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Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 04a

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Chapter 4a

As promised, I texted my mother as soon as we got back to Penny’s house. Neither my mother nor Penny’s parents were thrilled about us going to the out-of-town concert; but we were both eighteen and soon off to college, and I guess we’d fooled them into thinking we were trustworthy ;).

We lived on opposite ends of town, so Penny did the driving and I was going to stay the night at Penny’s house so neither of us would be out alone. When we pulled into Penny’s driveway, I saw the lights in one of the upstairs rooms shut off. I’d never been in her house before, but I figured it was her parents’ room, and they weren’t going to go to sleep until the knew we were safely back.

We got upstairs, Penny motioned to the guest bed in her room (the reason we were staying here instead of my place; my room’s barely large enough for one bed), and I tossed down my gym bag. “Ready to sleep?” she asked.

I pulled my phone out of my shorts pocket and checked the time. A few minutes after midnight. “Nah,” I said, “still wired from the concert. You?”

“I’ll be up for a while too,” she said. “I need to get out of this, though.” She peeled off the tight t-shirt she’d been wearing over a bra that increased her cup size by a cup size and a couple of inches, stepped out of her short skirt, and pulled a long t-shirt on over her head.

In the meantime I’d put on my own pajamas, a very lightweight satin top and matching shorty bottoms that came down to just below my panties. “Cute outfit,” Penny said when she noticed it. It was my usual dress for warm nights. It was comfortable and I do have to admit, it made me feel sexy. I nodded my head as a thank you and she continued “You might want to be careful once my brother gets home, though.”

“Oh?” I asked in mock innocence. Then before she could say anything else, I added “Just messing with you. But really… everything’s covered, isn’t it? Isn’t this okay at night if there are guys around? Seriously, I’m asking: I don’t have brothers, but we’re going to be in a co-ed dorm in September. What do you think?”

“Funny thing,” she said thoughtfully. “Just last weekend, my cousins were over here and we were having the same discussion.”


“Well, my older cousin said what you’re wearing would be fine for the dorm.”

“Nice,” I said. “And for wearing around brothers?”

“Um…” She hesitated, and she seemed to be wondering when the discussion began including brothers. “That’s also okay, I guess.”

“Cool,” I said. “Then how about we go downstairs and grab a snack, and if your brother shows up, we won’t worry about it.”


She told me to go ahead, and she’d meet me in the kitchen. I’d just located a bag of chips and a 2-liter Diet Pepsi when she came into the kitchen. She’d changed into a pajama set somewhat less appropriate than mine: a top brief enough to expose her navel, and bottoms that looked like high-cut bikini panties. I nodded to let her know I was impressed and she blushed, just slightly. “You’re a bad influence,” she said, taking a seat at the table and grabbing a handful of chips.

Yeah, tell yourself that, I thought. Okay, I’d given her reasons over the years to think that was true. But I wondered which would surprise her more: that I was still a virgin, or that I knew she wasn’t.

“Uh oh,” she said, looking at my top.


She grinned. “Maybe you’re not all that decent after all.”

I followed her gaze: It was a warm night and I’d gotten a little sweaty, and my top was plastered so tightly against my chest that my left nipple was poking through, very dark and very visible.

Without thinking, I pressed down on the nipple to make it behave. I hadn’t thought about how sensitive it would be. “Oh,” I said without meaning to. “Sorry,” I said quickly.

She smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Oh… looks like your right one needs attention now.”

I doubted it, but I knew a dare when I heard one. Without even glancing down to look, I pressed my right nipple. And maybe held my finger there a moment longer than I really had to.

“All set now?” Penny asked. “Anyplace else that needs a finger?”

“Oh, fuck you,” I said. I picked up a napkin from the table and tossed it to her. “Though if your tits are sweaty after wearing those falsies all night, you might want to take care of them.”

“They weren’t falsies,” she insisted, but took the napkin anyway. She slipped her hand under her shirt, and wiped between her breasts.

“Don’t forget your nips,” I challenged.

She hesitated for a moment, then brought her hand, still under her shirt, to her left breast. “Hmm,” she said softly.

Then she sort of froze, not removing her hand from inside her top, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next: We’d seen one another in various states of undress the past couple of years — school locker rooms, changing clothing upstairs five minutes earlier — but of course there’d never been any sexual element to it. But now illegal bahis I felt, well, challenged.

