27 Ekim 2021

One Wild Night with Miss Ria and Hubby

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One Wild Night with Miss Ria and Hubby
NOTE: The below is a completely fictional story of my own personal fantasies with the incredibly beautiful, artisically brilliant and alltogether lovely fellow xHamster user, Ria (https://xhamster.com/users/ria3xx). This story is inspired by the pictures in her wonderful ‘One Wild Night’ gallery (https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/rias-one-wild-night-7051478).

I hope you enjoy reading this, and if you do, it would be awesome if you took the time to show the darling Ria some deserved love and compliments on her profile!

It would of course be entirely remiss not to show enormous gratitude myself towards our sexy starlet (and her husband’s equally sexy cock 😉 ). Thank you as always, Miss Ria, for letting me lose myself in fantasy with you and your amazing pictures. <3 <3 - Ella One Wild Night with Miss Ria and Hubby "Anything else, Ma'am?" "Not right now, Ella. Please join us in the lounge when you're finished washing up." "Yes, Ma'am." I performed a short curtsey before gathering the dishes from the table, as Miss Ria and her husband got up, his arm extended for her to take as they walked together hand-in-hand to the lounge. Trying to avoid an embarrassing mishap with the dirty dishes, I was careful to keep my balance on my five-inch black stilettos on the way over to the sink, placing the heel of one foot straight in front of the toe of the other, just as I'd been taught. Standing at the sink and washing the dishes from the romantic dinner I'd prepared gave me some time to reflect on my situation. I'd just started working for Miss Ria and her husband as their maid, and could already tell that they were such a nice and generous couple to work for. As I was only under a mutual 'trial period' contract, I was extremely eager to impress them with my time-efficient and high-quality domestic skills, so that they would extend the contract. Just spending time around them made me feel all warm and happy inside! The dishes finished, I wiped my hands on my apron and stopped by the bathroom mirror to check my appearance, making sure my makeup still looked OK and that the seems of my dark stockings were straight, adjusting my little maid's uniform in the process. I understood that my duties to Miss Ria and Hubby went beyond simply cooking and cleaning, and thus wanted to make sure I looked presentable to my employers for the night's forthcoming activities. The click of my heels on the wooden floors already announced my entry into the lounge, but I still greeted Miss Ria and Hubby in the lounge with another customary curtsey. I looked up to see them comfortably on the couch, Miss Ria sitting on her husband's lap as his hands were getting frisky with her. I watched as he pulled down the top of her dress to reveal her perfect, round perky breasts. He then took her right breast in his hand, gently groping and squeezing it. I could see from the smile on Miss Ria's beautiful face that she was thoroughly enjoying this, and the sight of their foreplay was starting to turn me on as well. Hubby then firmly grabed ahold of both her breasts, massaging them, playing with her nipples, running his fingers along every inch of her breasts. The contrast of his big, strong hands wrapped around her soft and perky breasts was incredibly arousing. I continued to watch as she pured while he groped her, and could only imagine how good it must feel to be able to touch that life-nurturing part of her body. After a while, Miss Ria made her illegal bahis way down from Hubby’s lap to sit on the floor, below him and in front of me, her dress and petticoat hiked up. As she spread her legs to reveal her black-and-white striped frilly knickers, I took a moment to admire her beauty.

Her wavy black hair fell gracefully to just graze the top of her breasts. The raven-like colour of her hair looked so beautiful, especially against her much lighter-coloured skin. In addition to her aforementioned perfect breasts, her now visible thighs looked equally as lovely, with the muscles exposed by her spread legs pointing the way towards her divine womanhood.

She was impeccably dressed as always, her tube tube dress and petticoat communicating her femininity and allowing her to exude classic ladylike sweetness, in addition to sexiness at the same time. Her black knee-high boots perfectly encapsulated the lower part of her legs and communicated the power and confidence I knew she possessed, as if to say”I know how sexy I am and these boots prove it”. She even had a cute black and white tie to match her knickers, and lovely nail polish to match her dress. Her attention to details was extremely impressive!

