20 Ocak 2022

Pinch Hitter Ch. 02

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This is a work of erotic fiction.

All characters in the story are over the age of 18.

If you are going to vote, please vote on the story’s merits.


Lindsey, my daughter’s best friend, had just fucked me to a mind blowing orgasm while posing as Sarina, one of my favorite shemales.

“You are a DIRTY little boy, aren’t you sugar? My, my! I never would have suspected you to be such a little slut!”

“I am what I am Sarina. Beautiful girls like you and Mia just bring it out of me.”

Sarina kissed me again before climbing off the bed.

“Do you think I’ll be able to see Sarina again?” I asked.

“Sarina will definitely be back for some more of that ass!” Lindsey kissed me lovingly, adding “And I have it on good authority that Sarina would love to have your beautiful cock in her ass too.”

Lindsey paused before looking into my eyes and saying “Mr. Jacobs, I probably can’t be here every time you need a good fucking, but I know someone who may be willing to help out when I can’t be here. Her name is Mariana. I’ll talk to her for you”

“Thanks Lindsey. Hey, one question before you go. Where did learn to fuck a guy like you just did?”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever fucked a guy’s ass” she confessed before leaning over and kissing me deeply and passionately, her tongue probing the depths of my mouth.

Lindsey separated her mouth from mine. Her eyes were on fire with wicked lust. She gave my cock a final stroke before telling me “But I’ve had lots of practice fucking Krista.”

I was shocked.

My daughter and her best friend were lesbian lovers. I never would have guessed.

Lindsey padded out of my room and, I assumed, back to Krista’s bed.

Lindsey quietly opened the door to her lover’s bedroom, closing and locking it behind her. She climbed on the bed and between Krista’s toned legs, grateful that her lover always slept nude.

Without pretense, Lindsey slipped her strap-on cock between the folds of Krista’s youthful hairless pussy arousing the young woman from her slumber.

“FUCK!” Krista exclaimed when she felt her pussy filling with the rubber phallus.

“SHHH!” Lindsey commanded, her hand over Krista’s mouth. “Your dad will hear!” she stated in a whispered shout.

Krista nodded her understanding while Lindsey began pumping in and out of the brunette’s body.

The two women kissed as the stocky blonde made love to her girlfriend.

Krista broke from the kiss and, smiling appreciatively, gazed into her lover’s eyes seemingly to ask “Well?”

Lindsey knew the look and answered “I came twice while I fucked your dad’s ass.”

Krista’s eyes went wide in surprise, the previous smile transforming into an open mouth gasp. “That is so fucking hot!” she quietly exclaimed.

Lindsey began ravishing the young woman’s pussy. Soon Krista was invading her lover’s mouth with her tongue and bucking her hips against Lindsey, drawing every millimeter of the dildo into her willing chamber.

Lindsey continued to wrestle tongues with her lover. Krista’s hands lowered to Lindsey’s ass cheeks and pulled the blonde’s hips hard into her. Lindsey responded by driving harder into her lover, bringing them both to intense orgasms.

After recovering briefly, Lindsey removed her mouth from her lover’s and asked “Wanna hear the details?” Lindsey asked.

Krista nodded that she would, rolling the two of them over so Krista was on top with Lindsey’s cock still snugly nestled in her pussy.

After Lindsey recounted how things in Krista’s dad’s room unfolded, she summarized by gleefully exclaiming “Baby, I fucked your dad in the ass with my strap-on!”

“That is so hot! I can’t wait until I get my shot at him. Like I told you before, I think I’ve fallen in love with him. I am so excited to show him I can love him just like mom did.” The two kissed tenderly. “But first, it’s my turn to drive” Krista said as she dismounted the curvy blond.

Krista unbuckled the harness, removed it from Lindsey’s waist and fastened it around her own athletic body. Once it was securely in place, Krista commanded “Lick my cock clean.” Lindsey was quick to kneel in front of her lover, tonguing and sucking the dildo, savoring the taste of her lover’s secretions.

“Lay down” Krista commanded, her tone was one of sexual urgency.

Once Lindsey was on her back Krista dipped her head between the thick spread thighs and began to devour the hairless pussy displayed before her. Lindsey moaned in pleasure as Krista lapped at her folds, her talented to bringing Lindsey to the brink of another orgasm.

Just as Lindsey moaned “I’m gonna cum baby!” Krista withdrew from her oral assault and sat back, her ass resting on her heels, leaving her lover frustrated.

“Baby! Please finish me! I’m so close! I need to cum!” Lindsey begged.

