27 Mayıs 2022

Kate , Natalie

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Chris took on last glance at the bottle of Patron that to be honest he was the only one drinking from. For one reason or another both of the women had been very strict in avoiding the bottle that he’d done a goodly bit of damage too. It wasn’t enough that he wouldn’t be able to make it home but probably more than he should actually try to make it home on. That wasn’t a factor any of them at the moment. Chris was tired of being berated and neither of the women were particularly felt the need to keep him around any long either.

“I don’t even get a hug? It’s really like that?” Chris muttered beneath his breath as he stared at Natalie. She was wearing just a night shirt, one that was almost see through in the hotel light. It didn’t quite come down far enough to cover her bits but her crossed legs kept her reasonably modest as she simply stared him down. Other than her cold glare there was no response from her positive or negative, just the stare. It took Chris and extra moment but he took a few steps back glancing for a moment to Kate who only offered a half hearted shrug.

Both of the ladies knew what they had promised him and both of them were now taking a perverse pleasure in denying him. It was no less than he deserved acting like they were gift wrapped pussy that he casino oyna didn’t have to woo or anything. He hung his head slightly as he retreated from the hotel room to go home.

“Man I was starting to think he was going to stick around all night!” Kate giggled tackling Natalie and covering her face in a quick flutter of kisses. The two tanned beauties rolled around for a few minutes on the giant hotel bed. It was partially making out as their hands greedily explored each other’s flesh, a pleasure they had denied themselves far longer than they intended. The other was wrestling to see who would be on top when they moved on.

It was Kate who ended up on top, straddling the slightly smaller Natalie and pinning her wrists overhead. “You know he was staring at you.” Kate leaned down pulling Natalie’s shirt up inch by inch revealing her breasts. “It’s cus he could see these delicious tits just taunting him, just out of reach.” She whispered.

“He could have had them if he wanted them.” Natalie purred pushing her chest up invitingly. “He just had to take it.” She shook her chest back and forth.

“You damn near bit his head off, twice. That’s enough about him though. I’m taking what’s mine.” Kate hissed. Then she stopped using her mouth for talking and decided it was better canlı casino to wrap her lips around a nipple.

Natalie moaned and dug her fingers into the mattress of her hotel room bed trying to sort through the sensations that Kate was sending through her body. It was like a fire licking up against her skin, each feeling was completely unique and erotic in its own right. Each time Kate’s tongue darted a new direction Natalie’s body danced along after like a marionette. Tiny whimpers and gasps were coaxed from her lips. “God you taste delicious.” Kate purred. Her lips were wandering from Natalie’s chest down her stomach pausing just beneath her stomach nuzzling her face against the short cut hairs of Natalie’s crotch.

“It’s even better if you kiss me on the lips.” Natalie growled her legs easing open and curling her lips into a tawdry grin. She continued spreading her legs until she was nearly doing the splits.

Kate didn’t need to be told twice. She laid a few more kisses on Natalie’s stomach and thighs and then kissed her. It was just like any kiss, she started slow just lips against lips then she gradually got more aggressive. She tugged on Natalie’s lips with her own teasing them with her tongue, twisted her head moaned. Her arms wrapped around Natalie’s kaçak casino waist digging her fingers into the firm flesh of Natalie’s rump pulling pleasure filled moans from her mouth. Kate didn’t stop there, like any passionate kiss she couldn’t control her tongue for long. Almost of its own accord it pushed forward slithering between Natalie’s lips and dancing inside searching for a partner.

Natalie squealed as Kate’s tongue snaked around inside her one by one pushing every button. Natalie didn’t even feel like she was in control of her body as it jerked and twitched to Kate’s expert tongue. She fought the urge to clamp her legs down around Kate’s skull holding her in place until the she came. Natalie could already feel it happening, her entire body was tensing up, her left leg twitching slightly. “Oh God!” Natalie gasped as her back arced pushing her hips up into the air. Her eyes opened wide trying to keep control of her body. She couldn’t keep herself from thrashing around on the bed eventually crossing her legs around Kate’s skull holding her perfectly in place while Natalie ground a blinding orgasm out on her tongue.

It felt like it was less than a second of blinding white passion but for Kate it lasted a bit longer as Natalie squeezed her head tight then released her and collapsed onto the bed. Kate left her head there between Natalie’s thighs using one as a pillow. “That good?” She boasted rather than asked.

“Better.” Natalie responded and then there was a knock at the door.

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