I slipped my hand up inside my pajama top, and closed it slowly around one breast. I allowed myself a slight smile.

Penny was moving her hand very slowly, very gently caressing herself. “Last weekend…” she began suddenly.


“When my cousins were over. Well, my older cousin was out of the room, it was just me and Eve, the one who’s our age. Anyway… okay, you have to promise not to repeat this to my brother.”

“Why would I be telling your brother anything about anybody?” I asked, anxious for her to get on with it.”

“Yeah, okay, so… something must have woken me up, and I’m hearing something going on in her bed. And I realize it’s her hand moving around under her blanket.” She began rubbing her breast more openly now.

“Go on.”

“Obviously she thinks I’m asleep, so I laid still, letting her keep thinking that. I didn’t want her to stop.”

“Sure,” I agreed.

“After a few minutes, she pushed down the blanket. The t-shirt she was sleeping in was pushed up to her neck, and her hand was inside her panties. I’d never seen another girl, anybody, doing that before.”

I was handling my own breasts more roughly now. “Me neither,” I said, though I wondered how close I was going to come tonight. Penny playing with her tits had pushed her short top high enough that they were both mostly exposed.

I’d seen them before, but I’d certainly never seen her playing with them. I knew this shouldn’t be getting me aroused, but I couldn’t help it.

“I swear,” Penny went on, “it was getting harder and harder to pretend to be asleep, but if she knew I was watching she might stop. But fuck, I wanted to do what she was doing.”

I knew she was waiting for me to ask. “Did you?”

“No, but… I wish I had. Would have been so hot, doing it together, don’t you think?”

I nodded.

“She was breathing harder now,” Penny went on. “Not moaning or anything, but… but really getting caught up in it. She pushed her top right over her head and with one hand in her panties, she was using the other on one her left breast, rubbing it and… and… pinching her nipple. I’d seen her undressed before, but I’d never seen her playing with herself before, you know?”

I nodded again. I knew. And I also knew she was challenging me again.

I hesitated for just a moment, then threw off my own pajama top, feeling both awkward and really turned on sitting here in Penny’s kitchen, naked except for my small pajama shorts.

Penny’s top was off a moment later, not that it’d been covering much anymore.

We were both very openly playing with our breasts now of course, both breathing hard, neither of us ready to actually moan in front of one another yet. My small-breasted BFF was pinching her hard nipples, while I was massaging my own breasts.

Penny was continuing her story in very short bits and pieces, her concentration taken up by what she was doing. “… slipped off her panties…” “… could see her putting a finger in very slowly..” “was pinching my nipples hard, trying to keep so quiet…”

My left hand was moving from breast to breast by now, my right hand moving slowly down my body. Slipping my hand inside my pajama bottoms was getting very tempting. But we were still in a kitchen, after all.

“Maybe we should go back upstairs,” I said in a near whisper.

“We should,” Penny said just as softly, but neither of us was moving.

She was leaning back in her chair now, her legs spread apart. I couldn’t help noticing this pulled her panties tight against her crotch, covering little more than her vulva. Some of it might even have been peeking out one side.

My left hand was playing with the waistband of my pajama shorts, and it definitely wanted to slip inside. I could feel Penny’s eyes watching my hand, and I didn’t know whether I was teasing myself or her.

And just then, a noise.

The front door.

Her brother was coming home.

We both froze, both thinking the same thing: the steps leading upstairs were in front of he door. We could make it to the steps before he came in, or we could get our tops back on. But not both.

We both quickly got decent.

“Still up?” Kenny asked, walking into the kitchen. He was a little taller than I thought he’d be; but of course other than that he looked the same as he did last Sunday night when he accidentally left his web cam on and I watched him having sex with Penny.

“This is my friend Angela,” Penny said. “I don’t think you’ve ever met. We went to the concert together.”

Chapter 4b

Yes, Kenny, I thought, it’s me.

