21 Mayıs 2022

Making Love to the Greek Woman

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My high school years were not good for me on a social and dating level. I only had one girlfriend for a few months and it was toxic. Our personalities kept rubbing and fighting each other’s so we just had to bring an end to it. I never had many friends. I was not the jock everyone admired or the school wiz everyone turned to for homework help. I was just a nobody lurking in the shadows not wanted by anyone.

I had a neighbor who lived a few doors down from me I ended up finding attraction to. Her name was Lexus. She was a 33 year old immigrant of Southern European descent waiting for her US citizenship. She had a deep accent and was a very kind lady. She was a short woman, only maybe 5’1″. Despite her short stature, she was mighty in her own way. She ended up divorcing her husband who was negligent of her and for a woman, she was muscular from her gym workouts, toned, and very sexy. It might have been my own lustful mind but when she asked me to help her out with chores and looking over her cat when she was gone sometimes on weekends, I accepted it and ended up helping her completely renovate her house and spending more days then not eating dinner at her place as she always had something to do and often cooked for me in light of my parents working late. She was an excellent cook and could fix you up just about anything. We had what could be argued as a friendship but I definitely felt the boundaries of it. She wasn’t one to discuss private affairs, much about politics, or future plans. Maybe it was just a guarded area for her or she didn’t want to discuss them with me for other reasons. Being the horny teenager I was, I was just itching to get into her pants but it was doubtful it would happen.

During the summer after my senior year before I vacated the home for college, I spent it working in the heat outdoors helping Lexus with her gardening as we assembled and built a massive garden that would grow all sorts of foods such as cabbage, carrots, and corn.

Towards the middle of the summer, my desire for her was falling out of my locus of control and in my deep thought, I wrote her a lustful love letter I wanted to give her. I couldn’t bring myself to do it as I feared her finding it repulsive or even offensive but one day, I had no choice.


It’s nearing August as I finish helping Lexus on this warm, Friday afternoon. We had assembled a section of her garden and filled it with pot soil. I sit down with her on the patio cooling off with towels soaked in cold water and Gatorade as it goes into evening time.

“Well done, Tyler.” She says in her accented voice.

“Thank you, ma’am.” I state back to her.

I can’t help but to look her up and down. Despite her being sweaty, her tanned skin and beautiful physique arouses me.

She then stands up and I rise with her.

“I need a shower. Feel free to use mine or go home but I do want to make you dinner.” She offers.

“You’ve outdone yourself, ma’am.” I explain.

She smiles. “Don’t worry about it. I like having a good man in my home again.”

I follow her inside her home through the back door. I sit on the bar stool in the kitchen and my wallet pushes on my butt and I remember the letter I wrote tucked in it. She follows inside and shuts the door behind her.

“I’m using the shower. Just be clean by seven and I’ll cook.” She explains.

“Great.” I grin.

She smiles back and I watch as she walks into the master bedroom flaunting her ass in skin tight athletic shorts and walking to the bathroom not shutting the doors oddly.

I dismiss it and I get the letter out of my wallet as I hear the shower water turn on. I turn it over gently with it folded up into quarters with her name written in cursive on the front of it. I feel the anxiety creeping into me but I know that I need to give it to her. I stand up and shove my wallet back down in my pocket holding the letter in my hand and sit down as I ponder how to introduce and give her the letter. I’m so stressed, I jump at the sound of something hitting the tile from the bathroom.

I walk closer to the bedroom right next to the door.

“Are you okay, Lexus?” I call out to her over the shower.

“Fine. Just dropped casino siteleri something.” She states.

“Okay.” I accept.

I then notice I’m pretty close to her bathroom door swung wide open and I see some of the steam flowing out of the door into her room. I can’t help but feel the desire building in me that had been repressed for a lot of time now. I quietly tip over to the edge of the door and I tilt my head just barely in to where I can see. I see the shower with the hot water spraying out of the nozzle. I look down to see Lexus standing away from me washing her jet black hair with her back towards me. I can see her bare skin from top to bottom with her ass visible but the rest of it is a blur from the steaming water. I watch her carefully as I feel the tension building in me to a point it almost hurts. Suddenly, she turns around and for a split second, we make eye contact.

No time to think. I dash out of there probably faster than ever, through the kitchen, and out the front door in probably 3 seconds. I don’t stop as I book it back to my house a few doors down. I stand in my driveway, panting with my hands on my knees as I come to grips with that I probably ruined our friendship and any chances I had with her. I then look around and I don’t have the letter anywhere. I must have dropped it.

My heart drops as I dread the worst and curse myself over letting it slip out of my hands as it probably is laying on the rug in her bedroom. I almost feel like crying that I messed up. I calm down and then go inside to wash up from the hard day’s work.

