25 Mayıs 2022

Passion Tales Ch. 01

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This is my first story so feedback is an absolute must. Based on the inputs received, I will further consider not just making this into a series, but writing on altogether!


“Fuck off!”

“You wish!”

I looked away and tried my best to show disgust on my face.

“I said I am sorry…okay!”

I refused to acknowledge her and kept trudging on towards the train. She gingerly followed suit.

The metro wasn’t much crowded so we stood standing opposite to each other in a corner. She kept looking at me while I tried to look busy on my phone.

However, my mind was somewhere else. I was seething with anger. How could she do this. We have been best friends since years. I thought about Abhimanyu. I felt like choking him with my bare hands. He had not only sabotaged the friendship between me and Misha but had also started wielding an influence upon her in ways that can’t be considered appropriate.

She tried to diffuse the tension by making small talk with me. But I abruptly brought all her attempts to initiate conversation to an end.

The friction was palpable. I was cross. And she knew it. She had done something horribly wrong. And she knew it. She had hurt me; in a way that cannot be justified. She knew it. And now I wasn’t having any of it. I had my self respect. She could go fuck herself. I no longer wanted to care about her. I was looking away from her, but even from the corner of my eye, I could feel her intense, mascara coloured eyes on me. Inspite of how much I hated her, I couldn’t stop caring about her. And she knew it.

As her stop came closer, she imploringly, but firmly, asked me to de board the train with her.

“I have work at home.”

I tried to lie on purpose. I wanted to show my reluctance in the best possible way I could. But I was dying to spend more time around her at the same time. I didn’t want her out of my sight. And her pleading made me feel better. Her continued begging for forgiveness boosted my ego. I loved it. And she knew it.

“Come on now. You are coming with me.”

I didn’t budge.


I told her I was hungry and had to go home.

“How about I make you some pasta?”

She said that in a very different tone. Was she trying to seduce me? That couldn’t be possible. All she would be having in her head would be thoughts of Abhimanyu.

Her station arrived and she gripped my arm. A surge of electricity coursed through my body and I became numb for a second. As the door opened, she pulled me out of the train and I followed her effortlessly. She let go of my arm and I came back to my senses.

“Why are you forcing me? I don’t want to come. I need to go home.”

But nothing could be done now. She revelled at her mini-victory and shimmied in an almost sexy way. She then started walking towards the exit with a sly smile. There was a hop in her gait. Her ass seemed to sway more than ever as she walked. I watched her steal a glance over her back to look at me. She half smiled. Such a fucking bitch.

We began to slowly walk towards her house. There was a heavy silence around us. She walked ahead of me and since I had my head bent down, I kept following her feet. I noticed her smooth calves and her black pumps with those killer heels. It felt as she was controlling me. I jumped out of my trance and began boiling with rage thinking about what she had done.

With each step I took, I became more and more angry. It started to show on my face. While crossing the road, she looked at me and got alarmed.

“You know you won’t go anywhere with that rage. What’s the point in being so angry?”

I bursted before she could complete.

“Misha we had been planning the trip since weeks. And you know how dejected I had got when it got cancelled. And it was YOU who promised me that YOU would make sure that we would go together soon. Very soon. And the next thing I know is that you disappear for three fucking whole days without telling me anything. And then, I suddenly see your holidaying pictures with that bastard Abhimanyu, of all the people in the world, on fucking Instagram, of all the things in the world. You could have at least not betrayed me truthfully telling me about everything. I wouldn’t have fucking stopped you had you told me you were going, probably even might have come along. Yes, I might have even come along on that fucking trip with that son of a bitch just because I wanted to so badly. But no. You had to ruin it. You had to ruin everything. Our friendship. Our trust. Just because of your own fucking…”

I broke off. I couldn’t go on any longer. My eyes were moist. And it felt like my chest was being crushed. I was having trouble breathing. I imagined her making out with Abhimanyu and something snapped within me.

She just stood there and sheepishly stole glances at me. It looked as if she was about to cry. She tried to open her mouth to say something but couldn’t. She pursed her lips and kept shuffling on her feet. After a while, she proceeded casino oyna towards her apartment and I followed her.