He was trying to be cool about it, but he was staring at my boobs and thinking

Sure, he’d be checking me out no matter what, and his sister too, because he certainly didn’t expect to come home to find two half-naked girls in the kitchen (he should have seen us five minutes earlier!), illegal bahis siteleri but he had to have been thinking Her name’s Angela, the same as the girl I chat with online. And Angela online showed me her boobs, and I can see enough of this Angela’s…

Of course, I knew it was him: I’d suspected Kenny was my good friend Penny’s brother, but I knew for certain after he’d accidentally left his Skype open last week and I saw his face. And everything else, as I watched him fucking his sister.

But he didn’t seem to want Penny to know I was his Internet Girlfriend or whatever, so I played along. Or did he think I didn’t know who he was? Who knows?

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been thinking about him and Penny just now as I watched her nearly making herself cum right in front of me.

Damn, just thinking about it now was making me warm again.

“Well,” Penny said, “we were just getting ready to go upstairs. Long night.”

My mind was racing: did she really mean she wanted to go to sleep, or was she hoping to pick up where we’d just left off? Maybe completely naked this time. Watching each other finger our pussies.

Maybe do more than just watch? Did I even want to try that? Could I?

But here was Kenny, and I wanted to get to know him in person. For a while, at least: we could always go back to Penny’s room a little later (and I wanted to).

And yes, I liked the fact that Penny and I had caused a bit of a lump in Kenny’s shorts.

“I’m still a bit wired from the concert,” I said, realizing I’d made the same comment half an hour ago (well, it was true). “If you guys aren’t too tired, I wouldn’t mind hanging for a bit.”

They both agreed, though Kenny more enthusiastically than Penny. No big surprise, since Kenny would get to check out two hot girls for a while longer (and obviously he did think about his sister sexually), while Penny would rather be upstairs either to sleep or to mess around.

I suddenly thought, if only they had a pool in the backyard. Somebody says it’s still such a warm and muggy night, we should all just jump in.

I see us horsing around, all of us doing some inappropriate touching: a breast here, and dick there. Penny’s pajamas and mine, wet and clinging to our bodies, are completely see-through. Kenny comes out of the pool, wearing the same briefs I saw him in last week before he stripped them off, and they’ve also become transparent, and —

“Den,” he was saying.

“What?” I said. I’d zoned out there for moment.

“Kenny suggested we hang out in the den downstairs,” Penny said. “It’s cooler there.”

Well, the “den” was really just a finished basement/emergency guest room with a television and an old desktop computer, but there were a couple of old, overstuffed couches and, like Penny said, it was cooler. Kenny took his phone out of his pocket (he was the only one of us who had pockets, after all), and started playing some music. We settled in and chatted, Kenny and I getting acquainted while each pretending we didn’t already know one another from online.

I wondered whether Kenny had ever chatted with me using this computer. I knew he’d used a laptop in his bedroom for our couple of Skype sessions.

Penny and I had brought our sodas downstairs, and Kenny had brought down cans of beer for everybody. Penny was just taking the occasional sip of hers, while I just poured a little into my Pepsi which proved to be a vile combination so I was basically without a drink now.

As we talked, Kenny was doing a poor job of pretending not to be checking us both out. Even though he’d seen his sister naked last weekend, she wasn’t all that far from naked tonight. And I knew that from the right angle, he could almost see through what I was wearing.

I’d have suggested he get more comfortable himself, but I wasn’t sure how to say that without sounding way too forward.

Somewhere along the way Penny had stopped talking. She’d fallen asleep, not surprisingly, since she’d done all the driving tonight and had topped it off with some beer. It looked as if she’d expected to fall asleep, since she’d drawn an old blanket over herself, about up to her waist. Probably less for warmth than so she wouldn’t expose herself if her legs didn’t stay together as she slept.

I remembered how much I’d seen in the kitchen.

Unfortunately her small top had already ridden up some, exposing the very bottoms of her small breasts. Kenny and I both noticed this at the same time, and he quickly turned his head away, giving me a sheepish grin. “Um…” he said, “Do you want to maybe dance?”

“Sure,” I said, and he found some appropriate music. Not too fast, not too slow. And of course we kept the volume low enough not to wake Penny.

This was fun. And the first time we’d actually gotten to touch. And definitely weird, dancing in just a flimsy pair of summer pajamas.

I knew my breasts moving around under my top was giving Kenny something to look at. And… my nipples canlı bahis siteleri brushing against the silky material felt really, really nice.

