28 Mayıs 2022

Nancy’s Submission

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Nancy was a co-worker and a neighbor. She lived a few doors down from me on the far side of the street. After a few drinks at the office Christmas Party she confessed to me that she had a submissive craving and that since she was in a subordinate role to me, that she had fantasies about me being her dom. She said it laughingly as if it were a joke that she never was serious about.

A few days after the Christmas Holidays had ended, I walked down the street to Nancy’s and knocked on her door. She lived with her sister, Karen, who I knew as at work at the time. When Nancy answered I said,

“I won’t keep you long. I just wanted you to know that I’m open to the idea of experimenting with the submissive thing if you want.”

Her eyes opened wide and she blushed. She asked me inside for coffee so we sat and talked.

She looked at me over her coffee and said, “I’m embarrassed, but not so much that I don’t want to try this. Can I have some time to think about it?”

I nodded and replied, “Sure, I understand. There are some things we need to establish if we’re going to go ahead with this. Some ideas that we’ll have to get used to. It won’t just be a role playing thing, so it will change our relationship. Think about the physical aspect.”

She looked at me, “You mean sex?”

I replied, “That’s just part of it. If you want to be owned by me you have to be willing to trust me and do whatever I tell you or suffer the consequences. It has to be an iron clad reality. You could of course terminate it, but once you do it’s over forever.”

She nodded, “I understand.”

I got up, “Well give it some thought and let me know.”

We said good-bye and I left. I was hoping Nancy would say yes, and thinking about what I would do next.

Over the next few days we thought about it and made comments to one another at work. Finally one day Nancy told me, “I think I’m ready. I’ve thought it through and Karen is going to a nursing seminar in Salt Lake. She’ll be gone for three days.”

I replied, “Ok, let’s start on Monday.”

It was a date.

I knocked on Nancy’s door on Monday morning. We had both scheduled vacation time. Me for today and Nancy for Monday through Wednesday to avoid suspicion at work.

Nancy answered the door and ushered me in. She appeared nervous and excited. As we sat at the kitchen table I said, “Let’s lay out some basic rules. When we agree to be in these roles, I am in command. You must answer any question I ask truthfully. You must hold nothing back. If I ask you to do something and it does not appeal to you, you must do it anyway. You must give up all control to me and trust me that ultimately I know what is best for you. You have an advantage, we’re friends, you know I’d never hurt you.”

Nancy nodded thoughtfully. She said, “I’ve given this a lot of thought. I crave to go to that place where there is nothing but trust and caring. Nothing for me to do but listen and follow your directions. I do trust you.”

I took had given this a lot of thought and had a rough idea of how to ease Nancy into this role. I suspected that she was not sexually active, since she lived with her sister and never talked about male friends. Being a woman in her thirties, with no sexual outlet except herself, left me thinking that there was some powerful potential to awaken some deep seated needs here.

Nancy had blonde curly hair. She was about a little over five feet tall and slightly overweight. Her skin was pale. She was dressed in a blouse and jeans.

“Ok” I said, “Let’s begin. Nancy I want you to just call me ‘Sir’. Now stand up and face away from me.”

Nancy did as I asked. We were in the kitchen, by the breakfast nook. Nancy stood silently with her back to me.

“Ok Nancy, the first thing I want you to do is stand there while I remove your clothing.”

Nancy gasped. We had never been like this before. We were co-workers that had never done anything intimate.

I walked up behind Nancy, reaching around to her front. I brushed her breasts and started unbuttoning her blouse. I removed her blouse. I reached around and cupped her breasts, as I gave her a little hug. She was breathing heavily.

I whispered, “How long since you’ve had sex with a man?”

She replied, “It’s been years. An old boyfriend, at Christmastime when I was home.”

I asked, “How often do you masturbate? Tell me how you do it.”

She hesitated, then began “I masturbate at casino oyna different rates. I don’t masturbate during my period at all, but in the time leading up to it, sometimes I have to do it multiple times a day.”

“Good girl, see that wasn’t so hard was it? Have you ever admitted that to anyone else?”

She answered, “No, never.”

“So describe how you masturbate Nancy. You didn’t answer my original question.”

She took a deep breath, “Ohhhhh, I use my fingers mostly. Once I tried a wine bottle, but it was too cold inside me.”

“Thank you for telling me that Nancy.”

I continued, “Ok Honey, may I call you Honey?” She nodded yes.

“Ok Honey, I’m going to remove your jeans now.”

She was quiet now as I reached around and undid the button and fly of her jeans. I pulled them down and she stepped out of them. She stood facing away from me in bra, panties and socks.

“Ok Honey, go over to that chair by the table and lean over with your hands on the seat.”

As she complied, I knelt down in back of her. Her skin was pale. The top of her buttocks crack showed above the band of her light blue panties. The crotch of her panties was damp. I felt myself getting hard. I reminded myself to go slow.

“Nancy, did you bathe this morning?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, me too.”

I didn’t explain further, letting her imagination fill in the blanks.

“Are you excited Honey?, I see your panties are damp.”

Nancy inhaled sharply. This line of conversation was unfamiliar to her, especially with me. So far she had been careful to follow the rules. I thought that soon I should take some action to break the ice. Consummate things.

