28 Mayıs 2022

Katherine of the Amish

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As kids, my brother and I loved to holiday at my Uncle Tom and Aunty Mary’s. We were city slickers, and to spend a few weeks on a farm was always a novelty. Our mum and dad would put us on the train for the long journey, and we would be picked at the other end. Aunt Mary would spoil us with her famous homemade chocolate cookies after a long days play, and big Uncle Tom would let us do anything we wanted, even drive his tractor, under supervision of course. The best thing was going into the hills hunting for bears and mountain lions armed with big sticks, and we’re only alive today because we never found any. It was only when we were teenagers that Uncle Tom smugly confessed there weren’t any bears and lions for hundreds of miles.

At night, we were allowed to stay up late and do all sort of things we couldn’t at home. Uncle Tom and Aunty Mary didn’t have kids of their own, we were the closest thing to family they had, and my brother and I were treated like kings. We were initially disappointed when they sold the farm and moved to town to take up running the only general store in the area. But the attached house at the rear of the store was still big enough for us to visit, and there were still plenty of things to do when we did.

By the time my brother and I had reached our mid teens, the pull to visit our uncle and aunt diminished as we found other things to do, like hang out with friends, and gawk at girls. After leaving school, I hit university to study to become a civil engineer, the aspiration to build big things like bridges and towers had always been a dream. Even though I wasn’t much as a scholar, I did quite well until I got close to graduation. My problem was excessive socialising, something by this time I was rather good at. My Dad had let me one of his rental apartments, mainly I think to get me out of the family home so I could spread my wings and give him and my mum a little privacy. Their excuse was that they were going move about an hour and a half drive out of town which was too far for me to commute to classes.

My intentions were always good, come home after classes and get stuck into a bit of study. But my friends would often as not turn up on my doorstep armed with a six pack or two, and we would soon be taking it pretty easy. Now, I’m not the brightest kid on the block, and to do well, I have to put in a fair amount of study to make the grade. But no amount of coercion would put my friends off, as far as they were concerned, life was about having fun. There was also the distraction of an attractive girl called Susan whom I’d been seeing for a while, and she too demanded a little attention.

As my final examinations drew closer, panic began to set in. My mum, who could always read me like a book, arrived unannounced one Saturday morning. She ignored Susan’s dishevelled state of undress, and then proceeded to put me under the third degree. She quite rightly suspected my problem, and herself being a highly qualified consultant, knew full well the need to prepare for upcoming exams. As my parents were helping to finance my studies, I was also understandably concerned about not letting them down. Her solution was simple; take a few weeks out with Uncle Tom where I would get some peace and quiet to study. At first I didn’t want to go, but then saw the sense in it. Little did I know that my cunning mum already had everything arranged with my good old aunt and uncle who were expecting me.

The day my final class had finished, I packed my car with a few belongings, and hit the road for the long drive. My reception committee was just the same, a big fuss and lots of hugs from Aunty Mary who’d seemed to have shrunk and gone grey since I last saw her. My smiling Uncle Tom who was still a head taller than me still managed to crush my hand in his giant paw. For the next few days, I stuck my head down and got stuck into my studies. The change of surroundings and the quietness seemed to have a settling affect on me, and I made good progress. And the best thing was that Aunt Mary’s cookies tasted every bit as good as I remembered. Each night, a huge plate of home cooked food was placed in front of me, and we would then retire to the lounge and chat as families often do.

I set myself a study routine, up early every morning and into it while the brain was still fresh. Every hour or so, I would take a break and do something like wandering down the small main street and look around. Sometimes I would help in the store stacking shelves and tidying up just to help out. And that’s exactly what I was doing on the Saturday morning that would change my life forever.

I was talking to two girls while restacking a large fridge with drinks, taking the time to shift the new bottles to the rear and the cooler to the front. The girls were pretty enough, but had that skanky arrogant attitude that I don’t particularly like. The problem was that they seemed more than a little interested in me, and since I was committed to restacking the fridge, they had a captive audience. I heard the door open and turned to see a strangely dressed girl walk in, the old blue fashioned dress, the cape and bonnet holding my interest. As the casino oyna girl walked further into the shop to browse, I was drawn to her natural beauty, her makeup free face stunningly exquisite. I then remembered others dressed the same way coming into the store when I was a child, and my brain churned until the name Amish popped up. The girl was from Amish farm that Uncle Tom talked about all those years back. I was brought back to reality by the two girls who were still standing close by sniggering.