“I’ll finish you in a minute, but I need a promise from you first” Krista said as she covered Lindsey’s body with her own, their breasts mashed together.

“Anything! Just erotik film izle make me cum!” Lindsey exclaimed.

“Here’s the deal: I’ll go through with our plan and fuck daddy like we agreed, but I get to fuck you in the ass first” Krista demanded.

Lindsey’s eyes shot wide open at the suggestion. Krista was unsure if it was because of shock or desire, but Lindsey’s response of “You can’t change the rules once the game starts!” indicated it was a look of surprise.

“Yes I can! He’s my dad, and if you want to cum tonight, you’ll take my deal.”

Lindsey tried to pout, but the thought of her lover fucking her ass was too good to resist. “Ok, deal. But under protest!” she said, hoping to camouflage her desire.

A wide smile crossed Krista’s face as she realized a whole new avenue of sexual discovery was about to open for them.

Krista eased her strap-on into Lindsey’s soggy pussy, pistoning in and out several times for lubrication before withdrawing completely and placing the bulbous head against her lover’s tight pucker.

Krista began to push her dildo against Lindsey’s tight back door. Slowly, Lindsey’s body began to relax and the head of the dildo wedged its way into the blonde’s rectum.

“Fuuuuck meeeee!” Lindsey exclaimed. “The whole head is inside! OOoohhhh God that’s so fucking good!”

Krista continued to feed the length of her toy into her lover’s anus. Lindsey moaned and groaned the entire time it took for Krista to get all of her cock inside.

Once Krista’s hips made contact with Lindsey, she stopped pushing and allowed her lover to adjust to the new sensation.

Krista stared at her lover’s face which displayed the ecstasy her body was feeling. Lindsey’s eyes were closed as she succumbed to the sensations she was experiencing on her lover’s perpetually hard cock.

“Holy shit Krista! This is un-fucking-believable! I know why your dad loves this! FUCK!”

“Are you ready for me to fuck you baby” Krista asked.

“God yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck my ass and make me cum!” Lindsey wailed.

Krista obliged her lover and began reciprocating her strap-on in and out of Lindsey’s behind.

In only a matter of minutes, Lindsey clasped Krista’s face with both hands, and pulled her lover to her. Lindsey’s legs wrapped around Krista’s torso and the two young women kissed passionately with their bodies pressed tightly together as they explored this exciting new chapter of their physical love.

Lindsey pulled her mouth away long enough to whisper “I’m gonna cum!” before rejoining Krista in their probing kiss, their locked mouths muffling the animalistic howl of Lindsey’s first anally induced orgasm.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God” Lindsey blathered as she recovered from her intense cum. “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

Krista began to withdraw from Lindsey’s bum, but was stopped by her lover’s request of “Leave it in. It feels so good!”

The two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms, Krista’s strap-on still buried in Lindsey’s tush.


The two awoke the next morning in each other’s arms, their legs entwined. At some point during the night, they had uncoupled from each other, but the strap-on still jutted from Krista’s crotch.

Lindsey rolled Krista to her back and straddled her, rubbing her moist gash against the length of Krista’s shaft. “Good morning babe” Lindsey whispered before enveloping Krista’s mouth with her own and pressing their firm youthful mammaries together. Lindsey continued to grind her pussy against Krista’s shaft while Krista grasped and groped the blonde’s bountiful ass cheeks.

“You were fucking AMAZING last night” Lindsey lauded.

“You were like an animal, the way you growled and groaned. It was fucking hot” Krista replied.

The two kissed again, their passion beginning to reignite.

“I wanna fuck you again. Right now. Slide down on my cock” Krista pleaded.

“We can’t baby. Not right now, your dad’s up. Besides, we need to save ourselves for tonight. Now, why don’t you take that cock off and let’s go get some coffee.”


I woke uncharacteristically early the next morning and was immediately inundated with conflicting emotions.

My sexual desire had been satisfied for the first time since my wife Sharon was killed five and a half months ago. My “guy” side was puffed up and my ego was inflated by the fact I had made a woman half my age cum twice without ever touching her genitalia. My “dad” side was horrified by the fact that the young woman who pegged me last night was my daughter’s best friend and teammate. My “dad” side was also simultaneously embarrassed and delighted that my daughter and I would now be sharing Lindsey as a bedmate.

Obviously I was an emotional basket case, and my guts were in knots as I tried to determine how I would address the uncomfortable confrontation that would inevitably present itself.