She replied, “Yes I am excited. It’s knowing that, no hoping that something is going to happen, but not knowing what it is. It’s knowing that I will do whatever you want. I trust you and that turns me on.”

“Good. You know Nancy, this is turning me on too.”

I reached up and pulled her panties down. She sighed and stepped out of them.

Her legs and ass where plump, not perfect, but the imperfection made the view all the more sexy in my opinion. I ran my hands up her legs. Feeling the softness of her thighs and loving the look of her milky white skin. I spread her ass cheeks and inspected her anus. It was perfect, no stress related signs. Her perineum was smooth and led to the bottom of her vaginal opening. I didn’t touch her further, just knelt there taking my time gazing at her while spreading her cheeks. I let the realization sink in for her that she was completely exposed to me.

I noticed she was breathing heavily. I thought that soon I should do something to relieve her and cement our relationship.

I asked, “Nancy honey, how long since you’ve been serviced orally?”

Silence. Then she whispered, “Never.”

I replied, “Are you multi-orgasmic?”

A pause, then “I don’t know.”

“Ok Nancy, stand up straight and take off your bra”.

She straightened and removed her bra.

“Sit on the table Nancy.”

As Nancy sat on the table I pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. I spread her legs and put them up on my shoulders. Kissing the inside of her thighs I massaged her breasts and nipples. She moaned softly.

I stopped and said, “I want you to make any sound you want, say anything you want. Let your bodily sensations take over. Give yourself completely to my control and your body’s reaction to my control.”

She nodded with large, tear filled eyes.

Slowly I began to lick the area between her thighs and labia major. She moaned spasmodically. When I finally ran my tongue between her inner lips up the length of her vagina, she cried out, “Oh My Lord!”

Nancy’s pussy was very clean smelling. She was wet and producing more fluid all the time. Soon my face was wet with her juices, as she moved her hips involuntarily to the sensations that I was invoking with my mouth. After a while I slipped two fingers into her and pressed forward to find the bundle of nerves I knew to be her G-Spot. She sobbed as I slid them in. I pressed upward and started to lightly lick her clitoris. She started chanting “Oh no, Oh no, Oh no…” in ever more volume. I knew she was close so I gently covered the top of her vaginal opening with my mouth and gently started tonguing and sucking her clitoral area. When she came she squealed, again and again. It was a long and intense orgasm. Finally she relaxed. She appeared slot oyna dazed and tired.

“Are you Ok Honey?”

“I’m better than ok. That was wonderful. Almost as good as…you know…intercourse.”

“Better?” I said with a smile.

She smiled, “Well different, it’s hard to compare.”

“Do you feel satiated? It’s ok if you don’t. I have some other plans for you.”

“I feel relieved, but I still feel sensitive and I feel a need building.” She said as she blushed.

“Good for you. I like it when you are completely open with me.”

“Tell me Nancy, are you on birth control?”

“No. I haven’t been sexually active for so long, there was no need.”

“Well, I want to ejaculate inside of you. So we’ll have to do what we can to minimize risk.”

She caught her breath as I spoke, “How can we do that?”

I saw a flush move over her body; I knew I had excited her with my talk.

“Well, I guess the first time I come will have to be not in your vagina, so that when I finally do my sperm count will be lower. It’s not foolproof, but it helps.”

“Ohhhh.” She replied with a pensive look on her face. I loved how naïve and submissive she was. She never voiced a preference or offered anything. She just waited to hear my direction so she could comply.

“Have you ever sucked a man off, Nancy?”

“No.” she said. A fleeting look of distaste crossed her face, but then her submissive acceptance took hold and she became thoughtful in a wide eyed kind of way.

“Ok. Well we’ll go slow and I’ll teach you step by step. The main things to remember are that the taste is not bad. The fluids that will flow into your mouth are not harmful, in fact pre-cum has a salty sweet taste that is quite pleasant to some. Another thing is to guard your teeth. Teeth scraping on a penis is not particularly pleasant. When I come, do not pull away. You might not be able to swallow but allow me to finish in your mouth. If you just let it run back out, that’s ok. You can also hold the semen in your mouth and spit it out when I’m done. I’ll direct you further when the blow job is underway.”

I said this as if it was a forgone conclusion that Nancy would be sucking me off, as indeed it was.

Nancy was still sitting on the table, a few drops of vaginal drippings on the table between her legs.

“Sit in the chair Nancy, I’ll sit on the table after you remove my pants and underpants.”

Nancy sat in the chair and I stood in front of her as she removed my pants. I stood before her in my t-shirt and socks. My cock stiff and throbbing. Nancy stared at it.

I sat up on the table. I felt the wetness of her vaginal drippings on my scrotum.

“Ok Honey, pull your chair up to the table. Do you see the drop of pre-cum?)

She nodded.

“Lick the pre-cum off the tip of my penis. Tell me how it tastes.”

“It tastes salty and sweet, like you said. I like it.”

“Ok, start by licking around the head, then work on the shaft.”

“Lick my balls please Nancy. Now gently take them in your mouth. That’s the girl. Ooooh, you catch on fast.”