“Look at her, fancy having to dress like that.” one sniggered loud enough to be overheard.

“I’d rather be dead.” added the other.

I turned in the direction of the Amish girl who had turned away at the insults. I was angered by their rudeness, and felt some sympathy for their target whom had obviously turned the other cheek.

“But look how beautiful she is.” I commented in a loud voice for her to hear.

Her head turned towards me, and our eyes met for the first time. A small smile appeared on her lovely face before she turned away again in embarrassment.

The two girls made a couple of unmentionable comments and stomped arrogantly from the store, but I cared not. I moved closer to where the Amish girl was standing.

“I apologise for their rudeness.” I offered. “They had no right to say those things.”

She turned to face me, and we held eye contact for a few seconds.

“It’s okay.” she replied with a smile. “We get used to it. And thank you for your kind words.”

I stood in a stupefied silence, for now I didn’t know what to say. All I could see was the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Luckily, she saved me.

“Are you new around here? I haven’t seen you before.”

“Just visiting my uncle and aunt. I’m trying to get some study in for my final exams. I’m studying to be a civil engineer.” I bragged. “And you are with the Amish?”

“Yes, do you know of us?”

“A little, my uncle told us about the Amish when we used to holiday down here when we were young. I always remember the horse and buggy.”

“Well, the old buggy is still outside, but I think we have a new horse now.”

We then stood quietly and looked each other, the attraction too strong to walk away from. I could see her hair was full and dark under her bonnet. Her hazel eyes were large and beautiful, a few freckles splattered evenly over her nose added to her attractiveness. Her face was soft and desirable, lips full and just right for kissing I told myself.

“Can I ask your name.” she asked.

“Andy, and yours?”

“Katherine. Well, it’s very nice to meet you Andy, but I should get on.”

But our eyes stayed lock until Katherine eventually stepped back and turned away to wander the shelves. I returned to stacking the fridge, but positioned myself so that I could watch her enchanting movements. Several times she looked up and caught me looking, and each time she smiled before looking away, I felt like a fifteen year old kid instead of the twenty four years I actually was. Katherine then walked up to the counter with a few things, and straight into the amused face of Aunt Mary. I was close enough to see Katherine blush which to me made her even more desirable. My aunt then told Katherine that her nephew was a very nice boy. Katherine looked over at me and gave me one last grin before walking out.

Aunt Mary looked over at me and shook her head, “You sure can pick them.”

Later that night while eating our evening meal, Uncle Tom told me a little more about the local Amish community. They farmed an area outside of town and kept pretty much to themselves. They were nice people, both friendly and polite. They shunned technology like phones and power. All transportation was by the way of horse and buggies, but they did own an old tractor for some farm work. I asked him if they were allowed to socialise with outsiders, he chuckled and shook his head while telling me I’d have a better chance of flying to the moon. But it didn’t stop me from fantasising about Katherine that night as I lay upon my lonely bed. I only saw Katherine once again before I had to leave for home, and it was again a meeting of nervous smiles and beating hearts. And I kind of knew that she cared for me as much as I did for her.

Over the following weeks, Katherine was never far from my mind. I was happy enough to let my old girlfriend Susan drift away, for I no longer had feelings for her, although I did miss the good sex. Before Susan left, little did she know that I was thinking of someone else each time I rode her to my selfish orgasm. By the time my final exams arrived, I was well prepared and flew through each test paper with relative ease.

While old Uncle Tom was a technological dinosaur, my aunt had grasped the computer age with great gusto. I began to receive the odd e-mail from her, mostly about Katherine who’d been in the store a few times and asked after me each time. Good old Aunt Mary told her that I’d been asking after her too, which was a little white lie. The truth was that I was too embarrassed to ask, but it did get me this did get me thinking about Katherine more than before. slot oyna By this time I was job hunting, and while I had a few good prospects, none would come to fruition until I got my exam results and my qualification. With a little time up my sleeve, I again headed back to Uncle Tom’s with Katherine firmly on my mind. The absurdity of the whole thing was that nothing could come of it, or so I thought.

