21 Mayıs 2022

Like a Hurricane

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Living in Upstate, SC, there’s never really been a great threat from hurricanes, no more than heavy rain and occasionally a few tornadoes. When I heard about hurricane Katrina and all the damage that it did, I was shocked at the things that went on as portrayed by the media. I have two female friends that had never been to New Orleans before, and neither had I. We had decided to go down there to visit, but when talks of the hurricane came about, I basically chickened out and said that I wasn’t going.

Now, these are two females that I’ve known for a while and, I must say that I was attracted to them both. They were both single and I honestly believed that at least one of them was warming up to the idea of dating me.

Sandy has a pecan complexion, very smooth skin, almost flawless and has to wear no makeup whatsoever. She was a natural beauty in every sense of the term. She stands about 5’5″, but in her heels, she was about 5’8″. She weighs about 125 lbs, nice backside and wears about a 36 c bra. She is definitely thick in all the right areas.

Stacey, is what I would call a light butterscotch complexion, standing about 5’3″, weight about 119 lbs, great posterior, and has about the same sized breasts as Sandy. They both have long dark hair that lays down about the middle of their backs. At the time, Sandy was 23, and Stacey was 25, and neither of them had kids. They were both smart enough to know what kind of men to deal with and not get caught up in the same traps that most other females too often find themselves in. I’m not even sure which one would have been the best for me if either did say yes to maybe going out with me. I mean, we hung out all the time, but never did we ever go out one on one. They did, but, on those “girls’ nights out” days, I was forced to stay behind.

I begged them to postpone their trip to N.O. but they wouldn’t listen. The hurricane was still down around Florida at that point but that was when they’d really starting to make the prediction that it would turn towards Louisiana. So, I watched them as they loaded the car down, kissed them both on the cheek and told them to have a great time and that they were in my prayers. They asked me once more if I wanted to come and I sadly told them no. Needless to say, the hurricane hit, and I worried for weeks if my friends were alright until finally, they made it back home safely. They had a wonderfully dramatic story to tell but then as they were describing their ordeal, they both turned and kind of snickered to each other and then looked at me and told me that there was a part of the story that they’d left out. I was very interested in finding out what could have happened as my imagination went wild trying to figure it out. They told me that if they shared that part of the story with me that it had to stay with me and no one else could know. So I agreed to remain silent and their story began like this…

Sandy and Stacey had enjoyed a couple of decent days down in N.O. together and I remembered them calling me to tell me that they’d purchased some lingerie down there and i teased them both about not needing it because neither of them had a man. They gave me the fake laugh and the eff you response as usual and before we got off of the phone, I asked them to give each other a kiss for me. They called me a perv and hung up saying that they were turning the phone off and the television as well because they didn’t want to hear any news of where the hurricane may be. Of course, they wouldn’t have casino siteleri known the danger that they were in anyway because the evacuation process was a last minute deal. Anyway, a couple of nights later they’d decided to watch an adult movie that they’d gotten while they were lingerie shopping. They had two different ones to watch so they sat on the bed and quietly viewed their entertainment for the evening.

They basically laughed all the way through the first one, not realizing that it was nothing more than porn bloopers. After they’d gotten a good laugh from that, they decided to do something different. Stacey had the idea of playing spa, so that they could pamper each other and give each other manicures, pedicures and massages. Both of them stripped down to nothing but their beautiful naked flesh and they stood before each other, telling each other how nice the other’s body was. Then they both wrapped up in hotel towels and took turns painting each other’s toenails, fingernails, and afterwards, they took turns lying on the bed while the massaged lotions into each other’s precious bodies, slowly, and sensually. There was a period of time when Sandy was rubbing Stacey down and their eyes met and they kept the stare for what could have been 10 minutes. Then while Stacey was taking care of Sandy, she accidentally went too far up her thigh and brushed across her womanhood making her jump when she felt the unintended touch.

After they’d almost physically and mentally exhausted each other, they both sat up on the bed in yet another moment of silence, both swallowing and breathing hard. Finally, the silence was broken by Sandy suggesting that they try on the lingerie they’d bought and modeling it for each other. Stacey agreed and slipped into the bathroom to try hers own while Sandy put hers on in the main room. As an added effect, Sandy put on a bootleg R. Kelly slow jam cd that she’d purchased from a guy selling music at the gas station. When Stacey came out of the bathroom, “Seems Like You’re Ready”, was the song that was playing. They danced in front of each other as if they were looking in a mirror, slowly winding their hips and licking their lips slowly.

“Honey Love” was the next song to play on the disc and it was starting to seem as if the room was getting hotter and hotter. Not a word had been uttered since the music started playing and with each minute that passed, they were starting to get closer and closer to each other. Finally Stacey flopped herself down on that bed suggesting that she’d had enough and was ready to relax before she dozed off for the night. It was obvious though, the real reason why she wanted to stop. She was feeling something, something that she’d never felt before and so was Sandy. Neither of them could deny what was going on, but both of them refused to speak on it.

Sandy picked up the remote and pressed play on the DVD player starting the second flick that they’d purchased and she lay back on her bed to watch it. Stacey watched as well from the other bed. The third scene in the movie was a lesbian scene, and as they watched the two girls on the screen touch each other, kiss each other, lick each other and make love to each other they kept trading glances as they both began fingering each other under the covers. Both girls tried to be quiet about it but one knew what the other was doing and vice versa, yet still, not a word was spoken.

