25 Mayıs 2022

Marian Grows Up

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(M/F, Romance, non-consensual and consensual sex, first time.)


Marian, a 34-year-old virgin librarian, decides she wants to change her life style.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

All characters in this story are original and belong to me.

This is a work of fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it.

Inspiration came from the opening chapters of OPEN SEASON, a book by Linda Howard.

Except for the ‘rape’, birth control is used, and, of course, in ‘real life’ every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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A mainstay for any writer is feedback from the readership.

I would greatly appreciate any comments or reviews of this story,

both positive and negative.

Feedback is welcome and accepted.

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Chapter 1. – Marian’s plans.

“Your hair really looks nice!”

Startled, Marian looked up from the entry she was making on the computer.

“Why, thank you, Clarence,” she said as a broad smile crept over her face. Smiling, she shook her head, causing her hair to swirl around her face, showing off the new style. Marian was 5′ 5″ to his 6′ 2″. He was geeky; she was plain. Or she had been before she had begun her makeover. Absently, she wondered if perhaps HE needed a makeover, too.

A couple of weeks earlier, Marian woke up on her birthday, realizing that life had passed her by. She was 34 years old, but when she looked in the mirror she only saw sad mousy eyes staring back at her. Her hair was a drab dishwater blond and her clothes shapeless and ordinary. All of her friends were married with children, and some of the children were becoming teenagers. Her friends had gradually drifted away from Marian. The differences between them became greater as Marian remained single, almost an old maid, while her friends become active in soccer and baseball and 4-H clubs. All Marian had was the library.

Clarence was the only person, other than her family, who knew she was attempting to make her life over. He had been a regular patron of the library ever since Marian began working there twelve years earlier, and over the years they had developed a strong but informal friendship that was confined within the four walls of the library itself. Sometimes, he brought his own sack lunch so they could dine together at the noon hour. This informal eating arrangement had fostered the sharing of certain confidences, so both had learned a fair amount about each other.

Clarence had listened attentively, as he always did, when Marian had shared her frustration with him and revealed her plan to become a more social person and generate new friends and a new life. Maybe she would even find a husband and have children of her own . . . if it wasn’t too late.

Marian had spun out her plans Clarence. She realized that all of the ‘good girls’ had found the ‘good husbands’ and that there was really no ‘good husband material’ available. (Marian was so self-absorbed in her own feelings, she didn’t bother to notice the pained expression in Clarence’s eyes when he heard this.)

In any case, she continued, it was obvious that the ‘bad girls’ were the ones getting men now. There was no way that Marian would be willing to become a ‘bad girl’. But what was it that made a girl a ‘bad girl’? ‘Bad girls’ drank, and smoked, they danced at bars and clubs and slept around.

Smoking was out! And so was sleeping around! And she really didn’t like the taste of alcohol. But it might be nice to dance, and there really wasn’t anything wrong with dancing at nightclubs and bars: after all, that’s where the men were! There had to be a middle ground, and so Marian had created her own definition. Thus she had resolved to become a *party girl*!

Marian had embarked on her plan by going to the drug store and buying new and better makeup. Over lunch hour, she had sat in her office (with the door closed) and tried it out! The results were terrible! She wouldn’t even let Clarence in to see, but he glimpsed her as she dashed to the ladies room to wash it off. To his credit, he didn’t say a word other than to agree with her when she confessed that her experiment had been a failure.

“There must be a trick to it,” she whined after she had washed her face.

“I suspect there are quite a few tricks to putting illegal bahis makeup on correctly,” Clarence agreed. He suggested that she might want to go to a beauty parlor and get some ideas about how to do makeup, and to ask if she should change her hairstyle.

