21 Mayıs 2022

Social Studies Teacher’s First BBC

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The email read, I need to go over your student data with you. Can you stay after school today? I replied YES! I had a parent conference cancel so I can stay as long as you need.

Our data manager was a new hire. From what I heard he was a 6’4″ athletic black man who was a former big time college star and even played in the NFL for a short time.

I send back an email stating I would be available around 4 once all the students were gone

A knock on my door startled me. I heard a voice call my name and as I answered DeQuan walked in and introduced himself holding his hand out for a handshake. My hand was so small in his hand. He asked if it were OK to close the door because there was so much noise coming from the hall. I walked over and closed the door than returned to my seat.

As I moved towards my seat I noticed how tall and masculine DeQuan was. He looked so handsome in his GQ outfit with his North face shirt and khaki pressed pants. He obviously took very good care of himself and his appearance.

I sat down and pulled up my first period class. He explained why he had to meet with me and we started reviewing the data.

I could not help but notice his dreadlocks dangling next to my ear. His face was inches from mine as he pointed to the screen.

I have taught for over 15 years and have never had an indecent thought in all that time. Yet here I was finding myself getting aroused as this gorgeous man explained this process to me.

I kept asking questions to keep his head close to mine. I would say something sarcastic every now and then to get him to smile. He had such a welcoming smile. I looked down and saw no wedding ring. Mine was beginning to suddenly seem larger than life.

Why was I looking to see if he had a wedding ring on. We were merely going over student data as two professionals.

He asked to take a break and use the restroom. I showed him where the faculty rest room was and returned to my seat. OMG I was so turned on by this gentleman. I could not believe how wet my pussy was and how distracting the tingling sensation was when he was so close to me.

He returned and we went back to work. I asked “Would you like a seat”, and he said, “no thanks I prefer to stand.” Again we started analyzing the data and his face was mere inches from mine. Every time his dreadlocks would touch my ear a pulse would shoot from my pussy. I was having thoughts of how nasty I could be with this Adonis of a man.

When I looked up I noticed the clock and it was 5:00 already. Time went by way to fast. I looked at him and said it was 5 and we needed to call it a day.

DeQuan looked up and said “oh man where did all the time go. Seems I just walked in here.” I concurred. He looked at me and extended his hand in a jester of good bye but i would have none of that. I stood and hugged him instead. He hugged me back and I said were friends now and friends hug, He smiled an caught me off guard with his next comment. “Friends with benefits.” I giggled and watched as he left my room.

The English teacher came in and wanted all the details. I told her there were no details, we were merely going over student data. “OH! Than why is there a wet spot on your chair?” I was mortified. My entire genitalia region was completely wet. it looked as though I pissed my pants. She laughed and said she had the same problem when he worked with her last week

My 45 minute commute home was a torment. I knew I would get home to the kids and husband and another mundane night in the household. Never any excitement . Partly my fault in that I am a prude. Never did anything wrong, always thought of my family and job when anything out of the ordinary would surface.

My phone rang and I looked down . It was the school. I answered on the car speaker and to my delight it was DeQuan.

“Hey I apologize for the FWB comment. It was out of character and wrong of me to say.” I felt lost in that I did not see anything wrong with his comment. I told him, “Don’t worry it was fine.” I enjoyed our time together immensely. He was quiet for a second and than stated bahis firmaları that he thought the same thing.

“I wonder if perhaps you need my help on your other classes.”

YES!, I stated I was worried if I would remember all those modifications.”

“What about every Wednesday at 4 than.”,

“NO I cant do that. Let’s meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 if that is OK with you.”

He giggled and said “That’s fantastic with me, I will pencil you in to my calendar.”

As we were ending our call i commented, “I do not have your cell number. Perhaps we should exchange numbers In case anything comes up.” He agreed and we swapped phone numbers. I laughingly said, “OK!, just text me anything you want” and hung up the phone.

I was so nervous my hand was shaking. I noticed I was turning down my street. Again where did the time go. Every time i am with him time just fly’s by.

Later that evening after I helped the hubby with the dishes I sat down at my desk in our bedroom and began to take notes on the instructions DeQuan went over earlier. As i was typing my phone pinged and I looked over to see who it was. DeQuan was on my screen. I got so tense. I looked down to see what he texted and held my breath as I read it.

“Hey, just a not, Tomorrow is Thursday!!, Would love to show you the procedure again if you have time.”

Immediately I felt a wetness in my pussy. I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes and sat on the toilet. I typed back that I had to move a meeting but I would LOVE to sit with him again. He replied thanks my new FWB.