I poured a cup of coffee from the day’s second pot, dreading the interaction I was certain I would be facing.

At about film izle 7:30, I heard the two woman giggling as they walked down the hall from their bedroom, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Mornin’ daddy!” Krista declared, kissing me on the cheek. As she bent over, I caught a brief glimpse of her braless breasts hanging invitingly under her loose fitting tee shirt. The sight of her mammaries (coupled with the revelation that she and Lindsey were lovers) caused me to look at, and think of, Krista in a whole new light. For the first time I saw her as a sensual, desirable woman.

Lindsey greeted me too. “Good morning Mr. Jacobs” she said, her words delivered with barely detectable sultry undertones. She too was dressed in a tee shirt, though tighter fitting than my daughter’s. Both girls displayed a lot of leg, almost to the cleft of where their legs met their butts. I could only hope they had panties on.

“Good morning girls. How did you sleep last night?” I asked.

“On our stomachs” Krista answered, a quick glance at Lindsey indicated the potential for a double entendre.

“I had a really good workout yesterday afternoon” Lindsey replied. “I was exhausted so I slept like a log!”

Krista and Lindsey busied themselves pouring their coffee and assembling a lite breakfast. “Want anything to eat Mr. Jacobs?” Lindsey asked.

My guts were still churning in dread, waiting for the embarrassing confrontation I knew was just minutes away. “Naw, I’m good with just the coffee, thanks.”

Lindsey and Krista sat at the table, sipping their coffee, eating cereal, and discussing their just completed week at school. They were so engrossed in their discussion, it was almost like I wasn’t there.

Of course, they may have been talking to me, or even about me, and I wouldn’t have known. I was enthralled watching their unsupported boobs jiggling under the thin material of their tee shirts. The thin cotton did very little to hide the charms underneath. Whether Lindsey felt a chill or was aroused by my lingering glances, her nipples were erect and in the daylight appeared to be far larger than I remembered. As I ogled her bountiful breasts, it dawned on me that I had licked my own cum off of them just a few short hours ago.

“Hello? Earth to dad!” I heard Krista shout.

I quickly realized I was lost in thought, recalling the feeling of having Lindsey on top of me last night. With a quick look at Krista I could see she was in dismay. I had missed everything she had just said. A look at Lindsey told me she knew what I was thinking.

“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t sleep much last night.” My words caused a wicked, knowing grin to grace Lindsey’s lips. “What were you saying?”

“I said Lindsey and I were heading out to do some shopping today. There’s a big sale at the mall and a new boutique opened across town. Then I asked if it would be okay if Linds spent the night again.”

“Oh, sure. No problem. Did you want me to have super ready for you?”

“We’ll stop and pick up some carry out Chinese” Lindsey interjected. “My treat.”

“You don’t have to do that young lady.”

“I know. But you’re always so good to me Mr. Jacobs, it’s the least I can do” Lindsey assured.

“We love having you here” I answered. “And can we do something about the ‘Mr. Jacobs’ thing? It’s just too formal. You can call me Dave, or Mr. J, or… whatever you want. Just not ‘Mr. Jacobs’ anymore. K?”

“Okay Mr. Jac… umm. I’ll discuss it with Krista today” she answered.

The two beauties had finished their breakfast and were off to prepare for their day out.

“Can I use your shower dad?” Krista asked. “I don’t want to have to wait for that slow poke Lindsey” she teased.

“No problem” I answered.

The two scampered upstairs and I was left to ponder what had happened the night before and to sip my coffee.

I figured the blow-up, the outing, my embarrassment would happen after their showers.

I was wrong. The girls came downstairs in jeans and team sweatshirts, their hair pulled back in casual pony tails.

“See you later daddy. We’ll be back around dinner time” Krista advised.

“See you tonight” Lindsey added.

“Okay. Drive safe and have fun. Call if you need anything” I replied.

And out the door they went. No confrontation. Lindsey handled the whole situation like it never happened. Finally, I relaxed a little.

While the girls were gone I spent the day puttering in the garage and in the yard. I came inside, grabbed a beer and surfed the internet for a while. Of course, I wound up looking at porn. I watched a couple of decent strap on videos but the entire time my thoughts were consumed by my memories of Lindsey and the events of the prior night. I hoped she was serious when she said Sarina would be back.

Before the girls returned I went upstairs to shower. As I soaped up I noticed I hadn’t shaved my genitals in a few days as they were pretty stubbly. I lathered up and dispatched the unwanted growth with a razor.