It suddenly felt good. I felt better. Powerful. In control.

We didn’t speak a single word after that. The air was charged around us. After an uncomfortably long lift ride, we reached her apartment and she unlocked the door. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water while she went to the loo. I finished drinking and then poured some water for her in the same glass.

She came into the kitchen and took the glass that I held out for her. She kept her gaze fixed on me as she slowly drank, while my eyes shifted to her throat. I could observe each gulp she took as it went down her throat and gently rose her chest. As I lowered my gaze to the floor, I stole a glance at her ample chest which swelled with each sip she took.

She quickly filled some water in a saucepan and kept it on the flame. She added the raw pasta and took out a sealed plastic bag of mushrooms from the refrigerator. She took them out on a chopping board.

I propped myself along the opposite shelf and rested my gaze on the boiling water. She came upto me and took a butcher’s knife lying behind me. She took it to the chopping board and began chopping the mushrooms. She started slowly and then picked up an even pace. Her motions were swift but controlled. My eyes lay transfixed on her as she bent over slightly chopping the mushrooms into smaller pieces with a zen like focus. Her workouts were definitely showing, I thought to myself while looking at her shapely ass. I again thought about Abhimanyu and what a lucky bastard he was to have her under his control.

I suddenly broke the silence by voicing a random thought that came to my head.

“You know you could kill me with that knife if you wished.”

She stopped and looked up at me.

“Why would I kill you?”

I shrugged.

She kept staring at my eyes.

“I wouldn’t kill you.”

She returned her gaze to the chopped mushrooms in front of her but kept the knife down. She straightened up, looked at the wall in the front and drew her curls that had made their way in front of her eyes back behind her ears.

Then, with a purposeful stride, she walked till where I was sitting and flung open her arms.

I was flummoxed. She motioned for me to hug her. This took me by surprise but I had no other option. I embraced her, gingerly at first. But she drove hard into me, crushing her boobs across my chest and gripping me with an inhuman force.

With her warm body wrapped tightly against mine, it felt heavenly. She began squirming and started digging her nails into my back. After a brief period of shock, I regained control over my head and started relishing the feeling of her body pressed against mine. I hugged her back, with an even greater force.

Things began heating up and she pressed her crotch against mine. I could feel my hardness press into her stomach through our layers of clothing. The hug felt too good, especially when she squirmed and moved her boobs across my chest, the hard nipples slightly poking me. Suddenly, she withdrew and looked at me amusingly.

“Is that your heart pounding?”

She was right. I was being hugged like that for the first time by a girl. My heart was pounding like anything. And it was all because of her.

“Do you want to ruin it?”

She suddenly asked returning nonchalantly to the chopping board. By “ruining it”, she meant to cross the boundary of friendship and risking “ruining” the friendship in the process. She finished cutting the mushrooms and started sautéing them in the pan while waiting for me to answer. After a long silence, I spoke.

“I don’t think so. Aren’t we okay the way we are?”

“But why not? Dude come on! What if it is meant this way? And what for have we saving up for all these years?”

She said that while leaning over me displaying a generous amount of cleavage (*holy shit* she was making me hard as fuck*) she nonchalantly turned around and resumed cooking.

I thought about it. Since so many days, I had been complaining to myself about what a bitch she is while at the same time secretly desiring her. She had recently begun to look really sexy, for whatever reason it was. And here she was ready to offer herself to me and I was turning her away. What a dick I was being.

I watched her preparing the sauce and mixing it with the sautéed mushrooms. The way her hands moved over the stove was so fluid. Almost inspiring. Beads of sweat started forming on her forehead and neck over which she ran her hand wantonly in a sultry way. She stole glances towards me. I had to think fast.

“I just want to finish the hug. You know how I hate leaving things incomplete…”

She smiled and knew she had won. The bitch had finally succeeded in manipulating me. She knew I was a guy. She knew my weakness which is common among all guys. And she knew how to use it to get what she wanted. And right now, slot oyna she wanted me back into her life. And this was her way. And it was a pretty foolproof way. Besides, I had nothing to lose.