I waited three days before I caught sight of her again. I was walking down the main street when the unmistakable clip clop of a horse on the sealed roadway caught my attention. I stood and watched as it approached, the buggy contained two bearded men and two females, one of which was Katherine. I stepped onto the road as if waiting to cross, but my real reason was to catch Katherine’s attention. Her brief smile made my heart flutter as the buggy passed by, and I headed to the store in sweet anticipation of her arrival. I waited not long, for I was soon graced with her presence.

There were a few people in the store, and I walked deep into it hoping that Katherine would follow, which she did in a roundabout and clandestine manner. She sauntered down the isle looking at different things as she got closer, and I pretended to tidy up a close by shelf.

“Hello Andy, it’s nice to see you again.” she said with a beaming smile.

My heart fluttered wildly, for she was more beautiful than I remembered.

“So, how were your examinations, did you pass?” she asked.

“I did okay, just waiting for the results.”

“And what brings you back here?”

“You mostly, I’ve come all this way to ask you for a date.” I suggested in jest.

Katherine blushed and looked around to make sure no one was watching; then she looked over at me with sad eyes.

“If only it could only be, but I’m afraid it’s out of the question.”

“I could always join the Amish, if that what it takes.”

My joke didn’t go down well, and a look of contempt crossed her face, “Don’t take this the wrong way Andy, but you wouldn’t fit in. It’s a different world, and you need to be born into it to live it, and to love it. And besides, I’m in courtship.”

My heart died in an instant, and it must have been plain to see.

“I thought we had something.” I muttered.

Katherine held my stare, “We do, but it can never come to anything. Don’t you see that? We live in different worlds.”

“Do you love him more then you do me?” a question I had no right to ask.

But it was a question that Katherine had trouble answering, and the intensity and silence between us was electric.

“I think you’re the most exquisite girl I’ve ever seen, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I offered. “And I promise to look after you and to love you forever.”

I removed my car keys from my pocket and held it up for her to see, “Out the back is my car, we can drive away and be together forever.”

Katherine frowned, “Don’t be foolish Andy, do you know what you are asking me to do?”

“Yes, but I’m serious. If you say no, then I’ll leave and never come back. If I can’t have you, then I can’t bear to look at you.”

“Andy, please…………….”

“Katherine, do you feel strongly enough about me come with me? I won’t plead any more; I will ask just once more, will you come with me?”

She looked away for a few seconds; her pained face filling me with guilt, but my hope over rode it. After many long seconds, she returned her eyes to mine.

“I too have strong feelings about us being together, and I want to be with you. But I’m also scared. How much do you love me Andy, tell me how much you love me.”

I smiled, “Katherine, I promise you that I love you more than I could ever hope to explain.”

“If we are going to do this, it must be now while no Amish can see.” she whispered.

I nodded and turned, and with a pounding heart walked towards the counter where Aunty Mary was standing. In a few blunt sentences I explained that Katherine was coming with me. Aunty smiled and blessed us both as we fled for the car park at the rear.

It never dawned on me that Katherine had never ridden in a car before. I fastened her seatbelt before driving onto the main street and swiftly away. I drove for ten minutes before pulling to the side of the road. I turned to the shaking Katherine and took her hands in mine; she managed a smile but only just.

“If you really want to go back, I’ll take you.” I offered.

She shook her head, “From the first minute I saw you, I knew we would be together.” She squeezed my hands, “And you don’t have to ask again.”

I was about to lean over for our first kiss when my cell phone rang, my caller ID told me it was from Aunt Mary. Just one piece of advice was offered, head for the nearest police station and get Katherine to make out a statement that she was going with me of her own free will. Thinking back, it was a sound piece of advice; kidnapping an Amish girl isn’t something one would want to be accused of.

