21 Ekim 2021

My wife explores just how slutty she can get

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My wife explores just how slutty she can get
As my wife’s sexuality was starting to peek she became more curious about how she could use it to make guys get off on her. She loved the attention but she loved that they wanted her and didn’t care about her feelings or sexual needs. She just wanted then to get off on her. She wanted them to cum for her. It made her feel sexy and desired. It also made her think she was doing a good job. The faster they came for her the better.
My job was to make her feel safe. Kind of like her security guard. Lucky for me nothing went South during her adventures. We would go to local bars. Since we hardly ever went to them no one knew her. We weren’t regulars. After a couple of lame weekends she hit the jackpot and a bar that was just perfect for outside fun. The bar faced a main road but it had an alley on the right side that was fairly dark and lead to the parking lot behind the bar. Lot of places to hide and watch from the other business access in the alley.
The first guy she found was a taller skinny cowboy looking guy. I was in the car with my binoculars across the street. They walked out the from door and slipped down the alley till it was dark enough to do whatever they wanted. I could silhouettes of them but not much else. She dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out. Not a bad size. Not huge but good enough for now. She immediately started sucking his cock. I watched intently through the binoculars. She went crazy. Sucking it so hard he had to pull her off his cock. She more gentle when she put her mouth back on it. It only took 2 minutes for him to cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. She even put his cock back in his pants and buckled him back up.
They both went back inside. It was about an hour or so before I got a text that said she found another guy but he doesn’t want to anything tonight. She came out to her car and we both left. When we got home she was extremely twitterpayted over this guy. They were texting and calling each other. She even banged her pussy on the phone with him while they talked dirty to each other. I ask her if this guy was reallyt hat special. Her reply was “OMG…..He’s so fucking fine! I know he has huge dick too. ” I asked how she knew that. She said she felt it while they were dirty dancing at the bar. So I asked her why she didn’t do anything with her that night. She said his wife was there.
By the time the next weekend arrived my wife and her new fuck toy had plans to meet at the same bar. Drinks and dancing as usual. She drove her car. I took mine. The plan was the same. She would do whatever he wanted to her in the alley and would watch from the parking lot. An hour and half went by. No sign of her. I called her. No answer. Another hour went by and then she came out the front door with him. He was parked right out front. She looked at me then got into his truck. He took off so fast I barley had time to follow. They got on the freeway and went about 30 min till he got off and started heading to large construction site that I later discovered was a land fill. I stopped about 1/4 mile behind canlı bahis şirketleri them. He got out and opened the gate. Then drove in. The gate shut behind him but it wasn’t locked. Lucky for me. I drove up and parked and walked through the gate. I followed the fresh tire marks as long as I could. They drove about mile in and it was fucking dark. I saw headlights and went that direction. It was them. Finally. I walked as close as I could but I couldn’t see. So I went up to another road above then. Binoculars in hand. When I got to where I could see and focus on them I saw she was already sucking his cock. Holy fuck! His cock was huge! She had him so hard. She couldn’t fit it in her mouth. He was a long as her for arm and way thicker. If I had to guess I’d say his cock 13″ long and he had to be 5″ thick in diameter. Her mouth could barely fit his cock head in. She was stroking his cock with both hands.
After she tried to suck his cock the best she could he pulled a blacker out of his truck and laid it down. He must have told her to get doggy style because that’s what she did. He pulled her long skirt up and through it over her back exposing her bare ass and pussy. She arched her back so he had better access to her dripping wet pussy. He put his cock head up to her and she started backing up on it. Slow at first. I was so excited to see if she could take that monster cock that I came in my pants before she even had it in her. After adjusting myself I went back to watching. He spit on his cock and then drove it right into her pussy. She screamed. Loud too. I looked around but I’m pretty sure there was no one for miles. He started pounding her without warning. She screamed and moaned and screamed again. She knew no one was around so she just let loose. Lots of OMG’S and fucks and God damns. Anything she could scream out loud. He pounded her now sloppy pussy for a good 10 minutes. I’m sure came 20 times. He pulled out of and placed his enormous cock on her ass crack. It went all the way to middle of her back. Then he answered his phone. He was talking to someone that was pissing him off because he started yelling. He cock was getting soft. It didn’t get shorter. It just smaller in girth. He hung up the phone and stared at my wife’s ass. He started rubbing her asshole with his thumb. Spitting on it and sticking his thumb inside of her asshole. She moaned. And quivered. He out his cock head up to asshole. She said no. I can’t take that in my ass. After she said that he through her skirt over her head and wrapped it around her face and squeezed it tight. I heard her muffled moans as he put his cock head back up to her asshole. He spit on it again and again. Rubbing it all over his cock head. He put his thumb in her ass one more time and when pulled it out he slammed his half hard cock into her asshole. She screamed and tried to pull away but he had her skirt around her head so he pulled her back into him making his cock go deeper into her asshole. He drove it all the way in balls deep as she screamed and cried. I almost thought she wasn’t going to enjoy this canlı kaçak iddaa but as he pulled out to his cock head she moaned like I’ve never heard her before. Then he slowly pushed his cock back in balled deep agian. She cried and moaned and said “Yes daddy! Fuck my asshole! Ruin it! ”
He was happy to do that for her. He start pounding her asshole just he like he fucked her pussy. Loudly slappy against her ass cheeks and pulling on her skirt so her head was always pulled back. She screamed and moaned and came then did it all over again. He fucked her asshole for an hour. He made her take it the whole time not giving her a break even when she begged for one.
