20 Ocak 2022

Sam and Jess: Anal Etiquette

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Sammie was woken from her deep slumber by the feeling of something pressing into her lungs. Trying not to disturb the comfort of a bed in the morning she moved her lithe hips under her warm duvet and adjusted herself until she felt the pressure on her lungs ease.

“Just a few more minutes,” she thought but was further brought out of her slumber by the stirring in the bed next to her. An evil plan came to mind and she decided to act on it. Leaving the warmth of her own bed behind she got to her feet slowly, trying not to cause herself any more discomfort then was necessary. She slowly creeped over to the bed, hesitating only a moment, she jumped onto the slender form within, quickly she straddled it.

“Sammie! What are you doing!” her sister yelped, but before she could do much more Sammie had smoothly pulled the blankets off of her sister and pinned her to the bed face down. With a graceful move Sammie rotated herself one hundred and eighty degrees so that she was looking at her sister’s delicate feet. The feet however were not her target, looking down she focused on her sister’s pert ass, under her lacy panties and between her firm butt cheeks she found her target.

Sammie’s sister started to resist as she realized Sammie’s intentions but her struggles were useless when Sammie reached down and ripped the panties from her hips. The massive black shape that emerged made Sammie start to moisten from more than one opening. “You’ve gotta stop worrying so much Jess, I’m just having a bit of fun,” she teased as she reached her hands down and firmly grasped the base of the monstrous buttplug in her sister’s ass.

It took a bit of effort to get the plug dislodged but the special overnight lube helped to get the toy moving. Jess moaned as her ass started to release its grip on the toy. Sammie, or Sam as her sister called her, pulled the first nine inched of the plug out of Jess’ ass then brutally slammed it back in. The four-inch-wide girth of the plug pulled at Jess’ anus as the plug moved in and out, making Jess cry out. “Oh god Sam, Please don’t stop!” she begged. Jess started to angle her hips towards the thrusting plug, pushing back in rhythm and loving every inch of the anal torment.

It didn’t take long for Jess to cum the first time, and even less the second, third, fourth and fifth time. By the sixth Sam decided that her sister had had enough and pulled the plug completely from the well fucked ass in front of her. Ten inches of the black latex giant slowly pulled free from Jess’ ass, when the tip popped out a wet sucking sound announced its exit. The loose hole that remained was still over three inched across and, even after all the play, still begged for a toy.

“Ugh that was awesome sis! You know just how to wake me up! Want me to return the favor?” asked Jess as her sister rolled off of her and onto the bed next to her.

“Do you even need to ask?” replied Sammie seductively as she got onto her hands and knees, arching her back gracefully. Her sister moved behind her, now much more nimble with her own ass freed up. Jess stealthily reached under her bed and grabbed a harness, with practiced ease she put it on around her hips like a pair of panties. She then moved her crotch so that it lined up with the base of the plug in Sammie’s ass. A little magnetic snap told Jess that the plug and harness were attached and she started to move backwards pulling her new ‘dick’ out of her sister’s ass. Sam’s ass, being slightly farther in its training, divulged a plug even bigger then Jess’. At 4.25 inches wide the plug made a grand exit, pulling and tugging Sammie’s asshole over every one of the 12 inches of its length.

When just the tip of the plug was still in Sam’s ass, Jess grabbed her sister’s hips and brutally plunged the entire length of the plug back in. This took the breath from Sammie, literally, as it hit the base of her lungs, and any air left was used in one massive moan. Jess started to pull the plug back out for another thrust as Sam looked down between her arms and firm tits, even from this angle, she could see the shape of the massive toy moving around in her. “God I love this feeling,” thought Sam as the toy and her sister worked their magic.

Like Jess, Sammie was brought to a number erotik film izle of mind blowing anal orgasms before Jess deemed Sammie’s ass fucked well enough for this early in the morning. The duo then picked up their plugs in one hand, held each other’s hand, and walked to the bathroom their big pink gapping assholes obvious between their cute little butt cheeks as they walked.


Jess being 18 and Sammie 19, they were both still in high school. They lived with their older sister Amy, who was only 25, since their mother had needed to move for a job and they had wanted to finish school with their friends. Amy had offered to let them live with her under the pretense that the girls continue their anal training even though their mother wouldn’t be there to take the ‘hand on’ approach they all loved. Jess and Sam had enthusiastically agreed and had only needed to be reminded of the terms of agreement a few times, and it might have been on purpose.

In the bathroom the sisters helped each other prepare for the day, they started by putting their nighttime plugs in the plug washer before moving onto the shower. The shower like most these days was outfitted with a dedicated enema system.

“Hey sis you mind giving me a hand, I’ve always got so much trouble getting the nozzle in,” pleaded Jess as she handed Sammie the nozzle and bent over. The ‘nozzle’ was made out of a disk of light metal, with a groove around the perimeter to hold the anus, it could then be expanded to lock inside.

