21 Ekim 2021

Mommy’s Another Side – Part 1

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Mommy’s Another Side – Part 1

I am from a rich family. My family consists of me, my brother Hari (20 years old), my mom Nikita (37 years old) and my dad Siddarth (43 years old). My mom was forced to marry a rich guy in her school days.

Siddarth was also like a typical youngster. He couldn’t resist my mom’s structures. Even now, no one can resist it. Her vital stats are 36D-26-36. It is a wonder how she is maintaining them. But Siddarth chose to be a hard worker and started focusing on work. He didn’t care about maintaining a sexual relationship with mom. Mom felt lonely.

One day me and my brother caught her masturbating. We recorded it. As dad usually comes late to home, we only sleep at 11 pm. After dinner, we went inside her room. She asked, “Why are you guys here?”

Hari said, “Mom look at this”. She was shocked to see the video we recorded. Mom started getting worried. He then hugged her and asked, “What’s the problem, mom? Tell us.”

After a long silence, she said, “For almost 15 years I have never seen a cock in my life so I decided to satisfy myself with my fingers”.

I asked, “But why do you shave your pussy?” She said, “I have always waited for a man to fuck me, when that day comes I wanted to be ready”.

Hari said, “Mom, we will surely find you a guy. Don’t worry”.

“What about our family’s dignity?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about that,” Hari replied. We went back to our respective rooms.

After a few days, we managed to get our watchman to fuck her. And for a month their relationship was good and discreet. But then he got transferred to another place.

“I want a cock badly guys, please help me,” she said one day while having our dinner. That’s when I remembered about parents’ meet which was about to happen the next day.

I went away from the table to talk about it to Hari. He too liked the idea. Later, we were lying on her bed.

“Mom, I want to tell you something”, said Hari.

“What is it?” she asked.

“There is parents meet tomorrow in our school,” I said, “And we both have failed in our maths exam”.

She raised her tone and asked, “If you didn’t pass the test, you won’t be able to attend the final exams, right?”

“Yes, mom,” we both said in chorus.

“Our maths teacher is a horny guy, we have noticed him talking to women at school,” Hari said.

“I have even seen condoms in his pant pocket” I added.

“So what?” mom asked.

“Please seduce him and have sex with him,” Hari said.

“How dare you use your mom like that!”

I hugged her and said, “Mom, you also want a cock. Please think about it”.

She said, “Let me think”.

Then we went to sleep. We didn’t talk about that in the next morning. So we didn’t know whether her answer was yes or no. After our school hours, the parents meet started. More than 70 percent of parents came except my mom. No one seemed to care about our parents except our maths teacher because we have failed in his subject only.

“Am I supposed to stay here the whole day?” our maths teacher asked.

I started getting scared. If mom agrees to this, she was going to get her pussy torn by his humongous strength. Then our mom came. We were shell-shocked to see her. To be honest, she looked like a pakka prostitute!

Mom was wearing a transparent saree tucked at lower hip, a waist chain and a tight blouse which could get torn any moment due to her boobs and ass shaking wildly while walking. She came and kissed both of us in our forehead and said, “Sorry for being late”.

“We will take that as a yes” Hari said. We were standing behind mom. Mom was seated in a chair. Our maths sir couldn’t even utter a word on seeing her.

“Your…. Sons are.. Very worst in studies…” he couldn’t even finish his sentences. To shut his mouth, mom did something very interesting. She fell at his legs and touched his feet. On doing this, her saree pallu dropped. He was staring at her milky boobs which were visible. Then she got up and corrected her saree and said, “Firstly, I wanted to say thank you to you for teaching my sons”.

Then güvenilir bahis he asked us to wait outside. I called to my mom’s phone, she attended the call and put it on speaker. We were listening to what was happening there.

“Are you really those guys’ mother?” he asked.

“Oh yes, why?” she said.

“Because you look like a young beautiful woman,” he said.

She blushed and said, “Many men tell me that but for the first time, I am listening to a guy who is telling this straight to me instead of commenting behind my back”.

“Really who are those cowards who couldn’t even praise this god’s perfect creature?” he said.

“Many including my sons’ friends, shopkeepers, watchmen, by hubby’s friends etc,” she said. “So what are their marks?”

“Oh! They’ve passed in all subjects except mine, mathematics” he said. “Yeah they are too weak in maths,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give extra marks for their mom’s beauty,” he said winking.

“Thank you so much, I will make sure this thing never happens again,” she said.

“No, no I think that won’t be enough. I will give 36 marks assuming that is your bra size but that won’t be enough for them to pass” he said.

“Then what else?” she asked.

“I will put their marks as 98 as their total out of 150 assuming that will be the sum of your vital stats but I think you now know what I expect from you,” he said.

Then we couldn’t hear anything. We sneaked through the door. Mom had started giving him a blowjob. We wanted to give them privacy and went outside.