Following Clarence’s suggestion, Marian *had* gone to the beauty parlor. And now Clarence stood before her, awestruck with the transformation in the librarian. Marian had to admit that her hair *did* look better. It had a natural, simple look. The color was lighter than it had been and there were gentle streaks that were barely visible. It had been cut to shoulder length and fell in a soft wave, gently curling under at the shoulders. It softly framing her face with a slight wave that was reminiscent of a pageboy cut. After the work on her hair, Marian had received a makeup lesson from the beautician, and purchased almost every mysterious bottle or container that the makeup artist had suggested.

On her way home, Marian had driven to a large town some 40 miles away (where she was less likely to be recognized), and stopped at Victoria’s Secret in the mall. The salesgirl at Victoria’s Secret had been much younger than Marian, but had the patience of a saint and wisdom of a grandmother! After some conversation, the salesgirl helped Marian select some modest items of sleepwear and some beautiful underwear that Marian wore home, feeling excited and naughty and sexy, all at the same time! But, of course, no one would ever see her underwear!

Having purchased lingerie, the salesgirl’s offer to take her break and accompany Marian as she bought some ‘every day’ clothes at the Department Store. After examining the salesgirl’s clothes, Marian realized that the salesgirl was dressed impeccably in understated good taste. Marian accepted. Appreciative of the company and advice, Marian found the young girl demonstrated superb taste in clothes and Marian made some excellent purchases.

The clothing purchases completed, the sales girl spent some additional time with Marian advising her about other items she would need. Marian was both shocked and thankful of the young girl’s bluntness. The young salesgirl answered questions Marian never would have had the courage to ask!

Once back in her car, Marian had stopped at a nearby drugstore where she had found the condom display and was amazed at the variety and selection of items on sale. Blindly, Marian purchased two packages, the brands and styles recommended by the salesgirl. Also at the recommendation of the salesgirl, Marian purchased some contraceptive foam with an applicator in the box and some lubricant.

At home, she had spent several hours practicing with her new makeup, but she still hadn’t gotten it right. That night, she slept in her new sexy printed silk pajamas. The next day, Marian relied only on her new hairstyle with no makeup changes at work.

The reactions from Clarence and other patrons assured her that she was on the right path!

That night, Marian spent the entire evening practicing her makeup techniques. And she finally began to get the knack of it. The next morning, Marian was pleased to find Clarence waiting at the library door when she arrived.

Clarence was thunderstruck! The effect of the new hairdo and makeup was stunning! Although Marian would never be a raving beauty, her new appearance would stand out in a crowd. Men would definitely notice her! Clarence certainly did! She also wore one of her new outfits this morning, and Clarence had to shift uncomfortably as he gazed at her. Carefully hiding the effect the “new Marian” was having on him, he moved behind a desk to hide the bulge that was forming in his pants! Marian had always been touchingly naive for a woman her age. Before today, she had never displayed any concept of makeup or style. Her clothing and her makeup (when she used it) were strictly utilitarian. Clarence knew she had a good figure. He had gotten glimpses of her shape from time to time, enough to know that there was an attractive body hidden under those old-maid clothes she generally wore. In short, he knew she had a good canvas to start with, but she never had the foggiest idea of what to do with it. Her new clothes, hair and makeup were complementing her unbelievably well!

Fumbling, Clarence had asked her out for dinner, but she had dismissed the suggestion. It was Friday, and if she was going to be a ‘party girl’, she planned to try some of the nightspots.

Chapter 2 – Marian gets what she wants.

To her surprise, the first time she was ‘out on the town’, one of her first dance partners was a man she recognized as the under-sheriff of her community. When the dance was over, he had firmly taken by the hand and led her to a corner table, and asked her a few quick questions about how much she had dated recently. He then proceeded to give her a ‘Dutch uncle’ talk about the modern bar scene, date rape, and the illegal bahis siteleri date rape drugs that were prevalent. He warned her *NEVER* to get into a stranger’s car, and never to permit someone she didn’t know to get her a drink. The best approach was to buy her own drink at the bar. And never to put it down or leave it unattended. If she did, then leave it and buy a new one.

