25 Mayıs 2022

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 09

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This story does involve bodily functions and so falls into the BDSM world as well as the Fetish sphere. Those offended by this kind of thing should read no further. Background is provided but will be fuller if you read the earlier chapters, but the story can be read on its own.


Karen had returned from work at her usual time and immediately received a phone call from Jamie, her husband, telling her that he would be home very soon, too. The couple had settled into a domesticity that belied the origin of their relationship. Karen, now 26, as was Jamie, had been drawn by her neighbor, Jamie’s Aunt Claire, into supervising Jamie when he came to live with Claire and was seeking a job.

Claire, now in her mid-30s, had made it clear to Karen that she wanted the younger woman to take charge of her nephew, who was sloppy and seemingly satisfied with being unemployed and at leisure in Claire’s comfortable home next door to Karen’s less grand residence. Her supervision would include, Claire had told Karen, monitoring of Jamie’s intimate habits, including the bathroom, and the authority to discipline him as appropriate, including spanking and caning.

Karen had taken on the challenge and Jamie had shaped up, mentally as well as physically, and secured an excellent position, at which he was succeeding by all accounts. A few months after this, the two had been living together long enough to decide to get married, which they did soon thereafter.

They continued to live in Karen’s house, next door to Claire’s, and were joined without advance notice by Jamie’s sister Kathy, who knocked on their door one day, apparently down and out. Karen overcame Jamie’s objections and told Kathy she could live with them if like Jamie, she conscientiously searched for a good job. Until then she would subject to Karen’s supervision, discipline, and monitoring of her intimate functions.

Karen went upstairs to the master bedroom and took off her work clothes and unhooked her bra, which had felt tight. She knew she needed to exercise more and promised herself she would start wearing a Fitbit. She lay down on the bed on her side, leaving her sheer white hicut panties the only clothing she had on.

Soon, Jamie entered and closed the door behind him.

“If I weren’t already a panty fetishist,” he smilingly told his wife, recalling how she had made him wear her soiled panties while she was supervising him, “staring at your fabulous white undies stretched across that beautiful bottom would make me one,” he offered.

Karen turned round to face him and held her arms open, her pleasant-sized 34B breasts aiming right at his glance. Jamie almost fell into her arms, grasping round her torso with his strong arms and holding her tight.

“Is Kathy home yet?” Karen asked, wondering if Jamie’s sister, for whom he had little use because his own growing up years had been ruined by the cruelty with which Kathy and his mother had treated him, had secured a job. During her search Karen had agreed to let her live with them, but she was subject to the same control Karen had exercised over Jamie before he obtained his excellent position and later married his dominatrix.

“No,” Jamie answered, “maybe she actually landed something.”

Soon they heard the front door open and close and Karen rose and put her robe on to see if it was Kathy who had entered. She went downstairs to check and found Kathy in a radiant mood.

“I may be close to having a job,” Kathy said gaily. “The interviews went really well and I expect to hear tomorrow or the next day.”

“That’s wonderful,” Karen smiled. “But I want to inspect you now to see if you are taking care of yourself.”

Kathy grimaced but responded to Karen’s humiliating reference by lifting her suit skirt and yanking down her plain white panties.

Karen casino siteleri gazed down and saw some urine stains in the crotch and worse yet, a long brown streak right across the rear panel.

“You didn’t wipe well enough, Kathy, after you both peed and shat,” Karen intoned very coldly. “I hope you get this job but I won’t have you acting like a spoiled teenager who stains her panties with abandon.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Karen,” Kathy answered in a plaintive voice. “I know I need to do better but I suppose I was in a hurry when I used the ladies’ before my interviews.”

Not caring how much she embarrassed Kathy, Karen answered, “You will pay more attention to your wiping, Kathy. I don’t care if you cream your undies but I will not have pee stains or poop or reminders of your period when I check your underpants.”

Kathy’s face reddened and Karen then announced that she would punish Kathy in their bedroom.

“Is my brother home?” Kathy asked with trepidation.

“He is indeed,” Karen answered, “and he will see you get smacked on your naughty bottom.” She didn’t bother adding that Kathy would be further embarrassed by other impositions Karen had in mind for the 30-year-old.

“Can’t you punish me in my room or your private room?” Kathy pleaded. “It really is so awful for him to see me get it on my bare bottom and then he sees my lady bits and everything.”

