28 Mayıs 2022

Let Love In

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The young, beautiful blonde twisted and turned in her bed, restless, unable to fall asleep. It was midnight, late February in Sydney and the humidity made it hard to sleep.

“Right, that’s it,” she whispered, throwing the sheet off her body. She hopped out of bed and walked towards a chest of drawers. Opening one of the drawers she rummaged around for a few seconds, then found what she was looking for. She returned to her bed, clutching her rabbit vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. She knew her body well enough to know that whenever it was hard to sleep, making herself come would invariably make her sleepy.

She quickly took her panties off, lifted her t-shirt up above her taut stomach and firm, C size breasts. She applied some lube to the vibrator and turned it on low. Running the vibe up and down her pussy for a few seconds, she parted her lips with her free hand and placed the tip of the vibe inside her. Gradually, she pushed it further and further inside, until the little rabbit attachment nestled against her clitoris.

The young woman moaned, reached out with her free hand again to increase the speed of the vibrations.

“Good, oh, good…” she murmured. She splayed her legs wide on the bed as the rabbit buzzed frenetically against her nub. She ran her hand over her flat, smooth stomach up to her breasts, took her right nipple between her fingers and slowly twisted. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs. Suddenly, she had a vision in her mind of a pair of small, dark breasts, their deep brown nipples hard and thick. What was going on? Normally she would think of her boyfriend, Mike, picture his rippled stomach muscles as she looked down his torso as he thrust inside her, or his cute bottom, or think about the way his stubble raked across her lips as he went down on her. Tonight, his picture was replaced by one of the women she had seen at the beach that afternoon. She was a tourist, American or Canadian, judging by her accent. She was petite, very attractive with smooth caramel skin, rounded hips with a gorgeous arse and those amazing, suckable breasts. The woman had been swimming but took off her bikini top once she sat back down on her towel. No-one in South Bondi batted an eyelid at this, but her neighbour, the young, lithe blonde, took an immediate interest and spent the next half hour surreptitiously sneaking glances at the woman as she sunbathed topless.

She continued thinking of the woman, imagining what it would be like to kiss her, suck her nipples, stroke that fine backside, put her hands between her legs and explore. The rabbit was doing its thing and suddenly she was in the throes of an orgasm, she thrust the vibe in and out several times, crying out as waves of pleasure cascaded over her. After a few more seconds, she slowly removed the vibrator, turned it off and dropped it on the carpet next to the bed. She sighed, deeply, and flung the bed sheet back over her. Turning on to her side, she felt the first feelings of sleepiness wash through her. In a few minutes she fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning, she awoke, refreshed. After a quick shower she dressed, grabbed her backpack and left the flat, off to university. She had just started her second year as an Economics student at Sydney University, living in Chippendale almost next door to the campus. The suburb was a little grungy, but the student accommodation was clean, tidy and affordable. Her first class wasn’t until midday, so she had time to walk into Newtown for breakfast.

She’d arranged to meet Jessie for coffee. Jess was her oldest friend, back from the nervy early days of first year high school up to today, second year Eco. Sitting in a café on King Street, the two ordered coffee and avocado toast from the ubiquitous bearded man-bun toting hipster before Jess launched into her usual screed.

“So, Rose, what’s up this time? Mike not performing eight days a week, or are you still annoyed at only getting three distinctions last semester? Jess mocked the overachieving blonde.

“Yeah, nah, Mike and I are taking some time off for a few months. He really wants to focus on his master’s thesis and I don’t think he can do that and still be attentive to my insatiable needs. Then again, who is?” Rose smiled and looked up over her coffee, hoping her friend would desist from the interrogation.

“So you’ve split up?”

“No, just taking a time out, like we did last year. Give him some space and let him get back in touch when he wants. I’ll be busy enough anyway with my own study and I want to work more hours at the shop, so I can travel again next year.”

Jess nodded. “So long as you’re okay.”

“Of course I am, thanks for looking out for me. How’s Liv?” Rose asked in return.

Jess blinked and looked up at Rose, then switched her gaze over her shoulder. “Okay, I guess. We’re not seeing much of each other right now. She’s still acting head of department and trying so hard for this promotion that when I do see her, she’s just so tired.”

“You okay with that?” asked Rose, softly. casino siteleri

“It is what it is,” replied Jess. “We’re trying hard to make it work, but…Liv really needs this promotion to happen soon, her workload is too much and we could do with the money, another visit to the vet with Dinah yesterday and there goes $200.” She picked up her coffee cup and drank to avoid divulging any further secrets.