I got my PJs on and the FWB had me stomped. I had to figure out what this meant. To my delight it meant “Friends With Benefits”. Again I was at a loss. What did that mean. Being Ni eve, I googled the phrase and I was so happy to read its meaning. Did DeQuan really mean he wanted sexual benefits in our working relationship? “FUCK YES…” Again my pussy was getting wet and I had to do something to take the sexual edge off. I was scared because I have NEVER felt or acted this way before. I deleted the text and when my husband came to bed I literally attacked him.

The whole time we were having sex it was DeQuan I was thinking of. I kept thinking what he would want to do to me and would I want to do those things. My sex life amounted to intercourse in one position only. He cums inside me and I go shower. NO oral stimulation of any kind just fuck and shower. NOW to be fair this was my fault. I was the one who was the sexual prude. I was raised Catholic and was always taught that sex was for procreation only.

As my hubby was fucking me in missionary position I said something dirty to see if I could actually do it. “I want to suck your cock.” His eyes popped out of his head like a cartoon character.

“What” he said.

“I want to suck your cock now.”

“I just came inside you. You sure?”

“YES” I said and I got up and positioned my face inches from his cock. I could see my juices and his cum all over the cock. i thought this is probably something DeQuan would expect me to do so I stuck out my tongue and ran it across the head of his cock. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and tasted this mixture for the first time in my life. Salty and sweet I was delighted i tried it. I began sucking his cock delighting with every drop I swallowed.

As I suck his cock up and down I felt his balls. All the sudden they got tight. All balled up into themselves and were pulsating. I got the surprise of my life when his first rope of cum entered my mouth. In fear I immediately swallowed it and than another rope came than another. I could not keep all of it in my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could but it was still coming. After his cock went limp in my mouth I removed it milking any last drops of cum and then proceeded to lick all the cum that spilled out.

I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack. “Your welcome!” I said sarcastically and went to shower.

I could not believe what I just did. I have been having sex with this man for over 20 years and I have never even thought kaçak iddaa of doing something like that. I sit with DeQuan for an hour and now all the sudden I’m a cum slut. I was almost in tears. What was happening to me.

The next morning my husband hugged me good bye as he left for work. Kissed me on the forehead and stated

“whatever you did at work yesterday, keep doing that. Last night was magical. Thank You I love you.”

Did my husband just give me permission to have sex with DeQuan.

On the way driving to work I could think of nothing else but that sweet mixture of my cum and my husbands cum. Suddenly my phone rang and it startled me. I looked who it could be and saw DeQuan. I put it on speaker and he gave me a big


I returned the comment.

“I just wanted to be sure we were on for this afternoon. I have had it on my mind all night. Sorry that sounded perverted, I apologize.”

“NO worries DeQuan I was thinking about it as well. YES I will be there at 4.”

As I hung up the phone I started to think of what other sexual things DeQuan would want to do to me. At lunch I started looking at videos of black guys having sex with white ladies. I was so fucking turned on. I called down to the front office and said I had to go home for an emergency and drove home. Lying was not my way but here I was in my bedroom looking up videos of black men fucking women in all kinds of positions and getting blowjobs like I have never seen before. I was naked from the waste down and had my fingers rubbing over my clit. I had a towel folded under me as I was getting so fucking wet.

I started another video and this time the man pulled his cock out of her dripping wet pussy and turned the young lady around and proceeded to fuck her mouth. He was forcing his cock down her throat. I was so fucking turned on. I watched in amazement as he forced his cock into her throat. She gagged but took all of his cock. After this he spun her around spit on her ass rubbed it in than proceeded to push his cock into her anus.

I was now scared.

I drove back to work at 2 and checked into the front office. Mainly to let DeQuan know I was back at school. I had changed into a sun dress and did not have any panties on.

I have turned into a slut.

At four o’clock he wrapped on the door and announced he was here. I said “hey buddy, close the door. I really want to make sure i got this procedure down.” He turned the corner and reached his arms out for a hug. I stood up and hugged him back.

“WOW you smell amazing. WOW” he said,

“Thank you, I stated. Let’s get started shall we.” I pulled up my second period and I breezed through with my modifications without out any help from DeQuan. He sat there quietly watching.

“See, I learn fast FWB…” I stated. His eyes bugged out. I looked at the clock and it was only 20 after 4. Damn I went too fast. I asked do you want me to go on and do my 3rd class.” he looked at me and said “in do time.”

