21 Mayıs 2022

Pre Wedding Party

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Jennifer wondered if she made a mistake in telling Lois her secret with Harvey. Harvey and Jennifer were to be married in seven days and she desperately needed to confide in someone. She needed help.

“Lois,” Jennifer started, “When I first starting dating Harvey, I told him I didn’t believe in sex before marriage. He said you’re not telling me you’re a virgin. His words sounded so worried that I lied. I told him I have had sex before but only with one other man. Since I broke up with that man, I never wanted another to know the joys of making love without being married.”

“So,” replied Lois, “that should have made him excited and happy.”

“Yes, if it were true,” Jennifer lowered her head, “but I am a virgin. I’ve no idea how to please a man.”

Lois thought for a moment and then told Jennifer, “Tomorrow you and I will go out. I will make sure you know how to please a man.”

“Lois I won’t have sex with another man now, not now.”

“You won’t have to Jen; I’m going to take you to places that will make you feel sexy, so you understand what’s it like to show a man how much you want him and how well you can please him.”

“How can you do that? Lois you better not be planning to get me drunk and have sex with your husband or something. I know you’re wild but I’m not.”

“Jen, you will not have sex with another man, you will learn what to do by watching how others act when they are with someone who excites them. You’ll learn how to dress. Now trust me I’ve been your friend for twenty years.”

The next night Jennifer met Lois at Lois’s home. Her husband Frank was working a double shift and would not be home for some time. When Jennifer walked into the house Lois sat her down.

“Jen, you know that I know about having sex, and making love, and teasing a man to the point of exploding. So will you trust me tonight? Harvey needs to believe that you are not a virgin and the only way is for you not to act like a virgin. Trust me?”

Jennifer knew the only options where to trust her friend or face Harvey with her lie. She also know how much Harvey was looking forward to their wedding night. Jennifer knew she was afraid of sex and needed to solve her problem in one week. She had to trust Lois.

“No men, right!” Jennifer stated.

“No men I promise.” Lois grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. On the bed was a string strap red dress, black lace top stockings, and a pair of black 3 inch high heels. Lois turned to Jennifer and said, “Take off all your clothes and put on only what is on the bed, nothing else.” Lois raised her hand to silence Jennifer before she could speak.

“Jen, you’re going to have to feel nervous, feel sexy, and feel the fear of what might happen so you’ll know how not to act on your wedding night. Also, you need to see how others feel about how you look so you can feel confident on your wedding night. We have a week, Jen, not a year. Just get dress.” Lois left the room to give Jennifer privacy and to let her think.

Jennifer knew this was there moment of truth. She removed her clothes slowly to delay doing what she knew she had to do. She then put o the stockings and high heels. Jennifer looked at herself in the mirror and hoped she looked sexy. She then slipped on the red dress. The dressed showed the top of her breast and more cleavage then she dared show. She turned red. She walked to the door and took a deep breathe. As the door opened, she felt a rush of air move up her legs and caress her vagina. She had to admit that the texture of the dress against her naked body, and the breeze on her legs gave a sensuous feeling. She liked that feeling, at least in the protection of Lois’s apartment.

Lois looked at her and whistled, “You look very sexy, but your face is as red as the dress. Jen, relax. You’re a beautiful woman and you look great.” She talked with Jen for about fifteen minutes to calm her down and make her feel natural.

“Time to go,” Lois said, and with that she took Jen’s hand and they walked to the door and out for the night.

They flagged a cab and Lois gave them an address. Lois made Jen sit so the cabby could see her in the mirror. Lois touched Jen’s leg, which made her jump. Lois smiled and pointed to the cabby. Jen noticed how he looked at her in the mirror. She noticed the same look in the eyes of the men they past after leaving the cab. Maybe Lois is right, Jen thought. Maybe I’m sexy. Jen smiled.

Lois saw the smile on Jen’s face and she knew that Jen was beginning to accept the fact that she is beautiful and men admire her. But she also noticed how Jen tried to pretend to rub her nose when men got close to cover her cleavage. Lois knew that would end as the night went on. Lois stopped and pointed to a door.

“My God, Lois, this is an adult store!”

“No you’re not taking me to an adult store, Jen, an upscale adult store.”

Lois almost had to drag her into the store. As they entered Jen noticed there were about seven men and five women in the store, seven counting her and Lois. At least casino siteleri there are women here. The men watched as Lois and Jen passed. Lois was also dressed in a thin strap dress that was black and lower then Jen’s.

