20 Ocak 2022

Shanti’s Sexual Odyssey Ch. 04

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After a couple of hours of total disdain and caution thrown over to the winds – Shanti naked to the core excepting for the ‘mangalsutra’ and a few other ornaments on her sexy but now extremely dirty body got up and went to the closet and picked out a champagne bottle and chuckled when she realized Suhas strong arms around her who pulled the bottle from her and clicked it open with one thumb flick and the fizz was directed on her boobs splayed and sprayed – which he deftly bent at sucked on the aureoles and sucked and sucked – standing with his feet on the wooden settee, Suhas found his hard penis wanting to surge into her again.

He took her to the bed and deftly kissed her – Shanti was too sexy, her demure innocent looks bewitching eyes and extremely sexy nose and seductive countenance made it difficult for any man to deny her fully and she knew the effects of her on men, he wanted his dick to wade deep in her, he held still, his hips twitching at her buttocks.

And even without any penetration this time the 50+ man, with a low, shuddering moan, he exploded and Shanti gasped softly in joy, chewing her lower lip as the hot spoot spurted into her hands and fingers were coated which she ran into her anus right there in front of his eyes – deeply into the bung hole and sucked the fingers only to re-enter her ass.

With a satisfied chuckle, Suhas slid his still erect dick on to her breasts as they swelled, grew hot. She turned around on her knees before him. He thrust his cock at her face. “C’mon. Suck it again,” he commanded.

Shanti smiled lasciviously at him and, lifting her plaits of hair, slid it around his penis and drew the champagne around the hair and the prized dick. Suhas gasped as the ice-cold fluid bathed his swollen, hot penis. Trails of gunk floated in the alcohol. Shanti raised the glass to her lips and took a large sip. Keeping the liquor in her mouth, she slid her lips around his penis. Suhas grunted softly, a grin creasing his handsome face, his head bent. “Yeh,” he muttered, sipping his champagne. “That’s good. Suck it bitch!”

The contrast between the coldness of the champagne and the warmth of her mouth was sharply erotic. Slowly, Shanti swallowed the drink while she caressed his cock-head lasciviously with her tongue, her fingers cupping and rubbing his heavy balls. Holding his shaft in one hand and pumping it slowly, her other hand dug into her crotch and jerking back and forth, Shanti sucked his penis greedily. Her head rocked between his thighs, and her face was distended by the size of his penis. Suhas arched his head and closed his eyes, savouring the pleasure. It would not be long now. “Mm … yeh … c’mon … harder! Suck it harder, whore! Ohhh yeh … that’s it … mm, yes! Oh fuck yes!”

With a soft sigh, he exploded. Shanti sensed it coming and opened her lips wide, tilting her head back and jerking his cock. Jizz spurted into her mouth and spattered her face and breasts. She moaned softly, swallowing his seed. Trails of spoot dribbled over her face. Suhas looked down and grinned. The drugs were still working their magic: his penis was rock-hard even after his climax.

“On your feet, bitch,” he commanded. “I want you from behind.”

Once again, Shanti turned on her feet and leaned over the top step. Suhas took his cock in his hand and pressed it between the lobes of her creamy buttocks. She reached down and caressed the cock-head, guiding it to her cunt, spreading the lips wide to receive him into her flesh. He paused with his cock-head at the portals of her cunt.

“C’mon Suhas baby … take me … fuck my cunt, come on!” she muttered.

He took a deep breath, flexed his buttocks and slid his cock-head up into her. She gasped softly, arching, as it slid through her cunt-lips and into her flesh. Her cunt convulsed at the intruder. He groaned and buried himself in her cunt, trying to put out the burning heat in his loins. Her cunt was a hot, wet, tight furnace and it contracted powerfully on his cock, sucking it in deeper and deeper. Suhas groaned, his belly sucked in, and squeezed her pendulous breasts. Her hips writhed against his. “Come on, Suhas … fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she whimpered in lust.

Suhas started fucking her heavily, grinding and spiraling his cock in and out of her cunt. She moaned and gasped, rocking back and forth on her hands and feet before him, forcing her cunt up and down the length of his shaft. Suhas chuckled softly and sipped his champagne, one hand on his hips, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing rhythmically, his cock grinding in and out of her cunt. Her head arched and she moaned softly, thickly, panting and mewing and keening like a bitch in heat. Suhas tilted the champagne glass over her hips and buttocks and she gasped and writhed as the cold liquid trickled between her buttocks erotik film izle and over her anus and cunt. He laughed and swung his hips in tight, grinding circles, mashing her cunt-flesh. Shanti whimpered and her cunt contracted and convulsed on his throbbing penis. Her body was hot with lust. She stretched an arm between her legs and fondled his balls.