Later in the night, I get a text message on my phone.

I open it and it’s from Lexus. It reads: “Please, come back when you can.”

My heart jumps in my throat as I fear the worst but I know I must face my fear and the person I desire if I am to be a man. “I can be back over tomorrow at lunch probably 12.” I answer back.

She never responds. For the rest of the night, my anxiety consumes me as I fear the worst for what happens tomorrow. Even if she hates me, I must own what I did and what I wrote her if she even read it.


The next day comes and the clock goes a lot faster towards 12 then I expected. I dress myself in something casual and get myself ready for the day. I gather up all of my wits and will as I exit out the front door.

Ignoring my my heart pounding out of my chest, I slowly make the venture 3 doors down from me taking the sidewalk. I come up to her driveway with her convertible parked in front of the garage. I make my way up to the dark mahogany door. With a trembling fist, I knock on the door. I consider running as I finish but I know I can’t.

The door knob clicks and swings wide and I’m greeted to the sight of Lexus wearing a dark dress with perfect make up.

“Hi.” She greets me and steps to the side.

“Hey.” I walk in the doorway.

She gently closes the door behind me.

“How are you?” I ask her.

“Good.” She beams.

Randomly, I feel her warm, smooth hand on the back of my neck; its presence is welcomed and I feel her heat spread against mine. I then notice that we’ve both fallen silent as we stand closely in front of each other. I stare into her dark eyes as she stares in mine as we share this space very close to each other. My heart pounds out of my chest. I don’t know if I should touch her, kiss her, or share this moment. She then leans her head forward and our foreheads press against each other.

“You- you ready my letter, didn’t you?” I’m barely able to whisper her.

“Yes.” She nods. “It was very brave of you.”

We sit in this uncomfortable silence and I know I have to break it. I close my eyes and I lean my mouth toward her. I’m greeted by her plump lips brushing against mine. It’s a mesmerizing feeling and I want more of it and I begin to kiss her back maybe too quick. She breaks apart.

“Slowly.” She wraps her other arm around my back. “We’re not fucking. Make love.”

I nod.

“Make love.” She reiterates. “Have you done this before?”

I shake my head. “No.”

I see her eyes change. “It’s okay. You don’t have to worry.”

We resume caressing each other as our lips continue making slow and slot oyna sensual contact and our tongues seep into each other’s mouths. I feel my arousal consuming me as my cock pushes against my jeans as I stand in her intimate presence and my heart begins to race. She then separates from me and I begin regaining control of my breath.

She then lets her arms loose from me and holds her left hand out.

“Take my hand.” She murmurs.

I gently hold it up to my mouth and kiss it and take it in my right palm.

I slowly walk with her for what feels like an eternity through the kitchen and into her bedroom with the heavy shades covering the windows keeping it dark except for a few lit candles on the bedside tables. She gently shuts the door behind me and our make out resumes. I feel her passion and desire. She has it just as much as I do. I’m lucky. I’ve wanted to experience this with her since the day I met her.

I then feel her hands run up under my shirt and her smooth palms go over my chest. She then grabs the end of it and begins gently pulling it over my head. I allow it and she strips me of my shirt and sets it on the floor. I look over her body up and down with her exposed cleavage in the dark colored dress. She then begins kissing on my neck and it feels so soft, I can’t help but shut my eyes and enjoy it. I gently lead her over close to the bed between kisses as we return to our lips.

“You’re such a sexy woman.” I compliment her.

I see her smile at me illuminated by the candle light and she begins to play with her spaghetti straps.

I take over as I gently slide them off and I guide with her as she gently slides the dress off of her. She wears a set of lacey, black lingerie only covering the erogenous part of her beautiful skin not leaving much left to the imagination.

I gently kiss her neck and move over her shoulders to the top of her breasts kissing the fatty area. Before I can do anything else, I feel her hands pulling on my belt. I break away from her and she gently unbuckles it. She pulls the button off and zips down my jeans and my cock is pulsing hard at this point. She grabs the sides of my jeans and gets them down. I step out of them in my boxers as my cock stands out of it. She looks up at me and I look over her and continue to kiss her. I then embrace her and gently lift her onto her bed.

She quickly moves to sitting up and I follow suit with her. She wraps her legs around me and I do the same. I continue my caressing of her breasts. I guide my hand behind her back and I find the strap of her bra. I hear her breathe run shallow as I find it and snap it off. She then takes her arms and gets the strap off and then takes the cups and pushes it off her bed.

I’m greeted to the sight of her perfect sized breasts with bright nipples erect accompanied by equally attractive areolas. I decide to push her down on to her back and she grabs a pillow and places her head on it. I begin to gently lick, suckle and kiss her nipples as I feel them inside my mouth and I swirl my tongue ever so slowly over them. Lexus tilts her head back and closes her eyes as I smooch down her stomach and abs pushing out of her skin and over her panties.

