21 Mayıs 2022

Last Day

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Jamie slipped from the shower and stood in front of her full-length mirror, she began to towel off. Her 38DD breasts hung firmly from her lean frame and her. Her large nipples were erect and proudly. Her large areolas stood out in dark contrast to her alabaster skin. She dried the trimmed crimson hair above her pussy and her towel slid across her shaven lips briefly as it headed down her long legs. Today will be her last day at the law firm she has been clerking at while she finished her law degree at the local college. Next month she would start at a well-known law firm back in her hometown. “But today,” she thought, “They will see a side of me they have never seen before.”

She finished drying, sat at her vanity and began to prepare for the day. For years Jamie had been a model student, prim and proper. She never wore too much makeup, always wore conservative clothes, and always had a business like attitude. Today would be different; she put on makeup highlighting her eyes and cheekbones. Her lipstick was fire red to match her fingernails. The thin material of her cream silk blouse could not hide the darkness of her areolas or nipples as they poked out lewdly, still standing at attention. Jamie enjoyed the fact that her breast hung so nicely without a bra. She left her long fiery hair down instead of pulling it back as she usually does. She slid black thigh-high hose up her legs and clipped them to the garter belt. Her pussy was already growing moist in anticipation of the torrid day she had planned. She wore no panties today, figuring she would probably lose them anyway. She pulled on a dark blue skirt that she had bought specially for today. The skirt was much shorter than she had ever worn before; it barely reached the top of her nylons. Jamie slipped on her jacket for a little modesty, since you could see her nipples and areolas through her blouse, but she left the jacket unbuttoned. A pair of spiked high heels finished her look. Pausing to look in the full-length mirror by the door, she checked to see just how hot she looked. “They’ll be horny all over the place,” she said and headed out the door.

The rush-hour commute was the same as every other Friday, only today it seamed even more crowded. As she stood on the train, she was sure that those around her were pushing tighter to her than usual, trying to rub against her. As the train rumbled on, she felt the hardening cock of the man behind her growing against her ass. The more the train swayed back and forth the harder and longer the cock grew. As the train made more stops and more people got on the train she was pushed tighter to the cock behind her. It now rode in the crack of her ass and she was impressed with how big it felt. Since she was not wearing panties she could feel it quite well through just her skirt and his pants. Bodies were pressed tightly around her and she could not see the man behind. But the itsh in her pussy was growing more insistant.

Jamie, trying to be casual, began to rock her hips slowly causing her ass to move up and down his shaft. Pushing tighter to the cock she pinned it against the man’s belly and slid up and down against his love muscle. Her juices were flowing from her pussy coating the insides of her thighs. She felt waves of pleasure ripple through her body as she dry humped this cock in a train full of people. Her nipples strained at her blouse betraying her state of arrousal.

As the cock began to quiver against her ass she speed up her motions. Anyone paying attention would have known what she was doing as she bobbed up and down, adding more distance to her each stroke. She wished that she could reach around to pull the cock out of his pants and slid it into her slippery hole, but the people were pushed together like sardines and she could not get her arms around her. “It would be so easy for him to lift up my skirt,” she thought.

Her stop was coming up soon so she quickened her pace, hoping that the log between her ass checks would also cum soon. Responding as if on que, the man behind her let out a muffled groan and she felt his cock twitch and spasm against her ass. She smiled to herself knowing the mess she just created in his pants. The train reached her stop downtown and as many disembarked she slipped out of the train not looking back to see who the man was. “That’s was probably the best start for his day,” she said, “not bad for mine either”.

As she walked the last few blocks to the office she could feel the air on her pussy lips. The excitement from the train had her clit poking past it’s hood and the anticipation of the day only excited her more. The insides of her thighs were now covered in silky pussy juice. “I need to get my pussy filled,” she thought, as she entered her office. She put her purse in her desk and hung her jacket on the back of her chair.

On the desk she saw her weeklyorder çıtır escort of supplies. The supply room must not have realized that she would not need them since it was her last day. Grabbing them she headed to the supply room. The door was opened and Greg was pulling supplies for other employees. Greg had been working for the law firm doing errands while he was in high school. Since his graduation last spring, he has been working full time while taking night courses in engineering. Greg had a hard young body and Jamie had often watched him when he would lift boxes, his muscles would bulge and send shivers through her.