And always to follow her gut. If her female intuition warned her to keep away from a particular man, follow her intuition. Don’t take chances!

Marian was astounded by what she had learned. Things had changed radically from the time she had been in high school when one could expect men to behave in a reasonably gentlemanly fashion.

(As soon as he left Marian, the Under-Sheriff had called his boss and reported the conversation, hoping he had not overstepped his boundaries by forcing such a conversation on a mature, respectable citizen of the community.)

Marian spent a couple of weekends doing the ‘bar scene’. Wearing her new wardrobe and makeup, she found herself the center of attention among the available men at the bar, dancing frequently, and generally having more fun that she had ever had before. Of course, there were some men whose hands wandered, and she quickly learned to avoid them. Others were always asking her out, but her intuition always led her to refuse.

On one occasion, a dance partner’s wandering hands had been so insistent, she had yelled at him on the dance floor. To her astonishment, she found she was suddenly surrounded by a cordon of five or six men coming to her aid, protecting her and warning the offender to leaver her alone in no uncertain terms! Many of her ‘bodyguards’ apologized for the bad behavior of the individual and assured her they would keep him away from her.

But somehow, the whole bar scene was unsatisfying. When she got home at night, she always had a nagging, lonely feeling, a little worse than anything that she had felt before. And, as much as she enjoyed being the center of masculine attention, she began to realize that she wasn’t finding any real ‘husband material.’

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then one Friday afternoon, a stranger came into the library. He was from out of town and needed to do some research while he was here. He was a little older than Marian, very well dressed, polished and smooth. He asked Marian’s help on using the ‘card-catalog’ and the locations of the stacks, and Marian showed him around as he began his research.

When he had completed his work, he stopped at her desk and they chatted for a few minutes. Marian noticed with approval that his shoes were well polished, and he was actually rather handsome. She liked him!

When the conversation came to a lull, she asked him if there was anything else she could do for him.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there is,” he responded without hesitation. “You can have dinner with me.”

Marian blushed and immediately began to formulate reasons why she couldn’t. But, then she looked at him. He was handsome, well dressed, obviously had some money, obviously literate. There was a lot more going for him than many of the men at the bars had. She decided it was worth a chance, and accepted his invitation.

“However,” she added, putting in an escape clause that had been suggested by the under-sheriff, “we will have to take separate cars because I have an appointment at 7:30 tonight.”

There was no appointment! But it gave her an escape mechanism. When 7:30 came, if she was having a good time, she could simply ‘forget about’ her appointment. If, on the other hand, she was uncomfortable or didn’t like him, she had a perfect excuse to terminate the ‘date’. Since she would be driving her own car, she wasn’t dependent upon him for transportation.

His name was Peter, and he took her (at her suggestion) to the restaurant in one of the better hotels in town. He was witty, a good conversationalist, and generally fun to be with. They sat and talked long after dinner was finished, and 7:30 came and went. They held hands as the conversation went on.

Although Marian tried to appear sophisticated, her lack of experience was quickly obvious to Peter. She seemed so innocent!

He ordered a drink and Marian acceptred a glass of wine.

The hotel had a dance band that evening, so Marian and Peter continued the evening by dancing together. Like everything else he did, Peter danced well, and Marian enjoyed dancing with him. Marian wasn’t used to drinking, so the wine quickly relaxed her and started feeling dreamy. Maybe he was the man she was looking for.

However, Peter continued drinking and as the evening progressed, he drank more and become less charming. And his hands began to wander. He began to grope her on the dance floor and under the table. Marian didn’t like it! Her first impulse was to leave, but she hesitated. canlı bahis siteleri She wanted to be a ‘party girl’. She was looking for a man. And he would have been the best prospect she had encountered, if only he hadn’t started drinking. How would a ‘party girl’ react in this situation? Marian knew he liked her, and she liked him, or at least she had until he started ordering drinks.