Nancy proceeded to take the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucked gently and I groaned. My balls had been aching for quite a while and I knew this probably wouldn’t take long. I coached her in how to go down on my cock as far as she could. Told her to hold her breath and take me into her throat. She proved to be a willing and able student. As the end approached I took her head in my hands and gently showed her how to move up and down with her mouth, as my hips thrust. We established a rhythm that soon had me over the edge.

“Nancy, don’t stop…I’m… cum!”

I grunted as I spurted semen into her mouth. I spurted once, twice, three times and then more flowed. Nancy moaned as she felt the ejaculate in her mouth. I don’t know if it was from dismay or joy. I noticed she let the semen run back out of her mouth, so that it flowed down my shaft as well as down her chin.

When I was finished She went all the way down to the base of my penis, holding my entire now flaccid member completely in her mouth and throat. I felt her wet chin pressing against my scrotal sac. She stayed there for a while. I think she was processing all that had just happened. When she pulled away she looked up at me without shame. I handed her a napkin to wipe her mouth and chin.

“How was it Nancy? I can tell you it was wonderful for me.”

She replied, “It’s canlı casino siteleri strange but I liked it. I think that I know you so well has something to do with it. It’s a strange connection.”

We sat naked at the kitchen table. She had removed her socks after I told her to remove mine. Nancy sat passively looking at a spot on the table.

“Nancy, do you realize that even though I’ve kissed your lips down below that we’ve never kissed normally?”

“Yes” she nodded, “I had thought of that.”

“I think we’ll incorporate that idea into our next activity.”

She looked at me with those big blue eyes questioningly.

I took her hand and said, “Let’s go into your bedroom and I’ll tell you about it before we start.”

As we entered the bedroom I told Nancy to lay on the bed. I sat on the edge and said, “I kind of invented a game that we’re going to try. It’s called rotation.”

Nancy looked at me wide eyed as her imagination ran wild.

I continued, “I have an interval timer on my iPhone. I’m going to program it to beep every minute for ninety-nine times. That’s the maximum. We’re not going to reach that however.”

I had Nancy’s undivided attention.

I went on, “So I’ll start the timer and we’ll begin. I’m going to go down on you and service you orally until the timer goes off. Then I’m going to come up, and we’re going to kiss until the timer sounds again. Then I’m going to slide my penis into you and we’re going to fuck until the timer goes off and I withdraw, then we’re going to kiss again until the timer sounds, then you’re going to suck my cock until the timer goes off, then we’re going to kiss again, and then we’re going to start over. We will transform our mouths into instruments of mutual sexual pleasure and experience. We will taste each other and ourselves in one another’s mouths.”

Nancy sat there speechless.

“Ok, honey, get ready I’m starting the timer.”

Nancy laid back on the bed and I pressed the timer. I went down to her genital area, holding her legs apart as I licked, kissed and ate her. She started breathing heavily, and gave little grunts when I touched her clitoris with mouth. The timer chimed.

I moved up and Nancy and I kissed deeply for the first time. It was a deep passionate kiss, as we reveled in the sensation of exploring with our tongues. The feeling of closeness was overwhelming. The timer chimed.

I had been anticipating this and so evidently was Nancy. I guided my penis to her vaginal lips and sank into her easily. The feeling was exquisite. She was warm, wet and so welcoming. She groaned in pleasure and smiled up at me with a beautiful smile that went all the way to her pretty blue eyes. I held her as I stroked slowly in and out. It was the most perfect feeling. The timer chimed.

I pulled out with a huge effort. When my penis popped free of her, she yelped in a sad kind of way, missing the feeling of fullness.

We kissed again until the timer chimed.

I went up and fed her my cock. She licked the slickness of her juices, tasting and then took me into her mouth. She sucked me, tasting me, tasting the blend of pre-cum and pussy juice. Tasting us.

The timer chimed.

I reached up and turned it off saying, “This wasn’t a good idea. I just want to be natural with you. I don’t want a machine dictating anymore.”

Nancy smiled, “Mmmmmmmm.”

At that I slipped my cock back into her and groaned as I sank deep into her. Our fingers intertwined as we kissed. I stroked slowly, varying the depth of my strokes. Sometimes withdrawing until only the tip of my penis was caressed by her inner labia, then plunging full length into her. She would sometimes squeal or grunt at the sensations. I interrupted our kiss to begin kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Her breasts were large, and very soft. The pale skin making the transition to dark areola and nipple all the more dramatic. Nancy began to gasp and thrust when I began sucking her nipples. I was getting close too, so I opened her one thigh wide with one arm to get maximum depth with my thrusts. I was focused on going deep now. My orgasm building. I was grunting and pounding into her, she cried out with each thrust. When I came she shuddered and held me as I grunted my multiple squirts into her as deep as I could thrust. It was primal, I had no control. When I was finished, I lay on her, feeling more satisfied than I had in a long time.

Nancy whispered, “I came at the same time as you, that never happened before.”

We had slipped out of the role of master/sub into the realm of lovers.

I smiled and hugged her closer. “That was absolutely magic.” I murmured.

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