of light jazz and a babbling brook. She dim the lights as she slipped out of the room. Within moments I was drifting off to sleep. I awoke with a start as I felt a warm hand, smooth with oil work slowly and languidly from my ankle to my buttocks. It was then that I realized I was completely naked, except for a small sheet that was draped over the middle of my body. When she worked both my legs and lower back, her hands slipped smoothly and naturally beneath the sheet arousing me only slightly because of the state of rest my body had assumed under her skilled touch. I could barely open my eyes, but when I did I saw that my Nordic goddess was the one with the skilled hands. I sighed with pure bliss as a stunning woman gave me a fantastic massage. She had to wake me when it was time for me to roll over.

Within moments, my anatomy got the best of me and my erection made a great, big tent out of the sheet she had used to keep my privates covered. She smiled at me and whispered that it was a perfectly natural reaction and that I could pleasure myself as she finished the massage. I decided to take her up on it, and she moved her hands in slow circles around my pelvis while I did the dirty work. She let me lift up the sheet and service myself. She seemed to act indifferent to the sight of my erection. I pumped it and she swirled her hands a bit faster and a bit closer, but I had difficulty cumming.

She was now eyeing my stiff erection with mild interest. The harder I pumped and the more her hands swirled along my thighs and abdomen, the thicker my cock became. I began to moan slightly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I could not make myself cum. She moved very quietly to the door and slipped the lock shut, then she returned smiling and turned up the music slightly. She poured warm oil all over my cock and I started pumping and stroking it with more effort. I felt and odd sensation and looked down to see that her hands had begun to swirl very rapidly along my thighs and with each pass she brushed the base of my cock and balls with her long fingernails. Still I did not cum.

Soon her skilled hands roamed nearly maltepe escort everywhere along the front of my body. She squeezed my nipples and encouraged me to cum. She would stop occasionally and bend down toward my pumping fist and lick her lips teasingly while winking at me. Despite her seductive coaxing, I couldn’t make myself cum. I had gone through the dollop of oil she had given me and the friction began to burn. She saw the problem and uncapped her bottle of oil and poured the silky stuff all over my erection for me while I stroked. She reached down and cupped my balls in her palm and squeezed them gently as she watched me resume stroking my oil-slicked cock. Her eyes seemed to glaze over and the next thing I knew, she pushed my hands away and began to pump it quite expertly.

I decided to push the envelope and caressed her legs while she worked. Her breathing quickened so I slid my hands further along her legs and under her skirt. When I started to slide my hand under her panties she smiled down at me and said, “We could get in a lot of trouble for this. . .your not a cop are you?” I did my best to reassure her, but she decided to error on the side of caution and kept moving away whenever my fingers tried to hook under her panties.

I tried a different tact and stopped caressing her buttocks and inner thighs and moved down her legs to the erogenous zone just behind her knee. I let my arms drop to the side of the table so that her pelvis pushed on my forearms and biceps as she bent forward to stroke my cock. I rubbed her calves tenderly and she seemed to like the contact. I felt her legs spread, so I slid my palm along the inside of her leg, enjoying the firm curves of her legs hidden just beneath her stockings. I moved my hand further under her skirt and I started fondling her rump as she bent over me, now pumping with both hands double clutching my stiff rod quite expertly.

Soon she became aroused enough to indulge. She smiled down at me and slipped her hands from cock long enough to unfasten her skirt and drape it over a nearby chair. I slipped my hand under her panties and teased her pussy. She moaned and leaned against the table, rocking slightly on her feet with her eyes closed. Her hands had stopped stroking my cock. They just rested there squeezing the stiff length occasionally as I slid a finger deep inside her and wiggled it slightly, probing for an angle to reach her G-spot. She moaned as I explored her soft, saturated folds. Soon she was grasping my cock stiffly and rocking back and forth on her feet as my finger wiggled further up and began stroking her g-spot right where she stood. After a little more pleasure she resumed pumping my cock in both hands, spinning her wrist slightly with each stroke. I felt my meat thicken and veins spasm. I was about to cum.

“Ohh no you don’t. You started this and you are going to finish it,” she chided me as she grabbed the base of my cock in one hand and the rim of my balls in the other and squeezed them tightly. The kartal escort pressure shut off my orgasm and nearly deflated my cock. The sensation was pleasurable, but nearly blanked me out. I suddenly realized that my Nordic goddess was skilled in the Tantric Arts.

She moved to the top of the table. As she started working my shoulders, her thighs pressed against the sides of my face. I parted her thighs a bit more and pushed my face forward. As she kept rubbing my chest, I rubbed my chin against her pussy and tried to pull her panties down. She slid forward and started to pump my cock in both oily hands as I struggled with her panties. When I reached up to just pull them off, she pushed my arms down and climbed further up on the table. She pinned my arms with her knees. It drove me insane having her lap hovering over my hungry mouth. I could smell her excitement. She was moaning and pumping my cock with her hands and would occasionally grind her pelvis in my face giving me a mouthful of wet panties.

She flipped the sheet off and bent further over me. I nearly exploded when I felt her mouth move on my cock. I pulled her panties down and grabbed her ass cheeks, clutching them in my fingers and trying to pull her naked twat to my hungry lips. At first I thought she was completely shaved, but then I realized that her pubis was a neatly trimmed triangle of fine blond silk. I lifted my head so that my neck was cradled in the sling of her panties and began twirling my tongue like a machinist drill in her lovely sweet trove.

She moaned around my cock and slid her hot mouth down deeper. I could feel her clutching lips around the base and began orgasm as she vibrated her throat and mouth muscles. I slid one finger deep inside her anus and fiddled her G-spot from the rear as I sucked on her pert clitoris and twirled my tongue deep inside her. Her limbs flopped on me as we came together. I gushed hot cum like a fountain into her retreating mouth and she choked on the white cream flowing in streams in her locked jaws. She scooted her wet gash on my face and a flood of ejaculate from her urethra squirted into my mouth and across my nose. It tasted like melon juice, and I lapped it up like a hungry cat.

We rested for a moment and then she reached for the steamed cloths to clean our bodies. A devilish smile reached her lips as the warm cloth rejuvenated my erection. I lifted her up on the table and pushed her legs back until her heels were against her thighs. I leaned forward and moved my waving erection between her legs. My cock slid easily inside her and I pleasured her with alternate jabs and plunges while standing beside the table. I slid my hand between our thrusting bodies and flicked my thumb along her clit. Soon we were moaning so loud that she pulled me and kissed me deeply so that we did not alarm the staff of the spa. We came a few moments later when I lifted her buttocks slightly and angled the hood of my cock against her G-spot. I tipped her handsomely and she slipped me her business card. I looked at the card after I had dressed. On the back was her home phone number along with a quickly jotted note.

“I share a condo with my sister—we enjoy sharing. Call us.”

I decided as I left, that I was not paying my accountant enough.

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