It turned out that Peter was a guest in this same hotel. After a few hours of dancing and conversation, the band played its last number. Peter invited Marian up to his room for a nightcap. Marian hesitated. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Certainly, a ‘good girl’ would refuse and leave, and that was her first impulse. But Marian didn’t want to be a ‘good girl’ any more. She refused to be a ‘bad girl’, but a ‘party girl’ might accept.

Observing her hesitation, he taunted her. “You ARE a crusty old spinster, aren’t you?” he mocked. “Man, you’re such a stereotype. I’ll bet you’re still a virgin!” It was unlikely that she was a virgin. After all, who would expect a thirty-something woman still to be a virgin? But provoking a reluctant woman by making the accusation could sometimes be quiet effective thawing an iceberg.

His words stung Marian. She was a virgin! Not only was she a virgin, but also she was almost completely inexperienced with members of the opposite sex, even in the most casual of interactions. But after his comment, she wasn’t about to admit it! He made it sound as if virginity was some sort of disease, a condition to be rid of as rapidly as possible!

And, to be perfectly honest, Marian wanted sex . . . hot sweaty, grunting sex. She wanted endless passion that would last all afternoon! Or maybe all night! Angrily, she nodded acceptance of his invitation and gathered up her belongings.

His point of view:

As soon as his business here was completed, Peter would be returning home, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, it would be nice to get Marian into his bed, either for a one-night stand or better yet for the weekend.Peter had quickly recognized that she was inexperienced. He doubted that she was frigid, but rather naive and untried, and he had hopes that once she loosened up, she would be wild in bed! He wanted to prove that hypothesis.

If she stayed for the weekend, and if she was as inexperienced as he suspected, he would have enough time to break her in nicely before he had to leave. And after a few days, he would probably be growing tired of her anyhow.

On the other hand, if she turned out to be more experience than he suspected, and she stayed for the weekend they both would have a glorious time!

Her point of view:

Marian’s doubts grew as he led her to his room. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea! He continued groping her and she still didn’t like being groped, but she didn’t want to appear a ‘good girl’, so she kept quiet. When they got to his door, he fumbled with the key. Marian was nervous and frightened. But she was afraid to say no. After all, this was what she wanted, wasn’t it? She had never been this close before.

Peter pushed the door open and dragged her inside. As quickly as the door was closed, Marian found herself backed against the wall being smothered by slobbering kisses. His hands were all over her and she was afraid to move. Suddenly, he moved away from her and he double locked the door. Then, he headed for the bed, shedding his clothes. He gave a quick look over his shoulder, he saw her hesitate and said gruffly, “Come on, Take off your clothes and come to bed.”

Dumbfounded by his crude and blunt approach, Marian didn’t know what to do. She wanted sex; there was no question about that. But this wasn’t the way she ever thought it might happen. The room light had never been turned on, so in darkness, she turned her back to him and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. The streetlights were shining in, so she went to the window and pulled the shade down. She didn’t realize that there was abundant light coming through the window show her silhouette as she reached behind and opened her bra. Her ‘C-cup’ breasts were high and beautifully proportioned. They scarcely changed shape, yielding only slightly to gravity as the bra was released and removed. Letting the bra fall to the floor, she moved hesitantly to the bed. Once she was beside, him, his hand were all over her, and within moments, he had pushed her panties down to her heels and rolled on top of her. Marian kept one ankle inside her panties. He might strip her, but she wasn’t going to be NAKED!

She seemed so helpless and pure; Peter almost hesitated in taking her. Almost! But not for long!

She cried out at the unbelievably intense pain as he roughly slammed into her. She felt like he was scraping her insides, fucking the hell out of her, ripping her apart, not literally, but emotionally. And in a minute, she felt him stiffen.

And it was over.

He sprawled on top of her, catching his breath.He loved the look of shock on her face.

“Shiiiiittt! I gotta go piss,” Peter said, rolling to the side and walking, naked, to the bathroom, leaving the door open.

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