They stopped in front of a rack of magazines. “This is what you can expect on your wedding night.” There, on the cover of the magazines were pictures of women in various positions having sex. Jen could not take her eyes of the size of the penises and the way they stretched the vaginas. She felt fear more then anything. She looked up to notice Lois had move to another isle. Two men were in Jen’s isle and both turn their heads quickly as Jen looked at them. She started to fear they could see through her dress. She felt her nakedness beneath the clothes and felt almost naked to these men.

How could she get to Lois? Jen felt a little afraid, and a little sexy, no mostly afraid. She decided she would walk to Lois with attitude and with a look that said, I’m beautiful and deserve your look. She brush passed the first man and their bodies only slightly touched. It was enough for Jen to feel him as though he was next to her naked body. She got flushed, but she wasn’t sure from what.

She walked quickly next to Lois and was leaning into her. “How could you leave me alone in that isle”, she whispered.

“Would you rather have been left alone in this isle”? When Lois finished Jen looked at the magazines. They had women in various positions of lesbian sex. It was then that Jen noticed she had her arm around Lois. She quickly removed her arm which made Lois laugh.

“Jen, they won’t think we’re a couple after seeing you in that isle. See anyone you like”, Lois said pointing to the magazines. Jen looked in amazement. She had never even been with a man, how could she be with a women. Jen was feeling a little nervous about the rest of the night. What the hell did Lois have in store for her; worse what did Lois have in mind for her.

They left the store and went to a topless bar for couples. Jen was hiding in the back row. “Jen watch how the women tease the men and watch how the men respond.”

Jen watched how the women moved their bodies in slow rhythmic motions almost touching the men, then pulling away. She watched the women’s eyes. Their eyes almost smiled, yet had a yearning look like they need to touch the men. Jen learned the lesson in the next hour on how a woman stops a man from thinking; and how to make a man either give in to her or take her. She leaned toward Lois and said, “I’ve been monumentally naive. Maybe I should get me to a nunnery.”

Lois smiled, took her hand and led her from the club. They visited several more sexually tilted places. Then had been out for three hours and Jen wanted to go home. As they left the last place and were walking down the street. Lois hooked her arm. They walked in silence for three blocks. Lois noticed with each place, Jen objected less. Now Lois had to know what Jen was thinking.

“What’s the look Jen?”

After a moment Jen said, “I just wonder if I can do all that. Will I be able to seduce him and let him enter me? I know how to act, now. But can I do it?” Jen noticed that they stopped.

Lois turned Jen to face her. “Jen, up until now you watched what people do to seduce each other. The last place for the night, you’re going to see how people actually have sex.” Lois stopped Jen from turning to see where they were.

“Jen, you’ve trusted me all night. I’ve let nothing happen to you, trust me now.”

Holy cow, Jen thought, if Lois had been a man saying that she would have run for the hills. Jen felt Lois turning her and taking her hand. Jen’s mouth dropped open as Lois pulled her into the club. Her mouth was still open as Lois paid the entrance fee, and remained open when the turned the corner of the wall. They were in a lesbian bar. “A Lesbian bar”, Jen screamed in her mind.

“Jen, for God’s sake close your mouth. They hate tourist pretending to be lesbians. We need to look like a couple.”

“That should be no trouble because I’m not letting go of your arm until we leave here.”

They walked to a booth against the wall. Jen slipped in next to Lois. She wasn’t kidding, she would not let go of Lois’s arm. There were maybe 50 women in the club. Some were dancing, some at the bar, some playing pool, and some kissing.

“Kissing, they’re kissing!!” Jen exclaimed in a whispered breathe.

Lois laughed and held Jen’s head that was pressed against her. “Jen looked at these women. Watch how they kiss and touch. Up till now, all we’ve seen is simulated sexuality. Now we’ll see how people really make love.”

“What?” Jen barked.

“The floor show Jen, in the back, is a live sex show. I’ve made arrangements with a friend. Yes a lesbian friend from work who got us in. I gave my name at the door. They said they would call me when it is time.”

Jen tried to push Lois off the seat so she could run. Lois pushed back laughing. She could see the terror in Jen’s eyes. At least it looked slot oyna like terror.

“So are you two ladies having fun?” A very athletic woman slipped into their booth. Jen quickly grabbed Lois’s arm again.

“Joyce,” the muscular women pointed to the woman at the door, “asked me to talk with you. Don’t need or want any tourist. You two don’t look like a couple. She looks more afraid then excited.”