Sammie started to work the disk in, first starting with the edge and then turning it to trap Jess’ young sphincter. Jess moaned as her sister worked and let out an exasperated grunt when it finally slid into place. Sammie then turned a knob on the disk to expand it, Jess tried to escape the pressure and jerked her ass away, but it was too late. The disk was already 4.5″ wide and Jess’ anus couldn’t pull free, Sammie grabbed the hose and pulled her sister back towards her using the disk now locked in her butt.

“Where are you trying to go? You know how this works.” giggled Sammie as she stood and went to the faucet that controlled the enema system. There were a few knobs which controlled the flow rate, temperature and the maximum pressure that would be used to put water into bowels before automatically stopping the flow.

“You don’t have to tighten it so much; it’s not like I ever leak,” replied Jess as she started to prepare for the rush of water.

Sammie responded by turning the water on full blast, she set the maximum water pressure to slightly higher than normal and got out a disk for her own ass.

“My turn,” said Sammie, handing the disk to her sister who was holding onto one of the railings trying to steady herself as her insides were flooded with water.

Jess focused and took the disk from her sister, giving her a slightly evil grin, letting her know that her rough treatment wouldn’t be one sided.

Like Sammie had done to her, Jess pushed the disk into her sister’s ass, it took her a little longer as she was constantly distracted by her own filling bowels, but once the disk was in place she was lightning fast in expanding the disk as much as she could. She was able to get it to a little over 5″ before her sister wiggled her ass free. Sammie grunted but wasn’t about to admit defeat by her sister’s hands, so Jess stood on wobbly legs and went over to the faucet for her sister’s enema. Like her sister had done, she turned the water on full but then turned the maximum pressure up high, as high as her sister had ever took.

“What are you doing, I’ll explode! I’m not prepared to take my max.” yelped Sammie, a scared look on her face.

In order to stay within the bounds of their agreement with their older sister, the girls had given over control of their ass to each other, knowing that they wouldn’t go easy on one another would help them with their anal well being. The enema faucets, by changing a few programmable settings, could be made to only be controllable by certain people. The girls had done just such a thing and now they were at each other’s mercy.

Sammie seeing that her sister wasn’t going to turn her pressure down went over and cranked Jess’ maximum pressure film izle up to her max as well.

“Let’s see how you like some of your own medicine” said Sammie smugly.

The sisters were competitive, and neither was prepared to step down from this game of enema chicken. They both stood watching each other as their belies started to inflate, soon they needed to hold onto the railings, their stomachs looking more and more pregnant.

They started to moan and then grunt as they got fuller and fuller, the water moving up and expanding their intestines. Jess was the first to start to beg for release.

“Please Sam, this is all I can take, please turn the pressure down!” begged Jess.

“I don’t know, I can take some more water still, I want to see how desperate you get.” retorted Sam. Jess’ stomach was protruding a lot now, as if she had somehow swallowed a basketball.

“Please, I will let you do anything to me, just make it stop” begged Jess as she got closer and closer to her maximum pressure.

“I kinda just want to see you reach your max now,” Sammie challenged with an evil glint in her eye, “You know, just for the fun of it.”

“Please sis anything!” squealed Jess.

Sammie reached over and turned down the pressure so no more would go in.

“You are going to let me pick out your plug for today.” stated Sammie.

“Never! You’re going to strap something brutal in my ass” argued Jess, remembering the last time she had made this promise.

Sammie turned to pressure up again.

“Ok ok ok, fine!” relented Jess.

“You better follow through or I will set it to double tomorrow” said Sammie victoriously. The maximum pressure was once again turned down much to Jess’ appreciation and the flow stopped. Jess breathed out a sigh of relief and was in the middle of composing herself when she remembered her sister was still turned up past her max.

Sammie was looked like she had a watermelon in her stomach when Jess finally turned down her maximum pressure and the flow stopped.

She cooed, “Thanks Jess.”

“No problem, don’t want you going any harder on my ass than you already will,” joked her sister.

The girls caught their breath before attempting to free themselves. Jess wasn’t able to bend over anymore with her insides so full so Sammie had to waddle over and reach between her spread butt cheeks to get at the release valve.

Upon hitting the biometrically locked button the hose detached from the nozzle, it immediately was blasted away as a torrent of water was released from Jess’ lovely butt. The hole was over an inch wide but it still took over a minute before the flow began to lessen, and soon after, coming to a stop except for a spurt of water every little bit.

“Oh man, nothing feels quite as good as that,” gushed Jess.

“Can you please stop taking your time and do me now, I’m bursting over here!” exclaimed Sammie.

