21 Mayıs 2022

Just Another Jog

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“C’mon man, I’m tired, I’m sweaty, and I smell, let me take a shower first.” I say, feebly fighting off your wandering hands after seeing me come back inside from a jog in some red gym shorts and a sweat-soaked T-shirt. The fitted fabric clings to my still-heaving chest while my thighs tense and relax back to normal, make my butt jiggle ever-so slightly. You gaze over my body and immediately notice the impression of my thick dick, hanging freely and softly against my thigh.

Once I catch you checking me out I smile and kick off my shoes. You obviously thought I was just playing hard to get when you pinned me against the wall and hooked your thumbs in my waistband. I’ve never felt my butt pop out of shorts that fast when your hands jerked them down just enough to support my fleshy buns. But what you also find is the tight elastic band of the g-string I’m wearing. Eyebrows shoot up unconvincingly until you feel around for the string above my crack.

“A g-string?” you ask quietly. I look at you.

“Well you said you liked the way they looked on me.” I reply sincerely. Our lips meet and our tongues quickly join in the tango. Your fingertips envelope my cheeks in every direction and kneed them like dough. My eyes roll back slightly and my dick takes a jump in my shorts. You’ve learned my biggest turn-on: a bun massage.

You sandwich me against the wall and kiss me hard, lifting me mere inches by my ass. I gasp and try to catch my breath, thrown a little off guard by your dominating masculine behavior. My 2nd biggest turn-on.

My dick is already at half-stock by the time our lips meet again and you dig your fingernails into my cheeks. I practically spurt at the burn. I wrap a thigh around your side and pull you close. I thought, “My God, I already want this man inside my pussy…my uh boypussy. Oh, but if it were casino siteleri a real pussy, I’d love it even more, and the condoms stay in the drawer like always.” Ring! Ring! I’m slapped out of my gaze by the vibrating ring tone of my cell phone against my leg. I push you back enough to break body contact and reach into my pocket, accidentally grabbing my solid shaft before finding the cell phone and opening it.

It’s mom.

My eyes go wide and I force your advancements back. “Knock it off, it’s my mom.” I say hushly. You seem to take it as a challenge instead of an order, made obvious by your hands repopulating my butt and going to town on it. I ignore you and turn away, still leaned against the wall as I take the call.

“Hi Mom, what’s up?…Oh not much, I just finished jogging with a friend and we’re…uh I’m about to take a shower.” You smile sinisterly and press your whole front against my back. I try my best to speak normally, tensing up even more as one hand roams across my stomach and chest. Your face sneaks in next to mine and whispers, “Tell her who your with.” I shake my head quickly and take a step away form you, my whole body shaking with tension. You take hold of me and pull me into your chest again.

“Tell her, be a good boy.”

“No!” I scream at you under my breath and turn away again. You grin and watch your own hands slither down my back towards my round buns. One hand takes hold of my left bun and pulls it as far from the right as it can. My body trembles even more.

“No mom I’m fine, I’m just tired I guess.” I stutter out, focusing entirely on my tone of voice remaining calm and as unlike a boy about to be butt-fucked and love it as can be. Evidently that wasn’t enough.

With your middle standing tall and alone, you aim its tip at the center of my puckered lil rosebud. And in one slot oyna swift movement you force the whole finger inside me to knuckle. I can’t fight the girlish yelp that erupted from my mouth. It follows by a long agonizing moan and then silence. You lean in once again and whisper, “Tell her.” My hesitance lasts no longer than the time it took to take a breath.

“Mom, I’m with my daddy lover. He just…shoved his finger in my butt.” I whimper into the phone. You smile and nod.

” ‘And he is going to fuck my boy butt bareback tonight, and I’ll love it.’ ” You recite for me into my ear. I take in another shaky breath, trying to ignore the confused remarks of my mom emitting from the phone. Your middle begins to massage my anal passage in circles. My knees shake as you hold me closer.

“And he’s…going to fuck me bare…bareback, tonight! And I’m gonna love it, all of it!” I instantly snap shut my phone and toss it on the floor. You grab me by the shoulders and turn me to face you. We embrace tightly, peeling each other’s shirts off over our heads. You give my bare butt a nice slap. Your hands push down on my shoulders and I go down with them, and so taking your shorts with me, letting your hard dick finally breathe some fresh air. I waste no time going at it like a hungry dog. Your not surprised I’ve learned to suck your cock so well, you knew these lips were meant to satisfy man meat since you first saw them years back.

“All the way down now, you’ll need it all wet.” I try to accommodate you and push as much of you in my throat as I can. You moan and nod approvingly, a grin spreading across your face.

You pull your cock from my mouth and stand me back up. A few quick kisses are all I have before I’m bent over the living room chair. Surprisingly enough, this is the only piece of furniture in the room we haven’t canlı casino siteleri had sex on.

I spread my thighs wide and your hands hold my cheeks as far apart as they will go. You kiss the hole and wipe your tongue all over its puckered entrance. I loosen it for you and your tongue scurries in to my wet pink flesh. My growing moans and whimpers drown out ring tone from my phone. You flitter-fuck my hole with your tongue before standing back up and licking your lips clean. With your right hand, you carefully aim the dickhead attached to a masterpiece of cock. My mouth and cock drool freely now.

I try holding myself to the chair as you begin to push. This is always the toughest part but once you pop inside me its wonderful. Uuuhh Oww…w…wOoooo. My assring makes room for your invading member as it continues its journey, easing inch my inch deeper inside your boy. I feel as if my organs and insides are being pushed out of the way to make room for your beautiful girth. My ass burns and tingles as you expand me from the inside out.

Slowly you attempt in and out motions, slowly at first. I moan even deeper at that so you continue, more and more each time. I feel your hips pound into my balls once, then twice. Eventually every thrust is a pound of your entire cock into my body. The tightness of my boy hole on your manhood is like a hallway of suction cups, pulling and teasing your cock from every direction. My balls tighten in their sack and my dick surges upward. Cum squirts out like a water pistol all over the seat cochin and my stomach. I feel a hard spank on my right bun, thanking me for being such a good boy.

The fucking continues, neither of our dicks losing their erections. I felt like an Oreo when I passed out that night, having had numerous loads of your white stuff injected in me. You had gaped me so well your dick spent the night inside me.

Every time I think of how screwed I am once I go home, I’m reminded of why I said what I said, and my dick grows instantly, in search of another hot fuck with my special man.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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