25 Mayıs 2022

Sandy and Dave

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Their relationship had been a bit of a secret and Sandy thought she was ready to take it to the next level.

Dave was the divorced stock broker down the street and Sandy had decided that he was kind of cute so she teased him. Quite a bit.

One day she was talking to Dave about her family’s plan to go visit family in another state and Dave suggested she bail on the week long trip and they could hang out together. He really wasn’t expecting her to do it but there she was at his front door not long after her family boarded their plane.

He ushered the button nosed cutie into his house and then he closed and locked the door.

Dave had her join him in the kitchen as he prepared a light brunch. He handed her a glass of champagne to set the mood and she had no problem putting it away. Before the crepes were ready she’d had two glasses and she was lightly buzzing.

By the time their repast was done and the dishes were cleared Sandy had managed to drink most of the bottle.

That was when Dave decided to kiss her.

Sandy let the passion take her and casino siteleri when Dave started to unbutton her dress she didn’t care. The dress fell away and soon he had her bra and panties on the floor as well.

He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

‘This is it’, she thought, ‘today is the day.’

He guided her to the bed and helped her get in between the sheets. Then he doffed his own clothes and slipped in beside her.

Dave kissed her passionately and Sandy got lost in the feeling of his warmth, his kiss, and his hands on her bare body.

So soon he maneuvered himself between her legs and she felt her first cock nudging up against her pussy. His kisses interrupted her when she tried to ask him to slow down.

For several minutes he just ground himself against her and she relaxed. She felt herself getting moist with arousal and she was knowledgeable enough to know her body was ready.

He moved up on her and then suddenly his cock was just barely inside of her.

She wanted to say something to mark the moment and then she drew slot oyna in a breath as his long thin tool slid into her body. She felt so full. A part of her felt complete. Another part of her was now regretting her initiation into womanhood.

Dave had wanted to fuck Sandy for a very long time. But he’d never really expected that he’d be so fortunate as to be Sandy’s first fuck. He also loved the fact that the naive girl hadn’t bothered with any protection. His first wife had never wanted kids and now he was hoping his second wife wouldn’t mind.

But first he needed to seal the deal.

He fucked her nice and deep. He loved seeing her wince when he went deep and he liked it. He liked that she felt pleasure, desire, and pain as he fucked her.

His own desire to plant his seed in her belly was growing. The girl started to take a bit of a pounding as his need took over his senses. When he looked at her she looked just a little scared at the sexual being that was inhabiting her body.

He loved it!

He slowed down and drove deep with each thrust until he started to canlı casino siteleri feel it. Then he gave her stronger thrusts as his cum started to jet into her pussy. It felt so good and in so many ways!

Her pussy was his now. Sandy was his now.

They fucked two more times before they got up. And when they did Dave saw Sandy pause for a moment.

Sandy had thought so many things about her first time and while this had been passionate it wasn’t the romance novel experience she thought it would be.

She sat on the side of the bed wondering what the ramifications of a pussy full of baby juice would be and the regret grew.

Later on when Dave took her to bed again it seemed to Sandy that the damage was done so she didn’t complain when he fucked her again.

All week long her world was a blur of fucking, showers, more fucking, sperm dripping down her legs, the smell of sweat, more showers, and as the week wore on she had more and more orgasms.

By the time her family got home Sandy was pregnant.

It was a few weeks before she realized she was pregnant and when she told her parents they simply told her to go live with Dave.

Dave couldn’t have been happier when a sad-eyed Sandy appeared at his door, bag in hand, telling him that she was moving in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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