28 Mayıs 2022

Strange Love

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Strange Love, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love to suck cock

**Disclaimer: All characters in this story are over the age of 18, and no minors are involved in any way**


I guess I write things now. A lot of my newest friends have asked me about the path that led me here, and other than drowning my mind in erotic fiction and online porn, the biggest influence was my kinky-as-fuck boyfriend when I had just turned 18.

Mark was a little older than me, and we met when we went to high school together in the outskirts of Austin. He had just graduated and I was a senior; he was into punk music and metal and loud angry stuff and I was going into a gothy phase, wearing black clothes and generally being a girl that typical Texas 18 year old girls avoided. So by the time Mark and I started hanging out, I didn’t have very many close friends and almost no experience in sex.

I was a virgin when we met, and barely knew how to deal with my own feelings of horniness and boys and my own body.

I was always skinny, and not very gifted in the breast area, and in Texas, big boobs are part of the culture as much as beer, guns and football. I didn’t really have anything that Texas guys liked.

Mark was a dark, brooding guy and teenage me just wanted to impress him and be liked. So we would hang out in his parents’ guest house a lot and listen to music and make out and smoke weed. It wasn’t long before he started rubbing me inside my pants, or under my skirt.

I had played with myself before but Mark was way better. Plus, he knew the right words to say that made me melt, drip and explode. I didn’t know what he was doing at the time, but I’m sure it would have looked obvious to anyone with half a brain. Mark did a pretty good job of preventing me from thinking too much about anything.

At first it was beşevler escort just like playful filthiness; what we wanted to do to each other while he teased my pussy with his hands. He let me know it was easier when I wore my little goth skirts and I pretty much stuck to that for most of the time we were together.

I call him my boyfriend but if you had asked him I’m not sure if he would have called me his girlfriend. Sometimes I wonder what he said about me when I wasn’t there; how much dirtier it was than the stuff he whispered in my ear while he rubbed my clit until my brains dropped out.

After he got me used to getting the most amazing orgasms at his hand, he started moving the boundaries a little further out. He started talking about my mouth on his cock. We had talked about it while making out and watching movies and stuff before, but now it was about what a little slut he wanted me to be for him. How much of a good girl I wanted to be for him.

Before I knew it I had lost control over my own orgasms. I could cum on my own, and I did, but usually it was the thoughts Mark put in my head that would push me over the edge. I can remember nights where I laid in bed trying to fantasize about the sweet sexy things I had imagined before I started becoming slutty, and not being able to get off until I pictured his whispered commands and my eager obedience.

He edged my dripping cunny until I begged him to let me suck his cock. It has taken maybe 6 months from when we started dating , from me being a naïve innocent virgin to being a slut on my knees learning to suck cock by his instructions.

He would still bring me to the edge of orgasm, or have me touch myself or use a toy while I worshipped his cock, but making me hold out until he came in my mouth before letting me climax. And they were intense! balgat escort I had nothing to compare them to, but in my mind they were the best feelings I had ever felt before. And Mark mixed them with these new feelings of submission, obedience, and my inadequacies of my small tits and low self esteem.

I loved sucking his cock. He really made me feel like he was doing it for me, that sucking cock was my reward for being a good slut. I was getting addicted to all of it too; the edging, the kneeling, dressing slutty, the things he would say to me while I sucked or touched myself. I thought it was all fun and sexy games. Mark had plans for me though.

I don’t know if he got bored with me and my little blonde head bobbing in his lap, or if this was his plan all along, but after a few months of me perfecting my oral technique, he started telling me about his fantasy of watching me suck the cock of one of his friends.

He stopped letting me cum while I blew him unless he was talking about sharing my mouth. Having me edge myself while I begged for him to let me suck Ben. Over and over we played this game until it just seemed like the hottest thing I had ever heard of. I was usually so shy, but the idea of showing off to Mark all the things he had taught me, dressing like the little slut he had taught me to be, moaning around a cock that wasn’t my boyfriend’s, hearing him tell me how to do it, not to think, just suck?

I begged him, loudly and clearly, to let me suck Ben’s cock. And then Ben walked in from the next room. He had heard the whole thing.

And they let me suck Ben’s cock.

I was just in cock lust. I crawled in between Ben’s legs, kneeling there topless the way Mark liked me, and I lowered my head down and just sucked and licked and slurped as noisily and messily as I could. batıkent escort I had to show off for Mark. I had to make him proud. I had to deep throat Ben’s cock.

I had really been working hard on my deep throat technique and Mark was bigger and thicker than Ben. I finally slid my mouth all the way down to the base of Ben’s cock and I can still here Mark’s words:

“There she is.”

Like he just noticed me. Like I was suddenly visible. Like I had just appeared. I was incredibly turned on, I just kept slowly bobbing my head all the way up and all the way down. Losing myself in it.

As I pushed all the way down again, I heard Mark again:

“You like it down there, don’t you honey?”

I paused, Ben’s cock deep in my throat.

He didn’t really give me a chance to think, or do anything different. He said, “Nod your head, honey. Nod your head and show me how much you like it down there.”

And I nodded my head, just like he told me to. But I didn’t have to nod my head as much as I did. I nodded a lot, as much as I could with a cock in my throat.

After that first time, it wasn’t hard for Mark to talk me into sucking cock for the rest of his friends. I had thought of myself as his girlfriend before that, but now it was pretty clear we were something different. I didn’t know a lot about BDSM and he never called me a slave or anything formal, but I knew I was submissive from then on, and I wasn’t ever going to be the same again.

Not much after that he joined the military and I never saw him again. I still would suck cock for Ben or some of Mark’s other friends after that but it really wasn’t the same.

I got hooked on reading an erotic mind control story archive and other erotic story websites while in college and kept my kink alive. I ended up dropping out; the plans I had for my future as a human person with hopes and dreams and a family always felt hollow like I was following someone else’s dream, not my own.

I’ve had a few boyfriends since Mark and even a Master and a Daddy, but nothing seems to fill the void that Mark showed me existed inside me. I’m still looking.

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