Then it was his turn to cum. He through his back and drove his cock so deep in her that it made her cum again. He filled her asshole up so much that his cum squirted out when pulled out. He was still cumming. He pulled the skirt off her head spin her around to meet his still cumming cock. He made her suck it while he came on her face and I’m her mouth. Then he made her suck clean till he was totally limp. Even then cum still dripped from his cock head so he made lay on her back as he dipped in and out of her mouth catching all of it.
My wife rolled back over doggy style as he got his phone to take pictures of her gaped asshole. It was huge. Like a baseball bat just hit a home run in her asshole for 9 innings. His cum was still dripping out of her. More like flowwing out and down her big pussy lips and then down her legs. She stood up and could close her legs and her asshole stayed so gaped that his cum ran out like a waterfall down her legs.
They both leaned on his truck smoking a cigarette then jumped on and drove towards the gate. I had to jump over the fence because he locked it. It took forever for me to get to my car. After I got in my car I got a text that we’re back at the bar. I drove there as fast as I could. When pulled into the parking lot I called her. She said hurry and find a hiding spot in the alley. I did. The business access to right of the bar had fenced off walk way. Jumping that fence was easy. I text her I was in place.
10 min later she came out with her new friend that just wrecked her asshole and another girl. My cock just throbbed harder than ever. They walked down the alley until they literally right in front of me. I was hidden really good and they were really distracted.
He grabbed her hair on the back of her head and pulled her skirt up and held it with the same hand. He told the other girl to get on her knees. He grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved her face into my wife’s asshole. He told to eat his cum out of her ass. She did as she was told. The good girl sucked and licked and tongued my wife’s asshole until he said it was clean. My wife only let out little moans. Her asshole was so stretched out that she couldn’t feel that like she wanted to. Then the other girl pulled his cock out and sucked it like a champ. She could take it. Her mouth opened wide so he could throat fuck her. She hated on it and threw up on the ground. Then he made take it again. He canlı kaçak bahis was rock hard now. He was huge….like at the land fill but I was closer this time. I could see how big he was for real and how thick he was. My wife took the biggest cock she had ever took or dreamed about.
He put his rock hard cock back up to my wife’s asshole and he slid right in. She didn’t scream or moan. She just whimpered and took it. He didn’t slam it in this time. He was only going half way. My wife just took without making a sound. He made the other girl get underneath and suck his balls and lick her pussy while he fucked her ass standing up. He was almost lifting my wife off the ground everytime he thrusted into her.
He looked back over to where I was hiding. I almost thought he saw me but he was just looking for a place to sit down. There was a short brick wall right in front of the fence I jumped to get into the access. He sat on in. Then .Ade my wife sit on his cock facing away from him. She bent forward like she was touching her toes as he put his cock head up to her asshole. She leaned back and sat down and his huge cock disappeared into her gaping asshole. He pulled her back onto his chest and made her open her legs. He pulled them up so he could use them to bounce her on his cock. He told the other girl to eat her pussy and rub his balls. Once again she did as she was told. I could see her eating my wife’s pussy and sucking her big pussy lips as his cock went in and out of her asshole. As this went on for a few minutes the back door to the bar opened up and a couple of guys walked out. They saw everything that was happening. They got excited and ran back inside. With seconds there a crowd of people out in the alley watching this guy assfuck my wife while another ate her pussy. I thought the scene was done but it made my wife even more excited. She told them a to film it. She actually screamed it. They were on top of it and had their phones out filming it and getting close ups.
My wife so excited she started riding his enormous cock by herself grinding on it and bouncing on like she was about to cum. The other girl started fingering my wife’s pussy trying to see how many would fit. She got 4 fingers in. My wife rode his cock and her fingers till she came. She actually squirted from it. She can so hard. After that the guy picked her up and turned doggy style when her knees were perched on the wall. He pounded her asshole twice as hard as before. She was quit this time. He pulled several times to stick his cock in the other girls mouth so she could suck my wife’s ass juice off his cock. Then he came again. But he didn’t pull out. He left his cock in my wife until he was finished. My wife whimpered with every spasm his cock made when he squirted all his hot cum inside her. When finally pulled out his cum dropped out with it and splashed on the pavement. Another load so big that it just kept pouring out of her. He made both of the girls lick his cum up off the ground. Then he made kiss with cum on the lips. He made both suck his cock clean too. This guy was my new hero. I’m sure he had more in mind but someone in the crowd yelled “cops!” They all quickly got decent and made their way to his truck. She disappeared inside it with the other girl and they sped off. I wouldn’t see her for another 3 hours. She still has yet to tell me what happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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