All the effort she put into her appearance was definitely apparent from my vantage point. She looked INCREDIBLY sexy. But perhaps the sexiest and most impressive feature of Miss Ria to me, which is really saying something given the quantity of options, was her gorgeous skin. She honestly has the softest and smoothest skin I have ever seen. I’ve never noticed a single imperfection anywhere on her entire body. It’s like she’s never aged a day.

Hubby awoke me from my daydreaming admiration of his wife. “Ella, use your mouth to service your Mistress”, he ordered.

Knowing this to be part of my duties and filled with excitement at the opportunity to be so intimate with the woman I adore, I quickly and eagerly positioned myself on my stomach on the floor in front of her, hesd directly before her crotch. Pulling the gusset of her pretty knickers to the side, I moved my mouth in to pleasure her as she and Hubby made out with each other above me. Kissing and licking around the lips of her vagina first, I then moved in on her clit, slowly circling my tongue around it. She was definitely getting really excited at this point, also likely due to the make-out session, so I picked up the pace, quickly flicking my tongue in a structured sequence around her clit. The load moan of ecstasy which came from her mouth as she orgasmed was music to my ears, absolutely delighted to know that I had helped to bring her such pleasure.

Post-orgasm, Miss Ria and Hubby broke off from their lip lock so that he could stand up, while she turned around to face him and got up on her knees. Undoing the zipper of his pants and pulling them down to reveal his impressive and growing member, Miss Ria turned to me. “You’ll need to know how to properly please him as well. Pay attention to what I’m doing and remember it well, so you know how he likes it.”

Taking the base of his almost fully erect shaft in her left hand, she stuck her tongue out and placed it on the tip. Now fully visible in plain sight, this view also allowed me to admire the cock that gave Miss Ria so much pleasure.

Hubby certainly had one of the thickest cocks I had ever seen. Miss Ria’s hand barely fit around it, and I could only imagine how good that wide cock must feel for Miss Ria when he’s inside her. illegal bahis siteleri Another thing which I liked about Hubby’s cock were the prominent veins running along his shaft. Some of them were really bulging and it was so sexy to think about the cum that would be pulsing through those veins later. I understood from Miss Ria that his cum loads were very thick and plentiful, so I was looking forward to seeing that for the first time tonight.

Miss Ria began flicking her tongue underneath the head of Hubby’s cock before closing her entire mouth around the head and gently sucking on it like a lollipop. The delicate, polished fingers of her right hand simultaniously reached down to play with her right nipple. The perkiness of her nipples revealed how much she was enjoying this.

Increasing the speed of her sucks on the tip of Hubby’s cock, she then moved her left hand to cup his balls as she moved her mouth further down his shaft. She definitely knew what she was doing, Hubby’s cock now fully erect and the deep gutteral groans coming from him expressing his satisfaction with his wife’s excellent work.

Miss Ria obviously had additional plans for Hubby’s cock tonight beyond just a blowjob from her lovely mouth, so she slowed down again to focus back on the tip, giving playful licks and sweet kisses in a circumference around the head of his cock. She had a huge grin on her face, which brought a big smile to mine as well, as she revelled in pleasing and teasing her husband. How anyone could resist her charms and natural sex appeal was beyond me. I was really struggling not to reveal any inappropriate evidence of my arousal!

Ready for the next stage of the evening’s activities, Miss Ria turned to me. “Your turn now, Ella”, she announced with a mischievous wink.

They basically switched places, Miss Ria getting up to sit on the couch while Hubby dropped to his knees before her. As she spread her legs to provide Hubby access to her lady parts, I positioned myself between them on my knees, facing Hubby with my face angled down towards his crotch.

Taking his nice hard cock in my hand and doing my best repetition of Miss Ria’s fellatio performance, Hubby placed his own hands against her wet and eager vagina. Curling his fingers, he slid a couple inside her, moving them in and out as she began to softly moan. Meanwhile, I was busy concentrating on my own job at hand, sucking the tip of Hubby’s cock and stroking the shaft. I loved the way his thick cock felt in my mouth.

