21 Mayıs 2022

Lord Walford’s Domain

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Lord Warford had a large mansion and it was like he was still living in the past with his man servants and a full complimentary all male staff, to comply with his leanings.

The house and gardens, originally designed by Capability Brown were absolutely spot -on in culture and décor. He had a compliment of an avid and enthused staff who were happy to work for their very beneficial employer who gave them each a cottage of their own within the extensive estate where they could enjoy all the modernistic gadgets of the present age, and be just what they wanted to be so long as they were punctual and efficient in their duties.

Warford of course had his ‘special’ favourites, like his own personal man servant Mathew Mantler and Adam Fry who both looked after his personal requirements.

Tuesday was the day Lord Tomkins visited and as a close friend and business associate Warford wanted to make him very welcome.

He instructed the Chef to cook up his best beef Wellington which he knew his friend adored. He had the big long table set out for just the two of them on a table that sufficed for one hundred!

It was all part of Warford’s eccentricity and he had the two waiters for the day, 20 year old Mathew and Mathew dress in a very intimate and provocative set up which he knew Tomkins would adore, for he like himself, loved the younger lads who had real flare and a beautiful stature.

They talked business in the lounge awhile and that over, made way for the dining room – seating themselves in the middle area. When Mathew appeared Lord Tomkins looked like his eyes were going to pop out and were acutely affixed to the waiter who gave him a happy smile.

“Would you like starters, my Lord?” he asked with enthused charisma, “I know my Lord Warford enjoys his pilchard charade but how about you, sir?”

“I shall have whatever my host has, I can see he has extremely good taste.” Lord Tomkins replied, his eyes lustfully looking over Mathew and Mathew gladly responded with just a tantalising wiggle that made the guest a very happy man and a; “Thank you sir,” and stepped off to the kitchen with a serving towel wrapped neatly over his forearm, looking decidedly attractive and charming.

“My word, you know how to pick ’em Reggie,” Tomkins glowed addressing his host with some zest. “I thought he was a girl until she – I mean ‘he’ spoke”

“I gather you beşevler escort bayan approve then John?”

“Approve, I am thrilled in more ways than one.”

“I am flattered, John. Maybe you would like to sample Mathew later?”

Lord Tomkins looked all of a whirl; “Really, you are indeed the perfect host, John.”

Mathew is one of my star waiters, you will see I have insisted they both wear those little satin skirts which I think compliment their stunning curves combined with the sheer nylon hold- up stockings too.

And I have them wearing those coloured red braces which make them look really cute and delectable as well in giving their tight rear ends a really tantalising aperture like a girl in the centre which I find very appealing.

“The high heeled shoes also give that feminine look, John don’t they?”

John nodded looking absolutely besotted.

“Like the opposite sex high -heeled shoes accentuate their curvatures perfectly and the walk is extremely sexual in ever way. I like my waiters to be versatile in their dress and not to be bent to what is considered to be masculine or feminine.

“And I do think Mathew looks very attractive in that tiny skirt which I do love to glimpse beneath then he places the table and serves the meal of the day.

“You will see one of the lads wears tight red briefs and the other blue, one for the main course and the other for dessert.”

“Huh?” Lord Tomkins queried with a frown.

“All will be revealed when dinner arrives, John.” Little did Tomkins realise what his host had in mind.

They enjoyed the starters and after the beef Wellington Lord Warford had Mathew bring in some chicken thighs.

“But I do think I have had ample if I want to save some space for dessert,” Tomkins declared “and I want to save my appetite for the banana split.”

“Well you may just be tempted. We shall see, John.”

Mathew arrived with an oblong serving plate with several thighs neatly placed and planted it on the table accordingly.

“I bit more to the centre, Mathew that’s a good fellow” instructed Lord Warford with a grin, suggesting his host to ‘watch this;’ – Mathew, well versed in his master’s tastes, very prominently leaned himself across the edge of the table between the two diners, to adjust the position of the serving plate


Warford balgat escort bayan gave his friend a wink and gently slapped the harnessed buttock of the waiter in serving and ordered him to stay as he was for a while.

Then he looked at his friend again who was absolutely focussed on Mathew’s rear.