She finished the pasta and covered it with a lid. It smelt heavenly. She then turned her head and gave me a long and hard stare. Her eyes burned into mine. She then slowly approached me and we embraced each other once again.

The hug felt as good as the previous one. Probably better. We kept hugging for a while, rocking our bodies into each other- her boobs kept getting squashed on my chest while my rock hard dick kept poking her in the stomach.

She then started biting my neck and after revelling in the feeling for a while, I slowly opened my eyes and looked towards her. I focused on her lips. Her full fucking luscious red lips were too hard to resist and I tore into her with a frenzy. At first, it was a distorted kamikaze. Our lips mashed into each other and I couldn’t feel anything properly. Then as we slowed down, the kiss became more pronounced and coherent. We took turns sucking at each other’s bottom lips and then she nudged her tongue gently into my mouth. I welcomed her moist and soft tongue and began pushing my tongue across hers. Clumsy at first, we slowly began to get into the groove and locked our arms against each other’s waists and began French kissing earnestly.

We kept kissing for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t get enough of her mouth. We would finish one kiss only to start another. I started gaining confidence and began running my hands up her back. I found the hem of her tank top and inserted my hands inside the shirt and ran my hands across her bare back. She dug her nails into me the moment I reached her bra strap. I tried to unhook the bra but felt clueless on how the thing worked.

We finally broke the kiss and I helped to peel off the top from her while she pulled over my tshirt in a quick stroke and sat on the counter top behind her with a jump. I started nibbling and biting her all over, starting from the jaw, then moving over to her neck where I spent a long time tickling her with my tongue eliciting giggles from her. Then I moved to her collarbone and shoulder and took in her strong womanly musk while kissing her armpit. The rush of pheromones were giving a hard time to my dick which was getting strained inside my jeans. I nuzzled and used my nose to tickle her across her skin and finally reached towards her huge mounds. I instinctively put my mouth over her left bra covered boob. I started sucking her nipple through the bra and soaked the fabric with my saliva while my hands moved across her back and other breast.

She began gasping and arched her back pushing her bosom further towards my mouth. I began nibbling at the nipple that I could feel through her bra. Her gasps began to turn into whimpers as I crushed her other tit while increasing pressure through my mouth across her left boob. She somehow managed to reach behind and unclasped the bra and I took no time to push it out of the way. I placed both my hands across her smooth and toned waist and felt her abs while nuzzling into her mounds.

She jumped from the counter and fell on her knees. Before I knew it, she had unbuckled me and was running one hand inside my boxer shorts to feel my dick while using the other hand to pull them down. The sensations caused by her nimble hands running over my dick started boiling my blood and the feeling was too good to be true. In no time, she began to vigorously pump my unimaginably hard dick. I could make out that she was in familiar territory. Her ample experience showed as she began drooling over my dick lubricating it with saliva. She stopped pumping and pulled back the entire foreskin. She took a huge breath and locked her eyes into mine as she opened her mouth wide to engulf my entire dick in one swift move. She first started sucking my cock without moving her head. She maintained a steady gaze on me all the time. God, the look that she kept giving me almost made me cum.

She then slowly began to bob her head back and forth across the dick. She maintained a constant pace as she sucked every inch of my meat. If there would have been a competition for giving blowjobs, she would have won it hands down. Gosh, it was the best feeling I had ever felt till date.

Not even for a single second did she remove her gaze from my eyes as she diligently gave head to me. She kept on producing more and more saliva and kept circulating it within her mouth increasing the lubrication that my dick was surrounded with. She had pressed her boobs together which gave me the heavenly sight of seeing her mile long cleavage. She was using her hands to massage my balls gently. Happiness had a new definition for me at that moment.

She went into a frenzy all of a sudden and began bobbing her head manically as she ferociously began sucking my dick, which I almost thought that she would chew it away- such was the passion with which she had begun sucking me off. I obviously canlı casino siteleri couldn’t last any longer and it felt as though all my insides would get ejaculated into her mouth along with my cum as I climaxed and literally saw stars. I wanted to warn her but couldn’t even move a muscle.

