28 Mayıs 2022

Just in Time Valentine

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If the world were to be,
a blossoming plum tree.
I would pick but one,
and that blossom, you,
I will hold, cherish and love.

By Justin.


“I can not believe I have to re-write that love poem,” Justin said as Rose laid the paper down. “I have a hard time writing a LOVE poem. I’ve never experienced…” Silence filled the room.

“Well Justin, perhaps he wanted, more. Look on the bright side, at least he is allowing you the opportunity to re-write it.” Rose relayed as she brushed back her long black hair behind her shoulders, settled into her perched hands and began thinking.

Justin paced back and forth across the floor with nervous energy that mirrored his whirling thoughts. He ran his hand through his short sandy blond hair as if trying to bring the creative thought waves to life. Spinning on his heels as he turned and faced Rose.

“I have till tomorrow morning to come up with a poem that will bring my grade up to a passing level. What in the ‘Hell’ am I going to do?” His frustration showed in every muscle on his face.

“Come here,” Rose said as she stood up and took Justin by the hand. She led him to the couch and sat, motioning for him to do the same.

Beams of sunlight flickered through the large living room windows as the trees outside swayed to the wind’s touch. Filtering the rays that speckled the house with colors that illuminated the room in a reddish hue, which lit up the furniture as well as their faces.

“What do you see?” Rose asked. Her blue eyes stared directly into his brown pools of curiosity. His passion churned like a vortex of confusion. Holding tightly to restraint for he did not want to expose the feelings he had for her.

“The sun is going down and making the light sparkle red colors in the room,” Justin said with a tone that questioned his correctness. Rose offered to help him write a poem for a passing grade and that should have been foremost on his mind but it was not. Her beauty sitting so close to him was the words that his heart was singing, as his lips moved, “…and I see you!”

“Mix what you see with what you feel, what do you feel?” Rose asked. She sat back a little more relaxed, examining Justin as a doctor would a patient. Looking for the proper treatment that would release the river of poetry from Justin that she was sure everyone posses.

“I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face?” Justin said.

“How does that make you feel?” Rose asked.

Justin wrestled with the words to describe how he felt about her that clashed with the thoughts of what to say in response to her question. “I feel …like I am going to fail.”

Rose giggled at his reply as she reached down and took Justin’s hand and pulled it to her chest. Opening up his fingers with hers and placing his palm directly to lie upon her left breast.

“Now, what do you feel,” Rose said with a seductive smile. Her head tilted downward slightly in a giggle before she sat up straight and projected the seriousness of her teachings.

Justin’s heart pounded so loudly he couldn’t hear his mind’s suggestions for the words to reply with. His hot palm lay molded around her firm breast as he thought about his finger’s touch much more than what he was going to say to her.

“I feel your breast?” Justin said with uncertainty.

“Wrong answer,” Rose said with a tone of disappointment. She gazed upward and around the room as if looking for the answer she was seeking. Justin’s body and soul was focused on one thing. “I tell you what. We are going to play a game. I’ll ask a question and every time you get it right, I’ll remove an article casino oyna of clothing. For every question you get wrong, I’ll put something back on.”

Justin’s heart was rapidly pounding, his mind became a whirlwind of suppressed passion ready to explode into action. “Okay,” he replied.

Rose continued to look around the room as if trying to ignore the feelings of Justin’s hot hand upon her breast. Then she shot her eyes towards his. She reached down and took his hand from her chest. Justin’s heart sank as he allowed her the freedom of guiding his hand away. Rose toyed with a button on her blue blouse with one hand while holding his with the other. Pulling her blouse outward a bit and then her bra. She guided Justin’s hand into her shirt and placed it on her bare breast. She slid closer to Justin, looking him square in the eyes and laid her hand on his leg.

“Now! Describe what you feel.” Rose said as her lips come mere inches away from Justin’s. His delight radiated in his smile. They peered into each other’s eyes like two statues facing each other.

“The softness of a woman’s heart beating, held in the palm of my hand,” Justin replied.

“Good!” Rose said with a pleased tone. She began unbuttoning her blouse fully and pulled it off of her body while Justin’s hand never moved from under her bra. “Now…” she said as she allowed the blouse to fall like a petal from a blue rose. She turned towards Justin and leaned into him closely.