“You’re doing wonderful, kid.” She whispers under her breath.

I move over top of it and tease her as I run a few fingers into them and feeling above the lips of her rosebud. She doesn’t allow me as she spreads her legs and takes them off herself. I finish guiding them off of her sexy legs and throw it to the floor. I return to my actions and see her rosebud; red and tight by her lips exposed to me. I look at her and Lexus smiles at me and keeps her legs spread wider inviting me in. I can see in her eyes she wants me. I slide my face between her legs up to her carnal lips. I look for her clit as I gently begin to lick and kiss her beautiful, shaven rosebud.

“Just a little farther up.” She whispers.

I go farther up and I find the hood and that small bulb pushing out of it. I gently begin a rhythmic pace of gliding my tongue over it and occasionally sucking on it.

“Oh my god.” Lexus stretches her arms out.

I continue going at it and stimulating her clit. I set my left hand on top of canlı casino siteleri her breast and gently squeeze and rub them and take my free hand and slide a few fingers into her rosebud. I’m greeted to the presence of her warm, wet walls of her natural juices as I continue to arouse her more and more. I glide them gently in and out of her as I continue to caress her small bulb. Her legs begin to quiver. She’s coming close to climax.

She begins to gasp and moan gently and I know she’s not far from it. I feel her rosebud begin to clench and drip her juices onto my fingers. Her moans increase and her clit retracts back. She orgasms as I my fingers move in and out of her.

She peaks over and moans as she holds her breasts in her hands covering my hand on top of her palms. I come up to face her as she settles back down to arousal from orgasm. All of a sudden, I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore about it being my first time. It’s like a performance with a rhythm I had been prepared for my whole life. She smiles at me and we kiss further and more. I strip myself of my boxers and I lie on top of her as we share our naked state and desire. I wrap my arms around her neck and hers go over my shoulders. I lay there and I feel my cock pushed on top of her graceful rosebud lips as it flows with the blood my heart pounds away.

“It’s okay. Do it.” She encourages me.

I feel my heart rise at this and I can hardly stay calm but I remain to my focus. I take the head of my cock in its mushroom cloud glans and guide it over her lips on top of her clit.

Lexus laughs as I do.

I then feel the warm opening and I slide it in.

My cock is greeted to the feeling of her lubricated walls and warm hole and she gasps as I slide it into her. It’s the most unbelievable feeling as I begin to thrust into her.

“Not so fast.” She reinforces.

I turn down the pace and my cock slides in and out of her. Our bodies press against each other as we share this warm heat and moment. I notice her smell which is of a raspberry and mint mix. I stare into her eyes lit by the candles as I thrust my cock in and out of her rosebud and she beams at me. I begin to kiss her neck and I shove her further up the bed as I maintain the slow rhythm but a little more forceful. She begins kissing my neck back as well.

The pleasure is irresistable. Too much as my sensory overloads with nothing but Lexus. I feel the muscles trying to pull back and spasm in my cock even though it hasn’t been long. I ignore it as I continue pushing into Lexus as we come together. I then notice her body shaking. She’s coming to orgasm again. Her breathing becomes excited and I feel her rosebud clenching my cock as her rosebud sprays its natural lube onto my cock and it becomes extremely tight around the shaft.

She moans and gasps as she cums hard as I continue giving her the pleasure she wants. She peaks over and the clenching of her kegels becomes harder then relaxes but I am at a point of no return.

“I need to cum.” I whisper to her.

She nods and smiles. “I want to see you orgasm.” She takes her hand and begins running it through my hair.

I continue and then I feel it. My cock begins to jet and spasm as my cum injects into her rosebud.

I moan as I do as I stare into her eyes and feel the rush of orgasm peak over me and I see the satisfaction in Lexus eyes.

I stop thrusting as I feel my cock run dry as it expels and drains into her and I hold it deep inside her rosebud. It finally stops after several full shots. I hold our position as our bodies stay connected. Lexus sways her hips and I come up and kiss her.

“You’re fantastic, kid.” Lexus compliments me.

I smile at her as we hold embrace each other and share this experience.

I feel the afterglow run through my body. Nothing else matters for now. Nothing but this beautiful woman that gave me the experience of a lifetime.

“That was just so…breathtaking.” I add.

She groans in that sensual and romantic way.

“I love sex.” She murmurs and smiles.

We both begin to giggle uncontrollably as we realize how lustful of a journey we just had.

I then realize we’re both drenched in sweat from the encounter and despite us now giving off our natural scent, I find enjoyment in this.

We fall asleep together some minutes later after exchanging smooches. We spoon in her bed as we enjoy the glow we feel.

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