“Hey, I’m sure it will work out for you both.” The two friends fell silent for a few seconds, lost in their own thoughts. Rose looked at her friend and then grinned.

“Think we need a change in subject then. Tell you what, we could talk about everyone’s favourite subject and talk about me,” said Rose, drolly. “How about my sex life?”

Jess groaned. “Please, not again! Don’t rub it in…”

“…guess there’s not much rubbing going on at your place then,” smirked Rose.

Jess shook her head and stared back at her friend. “Incorrigible. Leave our fledgling sex life out of it, thanks.”

Rose nodded back at Jess. “Sure, sorry, just joking. I’m sure you’ll both find time together soon. Or you could end up like me and just have your rabbit vibe on overdrive!”

Jess shushed her friend “Rose, not so loud, I’m not sure everyone needs to hear you.”

“Prude,” she replied, “guess that means you don’t want to know which item just got ticked off the Sex Bucket List?” Rose looked at Jess in anticipation. As Rose had thought, Jess’s interest was piqued. “Okay, sleazebag, what’s not on the list now?”

Rose sat back in her chair, an amused look coming over her face. She flicked her strawberry blonde hair out of her face and pursed her pink lips. “Well, for our last act as a couple for the time being Mike agreed to me pegging him.”

Jess started. “What, what’s that? Does it involve the washing?”

Rose laughed and lent forward over the table. “No way. Means I fucked him with a strap-on. While he was wearing a really tight cock ring…”

“Jesus, Rose!” whispered Jess. “Keep your voice down! Not that I’m interested in doing it, but what did it feel like?”

“Well, I kind of liked it, you know I’m usually the submissive one, but it felt good to take control for once. And Mike really liked it, judging by how swollen his cock was and the distance his come flew. Anytime his prostate gets a work-out he’s butter in my hands!”

“Too much information. Okay, so that’s off the list now, dare I ask what’s next?”

“Not sure. Uni’s just started so might have to reign it in a little. Still plenty I want to do, you know me, I want to experience everything…”

“…once.” Her friend finished her oft repeated sentence for her.

“Is there anything you won’t do, you sicko?” queried Jess.

“Well”, said Rose, “they do say never work with children or animals, I think that’s sound advice.” She smiled back at her friend, her green eyes sparkling.

“Well that’s a relief then.” Jess put her coffee cup down and looked straight at Rose. “By the way, Anna’s back in town at the end of March,” she said.

Rose started to blush. Anna was a friend of Jess’s who, like Rose, was sexually adventurous and didn’t mind letting people know about it. She lived in Brisbane but flew down to Sydney every couple of months to see her parents and usually caught up with Jess. Rose had met her many times and was attracted to her as a kindred spirit with a great body, but nothing had ever eventuated between them. That was until a drunken night a couple of months ago where the two had begun to flirt with each other, when suddenly Rose ran out of the bar and left in a taxi. Jess had never asked her what happened, reasoning that when Rose wanted to tell her about it, she would.

“You’ve never told me about that night at The Ivy, but I know Anna was really confused by how you acted.”

Rose nodded and looked down at the table. “Well…I wasn’t really thinking too clearly that night. Not sure what I wanted to be honest. All I know is I thought I wanted to be with a woman so I could experience it, but when it looked like it could happen I kind of froze. I mean, I like Anna a lot and I couldn’t work out how I was feeling or what was the right thing to do, so I guess I just ran away.” Rose looked back up at Jess. “Does that make any sense?”

Jess looked sympathetically at her friend. “Of course. I know you and your list and a lot of it’s for show, sometimes emotions get in the way and complicate things, but that’s just life, it’s messy. You can end up hurting people when that wasn’t your intention, or you can be the one hurt. Rose, just be careful, hey?” Jess put her cup back down on the table and looked caringly at her friend. “Just look after yourself, sometimes there is more to life than just ticking a box.”

Rose stared at the table, then lifting her head slowly met Jess’s gaze. “I know, I do, really. And I’ll be careful, of course I will. You know me.”

“I do, Rose, that’s why I said it,” said Jess. “Come on, Miss Portman, time to get back to Uni, I’ve a lecture then work.” slot oyna The slim brunette stood up, reached over to kiss Rose on the cheek.

“See you Friday?”

“Sure,” Rose agreed and watched her friend walk out of the coffee shop.