Jess walked behind Sammie, water spurted from her ass while she walked as her movement freed more water. Jess reached between Sammie’s cheeks, which were a bit bigger than her own, and unlocked the hose. Sammie too then drained for the next few minutes. But then when Jess and Sammie tried moving they both gushed water.

“Looks like we’re gonna need some help draining,” smirked Sammie as she reached into a close by cabinet and too out a dildo. It was only about an inch in diameter but over two feet long, all along the dildo were holes, and when connected to the shower’s built in suction it would suck the water right out of a butt, this was the modern version of a ‘drain snake’.

Sammie hooked the drain snake up to a hose and gestured Jess to come closer and grab her toes. Jess did as instructed and Sammie started to feed the dildo into her ass through the hole in the disk. The first foot was easy enough as Jess had been sleeping all night with a 12″ dildo already which was much bigger, but as the dildo got to 18 then 22 inched in it became harder and harder for the both of them. With a grunt from Sammie and Jess, the dildo’s base came into contact with the disk and became magnetically locked in place.

Sammie turned on the suction and the outline of the dildo became more and more visible in the twists and turns of seks filmi izle Jess intestines as the water drained. Soon Jess’ stomach was flat and smooth, except for the dildo of course. Sammie undid the drain snake and in one motion pulled it from Jess’ ass. Jess let out a cute yelp.

While she was at it Sammie loosened the disk in Jess and tugged it free. Jess again let out a yelp. Before Sammie was Jess’ gaping distended anus. It was 4″ wide and she could see almost a foot in before it ended at a curve. She blew some air into her ass and Jess giggled as it tickled her.

“My turn”


Sammie was looking through her toy drawers as her sister sat on her bed behind her with an annoyed look on her face. Sammie was looking for the plug she was going to be making Jess wear to school that day. Sammie had already picked out her own, a 16 inch long, 4.5 inch wide plug made from clear material. Now she was looking for something to torment her sister.

She looked first in the punishment dildo section, where the dildos were large and covered in a sand paper like finish. Although they would rub Jess raw it just wasn’t what Sam was looking for. She got an idea and went to her lower drawer that was filled with some of her more unusual and ‘fun’ toys. She picked up one that was just the right size for her sister, 14 inches long and 4.3 inches wide, and turned around to show Jess.

“Why can’t you just stick a punishment dildo in my ass like a normal sister, that thing is going to be annoying as hell,” grunted Jess.

The dildo although very normal on the outside was a technological master piece. It was known as a Hammer Plug and contained a heavy weight inside, at times that it calculated to be least expected, or least wanted it would propel the weight which was housed inside an electromagnetic tube that acted like a solanoid. The weight would hit the end of the tube and hammer the dildo in one direction or another. This could be painful if was hammered further into an ass, or annoying when trying to stop it from escaping an ass.

“You agreed to let me pick any plug I wanted, now turn around and bend over that bed,” ordered Sam.

Jess complied and Sammie went behind her. She took a scoop of lube from nearby and casually stuck her fist into her sister’s ever gaping ass. She worked her fist and the lube into her sister’s colon before removing her fist and placing the head of the Hammer Plug at the entrance. She pressed the button on the bottom for 10 seconds and the dildo came to life. It took a second for it to detect its surroundings then the barely audible sound of the electromagnetic coils could be heard, the weight was accelerated and the dildo plunged a few inches into Jess. It quickly fired again and again each time hammering itself deeper until it reached the bottom.

Jess who had been grunting with each ‘thrust’ caught her breath and pushed herself onto her feet.

“Ok, I can do yours no-” the dildo hammered down and pulled itself out of Jess’ ass 2 inches or so then immediately hammered itself back in. Jess let out a half scream half moan.

“As I was saying, I can do yours now,” Jess looked flustered and annoyed, as she went to help Sammie with her plug, which was much more uneventful.

Jess chose to wear a skirt and a blouse, but as today’s fashion was, her skirt was just long enough to cover her pussy. She wore panties that had been designed to rub at her clit when she moved, as was the standard for panties these days. Her blouse left her stomach bare, the outline of the dildo visible, even more so when it moved. Something about a moving shape in someone’s stomach that draws the eye.

Sammie wore tight jeans and a cute pink top, but like Jess they were up to the modern fashion. Her blouse simply had built in nipple clamps that although covered her nipples (as to school code) kept them hard and easy to grab, pull, or twist. Her jeans were one of her favorite pairs, and although similar enough to old fashion models had a lovely addition. There was a hole in the jeans right over her anus. This hole was the same size as her plug and connected to it, when it did so the microscopic but powerful LEDS illuminated her special clear plug and gave a perfect and unobstructed view all the way into her ass as if there was no plug at all and just cavernous gape.

The girls looked themselves and each other over one last time in the mirror then went to eat breakfast and get to school.

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