We drove for another forty minutes before hitting another town, and following the signs soon found us outside an ugly squat building with canlı casino siteleri a line of police cars out front. I held Katherine’s hand as we walked into the building, a number of eyes followed us as we walked to the counter. A mature and worldly policewoman listened to my story with some interest. She looked over at Katherine, then politely asked me move away from the counter. I sat nervously on a old wooden chair as the policewoman talked to Katherine for a good few minutes, several times the officer looked across in my direction. She then waved me back to the counter and gave me a stern look.

“You son, better look after this little lady. She’s just given her world up for you, and you’d better prove that you’re up to it.” She then turned her attention to Katherine, “Honey, if this man don’t treat you real good, you just bring him back here and I’ll shoot him for you, no questions asked, okay?”

The threat of me getting shot brought Katherine close, and I don’t think she quite realised it was joke, of sorts.

The policewoman smiled at Katherine, “Better ditch those clothes too, gonna be real easy to find you wearing those. Good luck.”

Before leaving town, we found a clothes shop where Katherine purchased and changed into a plain cream dress and a pair of flat shoes. She took hold of her old Amish clothes and looked at them for a few seconds before placing them in a bin. It was as an emotional few seconds as she discarded the last things from her old world. We then hit the road again, and we got to know each other a little better as the miles clocked up behind us.

Both hungry, we eventually stopped off at small roadside café. Again, Katherine got another lesson in life. She sat nervously as a male waiter took our order, and then later served our food and drinks. It was something that would never happen in the Amish community, it was a place where the women waited on their men. Under the table, our legs touched constantly as we ate, just another sign of nervous affection and commitment.

It was late afternoon before we got home and ran straight into our reception committee; the red Mercedes saloon in my car park gave the game away. My mum and dad, forewarned by Aunt Mary were sitting comfortable inside my lounge. They arose as Katherine and I walked through the front door, and their eyes fell upon a nervous Katherine. The nervousness lasted but a few seconds, my mother then approached Katherine with her usual warm smile.

“Hi Katherine, I’m Linda, Andy’s mum, and this is Peter, Andy’s dad. We’re very pleased to meet you.”

Katherine smiled as she hung onto my arm, and I looked into my father’s grinning face, which came with a little wink of approval. He always had an eye for a pretty girl. Katherine and I sat on the small two seater couch, while my parents sat opposite and listened to my explanation. My mother just smiled, and commented like father like son. She proceeded to tell Katherine about how she and dad met. My dad had been much too young to fight in the Second World War; but had been stationed in Berlin during the cold war. My mum, a German student met my dad in a park, and it was love at first sight. I watched my dad roll his eyes in embarrassment as my mum extolled the virtues of their courtship. Katherine caught it too, but smiled politely as my mum finished her story. They were married in Berlin, and then after a barrage of red tape, my dad brought my mum home.

What my mum was trying to do; was to put Katherine at ease, and that she understood what we’d just done. If it was good enough for her to be swept off her feet, then it was alright for Katherine too. Slowly but surely, Katherine opened up and told us a little about herself, and her innocence and warmth was soon plain for us all too see. My mum soon became aware that all Katherine had was the clothes she was wearing.

She quickly got to her feet and demanded my wallet, “C’mon, hurry up, Katherine and I are going shopping for a few things.”

After relieving my wallet of close to three hundred bucks, my mum slipped her arm through Katherine’s and grinned wickedly as she headed for the door, “Do you like to shop honey; I know just where to go to get you a few things?”

Katherine looked at me with some concern as she was escorted through the door, I just grinned, for knowing my mum; it was to be the start of things to come. Before the door closed, my dad headed for the fridge and returned with two cold beers, he handed one to me.

“Well son, she’s a beautiful girl.” he said while sitting down on the couch. “One look at her and I would’ve done the same thing myself.”

Now, my mum was still a slim and an attractive woman even though she was in her fifties. She prides herself on her appearance, and loved to have nice clothes, much to my dad’s financial detriment I might add. So when she and Katherine returned a few hours later with a car load of bags, I reckoned that my three hundred bucks fell well short of that particular shopping spree. Katherine had a glazed look on her face which suggested that she’d had a whirlwind tour of every clothes shop in town and tried on enough clothes to support a fashion show. My very excited mum then opened every bag and held up each garment for our perusal along with a running commentary. It was sometime before my dad hauled her off home so that Katherine and I could be alone.

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