20 Ocak 2022

Not All Studs are Created Equal

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My fiancée EB was feeling pretty slutty one day a few years ago. She was pretty cock hungry and I just couldn’t keep her satisfied. She was craving so much more, so I had an idea! I packed a small bag with some wet wipes, a travel size mouthwash, and a small blanket. I put EB in the car and told her I had a surprise for her.

I drove her about 40 minutes away to an adult bookstore we had been to before. We had had great experiences in the video booths with their gloryholes and as soon as she figured out where I was taking her, she literally squealed! She knew there were lots of cocks and plenty of cum in her near future.

We parked, I grabbed the bag, held her hand, and we walked in. She had on a relatively sheer white dress on that contrasted wonderfully with her red hair and made her pale skin glow. Her Mary Jane pumps made her look about 5’10” and perked her thick ass up nicely. You could see her 38DD bra right through the white dress and here nipples were already poking out in excitement. When we got inside, we did a circuit of the store. She would look the guys straight in the eye while she ran her fingers an a big dildo or say “Hi” to them and bite her dark red coated lips.

After getting everyone’s attention and letting them know exactly what her intentions were, we went to the counter. She asked for my credit card and purchased a video booth card with $50 on it. She made sure her ass was sticking out the entire time and when the transaction was complete, she turned around, made eye contact with every guy in the store, and kissed the card. When we headed back, there was a line 7 deep at the counter.

We walked into the back. It was dark, dirty, and smelled bad. Everything EB wanted for her slutty adventure, She picked a middle booth with a gloryhole on each side so she wouldn’t have to wait as long for cock. I put the blanket on the floor for her knees and loaded the card into the video player. She told me to put on Tranny porn, she loves girls with cocks and knows it gets me rock hard. I didn’t even have the channel ankarada yeni escortlar queued up yet and there was a dick sticking out of the wall on the right.

It was a smaller one, white with tiny balls but rock hard. She immediately had her lips around it and swallowed it like a good girl. With it in her mouth she could only use her first finger and thumb around it due to its lack of length, but she sucked like it was a pornstar cock and she was auditioning. It didn’t take more than 2 minutes before he was knocking on the wall and she made sure he was all the way in her mouth when he came. She held him in there until he was done then pulled her head back and kissed the head gently. Then she looked at me, pulled my head down and kissed me, pushing his load into my mouth. We were still kissing when the next cock came through the left side hole in the wall. He was bigger with huge ball, but not hard yet. She immediately sucked his balls into her mouth and stroked him until he was stiff. She sucked, licked, and kissed that dick until his balls started to rise and another knock came. Then she took him all the way in her mouth and let him fill her up. It was such a huge load, it dribbled out onto her dress, but she tried her best. Afterwards, I got my reward of a nice sloppy kiss.

This went on for nearly an hour. A new cock always presenting. Nice ones, Thick ones. White ones. Black ones. Tiny ones. She sucked them all until they came and then rewarded me for taking her on such a good date. Right around cock 11, a monster came through the hole on the right. It had to be about 10″ long as as thick as my wrist. She was in love immediately. She pounced on it and tried to get it in her mouth. It was so thick she could barely get the head in, and with both hands wrapped around it, at least 4″ weren’t being serviced. She was getting so frustrated and looking up with me with pleading eyes. I asked her “do you wanna fuck it”, and she immediately said “yes please Daddy”.

We heard him from the other side of the wall say “I’ll buy bayan escort elvankent us tickets to the theatre”. We agreed and stepped out of the booth to meet her hung Stud for the first time. She was immediately soaked. He was about 6’1″, tanned, about 25 years old, and built like a bodybuilder. You could see his 6 pack abs through his tight t-shirt, which she immediately pulled up to kiss his belly. She already knew about his giant cock and she was ready to get fucked good.

We went to the counter where her Stud bought us all tickets to the theatre. We went in and there was a big screen showing good old boring straight man on woman porn. There were a few worn couches, a few recliners, and about 15 men masturbating themselves, each other, or giving each other head. When they saw EB in her white dress which nearly glowed in the dark, everyone stopped and just stared.

Her big buck Stud went to one of the couches and asked the three men on it to move. They jumped up like they’d been electrocuted and he pulled EB over to the couch. He bent her over and started rubbing his big dick on her ass. Another guy came in front of her to put his dick in her mouth, and wouldn’t you know it, her Stud shooed him away. “She’s all mine” he said, “you can watch and jerk your little dick”. They all backed off and he proceeded to rub his hands all over her.

She asked him if he had a condom, but he said no. “I’m married, I promise I’m clean”. She laughed at him and sent him out front to get one. He came back and had lost his erection, but no problem right? She stuck her ass in the air and told him to eat it. He got on his knees and buried his face between her fat cheeks and licked her gorgeous pink asshole until she came and his impressive dick had gotten hard again. He stood, pulled on the rubber, and asked her “are you ready for this slut?”. She desperately shook her ass at him and backed up begging him to enter her.

He grabbed her hips with his huge strong hands and slowly pushed all of himself into her little pussy. escort bayan etimesgut She came before he had even fully entered her she was so horny for him. He felt her clamp down and cum, stroked in and out maybe three time, and pulled out. “Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum already” he said as he pulled off the rubber and came on her ass.

EB looked over her shoulder, looked up at him, and laughed. “Are you fucking kidding me?” she asked him. “All that build up to making me your slut for about 5 seconds?” He apologized, “your pussy is just so good”.

“Well someone else needs to take care of it since you can’t” EB said. She looked at the guy Mr Stud had shooed away and waved him over. “Why don’t you show him how to fuck”. He was an older chubby pale white guy with an average cock. He ran out to grab a rubber and was back in a flash. He got behind her and pushed in. He fucked her good, he fucked her hard, he made her cum so many times. He waved other guys over and they took turns fucking EB in her mouth while chubby guy fucked her like a pornstar. Meanwhile Mr Stud is watching and tugging that monster dick trying to get hard again, but I think seeing all these others he had disregarded and tried to alpha out on fuck “his slut” really took the lead out of his pencil!

Finally after 3-4 had cum in her mouth and a few came on her ass, EB was spent. She kinda collapsed on the couch to catch her breathe. She motioned Mr Stud over and sorta smacked his half hard cock. “If you want, you can lick my ass some more” she said. He eagerly licked and kissed her right where all those “betas” had been while still trying to get hard. She moved her ass around so he was licking their cum off and getting it rubbed on his face. He made her cum again and finally got his giant cock hard again. He eagerly demanded a condom from the group and EB just sorta chuckled. “sorry stud, I’m worn out, why don’t you take it home to your wife.”

I helped her up, gave her a kiss, held her hand and walked her to the bathroom to clean up. We walked out to the parking lot where we were treated to seeing Mr Stud on his cell phone telling his wife he was so sorry he was running late, please don’t be mad, and he’d be home soon.

That was 4 years ago, and we still laugh about him. While he probably still thinks about her when his wife lets him fuck her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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