I put on a seks filmi izle pair of nylon athletic shorts and a tee shirt before going downstairs to wait for the girls and dinner. I grabbed a beer and turned on the TV to watch a little football. One beer turned into two, which turned into three. I was feeling very relaxed before the girls returned home at around 7:00.

“Sorry we’re late dad. We ran into some friends and stopped for a drink” Krista said as she closed the door. “Can you take these upstairs and put them in my rooms Linds? Thanks!” Krista said as she handed some bags to her blonde friend. “Hurry down so we can eat. Dad, one of our friends might stop by to hang out later, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No problem” I said, my nostrils filling with the aromatic Chinese food. I was quick to get out some plates and utensils for supper.

When Lindsey came back downstairs we tore into the white boxes of take out.

I grabbed a fork and prepared to dive into my plate of General Tso’s chicken and fried rice.

“Not so fast big guy!” Krista scolded. “Tonight we eat with chopsticks” she said, handing me two of the bamboo skewers.

I fumbled with the ancient culinary instruments as I tried to eat, all the while watching the two young ladies maneuver the devices with skill and ease. Between the slight buzz all three of us were feeling and my total ineptitude at using chopsticks we were all laughing so hard none of us could speak. Lindsey was literally crying through her laughter.

I tossed the chopsticks in the garbage and grabbed a fork. I was thrilled that such entertainment was provided at my expense. It had been a long time since Krista had laughed like that.

After dinner we lounged around in the living room with popcorn and wine while we watched a movie.

The girls headed up to Krista’s room at about 10:30. I went to my room at about 11:00 and took another quick shower, making sure I was clean inside and out, just in case. As I started to climb into bed I saw on my pillow a typed note and a piece of black cloth. The note read “Blindfold yourself, turn off the lights, and get in bed.” It was signed “Sarina”

I complied without hesitation. I lay in bed, naked and blindfolded, eagerly awaiting Sarina’s arrival.

About 15 minutes later I heard the bedroom door open and quietly click closed. I was able to detect the slightest presence of shampoo and perfume, so I knew Sarina had joined me in the room.

“Is that you Sarina?” I asked, my voice trembling in anticipation.

“I’m here sugar” she answered as she crawled on the bed. I felt her position herself between my legs, her strap on cock made contact with my body as she adjusted so she could kiss me. I felt her plump lips tenderly touching mine and her swollen nipples scraping against my hairy chest.

Her kiss was patient and intimate. My hands were quick to find their way to her firm breasts. I cupped them, admiring their fullness and mass. My thumbs flipped over her engorged nipples while my hands remained motionless, allowing me to appreciate the heft of her globes.

Sarina’s tongue slipped between my lips and swirled around my tongue. Reaching between us, she positioned her cock so it was flat against my belly. She lowered her hips and began to thrust against me, her phallus sliding against my stomach and cock.

“I’ll be right back” Sarina whispered before climbing out of bed.

It wasn’t long before I felt Sarina climb back on the bed and retake her position between my legs. She lifted my legs like she had the night before. Instinctively I grabbed the backs of my knees and held them, awaiting her plunge into my ass. But like last night, she surprised me by rimming me first. Her tongue was eager, roaming the entire surface of my sphincter and perineum. I could hear her breathing heavily, on the verge of moaning. She was getting turned on too.

“Are you ready sugar?” Sarina asked as she moved into position to spear my waiting hole.

“God yes Sarina. I’m so ready for you to fuck me” I answered enthusiastically. “But what about Krista?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about Krista. I’ve got that covered” she answered. “Besides, you won’t be thinking about her when Sarina rocks your world!”

In the total blackness, I heard the faint snapping of plastic originating from where Sarina was between my legs. “Lube” I thought to myself.

Then I felt it. The head of Sarina’s cock pressing against my willing and experienced entrance. I instinctively relaxed and allowed the intruding member to penetrate me aided by the silky smooth lubricant. Sarina gasped as her cock sank all the way into me on her first push. “FUCK!” she whispered, but the voice seemed different this time.

“Wrap your legs around me sugar. Fuck me like the slut you are” she playfully commanded. I did as I was told. As I hooked my ankles behind Sarina’s back, I noticed Sarina’s torso seemed to be narrower than it was last night. I reached my hands up to fondle her glorious chest. The instant my hands touched her orbs I knew this wasn’t Sarina. Her breasts were smaller, nipples less pronounced; her waist was narrower, and her skin was warmer and softer. I stopped moving, as did the person with their cock inside of me. I heard Sarina giggling a little.

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