Lois said without missing a beat, “She is afraid, this is our first time at a club and our first day out of the closet. We were just getting ready to dance.”

“Go ahead; our talk can wait until you get back. My name is Hank, short for Henrietta.”

Both Lois and Jen said “Hi Hank.” Oh damn, we sound like we’re at an AA meeting. Lois nodded and pulled Jen from the booth. They walked to the dance floor.

“I’ll lead,” Lois said, “pretend I’m Harvey.” Lois held Jen like a man holds a woman when they dance. “Jen pretend I’m Harvey and get close. Or would you rather dance with Hank.”

Jen said, “Lois, when we get out of here—”

Lois responded “I’m Harvey or do you want Hank?”

With that Jen rested her head on Lois’s shoulder as Lois pulled her close. Jen could feel their breast push together. It felt—well different—strange—no it felt something she didn’t want to describe.

Lois whispered in Jen’s ear “Hank is looking so I’m going to make her think we are a couple in love; whatever you do, don’t jump when I do it.”

“Okay but tell me first” Jen almost pleaded.

Lois said “I’m going to slide my leg between yours”

Jen whispered “No”.

But she felt Lois’s leg move between her legs and press slightly against her vagina. Jen again felt that strange feeling she felt when their breast touched. Jen could feel Lois’s hand on her back starting to move to Jen’s side. Lois pulled her even closer and their bodies where pressed completely together. Lois moved her hand from Jen’s back to her side and was rubbing her like Harvey did when he wanted sex. Lois’s other hand slid down to Jen’s ass and rubbed and pulled her even closer.

Jen felt warm and scared and–oh no was that excitement. Jen stopped thinking about that as she felt Lois kiss her neck.

“We have to make this look real” Lois said, “When the dance is done look me in the eyes and I’ll give you a small kiss. I feel you getting tense Jen, relax in another half hour we’ll be out of here and all your problems will be solved.”

Just then the music stopped. Jen knew this was the moment of truth. Lois pushed her back about six inches and smiled. Jen closed her eyes and felt Lois’s lips touch hers. They kissed, not passionately, but not friendly either. As Lois pulled away her hand brushed Jen’s breast, she reached down and grabbed Jen’s hand. Was that accident? Jen’s head was spinning with fears and feelings she felt both scared and strangely sexual. She wanted this moment to end; but not end.

As they sat in the booth, Hank looked them both in the eye. Jen’s eyes were glazed over in confusion but Hank thought it was excitement. Jen saw Hank’s stare and moved closer to Lois putting her head on Lois’s shoulder. Their arms were locked together and Jen’s arm was brushing against Lois’s breast. She was too afraid to move it for fear Hank would notice her discomfort.

Hank said, “Okay ladies you past the first test; but before you get into the show in the back you need to pass one more two part test. The first is that one of you must kiss me to show that you like kissing women–”

Lois interrupted, “We’ll we are a monogamist couple, but if one of us has to so we can see the show, I’ll do it.”

Jen was glad that Lois volunteered. After all she is the one who got her into this mess. Wait Jen thought, she said two part test. Suddenly Jen felt like running, but she knew Hank could catch her. So she hid her fear and said bravely.

“So what is part two for me to do,” Jen felt proud how matter of fact those words came out.

“Dance with me,” Hank said.

Hank leaned over and kissed Lois full on the lips. With that Jen’s knees became weak with fear. I mean touching her body to Lois’s was one thing; but to this stranger. Jen looked at Lois as she heard Hank say;

“I’ll be waiting for you on the floor,” which is not where Jen wishes she was right now. She looked at Lois in fear.

“Jen,” Lois said, “Hank’s built like a man pretend she is. You’ve already danced with a women. Just keep your distance and ask the same questions you would ask of any date. Keep calm”

“Lois, I will have to kill you after this dance.” Jen slide from the seat as she heard Lois laugh. Lois was really enjoying this. Jen had been through so many ranges of emotions tonight that she no longer knew how she was feeling.

Hank held out her arms, grabbed Jen and pulled her close. Their bodies touched. So much for keeping her distance, Jen thought. Hank had on a silk blouse and pants. She felt strong like a man but her breast were soft and pressed firmly against Jen’s. Jen’s knees went a canlı casino siteleri little weak and Hank felt it.

“I hope that is because you find me attractive,” Hank said.

Jen’s mind rushed for words. “I’ve only been with Lois. I only want to be with Lois.”