Hubby eventually transitioned to a much more vigorous thrusting of his fingers as the volume and intensity of Miss Ria’s beautiful moans dramatically increased. He must have hit her G-Spot, because she suddenly cried out in another blissful orgasm, so beautiful to behold.

As much as I wanted to continue sucking Hubby’s cock, of course, I knew that any orgasms of his own were best left reserved for our beloved Miss Ria. As if on cue, Hubby took his hands away from her and placed them on either side of my head, pulling me away from his bulging manhood. “Take a break, Ella. I’m going to make love to my darling wife.”

I found his powerful and confident attitude extremely erotic as I shuffled myself off to the side. Miss Ria remained lying down on the couch, spreading her legs as Hubby stood up and put his body between those silky smooth legs. As he had done doubtless thousands of times before, Hubby in one seamless motion placed his right hand at the base of his cock and his left canlı bahis siteleri hand on his wife’s thigh, pushing into her willing and ready hole.

This time I admired Hubby’s body as he steadily thrust his hard cock into Miss Ria’s body, in rhyme with her continued moans.In contrast to Miss Ria’s lovely softness and smoothness, Hubby was hard and muscular, but also very sexy, of course. The movement of his strong, masculine body as he fucked Miss Ria, as well as his evident passion for doing so, was such a hot sight to behold.

After a while they switched positions, Miss Ria getting up from the couch and turning around, bending over and placing her hands and knees on the edge of the couch. Hubby resumed fucking her with as much enthusiasm as before, but then inexplicably returned attention to me. “On the floor, Ella”, he commanded, pointing to the space directly below him and Miss Ria. “You’ll be needed for clean up duties.”

I quickly positioned myself so that I was on my back between them. Looking up, I had a front-row seat for the onging action. I could see the underside of Hubby’s thick cock, including those sexy cum veins, and his balls. I also had a great view of the beautiful vagina he was pounding that cock into, as well as Miss Ria’s lovely hand which was playing with her clit through her knickers. I could tell Hubby was getting close, as I saw his balls swelling up and then and then his cock suddenly spasm in a number of pronounced bursts. He let out an equal number of sharp groans, his mind completely lost in the pleasure of his orgasm.

“Fuck, baby”, he muttered to his wife as he slipped out of her. I thought his cock must be completely spent after such a powerful orgasm. His softening member now hanging there in front of me, I knew what I needed to do. I rose to my knees, cupping his balls in my right hand as I opened my mouth wide, wrapping it around the entire length of his cock now. In three soft, gentle sucks, my mouth wiped up all the residue on his cock from the just-completed lovemaking session. I broke off by giving the tip of his cock an innocent and loving little kiss as I girlishly smiled up at him and his exhausted face.

The next part of my clean-up duties was what I was really looking forward to, however. With Miss Ria still on her hands and knees on the couch, I turned around to face in the same direction as her. Bringing my face up to her sweet womanhood this time, the smell of sex on her was so powerful and arousing to me. I again gave her vagina a few gentle and loving kisses, before sticking my tongue inside to clean her up.

The combination of her juices and Hubby’s cum mixed together was one of the tastiest treats I’d ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Her juices tasted so incredibly sweet, and his thick cum was absolutely delicious. I was left wanting more after I’d swallowed it all, but still grateful for the opportunity to thoroughly clean them both up. I expressed my gratitude like a good girl upon finishing, standing up and performing a short curtsey for them both, along with a customary “Thank You, Ma’am” and “Thank You, Sir”.

Miss Ria got up and smiled at me. “Thank you, Ella. You did a good job for us tonight. You may retire for the night. We’ll take our breakfast in bed at 10am tomorrow.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank You, Ma’am.” Beaming with pride and not able to hold back the huge sheepish grin I had on my face, I made my way up to my room to change into my nightdress and prepare for bed. I loved being Miss Ria and Hubby’s maid, and had high hopes for contuining to serve them in the future. For tonight, though, I ended up lying in bed reflecting fondly on the wonderfully wild night I had just experienced, and wondering with pure excitement what tomorrow might have in store.

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