“I won’t be needing these,” she said, startling Greg as she walked into the supply room.

“Oh, yeah,” He answered, “Today your last day here.” He could hardly keep from staring at her nipples through her blouse. A box of paper clips fell from the pile and opened as it hit the floor sending clips everywhere. He dropped to his knees to clean them up.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I should have been more careful.”

“No problem,” he replied as he looked up. The words almost didn’t make it out of his mouth as he caught his breath at the sight before him. His eyes traced up her long legs from her high-heeled shoes all the way to the top of her nylons. He could see the clips of her garter belt under her skirt and some of the creamy flesh of her inner thighs. He continued picking up the paper clips with out breaking his gaze at her.

“You’ve never seen a pair of legs before?” she teased.

“I’m sorry,” he replied, moving his eyes to the paper clips he was picking up. “I have never seen your legs like this before,” he stammered, slightly flustered. “They are very beautiful,” he added.

“Do you think so?” she asked teasingly. She lifted her leg and put her foot on the first shelf. Sliding her hands up thighs, raising her skirt slightly, she asked “Would you like a better look at them?”

Forgetting the paper clips, his eyes followed up her leg again. His breath became more rapid and his body trembled as he enjoyed the view. Words failed him. He could see much more of her inner thighs and his heart pounded in his chest. As he watched, she slowly turned and walked seductively toward the door. He took in all he could thinking that she was leaving. She stopped at the door, pushed it closed and locked it. Jamie walked slowly toward him, his gazed fixed on her breasts as the danced under her blouse.

“You’ve never seen these before, either?” she said lewdly, cupping her mounds in her hands.

He straightened up while still on his knees. Jamie noticed the bulge growing in the front of his pants. “Would you like to see these better, too?” she said. Jamie now stood in front of him, his face only inches from her, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She opened the blouse and pointed her glorious orbs at him. “What do you think of them?” she asked.

“They are magnificent,” he said breathlessly, his hand moved slightly toward them as he wanted to reach up for those tantalizing mounds. She reached out, took his hands and led them slowly to her breasts. Greg began massaging the firm flesh in his palms, lost in the intensity of the moment. Jamie moaned as his strong hands began working on her. She leaned forward inviting him to suck on her erect nipples. His mouth opened to accept one of them and he began to suck gently on it. She reached behind his head pulling him into her breast. He continued working on her other breast with one hand while his other began to explore her legs. His hand caressed her thighs through her nylons.

The sweet smell of her nectar filled his nostrils as it flowed from her pussy. Greg switched breasts and sucked the other one with more enthusiasm. His hands, now working together, moved up under her skirt. They gently glided across her bare ass.

Jamie was on fire. Her legs began to tremble and waves of pleasure were shooting through her body. She leaned up against the shelves and lifted her skirt. He gently began kissing around her triangle and thighs. He could taste her flowing juices. Greg’s tongue darted out to play with her love button. She moaned and pulled his head into the fire between her legs. “Yes”, she whispered, “That’s what I want.” He concentrated on her pleasure knob as his hands again found her headlights.

Greg knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Her breath was rapid, her legs quivered and her hands held tightly to his head. Then it hit, her orgasm took over and she let out a scream. Her fingernails dug into the back of Greg’s head. Her love juices flowed out like a river as his tongue lapped them up. He could hardly breath by the time she finished with her orgasm. She relaxed her grip and he gently kissed her lips before removing his head from her quivering pussy.

“Is there anything demetevler escort bayan else you need from the supply room”, he quipped, as a smile grew on his face.

“Well lets see what else there is”, she giggled. Jamie stood Greg up and leaned him back against his desk. She reached for his belt and opened his pants. “This looks like something I could use”, she said as she pulled out his erection. His pants fell to the floor. She lowered her mouth to his cock and began licking the head. Now, he groaned. She licked up and down his shaft pausing at the bottom to kiss his balls. His cock was already fully erect from the excitement of her orgasm when she went to work his cock. She sucked the head into her mouth, sliding it to the back of her throat and then to the tips of her lips again. Her hands playing with his balls and gently stroking his dick as she sucked away. His breath now quickened. “Now, let’s put this where I need it”, she said.