As soon as my first load hit her throat, she withdrew my dick from her mouth and a ton of her saliva dolloped over her chest and boobs which got coated with my spurts of cum. She rubbed everything together over her chest as it dribbled down to her navel. Her skin shone brilliantly with the lubricated juices.

I took a moment to gather myself. It felt as if a life force had escaped my body through my dick. She kept staring at me and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled slyly. I never knew a woman could be so incredibly sexy.

I rose her up and pushed her towards the counter. I wanted to return the favour and although I would do it for the first time, yet I was confident as I had read up immensely about it on the internet. I gathered my energy and putting my hands below her ass, lifted her back on the counter. She began watching me giving me a “What do you know about this stuff” look. I took on the challenge and unbuttoned her jeans. I peeled them off her toned legs and began massaging and gently kissing her toes and feet. She wriggled her toes which were painted with maroon nail polish. I took my time and ran my hands along the length of both her feet. I rubbed my nose and kissed the inside of her thighs but stayed away from her panty covered vagina. The closest I would get to it would be to sniff her soaked panties and then continued with my caressing over her thighs and legs. I was testing her patience and she seemed to have got the idea and was enduring the struggle with giggles and the glances given by her glazed eyes across the kitchen. She appeared to be a little dazed.

Finally, in a surprise move, I drove my mouth into her mound and felt her pussy through the panty. She bucked so hard that she almost lost her balance from the counter and swore loudly.


I helped steady herself and rolled off the wet panty off her. In order to prolong the tease, I slowly hoisted her legs one by one over my shoulders and took time in getting comfortable. She couldn’t take it anymore and finally gave in.

“You had better put your mouth over my twat right now or I swear I am gonna kick you in the balls so hard, you won’t be able to walk for days.”

I got even more turned on by her threat and my cock stirred a little while I finally muzzled myself into her warm pussy which was covered with thin wisps of black hair. I straightaway went for her clit and began using my tongue all over it. I side by side used my hands to massage her inner thighs.

She began grunting like a pig because of my ministrations. I tried to mimic the same treatment she gave while going down on me and began sucking her clit furiously. She began rocking her hips and used her strong thighs to clamp my head.

Her grunting and moaning became louder every second and by now, I began alternating my tongue between her clit and her opening from where her juices were getting secreted. Her scent was making me heady and incredibly horny. My cock was full mast by now.

My head began to receive a solid massage through her thighs as she slowly neared towards her orgasm. Her guttural sounds were now becoming louder and louder.

The moment I began using my teeth to gently scrape over her clit she erupted with an enormous wail. I got a little scared that her high decibel scream might attract neighbours but luckily, nothing of the sort happened. Instead, I almost got bludgeoned with her legs and my head trapped between her thighs made breathing extremely difficult for me. But even while getting suffocated, I continued to use my tongue and began driving it inside her pussy now. At that point of time, even if I had passed out, it wouldn’t have mattered much. But she immediately released me as soon as her orgasm subsided.

I took a break and came up for air. She was a heavenly sight to watch. Her hands were stuck in her disheveled hair and her glassy eyes were fixed looking upwards. Sweat covered her brow and face. A stunning goddess of exquisite beauty. That’s what she looked like right then.

She lowered her eyes after a while and looked at me piercingly.

“To the bedroom. Now!” She said in a raspy tone.

I obeyed her and we both darted towards her room and we had hardly entered it when she slammed the door and pounced upon me making me lose my balance and we fell on her queen sized bed together.

We kissed each other furiously. But she suddenly seemed possessed. She began biting me wildly all over driving her teeth into my skin on my chest to give me my first hickeys.

She started grinding her pussy on my dick, rubbing her boobs over my skin in the process. I grabbed her back and we locked our lips. A little while later, she rose up and reached the drawer next to the bed. She took out a packet and quickly opened it to take out the condom. Deftly, she rolled it over my dick. I was in a complete daze and didn’t notice even for a single moment how suspiciously effortless she was in doing all this.

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