“Nice aye?” Warford said – but a lot nicer to come… Mathew, I want you to spread eagle for my guest and show off your special wiggle for him okay?”

Mathew murmured something and did as he was ordered…

” Beautiful and so very sensual, Lord Tomkins said, “why the harness though?” .

“Makes for a more sensual ,erotic and enticing stance, ” Warford replied – ” and sometimes we like to enjoy certain other things, John”

“The mind boggles Reggie.”

Then silence as Mathew so provocatively wriggled looking absolutely gorgeous in his very tight copper coloured tights.

“Watch then and enjoy, John;” He picked up one of the chicken thighs and with the nobly end gently poked it up beneath Mathew’s skirt, then stroking his panties between firmly.

“He loves this and I do to,” and lifting the joint to his lips he licked it lavishly then again he stroked Mathew there, this time manipulating it firmly there, sliding it beneath the seam of the tight girlie panties, working it around the area of his balls then tasting the joint again.

“I do love the taste of chicken flavoured Mathew,” Warford grinned – ” would you like to dabble John?”

“That is something I could never have imagined would be so absolutely appealing, yes I would simply love to have a dabble, Reggie”

“Time for down tights, Mathew” was the order and Mathew immediately obeyed, wriggling very sensually as he removed then to reveal very tight fitting red panties now slightly soiled with traces of chicken juice.

“Now you will understand why the chicken thighs,” Warford chuckled as -with one hand he picked up a chicken thigh and with the other, pulled down Mathew’s panties enough to expose a very cute and tight ass.

“Now spread for me” Warford said and Mathew did, stretching his gorgeous ass cheeks wide apart ton reveal that magical; orifice between.

Handing the chicken thigh to his guest ,Warford watched as his guest played the thigh between Mathew’s delectable curves and he saw there the very appealing aperture batıkent escort bayan between, touching it with the thigh, rubbing it there and hearing Mathew’s moans.

Then he ventured to slip the thigh into Mathew, deeper and deeper, twisting and thrusting gently in and out as he watched the rewarding reaction, Mathew delightfully swaying, and Warford suggesting his guest taste him – “like this” pressing his face into Mathew’s ass, moving and licking, cupping young cock and balls until he came up for breath and said for his guest to enjoy , it didn’t take long for Lord Tomkins to enjoy some of the same, Mathew obeying Warford’s command to smother completely

Stretched out along the table now Warford and his guest took it in turns to suck cock and asshole too, one guys smothering Mathew’s fresh face as the other sucked him deep, fingering his sweet tight ass as the three men were in a complete frenzy – their arousal evident as the well trained Mathew wanked each of the men in turn, then presenting himself in such a way as to entice their fuck of him.

“I have never tasted such a succulent and delightful bird,” Tomkins revelled rubbing his private parts like there was no tomorrow.

“I don’t suppose I could?” Tomkins’s asked looking very flushed .

“Fuck it you mean John?”

“I am acing for it, I haven’t had Angela for days, I would so love to.”

“Well okay, but remember we have desert to go yet and we really shouldn’t miss out on the virtues of Adam, he is a heavenly lad and his banana split has no comparison anywhere.”

Mathew moved himself to the dining room sofa, leaning over it to present his ass for fucking. As Tompkins was the guest he got first shot squeezing himself up inside to release the frustrating ache in his groins, while his host was enjoying the delightfully exhilarating mouth fuck of Mathew which worked simultaneously with Tomkins thrusting.

So Tomkins enjoyed Mathew’s ass to the full.

Mathew got up and redressed, and walked out of the dining room like it was the regular thing to do.

“That was so lovely and I would like to thank you, Reggie. He is a perfect lover to be sure”

“Dessert to go yet with the impeccable Adam Fry who will show us what you can do with a banana split, John”

“But I am spent, can we leave it until later when I have recovered a bit, remember I am not use to this and with Angela it is like doing it by numbers, it is just not exciting any more.”

“Then why not stay the night and we can really let go, with Adam’s Banana split and all?”

“Okay you are on, Reggie. How could I refuse such an offer!”

And you will enjoy Adam I promise, John.”

Watch this space…

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