As February gave way to March the humidity started to lessen, on sunny days the heat was drier, bearable. Rose was focussed on her studies, assignments, lectures, tutorials, essays, she could handle the workload, but with so little spare time her social life suffered. She caught up with Mike and Jess a couple of times, but primarily spent her time hitting the books. She also spent a couple of afternoons at Bondi Beach, lying lazily in the sun. Rose found herself looking for the American tourist, wishing she could gaze on her beautiful breasts once more, disappointed that she wasn’t to be found.


One Tuesday lunchtime in late March, Rose sat in the University Quadrangle looking through her backpack. She realised that she still had one of Jess’ textbooks she’d been meaning to return to her for days. Jess would need the book for her tutorial tomorrow, but Rose wasn’t going to be at Uni on Wednesday. She rang Jess’ mobile, but the call went through to voicemail. She tried again a few more times, but there was no answer. Rose decided to text Jess that she’d drop the textbook over, a couple of minutes later she received a one-word response, “Okay.”

After finishing her afternoon lectures, Rose walked to Jess’ apartment. The two friends lived only a five-minute walk apart, divided by Prince Alfred Park. Rose arrived at the apartment door and rang the doorbell.

To her surprise, when the door opened Jess wasn’t standing there. Instead a curvy, young blonde woman stood and stared, her brilliant blue eyes unnerving Rose.

“Anna, hi,” managed Rose, timidly.

Anna stared back at Rose. “Hi,” she said, folding her arms in front of her.

“Umm…is Jess in? I’ve…I’ve come to drop off one of her textbooks.”

Anna shook her head, her long honey blonde hair moving over her shoulders. “She’s not home, didn’t she tell you?”

It was Rose’s turn to shake her head. “No, I’ve been trying to speak to her all day, left heaps of messages and finally she sent a one-word text a couple of hours ago. Why, what’s up?”

Anna looked back at Rose and smiled. “Liv got the promotion she’s been after for the last year, so she’s taken Jess into the city tonight for a night out. They’re staying at a hotel as well, but I’m not sure they’ll get much sleep. I’ve been staying at Mum and Dad’s, but Jess asked if I’d stay the night to look after Dinah.”

Rose smiled. “Oh wow, that’s great news! I’m so happy for Liv.” Rose thought for a few seconds. “It also makes sense why Jess didn’t want to answer the phone. So you’re just here looking after pussy then?”

Anna stared at Rose and shook her head, Rose realised she’d said the wrong thing.

“Sorry, that was uncalled for. Umm…I just can’t seem to say the right thing around you.” Rose took a deep breath and decided truth was the best option. “Anna, look, I’d like to talk to you about the night at The Ivy. I was wrong the way I acted and…”

The honey blonde put a finger to her lips and shushed Rose. “It’s okay, we’ve got time to talk. Why don’t you come in, drop off the book and help me finish some of the wine that I brought?”

Rose smiled back at Anna. “That sounds great.” She walked over the threshold, past Anna, inhaling a scent of vanilla that immediately sent a charge through her nipples and pussy. It was the same scent that she had smelt at The Ivy, the same scent that drove her from the room that night. But this evening she was determined to stay, if the feeling between her legs was any guide.


There were only a couple of lights on in the apartment, however Rose knew the layout of Jess’ flat very well so walked through to the living area. She put her backpack down on the floor, next to a small coffee table that separated the television and a large, comfortable sofa. After removing Jess’ economics textbook, she placed it on the table and sat down. She loved this couch, it was so soft and relaxing. Rose sat back, enveloped in the soft foam and closed her eyes.

“Hey, sleepyhead, now’s not the time to clock off!” Anna held two glasses of white wine in her hands and smiled down at Rose. At the other end of the sofa, a red, shorthaired tabby cat peered at Rose, shook her tail, jumped onto the floor then flounced out of the room.

Rose opened her eyes and gazed up at Anna. She was the same height as Rose, but had a gorgeous hourglass figure, larger breasts and olive skin, a contrast to Rose’s pale hue. Even in the half light of the room Rose could see her wavy blonde hair was much lighter than hers, she loved how it cascaded over her shoulders. Her face was round, with piercing blue eyes and ruby red lips. Anna’s smile lit up her face, she exuded warmth and just a little hint of sensuality that Rose found enticing. Rose reached up and took one of the glasses, then patted the sofa canlı casino siteleri next to her.

“Thanks. Let’s talk.”

