21 Ekim 2021

Sarahs Venture To The Dark Side.

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Sarahs Venture To The Dark Side.
“Looking good today sarah” I hear from across my desk.
“Thankyou Rob, you too, i like the pants” I say with a smirk and a gentle wink of my eye.
Me and rob had been flirting innocently for a few weeks, the chemestry between us is palpable, every morning when he comes in he says im looking good and that i smell nice. I always return the compliment, but he does genuinly always smell good, infact, edible. He is always impecably dressed and always such a kind soul. Dare i say i make more of an effort when i go to work this last few weeks? Dare i say i fancy him slightly? His milk chocolate dark skin, the black tattoos on his arms, his dress sense, personality, and of course, his scent. Yes. Yes i do fancy him!
I could see him all morning Shooting me the blue steel from his desk, i cant not see him do it, our computers are back to back. Every time he looks at me he winks then disapears behind his desk leaving my heart beating and a real twinkle in my eye.
“Hey, so, do you want to grab a coffee at lunch today?” I say, my heart beating so fast…
“Id love to Sarah” He says….
“Ill see you then” I smirk and start to walk away, i can feel him looking at me, inparticular, my ass.
I turn round slowly and sure enough, he is looking at my ass. I dont even mind, i like it.
I meet him outside work at lunch time and we walk to the StarBucks round the corner. For the first time ever i notice quite how big he is! Im only 5ft2 but he much be 6ft5 and he visits the gym more than me, he could pick me up and not notice hes done it.
We sit at a small table, comfy chairs and talk about everything for an hour. Being himself, he makes a wisecrack about how good my legs look in the skirt i have on, It makes me laugh and i say “You get a high 5 for that” i hold my hand up and he high 5s me. Jokingly i say, “Christ, your hands are huge”, “You should see the size of my old boy” He comes straight back with.
This is my in!
“Well maybe one day soon.” I jokingly say as we are getting up and starting to head back. He just smirks. But the wanting in my body is unreal!
We get back to work and sit at our desks, still chatting. Then he asks.
“So sarah, what are you doing friday night? because i was maybe thinking, we could go out for a few drinks, and maybe dinner?”
“Ill check my calendar” i joke with a friendly wink of my eye. “Oh would you look at that, im free all weekend, you lucky dog you”
“Good, book me in” he remarks.
That evening after work i stop by town on the way home from work and nip round a few shops to try and find something to wear. Eventually i find a nice dark red dress, mid-thigh in length and shows off some cleavage. Perfect.
So here it is, the night ive wanted to happen for so long. Date night. We finish work at 5 and talk about what time to meet up… In a hotel resteraunt at 8. I hug him and give him a peck on the cheek and we part ways…
I go home and sort my stuff, hang my dress on my bedroom door and run a bath. Make myself a coffee and head to the bathroom, dipping my toes in, perfect. i slide myself into the bath and relax for 20 minutes with a face mask on, drink my coffee and flick through my phone.
I slip out of the bath, having shaven, relaxed and perked up with coffee. I lightly towel myself off but walk through to the kitchen in the nude to let myself air dry. I get a glass of water and make my way to my bedroom. and root through my drawers for underwear. i slide on a blacck lacey thong and bra set, adjusting so its comfortable and i put my dress on. But it didnt sit right, it didnt matter how i adjusted my dress you could still see the bra. So it came off, i sat on the floor doing my hair in the mirror in my thong for 30 minutes. Im glad i decided to leave my bra off because when i put the dress back on it looked (and fit) so much better.
I get in the taxi and make my way to the hotel, very nervous now, first date nerves if you will… I getthere and text him to let him know. He comes out to the taxi and meets me with a hug and a peck on the cheek.
He looks irrisistable! Navy blue chinos, nice brown suade boots on with a nice white buttom down shirt. In other words, perfect. We order drinks and sit at the bar while they ready bahis siteleri out table. Joking, laughing, getting touchy. We sit at out table opposite eachother and we begin to talk about everything, hopes, dreams, plans, work, friends, family ect.
The food is so good and teh drinks are flowing well too. I get to the point where im comfortable tipsy, flirting ect. I take my shoe off under the table and run it up the inside of his leg, i can tell it shocks him, he makes eye contact as i get toward his inner thigh….. He holds my foot and directs it toward his member and smiles. He knows what we both want, all those months of flirting has lead to this. All those flirty snapchats lead to one thing.
He presses my foot into his region and smirks. He let go and said, ill be back in a second. He gets up and leaves.. I was shocked, thinking he has actually left! I order another drink, only coke this time and wait, 5 minutes later he comes back, puts his hand on my shoulder, takes my drink from my hand and puts it on the table, whispers in my ear “come with me, ive something to show you”.
Not a word, i get up, get by bag and he holds my hand and takes me to the lift. The door opens and the lift is empty, number 3 is pressed and the doors close. “where are we goi……” Im muted by his coming close and telling me ill find out, his hand on my cheek, my heart beating out of my chest, the end of his thumb makes its way to my mouth and i flick my tongue over the end of it.