“Coming from you,” Karen snapped, “and don’t think I don’t know how you and your mom used to smack his little penis just to get some amusement—that is quite rich, dear.”

Kathy now shuddered at Karen’s reminding her of her role in Jamie’s awful childhood and she realized she had better terminate this line of pleading.

The two appeared in the master bedroom and Karen told Jamie that Kathy had “naughty marks” in her panties and was going to be punished.

She then took his sister across her lap and pulled down the offending panties, pointing out the stains to Jamie, who was not very interested but also realized this was getting him quite hard.

Karen began to spank and also poke her finger into Kathy’s cute little anal rosebud. Kathy’s bottom was now getting as red as her face and she began quietly pleading for the spanking to end. Karen stopped and then picked up her ivory hairbrush and began applying the business side to Kathy’s red bottom, causing Kathy to burst out in tears and plead to Karen to stop.

Then Kathy again had the horrid realization that Karen’s finger had stimulated her anal muscles and she needed to use the toilet soon if she were not to have an awful shaming accident over Karen’s lap.

“Miss Karen,” she pleaded in a small voice, “I realize that I need to go, need to make doody,” she added using the childish term Karen required of her.

“You have been naughty and are still being punished, Kathy,” Karen said, “but I will allow you to sit on the little potty over there and do your business in front of us, after which I will wipe you so you finally learn to clean yourself properly after you use the potty.”

Kathy crouched over the humiliating plastic child’s potty Karen had purchased for the 30-year-old’s use. She heard her pee spurt out and hit the bottom of the potty, bouncing back on her bottom cheeks, and then an embarrassing plop followed as she excreted a long bowel movement.

“Are you quite finished?” Karen asked.

“Yes, Miss Karen,” Kathy answered in a most submissive manner.

“Then you may bend over me and keep your legs apart so I may wipe your private places,” Karen answered as she watched Kathy get up and place herself carefully over Karen’s lap again. Karen took some tissue and carefully cleaned Kathy’s dirty bottom-hole and then ran a clean piece of toilet tissue through her labia and picked up any stray pee drops there.

“You may now show slot oyna us the potty,” Karen continued, as Karen shamefully picked up the little potty and held it out for Karen and Jamie to observe.

“A nice healthy movement,” Karen commented, “you may take it to deposit in the toilet and flush.”

While she was gone, Karen reached under her robe and removed her shiny panties.

She looked at the shame-faced Kathy and pointed down between her legs. Kathy knew she now needed to get down on her knees and please Karen. Kathy did just that and began lapping Karen’s already soppy split. Occasionally Karen would press Kathy’s face deeper into her wide open vulva and urged her to curl her tongue to probe deeper into Karen’s vagina. Soon this resulted in Karen’s enjoying a wonderful orgasm.

Jamie watched as this progressed. He knew that Karen, just like his aunt, had something of a dominant streak, but he enjoyed the little things she would do that disclosed it during their own intimate moments. Karen might spank him playfully or insert her long finger into his bottom-hole; when she reached his prostate, he knew he would have difficulty not ejaculating immediately.

Kathy was not happy that she had been forced by her own poor planning and managing to come to plead for help from her brother and his wife. She did appreciate what they were doing for her and she sincerely regretted her earlier role as tormentor of her younger brother. And she had to admit to herself that this was all motivating her greatly to get a job and move on. She knew that paybacks were hell and having to lick her sister-in-law’s asshole after the latter had used the toilet made Kathy think that she was speedily making up for her earlier offenses.


The next day, Kathy happily awaited what she expected would be a positive call-back. When the call came, however, she was on the line briefly and then ran to her room and lay on her bed in tears. The person at the office where she expected to be hired told her that someone in the firm had recognized her as “the woman who was whoring at the bar” a few weekends ago. She now was berating herself for allowing herself to sink to the level of behavior which she had done.

Karen overheard her crying and came in to see what was wrong. When Kathy told her, she took the slightly older woman in her arms and held her tight and assured her that she and Jamie loved her in spite of everything and that they would make sure she got the right position soon. Despite knowing how Claire felt about Kathy, Karen decided to involve her neighbor now in resolving this situation.