I was afraid to look at how badly they might be showing through the material by now. It felt as if they’d swollen to twice their normal size.

I realized this was going a lot faster than I’d expected. I was figuring we’d hang out for a bit, he’d see me in my sexy pj’s, same as when we’d Skyped together, and then Penny and I would go upstairs and do whatever.

That’s what the rational side of my brain was thinking. The other side said to him “You know you’re going to get that shirt all sweaty dancing like this, right?”

I don’t think he was really all that worried about ruining his t-shirt, but he pulled it off as if it were on fire. And then he told his phone’s Siri to play some slow dance music.

And then we were dancing close, his bare chest pressed against, well, it felt as if mine were bare as well, and I knew it almost looked it. I was pretty sure that by the time we were done here, he’d be seeing me topless and the thought both frightened and excited me. I know I’d seemed sure of myself when I’d showed him a photo of my breasts, but that was just sexting and I’d done that with other guys in the past. Just never let any of them see me in person.

By the second song, he’d moved his right hand to my side, then up my side, until he was lightly stroking the side of my left breast.

I abruptly backed away, and he withdraw his hand. “That’s a little quick for two people who’ve just met, don’t you think?”

He was startled, but I could see he noticed I had a smile on my face. “Sorry, um…”

“Although, of course,” I went on, “if those two people had already known one another for several weeks…”

“Hi, Ang,” he said with a grin, using the name he often called me online.

“Okay,” I said, “now that we’re not playing games anymore…” I moved closer, took his hand, and put it back on the side of my breast.

I pressed into him and we resumed dancing, my nipples crushed against his chest. I was pretty sure as soon as there was some space between us, his hand would slide forward and began caressing my nipple.

Funny thing: if you’d asked me an hour or so earlier, I’d have guessed the first person to play with my nipples would be Penny. Not something I ever would have imagined, but we seemed to be heading in that direction.

I glanced over at her, still lying peacefully on the couch. Her breasts had come almost completely exposed by now: that really wasn’t a pajama top you’d want to wear around people you don’t want seeing you topless.

At the end of the song, Kenny stopped dancing and took half a step back, leaving enough room between us that he could have slipped his hand between us and grabbed my breast. Instead, he brought his face to mine and kissed me.

“I hope that’s okay,” he said. “I’d been wanted to do that since we began chatting online. I had no idea you lived nearby, so I thought it would never happen.”

Instead of telling him it was okay, I put my arms around him and kissed him. I’d wanted this very bit as much as he did, especially once I realized he lived only on the other side of town.

I can’t tell you whether we kissed a lot of times or had a few long kisses, but we were at it for a while and I really don’t think I’d been more aroused in my life. Not even when I was almost masturbating with Penny earlier.

I was thankful I was wearing panties under these pajama bottoms, otherwise there’s be a huge wet spot running the front and bottom of them.

We made our way over to one of the couches, the one next to the one Penny was sleeping on, never really separating. It reminded me of how he and Penny had maneuvered over to his bed the weekend before.

We landed on the couch hard, so it’s a good thing we’d broken the kiss. Or were between kisses, whichever. Our bodies were entwined now, and Kenny had a hand on one of my breasts.

I took a quick glance over at Penny. Her breasts were completely exposed now. Also her breathing didn’t seem to be as shallow, so I suspected she was only pretending to be asleep in order to watch us.

I raised my arms over my head. I was pretty clear by this point that whatever did or didn’t happen tonight, it wasn’t going to end with my shirt on.

Kenny pulled it over my head and dropped it to the floor. It was obvious he liked what he saw. My breasts are a bit larger than average, I guess, but certainly not huge. But while my nipples usually lie pretty flat on them, today they were big and hard and sensitive.

For once, I decided to ask for what I wanted, even if it felt slutty to do so. “Suck on them Kenny. I need it so much.”

Very briefly, I wondered whether he knew he was the first boy who’d ever seen me like this, but all thought disappeared the moment his mouth closed around my nipple. “Fuck!” I suddenly shouted, pulling way from him.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? Should I stop–“

Nothing was wrong, I wanted to tell him: after more than an hour of foreplay, with him and his sister, it took only his lips on my nipple to make me cum: not a huge one, but it was the first time anybody had seen me cum, let alone made me cum.

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