“Come on, come on, come on,” she muttered. “Fuck me … fuck me hard!”

Holding the glass in one hand, his hand in the small of her back, Suhas fucked her rapidly, pumping his hips at her cunt. She gasped and murmured in pleasure, rocking swiftly back and forth before him, running her cunt up and down the length of his shaft.

“Like it, bitch?” he chuckled. “Tell me you like it!”

“God yes … ohhhh yes, Suhas … it feels so good … come on, please … fuck me harder! I want it, Suhas … ohma unhhhh yes!”

He laughed and slid smoothly out of her. Shanti gasped in disbelief and frustration. Chuckling, he dropped to his knees behind her and pressed his face between her buttocks. Shanti gasped softly, her head arching, as she felt his thick, heavy tongue swirl over her anus, so recently invaded by his cock. Her legs shuffled open and he stretched her cunt-lips wide with two fingers and wriggled a third in her cunt. She groaned, her hips swaying and writhing erotically. Her anus was musky and erotic and he licked it hungrily, pressing and probing at the puckered flesh. Then his tongue dipped lower and she groaned in pleasure as he pushed it into her cunt. Her slit was wet and seeping love-juice. He licked her cunt, his tongue swirling through her warm, moist flesh, flicking at her gorged clitoris.

“Ohhhhhhh yes! Ohhhh yes, Suhas, yes!” Shanti shivered in pleasure. She loved having her cunt licked.

Suhas jabbed his tongue in and out of her cunt and sucked on her clitoris, nibbling it tenderly. Shanti gasped sharply as the heat flooded her body and the dams threatened to burst. Her hips bucked and writhed over his face. He stopped and suddenly and got to his feet. She groaned and looked over her shoulder at him, her face a mask of lust.

Stay as you are, whore,” he chuckled. “I am back in a minute.”

He fetched the dildo of champagne from its bucket and carried it back to the steps. He replenished their glasses and then, taking a sip from him, sat on the top step between her outstretched arms. “Suck.” He pointed to his cock.


Shanti moaned and buried her face in his crotch. Holding his hips, she took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked it eagerly. Her head rocked up and down and rolled from side to side. Suhas grunted in pleasure. She gave exceptionally good head. Her tongue worked his cock-head cunningly, and the pressure from her mouth was insistent. He caressed her head and smooth, creamy naked body, fondling her succulent, pendulous breasts, kneading them slowly in both hands. His hands stretched down her body and he slid his finger between her buttocks. Shanti writhed and her legs opened again. He chuckled and arched a finger into her anus. She moaned and sucked harder, her buttocks wriggling as he masturbated her ass.

He noticed the dildo and grinned mischievously. Picking it up, he pressed the open mouth to her anus. Shanti gasped and tensed and her head jerked up.

“Keep sucking, whore!” he grunted. “I didn’t tell you to stop, did I? Fucking whore!”

Whimpering, she obeyed. She was paid for and she had to obey. Whatever he desired of her, he got. She took his penis deep in her mouth and sucked it heavily. He held the dildo in both hands now and pressed the mouth to her anus.

“C’mon, bitch, open up!”

Shanti groaned and yielded. He laughed and pressed the mouth into her anus. Her head snapped up and she cried out, her face twisting as the cold thick glass speared her asshole. He laughed down at her and pushed it in gently. She groaned. Holding it with one hand, he pressed her head back to his crotch with the other,grunting as his cock went into her mouth. Then he tilted the bottle up. The cold champagne flowed into her anus. Shanti moaned deliriously deep in her cock-filled throat. It felt wonderful, the cold sting of the champagne against the heat of her anus. He twisted the bottle round in both hands and masturbated her with it. She loved the sensation and her hips churned and gyrated erotically, swaying and writhing in pleasure. She sucked him furiously.