The doors open and he leads me to a door to the room, he turns me round and says, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I nod, yes and he scans his key and pushes the door open and gestures for me to go first.
I go in and its lovely, large double bed, 2 sofas, jacuzzi next to the window. “Im just going to freshen up, ill be 2 minutes”. “Yeah thats okay, ill be here” He says, leaning over the jacuzzi turning it on.
I close the bathroom door and look in the mirror, i give myself the talk, put on my lip gloss and run my fingers through my hair. I open the door and step out, i notice Rob is in the jacuzzi, my heart flutters as i walk over slowly, ive never seen him with no top on, but im so lucky i have now!
I stand awkwardly next to the jacuzzi and he asks if im going to get in?
“I would, but i had to wear this dress with no bra…”
“Thats okay, ive only got my boxers on in here” He says.
I think about it for a moment and say “Fuck it, might aswell, only live once right?”
I turn around and back u to him and he unzips my dress. Still nervous, i hold by boobs as my dress falls to the floor.
“Dont be shy Sarah, nothing to be shy about” As he stands up and holds his hand out and i grasp it, allowing my breasts to feel the air and his stare. I notice, through his boxers, his cock pushed over to one side, looking very very good.
We slightly awkwardly stand in the jacuzzi for a second, looking into eachothers eyes, his hand makes its way up my arm and over my shoulder to my cheek. Meanwhile my arms open and move to behind his neck pulling him close. Our lips lock together in passion, tongues darting back and forth. He is such an amazing kisser. Kissing so passionately stood in a jacuzzi in just our underwear. His other hand cups my left breast as he gently pulls on my already hard nipple, i sigh gently into his mouth. Kissing deeper now, our tastes mixing, tongues darting in and out, left and right. I take my arms from round his neck and put them on his chest and gently push him so he is sat on the edge of the tub.
Continuing to kiss, i put my hands into the sides of his boxers and he lifts himself u so i can slide them down. I didnt look at it because i was already nervous. Now completely off, i toss his boxers to the side and begin to kiss his neck, then down to his chest, as he leans back i kiss down his abs and down over his thigh, working my way back up i hold his semi hard cock in my hand and kiss his balls. Slowly starting to work his shaft with my hand i feel it growing slightly, wanking him slowly. The paleness of my hand and the dark chocolate shade of his cock makes for a marrage made in heavan!
I lick the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around his thick head i close my lips around it, taking perabet güvenilir mi the whole head in my mouth. I take my hand from his shaft, now fully hard and feel his hand on my head, wrapped in my hair. I start to take slightly more of him into my mouth, slowly feeling the pressure of his big hand on my head, not pushing, but wanting to. I start to bob my head up and down on his shaft taking him deeper with each stroke, my hand playing with his balls, teasing him further. Lightly panting i feel him start to moan, “Mmmm Sarah” and “Oh yess”.
Slowly i take more and more, bobbing my head up and down, getting slowly faster. Suddenly i take him deep into my throat, but dont stop moving. Light shallow strokes then suddenly deep into my throat again. Every time i do his balls twitch from my hand. He places his other hand on my shoulder and pushes my head onto his cock. It took me as a shock at first because he hadnt done it yet, but i came off his cock after a few seconds of not breathing and smiled at him, a trail of his precum mixed with my spit followed as i sat back, now taking in the full beauty of his length, rubbing my hand from base to tip along his slick shaft.
“Jesus Sarah, i didnt expect that! I thought you were innocent.” He says gestingly as he moves in and kisses me. The feeling of his smooth dark cock on my belly is amazing, the realisation that this could be the biggest cock ive ever had the chance to take is mind blowing. Still wanking him gently, down his shaft and across his incredibly sensitive head, his hand on my neck lightly is unreal.
With a hand on my neck i get pushed to the side i sit on the edge of the tub. Kissing my lips, tongue moving in time with mine.. Slowly moving down, kissing my neck, then my lips again, then my neck again, and down to my chest, sucking on my nipple and cupping my other breast in his hand. Holding my hands im stood up and he kisses down my stomach to my belly button then trailes his tongue to the top of my underwear. Slowly, with just his fingers my underwear is slipped off and left to float away in the bath. Revealing my smooth shaven pussy to the fresh air.
Holding onto his shirt dark hair, he places his hands on my hips and pushes me back to the edge. I lean back against the towel on the rail behind me, lift my legs up slowly and part them when my feet are on the edge of the tub too. Giving my everything to the man waiting to ravish me.
With his hands on my knees, he licks his lips with a “Mmmm” and kisses my left thigh, from my knee, down to my crotch, kisses my pussy just once, then up my right thigh… Gently, he places another kiss on my pussy.. I can feel myself starting to get really horny now, and starting to gape slightly..