His head glistened with her saliva. Jamie sat on the edge of the small supply room desk, her legs spread wide, and she pulled him to her. He stepped forward and paused momentarily as the tip of his dick meet her pussy lips. Then he slid his hardness deep into her love sheath, like a hot knife through butter. A groan escaped from Jamie. She had been in need of this since the train ride and this young studs cock filled her hot hole wonderfully. He took long deep strokes into her silkiness, savoring every moment inside her. Their tongues entwined. Sweet glistened on her breasts. His hands pulled her ass up to meet his strokes. Her body was a quiver with excitement. Jamie felt an orgasm building deep in her.

Greg’s cock grew closer to his climax. After a few more long strokes, he buried his cock inside her. She bit into his shoulder to muffle her moans as her orgasm hit. The rush of warm, silky cream on his member brought his release. His cum exploded inside her. Their groaning and moaning echoed in the supply room.

As their climaxes subsided he kissed her gently on her lips. They quickly dressed and straightened themselves up

“Thank you”, she sighed, “You did a great job a supplying my needs.”

“It was a pleasure to serve you”, he replied, “Good luck with your new job.”

After grabbing a cup of coffee, she returned to her office. She felt a little relief after having her hot hole filled, but she noticed that she was still horny and began thinking about her plans for the rest of the day.

“Knock, Knock”, said a voice at her door, startling her back to the present.

“Come in,” she said.

“We want to give you your going away gifts before the day gets out of control,” said Monica, a tall brunette.

“We thought it would be better to do it now,” Pam said, as she closed the door behind her. Pam is shorter than Monica with long blonde hair. “We got you two gifts,” she continued. “One that is serious…”

“And one that’s for fun!” interrupted Monica, placing them on the desk in front of Jamie.

“You guys didn’t have to do that,” Jamie replied, “Without you two I would have never finished my degree.”

She picked up the first one and unwrapped it. She found a new leather briefcase that she knew she would have a lot of use for.

Excitedly Pam said, “Ok, now open the other one.”

Jamie was not to surprised to find a gold-colored vibrator in the other package. It was about 10 inches long and had pleasure bumps all around the top of it. She expected something like this from the girls. The had often talked about having to take care of themselves as the worked late into the night.

“Go ahead,” Monica interjected, “try it out.”

Jamie turned the base and it sprang to life in her hand. She rubbed it up and down her arm a few times, letting the vibrations flow through her. Pam got up, moved around the desk next to Jamie, and took the golden toy from her. She placed it on the back of her neck. Jamie moaned in pleasure and Pam moved it around on her shoulders.

Monica, not wanting to miss out, came around the desk. They turned Jamie in her chair Monica in front and Pam behind her. Jamie lay back and enjoyed the sensations as Pam worked her neck. Monica slowly unbuttoned Jamie’s blouse allowing Pam to work the vibrator down the exposed flesh of Jamie’s chest. Monica pulled a smaller vibrator from her skirt pocket and began using it on Jamie’s legs. Jamie let her legs fall apart, giving Monica an invitation to continue. Monica worked her way up Jamie’s thighs.

Pam unbuttoned her own top with her free hand and undid her bra, letting her well-tanned mounds fall onto Jamie’s shoulders as she bent over to suck on the exposed nipple of her co-worker. Jamie turned her head searching for the hardened point of Pam’s dangling breast. She began to gently suck on the nipple, dikmen escort bayan enjoying the attention she was receiving.

Monica had moved the vibrator into Jamie’s crouch and began using on her clit. Jamie lifted her hips allowing Monica to raise her skirt up to her waist. Pam joined Monica between Jamie’s thighs. Pam worked the golden toy inside Jamie’s pussy. Jamie began to moan softly as she squirmed beneath the plunging vibrator. Monica raised her own skirt, pulled her panties to the side and moistened her vibrator with her flowing juices.