Hank pulled her even tighter. Then Hank slid her leg between Jen’s. Hank moved her leg so it kept brushing against Jen’s vagina. She then grabbed Jen’s ass and pulled her tight against her leg.

“I’ve wanted to touch your pussy ever since you walked in.” Hanks voice was exited.

“No,” said Jen, “Lois and I are a couple.”

Jen could not break away from Hanks strong hold. Hank kept rubbing Jen’s ass and back and pushing her leg against her pussy. It felt strange, and wrong, and something Jen could not explain. She wanted to pull away but couldn’t, or didn’t. It felt wrong and good? Jen knew she had to get back to the table or be in trouble. She noticed that Hank had danced them to a corner away from most peoples few. Hank pressed her up against the wall.

“No,” Jen’s words came out weak. Mostly because of fear, but also because Hanks body press against her so tightly. Their breast were tightly against each others, Hank was pushing her vagina against Jen’s. Hank pulled Jen away from the wall, grabbed both her wrist pushing Jen’s arms behind her back. With her other hand, Hank slowly rubbed Jen’s waist and the side of her breast.

“No”, Jen pleaded, “No, Lois and I are”—–Hank put her free hand over Jen’s mouth.

“You ready for the test?”

“Wasn’t the dance the test?”

“No!” and with that Hank pushed Jen up against the wall and slowly rubbed Jen’s side. Hank’s hand moved up Jen’s side and then Hank placed her hand on Jen’s breast and held her by her breast against he wall. Then without warning, Hank removed her hand from Jen’s breast stuck her hand under Jen’s short dress and pushed her middle finger into Jen’s pussy. Jen was in total shock. She could not move as Hank finger fucked her there for almost a minute before removing her hand.

“Good thing you were wet, you passed the test.” Then Hank walked away.

Jen realized she was in shock not only by what happened, but that she was wet. She almost ran to the table and slipped in next to Lois. But before Lois could ask her about the shocked look, before she could talk, Hank was back at the table. Lois could feel Jen trembling. Jen could feel herself trembling but wasn’t sure what feeling was causing her to shake.

“Okay,” Hank said,” you bitches pass the test. The show in the back room starts now so follow me.”

Lois had to push Jen from the seat she could feel Jen’s death grip on her arm.

“Jen, you’re hurting my arm.”

“It is only the beginning of the pain I plan to inflict on you. Get me out of here!”

Hank turned and faced them as she neared the door.

“Go through that door, turn right and it’s the first door on your left.”

The two women did as they were told. When they entered the room there was a flat rug covered table about three feet off the floor, facing a large glass window. Hank pointed for them to sit on the table. They did so. The women could see their room faced a small room with a table like theirs with twelve mirrors facing that center room.

“Your window is a one way mirror. You can see out no one can see in. Enjoy the show and I’ll be in the back of the room if you need me,” Hank finished her speech and moved to the back of the room.

Two women entered the center room with see through under garments. They dance a very sexual dance and the one woman pushed the other to the table and began making love. Jen was in disbelief. Her mind was clouded and afraid and excited all at the same time. Lois put her arm around her. Jen thought it was for comfort. Then Lois whispered,

“Hank is watching I’m only going to make her think we want to be alone so she will leave. I’m going to touch you lightly and kiss you. Then Hank will leave and this will be over”.

Jen could only nod no; but she knew Lois would do it anyway. Jen just wanted Hank to leave so they could leave. She felt Lois’s hand rub her back and arm. It felt loving and kind. Lois then placed her other hand on Jen’s hair and turned Jen to face her. Jen knew the kiss would happen. Lois slowly moved her lips toward Jen’s. Their lips touched, but not in a kiss, in a slight rubbing motion. As their lips touched Lois’s hand moved up her side and toward her breast. Jen’s breathing was heavy and afraid, but Hank thought she was exited. Lois’s hand touch Jen’s breast, at the same time she kissed Jen with a passionate deep kiss. Jen went weak and fell back onto the table. Lois’s lips never left hers. Jen felt warm and afraid.

Lois slipped over Jen and straddled her body. She held Jen’s hands over her head with one hand and rubbed her breast with the other. Jen felt a feeling of pleasure rise in her, and one of fear. She hoped Hank would leave so Lois would stop before—-.Lois never stopped kissing Jen. Jen did not even realize that Lois hand was under her dress until she felt Lois’s kiss on her nipple. She realized her dress had been unzipped and was open and pulled down below her breast. Lois still held her hands. Jen heard the door open and close.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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