25 Mayıs 2022

Mo’s Visit to America

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My name is Mo. I’m twenty three, a virgin and I live in a land of hideous prudes. I try so hard to be good, however, I have my own needs. That’s where the story I am about to tell begins.

Earlier this year, I was on vacation in America. I had never been before and the beaches in the Carolinas are beautiful in August. I had two weeks to explore the area, tan and hopefully get laid.

I rented a small cabin on the beach. It was secluded and had only one other house within three miles. I loved the privacy, it was a welcome quiet.

The first night I arrived, I went out on the town at night. It was beautiful: the lights were bright, the liquor flowed and the women were loose.

The first place I went to was over crowded. There was one woman to every three men. I knew I didn’t stand a chance with those statistics, so I had a drink and left. Each bar or dance hall after that was the same. Looked like I picked a bad night to look for pussy.

I found a smaller bar near the beach a few miles from my cabin and decided that I should stop in. If I could get drunk and stagger back at least then the night wouldn’t be a complete waste.

I pushed open the door and scanned the room. There were all of five people in the room. Two men playing pool in the back, a older woman of around forty or so behind the counter, a elderly man perched on a stool head in his lap drunk and a beautiful young girl of about eighteen or nineteen wiping off tables and handing out fresh beers.

I found a small table by itself, away from everyone else. Plopped myself down and ordered a tequila on the rocks from the girl. She wore a tight top, barely covering her ample chest. It was tied in the front, covering even less. She had on jean shorts, cut off so short her ass cheeks hung out. She even wore sneakers, no laces. That made her look even sexier to me.

When she brought my drink, I asked her to have one. She went back to the bar, returning with two more glasses. They toasted to a beautiful night and he downed both shots.

He learned her name was April and her illegal bahis mother owned the place. She had finished high school in June and was leaving for college in two weeks. She sat with him, just talking and drinking. She eventually brought the bottle and a small ice bucket to their table.

Her mother, Miss May was behind the bar, passing out fresh beers to the pool players. She would glance in their direction every so often, but she didn’t scowl or order April back to work.

He noticed Miss May too, she had ample bosom and was thin and looked younger than her age. April had informed him her mother was only thirty six. She’d been a teen mother and had taken over the bar from her father when he’d passed away. However, all that didn’t do anything to her figure. She was thin and beautiful. She could have worn April’s outfit and gotten many whistles and pinches.

As the night wore on, I slowed down my drinks. April didn’t however, she was soon drunk and very flirty. She ran her hand along my thigh, her fingertips touching the outline of my solid cock. I blushed, but she just giggled and said, “That’s real nice. Feels like the grow them big where you’re from.”

Her laughter was sweet and sexy at the same time. I could imagine spreading her legs and eating her pussy. I could see her under me while I pressed into her.

Soon her mother was flicking the lights, announcing that they were closing in fifteen minutes. I wasn’t read for the night to end, so I asked April where she lived.

She told me she lived down the beach, in a cabin down from the old Nathers place. I didn’t have a clue where that was, so I asked how far it was from the cabin I was staying in. When I told her the address, she giggled. “That’s the Nathers place!! We’re neighbors while you’re here.”

I couldn’t have been happier. I offered to walk her home, she agreed. Her mother walked with us. I could admire both women from my position between them. They each held onto an arm as we walked. The beach was dark and the road was darker. Unless a car drove by, we walked in dim illegal bahis siteleri light. I could see their breasts bounce as they walked though. I could even randomly rub a hand across their breast if I wanted.

As we neared the part of the beach we crossed to get to the cabins, April took my hand. She led me along the water, splashing and giggling. Her mother whispered into my ear, “She’s very drunk, you could get lucky tonight young man.”

When she finished her thought, she let go of my arm and rest her hand on my ass. I could feel her sliding her hand into my pocket and massaging my ass. I couldn’t believe it was happening. These beautiful women were both coming on to me.

I continued to walk them to their cabin, we passed mine quickly but stopped halfway to theirs. Miss May let go of my ass and plopped on the beach. She lit a cigarette and passed me the pack. Never having smoked before, I chocked on a few hits before putting it out.

April danced around us, giggling and spinning. She began to strip her clothing off, first her top was untied and tossed at me. Then she pushed her tits together, shaking them at me. Her way of teasing me.

Then she kicked her shoes off and dropped her shorts to her ankles. April sauntered over to me in all her nakedness. She was gorgeous without the clothes and my cock was going nuts in my pants. She stood just an inch from my face, I could almost taste her.

Miss May sat next to me, puffing on her cigarette, oblivious to her daughter’s naked body next to her. April spread her pussy lips, scooting closer. Her need for me to taste her was enormous. I buried my face in her sweet, tender skin. Lapping at her, drinking all the juices that flowed from her box.

As I sat their, tasting this girl’s cunt, I felt a tug. My zipper was being unfastened and my cock being released. I sprang to life, licking and lapping at her clint faster and sucking her clit between my lips harder and nibbling.

Miss May’s hand gripped my cock in her hand and jerked on it. Rubbing and pumping, wanting me to explode canlı bahis siteleri while I ate her daughter’s pussy. I felt her lean over and take me into her mouth.

I sat on the beach, in America, eating a woman’s pussy while her mother sucked my dick. I was in heaven. To me, America was heaven.

Before long, April was cumming on my face and her mother had wet my cock immensely. When Miss May released me and April moved away, I gripped my cock in my hand. I was ready to jack myself off on their faces. Miss May and April wouldn’t have that though.

They wanted me, they wanted my virginity. Miss May pushed me back, squatting over my face. I lifted my head up and nibbled on her clit. Just at that time, April flickered her tongue across the head of my dick.

She teased me for a few moments before squatting above me and taking my entire cock inside her. I had always thought I was big in my country, almost ten inches. She took all of me.

She bounced on my dick, clenching it with her pussy and she went up then down. I was engorged, thick and filling her. She rubbed her clit as she rode me, her tits bouncing.

I could barely see all of this though, her mother’s twat was in my face. I had licked and teased her, she was a squirter and sprayed me in the face. When she fully recovered, she moved to her daughter.

April was still bouncing on me, I was so close to exploding I could feel the pre cum dripping from inside me.

Suddenly April stood, exposing my cock to the breeze. Both women begged me to spray their faces with my cum. I couldn’t do anything but what they wanted. I stood in front of them, they both knelt before me. Their legs spread, rubbing each other’s clits.

Miss May had one hand between her daughter’s legs, fingers buried deep inside. April rubbed at her mother’s clit, it was swollen and throbbing. Suddenly, both women cried out in passion. I couldn’t contain myself and sprayed my cum across both their faces.

Both women covered in my cum, both women begging me to come home with them. They wanted more of this foreign cock master. I couldn’t resist, I would spend most of my vacation fucking one or the other of these beautiful women. Sometimes I fucked them both, it didn’t matter to me.

I was having the time of my life in a place called America.

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