After sufficiently soaking the smaller vibrator, Monica brought it up to Jamie’s quivering asshole and began to work it in. Pam and Monica worked the vibrators in expert motion into Jamie. Jamie felt her whole bottom vibrating and she knew she would soon reach an orgasm. The girls, also sensing Jamie’s inevitable orgasm, stepped up the pace of their work. Jamie let go a stifled scream as her orgasm hit. Her cunt juices sliding out around the nubby vibrator and coating Pam’s fingers.

As Jamie’s orgasm subsided, Monica removed the vibrator from the asshole she’d been working it in and began licking Pam’s goo covered fingers. Monica undressed herself and laid back on the carpet and worked the still buzzing vibrator into her own pussy again. Pam slipped out of her clothes and leaving Jamie with her new toy, she joined Monica on the floor. Pam took over working the vibrator in Monica’s pussy while placing her own love hole over Monica’s willing mouth.

Jamie recovered from her orgasm, pulled the vibrator from her slit and moved behind Pam’s bouncing bottom. Jamie bent down and licked Pam’s puckered hole. Pam moaned as Jamie’s tongue snaked around her ass hole and Monica sucked on her hardened clit. She buried her face into Monica’s cunt and lapped wildly as the pussy pulsated with pleasure.

The three of them lost in the pleasure of womanly love knew that Pam was about to cum. Pam slid a finger deep into Monica’s asshole as Jamie slid her finger into Pam’s saliva soaked bum hole. Pam’s orgasm started and as the taste danced onto Monica’s tongue Monica also reached her orgasm. The two girls bucked wildly still sucking each others love bushes.

As the girls dressed they noticed that the door to the office was slightly opened.

“I wonder who was watching,” giggled Monica.

“I’m sure it was quite a sight,” answered Pam.

“Thanks for the new toy, Girls,” Jamie said, giving it a kiss before putting it into her new briefcase, “It works great!”

Monica and Pam left to go back to work. Jamie began cleaning out her desk. She noticed that her nipples still stood up proudly. “I wonder who was watching”, she thought. She decided to investigate. She asked Denise, the receptionist, if anyone had recently headed out to the restrooms.

“Just Mr. Thompson,” she answered.

Jamie headed toward the restrooms. Mr. Paul Thompson had been her superior and teaching attorney since she had been there. “I may get to thank him,” she thought.

She stood outside the men’s restroom for a moment and the decided to venture in. She bent down and looked under the stalls. “Only one occupant,” she smiled. She walked across the floor, her heels tapping on the tile floor, and stopped infront of the stall that Paul occupied.

“This is the men’s room,” Paul said nervously as he stared at the high-heeled shoes outside the stall.

“Yes, I know,” replied Jamie as she gently popped open the door. “I thought you might need some help.”

It had been Paul that had watched the girls in Jamie’s office. He had come to the restroom to relieve his aching hard-on. He still stroking his cock and tring to hide it at the same time.

“No, no, that’s alright,” Jamie said, “Keep stroking it.”

Paul did as she said. He had never had a woman watch him stroke his cock before and this was exciting him even more.

“You must have gotten quite an eye-full peeking into my office. Did you like what you saw?”

Paul muttered a deep yes.

Jamie opened her blouse, exposing her breasts to his sight. She moved into the stall, closed the door and bent down to stroke his cock for him. “I would like to thank you for all you have done for me over the last few years,” she said and she began sucking on his cock.

Paul was close to coming already and the head of his cock was turning purple as it disappeared into her mouth. Jamie spread her legs and buried a finger into her pussy, getting it wet with her pussy goo that was again flowing at her excitement. Paul was now standing infront of her as she sucked down his thick shaft. She could taste his pre-cum on her tongue. Knowing he was close she snaked her gooey finger into the tightness of his asshole.

“Oh, yes”, he breathed, “I’m gonna cum!”

She slid her mouth up and down a few more times then buried him in her throat. His cum began shooting out of his cock, dancing down her insides. She continued to suck his penis until he was done shooting. As his orgasm ended she slipped his still hard shaft from her mouth and left him sitting there.

She quickly redressed and headed back to her office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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