Suhas pushed her head away and got to his feet, his cock erect, throbbing, glistening with pre-cum gunk, dribbling on her face. She moaned and stopped him, kissing and licking it lasciviously, squeezing her breasts over it. He laughed and let her work him for a few minutes and then pushed her back.Keeping her bent over, he went back behind her. Picking up his champagne glass, he dipped film izle his cock into it, gasping at the cold touch of the liquid on his burning cock. Then he pressed it to her cunt-lips and, before she could react, gripping her hips, rocked his cock deep into her cunt. Shanti cried out, gasping in shock and delight as the hot-cold, cold-hot cock surged into her flesh. Her client laughed at her reaction and fucked her furiously for several minutes, holding her hips and jerking her cunt up and down on his cock.

“Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh unhh ohhh yes yes ohhhh god yes!” she cried. Shanti was an aphrodisiac and made him insatiable, and restless. He stopped after several minutes. Shanti collapsed on the steps, her arms aching, her body trembling with lust and desire. The drugs were incredibly potent. She lay on her back on the top stop, her hips at its edge and Suhas knelt over her face and pushed his cock into her mouth again. Bending forward, he took the dildo and pushed it between her legs. They spread instantly and he chortled in pleasure and slid the neck of the bottle into her cunt. Fucking her mouth, he masturbated her with the champagne. Shanti’s body thrashed and writhed under his as the cold liquid flowed into her cunt and mingled with her own steaming cunt-juice. His buttocks bobbed over her face and his arms and shoulders rippled smoothly as he rocked the bottle in and out of her cunt.

He wanted to bugger her again. Removing the bottle, getting off her face, he knelt on the step below and pushed her legs high and wide, lifting her buttocks. She groaned, her body bent in half, his hands under her knees high above her head. She reached down and guided his cock to her asshole.

“C’mon Suhas … do it … fuck my butt,” she muttered in a guttural tone. He groaned and slowly squeezed his cock-head into her anus. The breath rushed from her throat in a rattling gasp and her face twisted in an agony of lust. Shanti’s back arched and she clawed at his shoulders, her body doubled over. Suhas grunted as her anus convulsed frantically on his penis and held still.

Shanti’s chest heaved. She moaned softly, and her hands slid up to his face, over his chest, down between her splayed thighs to his belly and cock. She gripped his protruding shaft. He waited, his body tensed, his thighs rigid with strain, his buttocks trembling, his knees bent.

“Come on … do it! Fuck my ass, Suhas!” she groaned.

He chuckled softly and his buttocks squeezed taut and his hips slid forward. His penis ground into her asshole while Shanti moaned thickly as the heavy penis pushed between her fingers and pierced her anal channel. It felt wonderful, hot and heavy and hard. Shanti loved having her butt fucked and Suhas was one of the best. Deeper and deeper he went, till he was fully buried in her ass. She hissed in pleasure and her fingers went to her cunt, spreading her cunt-lips and she arched a finger into her slit, flicking her clitoris rapidly. Her hips writhed in pleasure under him.

“Mm … yes … fuck me … fuck me Suhas … fuck my ass! Come on, do it!”

Grinning down at her, his face flushed with excitement, Suhas ground his cock into her anus. She moaned. He pressed his hands on the insides of her thighs, folding her body in half, his body angled over hers, his toes on the lowest step, his powerful muscles corded with the strain. His shoulders rippled and his arms bulged and she clenched them fiercely as he began to move, slowly rocking his hips back and forth, pushing and squeezing his cock in and out of her asshole. Shanti gasped and panted deliriously, watching the growing lust on his face. Her body was pinned under his, bent to his will. Her loins flamed with lust. She started masturbating again, slowly toying with her gorged clitoris. His hips ground back and forth, his cock tunneling in and out of her asshole, pushing and squeezing through, crushing her anal flesh. She moaned, and her finger whipped her clitoris rapidly and she orgasm, gasping and moaning. Her anus convulsed on his cock and he groaned, his head arched, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing slowly, his hips grinding heavily back and forth. “Come on bitch, come on come on come on,” he grunted.

With a soft, shuddering moan, he yielded and, sliding smoothly out of her, masturbated rapidly. Shanti grabbed her legs and kept them high and bent. He gasped, and thick jets of jizz spurted from his cock-head and Shanti gasped in pleasure. The gunk spattered her buttocks and thighs and cunt and belly, hitting the under-side of her breasts. She moaned softly. He grunted and slowly squeezed his cock into her anus again. She groaned, rocking back and forth under him.