“First I wanted to ask you what you thought of the FWB comment. You seemed excited when I called yesterday.”

“To be honest I had to look it up. I’m a catholic prude in real life but the idea of those benefits with YOU have me so wet.” I pulled up my dress and showed him my wet pussy. The hair around it was shining with droplets of my love juice.

His eyes got big and his pants had a tent. I said “YES that would be fantastic.” I went over and looked down the hall. No one was there. Looked like everyone went home. I closed the door and locked it.

When I turned around the corner DeQuan was standing there with his cock stretched down his leg. I have never seen a cock that long and thick. My experience was about to get an education.

“Where would you like to start?” He asked.

I approached him and motioned for him to sit on my desk. He hopped up and I took his cock into my hands. It took both hands to stroke this impressive cock. I was so fucking scared. I leaned down and licked the head of his cock, he had a droplet of something on his cock. I asked what that was and said

“my kaçak bahis precum.”

I smiled and licked it off his dick. Sweet and wonderful. I proceeded to take his cock into my mouth. I could not get much in but I knew I would eventually get there. I started to force his cock into the back of my throat. He moaned and said

“Fantastic. Deep throat me. Deep throat my cock.”

I proceeded to try to push his cock into my resistant throat and began gagging. This sent alarms all through my system. When I released his cock there was a glob of something oozing out of my mouth onto his cock. It was my saliva and it made his cock very slippery. I started again and was able to get it in even deeper. Again I gagged and pulled his cock out with yet another glob of fluid.

I began to stroke his cock moving down and licking sucking his balls. he was moaning as I tormented his balls with my mouth and tongue. I went even further and began tonguing his perineum and it sent shock waved through his body. His legs quivered as I lapped at this patch of skin. I smiled thinking I did that.

I moved up to his cock and tried again to take it further into my mouth. Gagging again I pulled it out and again began stroking it with the saliva.

“WOW this is so fucking hot” I thought. One last time I tried to get all eight inches into my mouth but was not able to do so. When I pulled his cock out of my mouth DeQuan stood up and said

“My turn.”

He lifted me up onto the desk and hiked up my dress exposing my now saturated cunt.

He dove in licking my lips and parting them with his tongue. I was so fucking wet. His tongue delighted me over and over. “What the fuck have I been missing all these years.” I thought as he fucked me with his tongue. He started licking me from the bottom of my pussy to the top. Sucking on my Vulva and driving me insane. THAN he tongued my asshole. I went nuts! I have never seen this or heard about it and it sent earthquake like shocks throughout my body. I was convulsing so hard. Each time he pushed into my anus I had another climactic feeling. He surprised me and pushed his middle finger into my ass and a sharp jolt of pain ran through my ass. I whimpered in pain and he withdrew his finger. It was so long and thick. Almost the size of my husbands cock.

Again he put his tongue into my ass and this time he spread my ass cheeks and his tongue wet in almost as far as his finger. I was ready to loose consciences as his tongue fucked my ass again. I felt several fingers beginning to penetrate my pussy and it was delightful.

As he finger fucked my pussy his thumb worked on my clit. He had me dripping even more fluid. I don’t know where this is coming from but it is driving me crazy in wonderful delight. I was so fixated on his fingers inside my pussy and his thumb massaging my clit I hardly noticed his finger slide into my asshole. I felt the pressure but this time there was little pain. He worked his finger in and out of my pussy and asked if I was OK.

“If it hurts I will stop.”

“Don’t you dare fucking stop DeQuan.” I said. His finger went in further and in no time he was all the way in with his entire finger.

As his fingers worked my pussy and asshole I felt a wonderful feeling building in my pussy. Faster and harder he fucked both wholes and all the sudden I thought I was pissing. I was squirting liquid from my pussy and it felt amazing. I was squirting so much fucking liquid I was scared and delighted at the same time.

I felt terrible afterwards because I soaked his shirt and his face. I pulled his face towards mine and began licking this fluid off and it tasted wonderful. Our tongues met and we kissed for what seemed forever. I got off the table and noticed it was 5. I looked at him and thanked him for my sexual awakening. He smiled and said

“it was me he should be thanking you. YOU gave me such delight and tried everything with a zeal that is intoxicating.”

“Wait until Tuesday. I will practice my deep throat and play with my ass all weekend to make sure I am ready on Tuesday to send you into a fantastic experience.”

We cleaned up and he kissed me gently on the lips and he left.

On the way home he texted me roses in appreciation of our new friendship.

I can not wait to our next Session.

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