Anna sat down next to Rose, put her left knee up on the sofa and balanced the wine glass on her inner thigh. She turned to face Rose, admiring her straight strawberry blonde hair, round green eyes and pale pink lips. Rose had finer features than her, a smaller bust and hips, she was more athletic, with a natural openness and vitality about her that she adored.

“So, cheers. Here’s to Liv – and Jess,” said Anna, holding out her glass towards Rose. They clinked their glasses together, then drank in silence.

The two women looked at each other, began to talk at the same time, stopped then laughed. Rose put her hand up. “I’ll go first, I’m the one who needs to apologise. Okay?”

Anna pressed her full, red lips together and nodded. “Sure.”

Rose put her wine glass down and took a deep breath. She was petrified of saying the wrong thing to Anna, didn’t want to upset her, but she knew she had to confront the truth. Being open and honest was the only way. Rose looked across to Anna, into her sparkling blue eyes and held her gaze.

“Anna, I’m so sorry about that night at The Ivy. I was having a great time with you, you’re so pretty and fun to be with, you make me laugh all the time. As we continued to talk, I was thinking ahead to what might end up happening and I panicked. I…I haven’t been with a woman before and I was scared. I…know I talk a big game about my bucket list, but…I didn’t want to be with you just to tick a box, you’re too nice a person to do that to and…” Rose looked up at the ceiling to try to gain a measure of composure. She took another deep breath, followed by a mouthful of wine. This was hard, she was facing feelings that she’d never felt before and she wasn’t sure she could name them. And being so close to Anna brought back the desire she had felt that night.

“I…really liked being with you that night, but I’m scared, a little. I don’t know what to do. I mean, Christ! Sometimes I don’t even know what my own body is telling me, how do I know what another woman’s body is telling me? At least men are straight forward, they’re either trying to stick it in you or they’re asleep. Women? I haven’t got the faintest clue!” Rose finished, defiantly. She had worked herself up into a state, her face was flushed, and she needed to take a few breaths to calm down.

Anna had sat, calmly listening, her head leaning on her hand.

“Hey, it’s okay”, she said. “Thanks for being honest, it’s taken a while but at least now I know what you were thinking. I was having a great time too, you’re so attractive and so easy to talk to. Then you confused the hell out of me, running off like that. I thought I’d done something wrong!”

Rose shook her head slowly. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong, it was me, only me.”

Anna broke into a sly grin. “Well, it’s a bit early for the it’s-not-you-it’s-me routine, isn’t it?”

Rose gave a short laugh. “Yeah, I guess,” she replied. “I hope you don’t hate me for how I acted.”

Anna shook her head. “No, how could I? You’re open and honest and so beautiful.” Rose gave her a small smile. “Thanks,” she said, quietly.

Anna took another sip of wine and resumed talking. “When it comes to relationships and sex, please don’t be surprised, but often I don’t really know what I’m doing either. But I do know that I like you, a lot.” She smiled, reached out and put a hand on top of Rose’s, who immediately felt a charge run through her body.

“Rose, life is all about experiences, learning from them for good or bad. You can’t shut yourself off from others because you’re scared you don’t know what to do, just do what feels right, feels good. I mean, whether I’m with a man or a woman I’m learning about the other person the whole time and that’s the fun of the journey. In the midst of a moment I don’t stop to judge their performance, nor do they to me, it’s all about the pleasure we can give each other. The more we share pleasure, the better it is. Does that ring true to you?” Anna gently stroked Rose’s hand and looked expectantly at her.

Rose looked down at her hand being held by Anna, then back up to the blonde’s pretty face. She felt her heart beat faster as she stared into those stunning blue eyes, but she was still worried.

“Anna, yes. I…I understand. But how do I know what I’m doing is right?” Rose looked forlornly at Anna.

The petite blonde laughed softly. “We talk to each other, we guide each other, we work together to make sure we both enjoy the time with each other. This is just you and me, no one else. I’m willing to try, are you?”

Rose felt tears well in her eyes at the tenderness that Anna had expressed. Too much of her sex life revolved around her taking pleasure for herself, even most of the men she’d been with if they had a choice between mutual pleasure and just being taken care of would have plumped for the latter. And here was a beautiful, passionate woman telling her that pleasuring each other and only each other was the way to be. A lone teardrop fell from her right eye. Anna saw it roll down Rose’s cheek, reached out a finger and stopped it. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked up the teardrop.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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