The feeling of Rob licking my lips gently is to die for. So talented with his tongue! Always keeping my legs apart, licking round my lips, licking my beads of precum up and from the bottom of my pussy right to my clit. I feel a finger rubbing round my pussy and see him move back and spit my precum back onto my pussy followed by a finger inside slightly. Slowly fucking my tightness while licking my clit, i hold my breasts, pulling my nipples while looking over them into his eyes.. His beautifully pink tongue lapping up my clit. Gradually getting faster and faster, my body starting to move as he adds another finger to the mix. “Oh god yes!” I moan as i feel myself slightly stretch to allow for his other finger. “Mmmmm fuck yes, dont stop!” My body begins to shake and my thighs start to come up to his cheeks. “Mmmmmm oh shit Rob, thats it, FUCCKKKKKKKK” My legs tighten round his head and i pull him closer, still fucking my pussy with his fingers i start to cum, and cum hard! Bucking my hips rapidly, i feel my pussy tensing up as i orgasm, as his fingers are sliding in and out in getting more and more sensitive. Slowly my orgasm starts to subside and he pulls his fingers out and lifts them to my mouth. Happily i hold his hand and take them onto my tongue, then into my mouth, tasting my sweet nectal from his long fingers. “Im so ready now” i say to him, gently rubbing my clit. “You sure babe?” He replies. Now holding onto his wet cock, rubbing my hand tipobet around his precum soaked head, i think he gets the message.
Slowly guiding his cock to my eagerly waiting pussy, he holds my hand and with his other he rubs the head of his dark chocolate cock on my lips. Still so soo sensitive from my previous orgasm i know if he carries this on i wont be lasting very long. I hold my other hand up and wiggle my fingers, i want to kiss this gorgeous man. I pull him down and our lips crash together, out tongues, seemingly best friends now wiggle around together as my legs wrap around his lower back and slowly start to tighten as i pull him in closer.
The head of his cock slips reluctantly into my eager vagina. Gently pulling nearly out then forcfully back in, i take more of him, then again and again, before pulling out and again, forcfully back in, our thrusts start to meet eachother as im so close to taking his whole length. Easily the biggest cock ive ever had the pleasure to take. starting to pick up the pace now, working his thick shaft in my pussy, i start to relax more, getting comfortable, allowing him to really use me. Slowly i start to feel his balls make contact on my ass. Feeling really stretched i start to fuck back again, i want the honour of taking his whole length inside of me. I unwrap my legs from around him and he manipulates me so my knees are touching my ample breasts and starts to press more of his weight onto me, really starting to fuck me now “Oh my god, holy fuck yes!” His balls slapping my ass and our hips meeting with every thrust.. I look down at his huge cock disapearing in and out of my pussy, our wetness is shimmering off of out intimate areas as we fuck. A small white ring apperaing around the very base of his shaft.
Slowly his pace settles and he starts to pull out, both of us sweating, his cock slips out of my pussy, straight away he goes and licks my now well used hole. Licking up out cum from my sensitive lips makes me tingle, his tongue slowly makes its way down to my ass hole and flicks around my secret enterance before moving back to my pussy…. With out taste on his tongue he comes up for a kiss. We taste so good as one, his thick white precum and my juice together is like nothing else. I push him away with my hands on his chest, and he stands just away from the tub in the middle of the bath room, cock swinging freely, shimmering with out mess. I get out the tub and straight to my knees and place my hand on the base of his staft. I open my mouth and take him deep into my tongue, his heavy head resting on my tongue. Again i start to bob up and down on his thick cock as i take him into my throat and back to my tongue, again and again. Deeper and deeper, i want to take his full length but my throat wont stretch that much. I pull out, strings of our cum and my spit follow and fall to my chest, i lick the white cum ring from the base of his cock. I come up and go to kiss him, but he pushes me away and turns my back to him, i lean on the countertop across from the jacuzzi. He pushes my feet apart with his foot and i feel the head of his cock forcfully enter my pussy.
Pushing all but 2 or 3 inches of it into my pussy i yelp im pain and pleasure. “Youre mine now sarah, understood?” I hear from behind me. “Yes, yes i understand, mmmmm fuck!” I moan in return. Slowly his pace picks up and i start to moan in absolulte pleasure, before i know it he already funnt driving his huge cock into my pussy, balls slapping onto my clit.
*Slap* His hand makes contact with my ass cheek
“Mmmm yes babe! Again!”
“Like that baby? You like that dont you?”
I hold my hair up in my hand for him to take. Graciously he takes it snd straight away pulls hard back on it, my head jolts back. Fucking me hard, making me his. I look in the mirror, im flushed red, slightly sweaty, my boobs swaying back and forth and totally in love with his cock.
Fucking me, groaning, slapping my ass cheek, pulling my hair.. Im totally at Robs mercy and he can do what he pleases. He picks up the pace, “Im so close, mmmm fuck” He says. “Cum for me babe, please!”
The pace slows as i feel him swell deep inside me, Thick hot streams of cum inload into my pussy. “Ahhhhhhh shitttttttttt mmmmmmmm” he moans behind me. Cheekily i push back onto his now very sensitive cock as he finishes unloading himself into me.
He pulls his cock out and flops it onto my ass, i feel a warm trail of his cum follow it.

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