The next morning when they woke up, they looked out of the window and all they could see slot oyna was water. The hurricane had hit and they were trapped in their hotel room. They opened their hotel room door and there was debris in the hallway, broken lights, people running and screaming, there was no electricity, and neither could get through on their cell phones. They close the door and in shock, they sat on the edge of the beds slowly working their way to panic mode. They both held each other and started crying, and were now wishing that they’d listened to me and stayed home.

After a few moments, they collected themselves and reassured each other that they would be rescued, and that everything was going to be ok. They then started discussing the fact that they had so much fun up until now, but neither would discuss the physical attraction that they shared the night before.

They started rambling about old times and about things they wanted to do before they died and people they wanted to say things to and finally, Stacey broke the ice and asked about the night before.

“Last night, I felt something that I’ve never felt before and, I know that you felt is as well, so don’t even try to deny it. I felt you, more than I’ve felt anyone before and my life but, in my mind, I kept thinking that something may be wrong with me and that if I slept, it would go away but I’m looking at you right now and you’re so beautiful and if we don’t make it out of this situation, I’ll never know what could have happened, or if we do make it, will I regret what happened. I’m so confused right now” is what Stacey confessed to Sandy.

“Yes, I felt it too, and I still feel it now but, I’ve always thought that it was the dirtiest thing for two females to do those types of things, and I’m not sure if I want to be one of them. You’re so beautiful and you smell so good, I mean, I can literally smell you so I know that right now, you’re soaking wet just as I am”, was Sandy’s reply.

They both started at each other for a long period of time and then they looked at each other and nodded as if to agree on some unspoken terms and they hugged, and held onto each other for what seemed like an eternity. While they embraced, Sandy let her hands make her way down to Stacey’s hips and her eyes started to widen because she knew what was coming next. Sandy then moved her hands down further and cupped her full and firm cheeks and she started rubbing her backside with her eyes closed.

“What are you doing?” Stacey asked.

“I’m sorry but I can’t die not knowing what feelings I may have towards you. I’ve never experienced this before and I am willing to act on it right now because we may not ever get another chance to do so. I know it’s wrong but right now it feel so….”

Before she could finish her sentence, Stacey kissed her on her mouth. She kissed her like she’d never been kissed before, and then they separated. Before either could catch their breath, they were kissing again, this time with more intensity and they let their tongues explore each other mouths and Stacey grabbed Sandy’s backside and started kneading it with her hands, and she started kissing Sandy’s chest and then one at a time they remove each other’s lingerie and finally, Stacey took one of Sandy’s breasts in her mouth and started licking, sucking, and gently biting on her nipple. She switched from the right one to the left, back and forth pulling at each one like a crack head trying to get her fix.

Sandy returned the favor when she saw the canlı casino siteleri first opportunity open and she took Stacey’s nipple into her mouth and much to her satisfaction, she couldn’t get enough of the rush that was going through her body.

There wasn’t any conversation between the two because neither had ever done this before and neither had any instructions for the other. They remained silent, save for a few low, soft moans and whimpers and let what was happening, happen naturally.

Sandy laid down on the bed and motioned for her lover to join her and she placed kisses all over her body, on her breasts, and all over her stomach, swirling her tongue around Sandy’s navel. She then parted her thighs, kissing them while she pushed them up. The smell that arose from within made her go crazy and she went straight for her intended goal. She started kissing and licking her sweet spot, taking in all of the juices that were flowing from her. She moved her tongue all around and then started sucking on her clit, making her orgasm come instantaneously. Sandy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she gritted her teeth and clenched the sheets holding on for dear life while she convulsed on the soft mattress.

After giving her a third orgasm, she asked Sandy to turn over and upon doing so, she dove face first into her crotch once again. She then asked her to lift up just a little bit and she spread her cheeks and started tonguing her butt hole and licking up and down the length of her crack. This made her orgasm two more times.

She then got on her knees in the doggy style position and Stacey pressed her crotch up against her and started grinding into her back side and thrusting as if she was ramming her with a penis. She slumped over her and played with her breasts while she kissed her on her neck. She then grabbed Sandy’s waist and turned over on her back, dragging her along and she continued humping her from the bottom. Afterwards, she asked if she would straddle her face, which Sandy happily obliged.

Stacey inhaled her some more and Sandy humped her face, dripping all in her mouth. Finally, Sandy got the chance to make her face shine with her lover’s juices. She put her head between Stacey’s legs and started eating like a starving child. She put her hands on the back of her thighs and pushed her legs up and licked until she couldn’t take it anymore. She make sure she took care of her pretty clit as well, making her have multiple orgasms with her talented tongue.

Sandy pushed her thighs up even further to access Stacey’s other hole so that she too could get a taste of all there was to offer. Then she pressed her womanhood against Stacey’s and started rubbing their clits together. This was followed by the girls getting into the 69 position with Sandy on the bottom, while they tasted each other simultaneously. They then started fingering each other and rubbing each others clits in order for them both to cum at the same time.

After the both stopped shaking from their last climax, there was a knock at their door and a voice asking if anyone was in the room. It was a rescue team, so they said hold on and they quickly got dressed and went with them to safety. Of course, the rest of the story isn’t really important, because as I said before, they finally made it home safely. I have to admit, that I was hurt to hear that story, but at the same time I was so turned on by it, and I was actually mad that I didn’t get to watch. They promised me that, since they trusted me and we were so close that they’d stage a reenactment for me over the weekend, so you know I’m looking forward to that. Maybe I’ll write again after I experience the sight with my own eyes. I’ll keep you posted.

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