She contacted Claire at her office and arranged to meet her for lunch. Both women came from their offices to an exclusive club where Claire held a membership. The receptionist smiled when she saw Karen, admiring her tasteful conservative outfit and cheerily directing her to Claire’s table, one of the best-positioned in the dining room.

“So you want me to use my connections to place this naughty, nasty piece of spoiled crumpet?” Claire began the conversation somewhat unpropitiously, Karen thought.

“I know she has a bad track record both with Jamie and you, and now in terms of acquiring a truly negative reputation,” Karen responded, conceding that Kathy was not the most sympathetic case.

“You two took her in,” Claire continued. “I would not give her the time of day to stay in my home.”

“Claire, really, she’s certainly competent and has held good jobs previously,” Karen contended. “And, besides, if we do this for her, she will be susceptible to continuing to serve us in any manner we may wish.”

Claire’s eyes twinkled. Karen realized that for Claire, the prospect of using her niece as a sex slave did have some appeal. So she proceeded along this line, but Claire responded as expected.

“Yes, canlı casino siteleri that is an attractive proposition, Karen,” Claire began. “I will volunteer to use some of my contacts and get her placed. If she is as good as you say, she will impress my contact and do well. But you will make it clear to her that she will be in debt to us and how she will pay us…on a continuing basis.”

Karen enjoyed the rest of their lunch and then repaired to her office and finally got home.

When she walked into her house, Kathy was in the living room and smiling.

“Karen, I was called in by a company I never expected to respond, one of those many letters I had sent,” she exclaimed.

Karen grinned and told Kathy that this was likely for real. She quietly told Kathy too that she had spoken to Claire and this was likely the result of Claire’s making a call or two on her behalf.

“I can’t believe she did that,” Kathy gushed. “She’s being strangely nice and helpful.”

Karen figured there was no reason to hide the obvious. “Kathy,” she began, “this job offer will be real and you will do well because we know you can. You will also owe Claire. She will expect some continuing service from you. Probably it isn’t an unreasonable price for what she’s doing for you.”

“Can I stay here?” Kathy asked plaintively. “I’m somewhat scared of her; I know she doesn’t really like me.”

“She doesn’t, but I think she will come to accept you,” Karen confided. “I do think she did this because I pressed her but I think you will show her that she has won some points for sending her contact someone who is worth the investment.”

“You can stay here,” Karen said, knowing Jamie would not be happy, “but expect that Claire may want you in her house on a weekend now and then.”

Kathy did get the job and Claire did stop by, compliment her, and advised Karen to let Kathy know she needed to spend the next weekend with Claire.

When Kathy arrived Friday evening, she was shaking and was afraid she would pee her panties from fear. Claire welcomed her warmly and then told her to strip to bra and panties.

Kathy grew very fearful but did what she was told.

Claire then motioned for the younger woman to get across her lap. When Kathy was put in this ignominious position, Claire began to spank, first softly and then more harshly. She ultimately pulled down Kathy’s panties and took them off. Armed with her little riding crop, she began aiming the crop between Kathy’s thighs and snapped the crop a few times right on Kathy’s pussy.

Then she reached up and unhooked Kathy’s bra and told her to stand up at attention.

Kathy was now hurting from the spanking on her ass cheeks, and her pussy was burning from Claire’s crop. Each time the crop hit her most sensitive spot, she now let out a scream to which her punisher was totally impervious.

“You were willing to be a whore and I intend to break you and retrain you,” Claire said.

Kathy answered in a low voice that she never wanted to be wanton but she was down and out.

“You can never allow yourself to do that again,” Claire responded abruptly.

Then she told Kathy what the first step in her retraining would involve. She held out a pair of black lycra panties that looked like Spanx. But Kathy saw that they had two little bumps in the crotch near where the panties would cover the wearer’s vaginal and rectal openings.

Claire now carefully attached two prongs—each several inches long and relatively thin for dildoes (which they were)—to the little bumps inside the panty crotch. Then she helped Kathy put them on and watched as the dildoes slipped easily into Kathy’s vaginal and anal openings.

“These are called training panties, sweetie,” Claire said with a grin. “You’re going to wear them this weekend and perhaps during the week so that you remember to keep your private parts private. Of course, I may allow you to take them off from time to time: when you are given a toilet break, for example. And also when you start to receive my strapons.”

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