After some time, mom came out. I took her kerchief from her hand and wiped his cum from her lips and gave a flying kiss to her. She too responded with a flying kiss and said, “Your teacher wants to meet you” and she went home.

We went inside to meet him. “You guys have any idea what happened inside for the past few minutes?” he asked.

“Sex?” Hari asked. “If you guys told me that you have a mom like this before, you guys would have got a royal treatment from me,” he said.

“Well, now you know and I have another whole year left in the school so I could receive that treatment,” I said.

“But I need it whenever I ask with complete secrecy, deal?”.

“Deal!” I said.

“So now you guys can go home and relax but I want to know many things about her and I’ll ask them later. Bye, get lost” he said. We went home. We both hugged mom.

“You got what you wanted and we got what we wanted,” I said and kissed her cheeks.

“But he fucked me only one time, what am I supposed to do after this?” she asked.

“We have given him permission to fuck you whenever he wants so that he will pass him in all his tests,” I said.

“Oh! So I have owners right now who could give me to other men?” she asked in a naughty manner.

“Mom, I will also get my college teachers to fuck you so that I will never have to touch the books again,” Hari said.

“I would love to do that,” mom said.My brother finished school. He got a seat in a college far away from us. So he should stay in the hostel. He has three months before he could get to the college. My school was also closed for the summer vacation which means mom can’t have sex with my maths teacher. Mom again asked us to find her a dick. But we couldn’t get a perfect guy.

One day we saw dad begging mom for something. After he left, we asked mom about what was happening.

“It’s your dad. He wants me to have sex with his boss so that he could get promoted,” she said.
“You wanted a dick anyway, go ahead. This is your chance,” I said.

“He’s my husband, he shouldn’t lend me to some other man like this”.
“Show him that it’s wrong to miss a wife like this, have sex with him so that he will be talking to dad about you every minute,” I said.
“Yeah, you are right. I should teach him a lesson”.

“Anyway, how did he know that you are a hottie?” Hari asked.
“We went to his house two weeks ago for a party,” mom said.

“Ok, when is he asking for you?” I asked.
“Tonight!” she exclaimed.

“What did you tell to dad? You agreed or not?” I tipobet giriş asked.
“No. But he said he will be here tonight for dinner and asked me to cooperate with him” she said.

“What? We will also be here!” Hari asked.
“No, we will do it in our room,” she said.
“It’s gonna be a great night,” I said.

We were eagerly waiting for the night to arrive. Mom was wearing a black transparent sleeveless saree at low-hip with a waist chain. Mom was looking very seductive. Soon my dad’s boss came. He should be at least 45 years old. He hugged my mom and said his name was John.

We started eating dinner.

“You have very great cooking skills,” John said.
“Thank you, sir” she replied

We finished our dinner. But we were still at the dining table. John put his right arm around mom’s neck. He came forward towards her to kiss. Dad coughed signaling that we were there to his boss.

“Ok boys you go get some sleep, we are going to discuss something that you guys shouldn’t hear,” John said.

We went to our rooms. Next morning we woke up late. Mom and dad were already eating breakfast. Mom was angry. We too joined them for breakfast.

“How dare you lend me to someone else?” Mom said.
“Honey, please. I needed this promotion so that I could spend more time with you,” Dad said.
“No. You don’t love me at all. That’s why you gave me away to another guy”.

Suddenly, dad lifted mom and kissed her lips and said: “I love you so much, honey”.

Then he made her kneel down and unzipped his pants. Mom was looking at us. Dad said, “Come on guys, please give us some time”.

So, we went out. When we returned, they were sitting on the sofa and watching a movie. Watching us entering, mom took us to our room.

“What is it, mom?” I asked.
“Your dad is taking us to Goa tomorrow for a vacation,” she said.

“Looks like he learned his lesson,” Hari said.
“No, I will teach him another lesson,” she said. “But you guys will have to cooperate”.
“We will,” I said.

After our dinner, mom came to our room.

“We are going to stay there for three days, let’s enjoy our best,” she said.
“Pack some hot dresses, mom,” Hari said.
“I will,” she said.
“Don’t sleep, we have to be at the airport in 4 hours” she said.

However, I slept. Mom woke me up later. I could see her milky cleavage. But as I was sleepy, I couldn’t notice her dress. Soon I started getting ready. I could see mom standing by the door. She was wearing a crop top and jeans. I was staring at her. She asked me not to behave awkwardly.

Later, we reached Goa and took some rest first. Mom and dad were in a separate room. I rang their doorbell to see if they were ready. Mom opened the door a bit. She couldn’t speak properly. I realized that dad was fucking her!

“Tell them to go to the beach” he shouted and closed the door. We were waiting on the beach for them. Soon mom came wearing a red bikini. We couldn’t take our eyes off her.