Rose slowly moved forward, till her lipstick red lips touched Justin’s. She pressed even more and then licked her tongue across his as she leaned back wards, slowly.

“How did that make you feel? Don’t strain with poetry but instead let your thoughts and emotions pour from your lips like water to a thirsty soul,” Rose said with a huge smile across her face, while shy eyes winked a duet. Casting suggestive encouragement in her words.

“A flood of emotions fill my mind,” Justin said as he sank into his thoughts. Looking into Rose’s eyes and noting the pleased look on her face fueled his train of words that began to pour from his mouth. “Sky rocketing thoughts stream across my mind faster than I can calculate them. Shooting stars of passion and urges that clash and spring forth fears of rejection or broken hearts that scurry to the shadows as my desires rise.”

“Very good!” Rose said in a pleased manner. She stood, which forced Justin to remove his moist, hot palm. Unzipping her jeans she slowly wiggled free of them as they fell upon her blouse. She flung her long black hair behind her and sat back down.

Justin’s eyes were fixed on the matching baby blue bra and panties as Rose moved in even closer and slung a leg over Justin’s. She took his hand and placed it on her leg. Pushing and pulling it over her skin in a petting motion to promote his continuance.

“What would you do if I offered you this leg?” Rose asked.

Justin had a look of total concentration upon his face. His mind raced to find the correct answer while his eyes scanned her sleek long leg that draped across his. His hand slowly rode across her silky skin as he felt of her softness. From her ankle to her thigh he trailed his fingers over the plane of her flesh.

“I would kiss it,” Justin replied casually.

“That’s all?” Rose said with disappointment and reached down for her blouse.

“Wait!” Justin thought a moment then lowered his head to her leg and began kissing her just above the knee. He kissed her several times as he worked his way up her thigh. Rose sat back into the couch and instinctively opened her legs slightly.

“I would ravage, yet savor the flavor, of slot oyna bringing you pleasure.” Justin said as he slid from the couch and knelt. His lips lay here and there upon her long silky, tanned leg. Rose reached and grasped his head lightly, pulling him into her desires as her legs opened wider.

His lips lightly pressed a kiss between her legs several times then he raised his head and looked at Rose and began pulling her panties downward. She arched her back and raised slightly as Justin removed them and began kissing her again in random pecks.

“Next question,” Rose said smiling. Justin’s lips were pressed against her flesh as he shot her a look. “How do I taste?” Her grin equaled his as he raised up slightly to speak.

He glanced between her legs then lowered his head slowly. Justin’s tongue rolled out as his wide-open mouth. He took a long licking swipe of Rose’s lips of love and then looked at her. He lowered his head again for another taste, then another. Succulently pressing into her harder and vibrantly.

Rose sank into the couch fully while grasping Justin’s hair lightly and pulling him into her more. She moaned out her pleasure as his tongue slid between her folds and flickered as he raised his head up slightly.

“Scrum-Dilly-Lick-sious,” Justin said while licking his lips.

“What?” Rose’s eyes opened.

“Scrum-Dilly-Lick-sious. You asked, how you tasted?” Justin smiled while his fingers fondled a hardened wet nub, his other hand finger toiled her neatly shave bush.

Rose smiled and reached for Justin’s head and pulled him between her legs to continue. Justin raised back up.

“You going to remove your bra?” Justin asked with a big smile.

“Oh, yes,” Rose said smiling back. She raised up enough to slip her arm behind her and unsnapped her bra then pulled it from her body and tossed it to wards her pants. “There!” Rose said in a giggle.

Justin’s eyes ravished her exposed breasts as his tongue frolic with her portal of passion. Slipping a finger into her slightly, while lapping at the folds of her labia. Justin felt her wetness with gliding, sliding and deeply pressed fingers. His hand trailed across her skin to her breast and his fingers folded around her soft firm flesh.

“Take your clothes off,” Rose said in a frantic tone. Justin raised up and instantly yanked his T-shirt from his body. Then fumbled with the button on his jeans.

“Poetry is like sex,” Rose said.

“Huh?” Justin replied as he tried to pull his pants off but found he could not get them past his shoes. Quickly he sat and began to untie and remove them.