His cock was still rock hard. He moved out of her anus and pushed it slowly into her cunt, leaning over her now, his hands on the step on either seks filmi izle side of her chest. She smiled radiantly, in deep rut, murmuring soft, obscene encouragement, caressing his chest and shoulders and face. His hips rocked steadily back and forth, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing powerfully, and his cock crushed in and out of her cunt-flesh. She loved it and responded like a thoroughbred, her hips arching and writhing, undulating under his body.

“God, you’re good,” she murmured, her face radiant with pleasure.

“Very good.”

“With cunts like you to keep happy, I have to be,” he laughed.

“Arrogant pig.”

He smiled and began to move faster, his hips swinging and rocking rapidly back and forth, his buttocks flexing and un-flexing in a swift, yet controlled rhythm. His penis plunged deeply in and out of her cunt and he swung his hips in tight circles as he thrust into so that he was entering her cunt from all angles, spiraling downward. Shanti’s body rocked and lurched under his, jerking with his thrusts.

“Oh … unhh … ohhhh … yes … ohhh god yes … ohhh yes …c’mon do it … yes … fuck me! Fuck me hard, Suhas yes … OHHHHHHH yes yes that’s it … mm, yes … oh god yes … do it, lover! Fuck meunhhhhoHHhhyesSuhas oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh oh oh oh oh OHHH OH OH Suhas-Suhas-Suhas-SuhAHHHHHHHHHHHHS!”

He moved faster and faster and suddenly moved his hands to her breasts, his arms outstretched, her breasts crushed in his palms. His hips hammered back and forth, his thighs pummeling her buttocks, his balls slapping at them, his cock thundering in and out of her cunt, pillaging and ravishing her flesh. Shanti’s cries rent the air as she jerked and thrashed and lurched under him, her neck arched, her face contorted in a rictus of lust. She exploded violently and he groaned as her rectal cunt bit down on his throbbing penis.

He did not come, yet retained his massive erection. Shanti felt no disappointment. He was a fine lover and her pleasure mattered as much to him as his own. He slid out of her and sprawled on the top step beside her. She lay for a moment, gasping and moaning, her breasts and cunt still alive and tingling with his touch. Slowly, she turned and leaned over him, her hand sliding down to his crotch. He smiled at her and kissed her pendulous breast, gently nibbled her stiff nipple. She sighed in pleasure.

“Let me suck your prick,” she said. “I like sucking cock.”

“Do it, then.”

On the bed, Suhas sprawled on his back on the soft white sand colored satin under the silverlight as Shanti bent her head over his lap and sucked his cock. She did it slowly, relishing the heady taste of his jizz and her cunt and ass juices on it and squeezed her breasts over it. He groaned softly and fucked her face in pleasure, rocking her head up and down with both hands, pumping his hips under her head. Then he tugged at her shoulders and drew her up over him.

Shanti knelt over his lap and, holding his cock, slowly impaled her cunt on it. She moaned softly, biting her lower lip at her cunt engulfed the fiery heat of his penis. He slid his hands up her body and crushed her heavy breasts. His hips rose beneath hers. They began to move together, bucking and jerking up and down, their cries echoing against the incessant murmur of the surf. Her breasts bounced and the gold chain around her neck tossed and slapped on her fair, creamy skin. She leaned forward over him and rocked her hips up and down, suddenly clapping her buttocks together and swinging her hips so that her cunt churned and sucked fiercely on his cock. They gasped in unison. Suhas gripped her buttocks and jerked her body up and down on his cock. Shanti gasped and cried out, her cunt convulsing in delight on his penis. They fucked furiously for several minutes and then slowed, prolonging the pleasure and drawing it out as much as they could.

Suhas looked at her in delight. She was the finest of fucks and he could never tire of her of course – her mother Geeta was even better and even at 50 – she kept her body ready for the ultimate fuck – he had to have both the mother and daughter together.

Shanti smiled down at him and, bending, kissed him deeply, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her hips ground round on his cock in erotic, churning circles.

“Come on, Suhas,don’t imagine my mother and me together – I know it has been a while since we fucked together, she will back from the ‘spritual’ retreat soon and after a satiating period with the ‘sadhus’ – she will be invigorated further for you to enjoy her better” she said, her breasts hot on his chest. “Let’s go to her place together one of these days.”

Suhas kissed her hungrily, holding her buttocks as she clung to him, her legs wound taut about his hips, her cunt churning greedily against his cock. Her fingers dug into his powerful shoulders and she flung her head back and moaned in joy, her voice rising up to the stars.

Suhas gasped and, moaning, pressed his throbbing, burning, aching flesh into hers.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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