“Quit staring, she is your mom,” dad said.
“They are grown-ups, what can they do on seeing such a hot lady?” mom said.

“One of you guys apply some lotion on my body,” she said.

I quickly grabbed the lotion from her. Hari was angry.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance next time” dad said to Hari.
“I should have gotten that chance,” Hari said.

Mom lied on the sheet and showed her back to me.

“Don’t feel awkward to touch your mom,” dad said
“I will take care,” I said.

I took the lotion in my hand and applied it on her hips. Then I slowly tightened my grip. “Come on, Hari. Let’s take a walk” dad said. He and Hari left.

“Mom, your body is so great” I commented.

“Thank you, son, put some on my ass too,” she said.

I applied some lotion on her ass. Then I asked her to turn over. She obeyed. I applied the lotion on her boobs and started massaging them slowly for some time. After that, I started squeezing them. Then dad came back alone.

“Looks like he is enjoying it,” dad said.
“Yeah he is doing great,” mom said.

“Where is Hari?” I asked.
“In his room, watching porn,” dad perabet said.

“What? Did you allow him?” mom asked.
“Yeah, he was too horny on seeing you like this” dad said.

“What kind of parent are you? He will start getting addicted to porn and not to real sex” mom said.

In the evening, there was a function on the beach. Many people were there. So we too went there. A hot guy was standing on the stage. It was a competition. Girls should come and kiss him. And in the end, he will say whose kiss was the best and that girl will be awarded 10000 rupees!

“He is so hot,” my mom said. Many girls got on the stage and kissed him.

“Anyone else? Can we end the contest?” a guy announced on the mic.

That hot guy pointed my mom and asked, “Why don’t you try, darling?”.

“Don’t do this, honey” dad said. Mom didn’t even mind dad and got on the stage. The hot guy and mom were staring at each other. Then mom put her hands around his neck and kissed him. With one hand, he was playing with mom’s hair and with the other, he was squeezing her ass.

After some time, they released their lips. The guy took the mic and said: “Give this hottie that 10,000 rupees!”.

Everyone clapped and whistled.

“Come on, dad. Enjoy this, our mom won!” I said.

Finally, dad also started clapping. Mom received the check and was stepping down.

“No no, we are not finished yet,” the guy said. Mom went back to the stage again.

“I noticed that you have a great pair of boobs, if you could let me squeeze them, I will give you some more money,” he said.

Mom was thinking. After a few seconds, she took his hands and placed them on her boobs. He squeezed them for some time.

“Wow, these are really awesome, guys,” he said on the mic.

“Strip strip strip,” chanted everyone. Mom got very shy and came down from the stage. She quickly rushed to our room. We too got to our rooms.

“Honey, why did you do that?” dad asked. “The guy was so hot, he called me in front of everyone. How can I refuse?” mom asked.

Hari took his phone and went to our room. Mom grabbed his hand and made him sit on the sofa.

“Look, what you are doing is not good. Quit watching that trash” mom said.
“Mom, but I can’t. I tried my best” he replied.

“Don’t worry, your dear mommy will help you” saying that, mom slowly removed his tracks and then his underwear.

“Honey, what the hell are you doing?” dad asked.
“Shut up you encouraged him to do this” mom said.

She kneeled down and went closer to him. She slowly started stroking his dick. Hari was moaning. I was waiting to get a chance. Then she wrapped his dick with her lips and slowly started sucking it. Hari was moaning loudly now.

“Honey, please stop! He’s our son” dad said.

Mom didn’t even respond to him. Hari wrapped her using his legs and brought her even closer to him. He started taking control of mom. He held her head with his right hand and started mouth-fucking her. After some time, he let her go. Mom was breathing heavily and she turned towards me, “Come on, son. Join us”.

I went close to her and removed my pants and underwear. She started sucking mine. Hari got up from the sofa and made her stand in the doggy style. I was sitting on the sofa. Mom was sucking my dick while Hari was licking her pussy. Hari tore her panty and inserted his dick inside her. Mom left out a huge moan. He then tore her bra and squeezed her melons and that made her suck my dick faster and harder.

“Hari, let me fuck her now,” I said.
“No way,” he shouted.
“Alright, don’t fight for me, just share my holes,” mom said.

I got up from the sofa. Hari took his dick out and sat on the sofa. He made mom face me and entered her ass. He was fucking her in reverse cowgirl position. I entered mom’s pussy and mom started shouting a lot. I wasn’t sure if she could take it. So I started fucking her slowly. Then I increased my pace. Her moaning also increased along with it.

“Mom, I am going to cum,” I said.
“Me too, mom,” Hari said.
“Cum inside me, my boys,” she said.

We came inside her both holes.

“Did you like it?” mom asked dad.
“Honey, this isn’t fair,” dad said.
“I just stopped our sons from watching porn, that is not wrong. And you know what? We’re going to do this all the time” mom said.

To be continued

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