“Poetry is like sex. Before you can do it you have to decide what position ‘or structure’ your going to do it in. Like; Missionary would be… a sonnet, or the sixty-nine position might be a Limerick or a quickie could be Haiku. The woman on top … perhaps a Prose and free style … well!” Rose said as Justin stood and removed his boxers.

“How do you want it, teacher?” Justin said with an eager and slightly panting tone, after doing the fifty-yard dash in his clothes removal relay.

“Missionary with a slow meter ending with a fast flow and orgasmic ending,” Rose said grinning. She raised up and sat on the edge of the couch. Justin’s cock was a mere inches from her face. Her lips curled even more as his muscle rose higher.

Her long slender fingers wrapped around his stiffening form while her other hand milked her breast, trying to satisfy its need for attention. Leaning forward with her mouth open wide, she engulfed Justin’s cock and pulled back slightly. In a medium pace she pulled his love muscle as she licked his crown canlı casino siteleri and slit.

Justin became fully hard and erect as Rose took him into her mouth again and began rocking slightly to a beat as his cock pressed between her lips then pulled out. She gently rubbed his balls with a cupped hand, in a massaging manner while she drove her head forward then backward.

“I want you now.” Justin said with urgency, lightly pushing Rose back onto the couch. She slid back to the corner where she had been and spread her legs. Justin lay on top of her with eager lips, kissing her breast, nipple, shoulder, neck, cheek and lips.

Rose continually held Justin’s pillar of passion, as he grew nearer she guided him to her desires. Their lips met and kissed passionately as he entered the ‘O’ in her L’o’ve. Their tongues twirled as their bodies pressed into each other in a lover’s dance with an orchestrated passionate rhythm that began two souls gently colliding.

Rose’s fingers grasped Justin’s back and held tightly to blend with his strides. The room dimmed as the sun set and their eyes closed while their hearts opened and their love blossomed. A chorus of moans and pants in harmony with one another echoed from the halls as they gripped the moment in love’s embrace.

“I like your flow, it is shear poetry,” Rose snickered. Justin pressed into her with quick deep driving thrusts. His body became tense and strained. “I like Haiku,” Rose said with a huge smile as Justin’s body went limp. Molding his frame upon hers in total relaxation.

Justin laid his head on Rose’s chest as if listening to her heart while his body quivered in orgasmic shivers. Kissing her neck, shoulder and breast then kissing her lips as he slid in retreat.

“Where you going?’ Rose asked.

“To write a poem,” Justin grinned.

Rose curled up into a comfortable ball and pulled the blanket from the back of the couch. She covered herself and settled into watching Justin walk over to the table and sit down.

He laid the keyboard in his lap and began typing. She smiled as if angels were singing. A few taps on his temple of motivation and his hands run through his hair to fire up the creative electrons in the brain. He tapped at the keys and glanced around the room. He looked out the window at the moon and the darkness of a new night. Rose lay in silence while she watched him wrestle with his passion.

He emerged from the table and pulled the paper from the typewriter and walked over to Rose and handed her his poem. Rose took the paper and sat up slightly and read;

My Valentine;
Darkness dimmed by the illumination of the moon’s glow, through the window. Slivers of reflective light graces the sheet, highlighting the valleys in the fabric’s wrinkles like thoughts and emotions not shared.

Two lovers wrestled with each other’s passion and desires in the ring of compromise. Tasting and savoring each other’s flavor to fill the hunger in two lonely hearts.

An acoustical chorus sang in light ‘moans’ and ‘gasps’ as flesh met with flesh in a tight muscled grip, skin kissing skin while four lips met. Eager tongues touched and rolled across each other like ladle’s scooping up portions of love. Two hearts beating like fluttering wings of a dove, in flight, seeking an erotic and tantalizing night.

The River of Ecstasy bursts through the damn of self-control and drains the passion driven current. Naked as the moonlight, behind closed doors, shadows embrace them as they lay in love’s fulfillment.

Teaching each other, each other’s needs like a rose that blossoms, then the petal falls, exposing the naked truth that there is beauty in love. For a new day may dawn, where the wind cast them like two leaves forever apart in the vastness of the Earth. For now we hold each others Valentine hearts.

Justin Time Valentine

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