21 Mayıs 2022

Joey Pt. 02

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Big Tits

I had finished a week long ticket out of the Employment Office’s day labor office, which was five consecutive ten hour days of construction clean-up at ten dollars an hour. The three hundred fifty dollars I was paid at the end of the week would pay off the remainder of my rent for the month with plenty of money left over. For the first time in weeks, I was flush and not in danger of losing my little room on the second floor.

After getting paid up at the front desk, I decided to hit one of the local gay bars for a couple of beers, then headed over to the Greyhound Bus Depot to see what was going down in the bathroom. It was quick, anonymous sex with guys passing through that I usually ran into there. I was hungry for sex, any kind of sex, as long as it didn’t mean having it with someone who wanted something more. I didn’t like explaining my deadbeat life to others, which is what would end up happening if I went home with someone from the bar.

I was standing around, waiting my turn at the urinals when he entered. He was wearing a pale pink polo over a pair of khaki pants. His raven black hair was still impeccably styled, his brown loafers looking as if he had just purchased them. I remembered the way it felt to have his luscious lips wrapped around my cock and instantly chubbed up.

He stood in line and I noticed a number of guys giving him the eye. He was beautiful, to be sure, and young to boot. I wouldn’t have any luck hooking up with anyone as long this hot, young Latino was in play, so I deserted my place in line and left. About two blocks away, I stopped at a bus stop and lit up a joint. If I couldn’t get laid, I could get high. Life was all about options.

I waved the bus on as it approached, hiding my joint behind me. As it passed, I took another hit and relaxed, knowing it was the last bus in the night line-up.

That’s when I saw him, running in my direction. There were a couple of guys chasing him, and they didn’t look like they wanted to get their dicks sucked. Without thinking, I dropped my joint and rushed to his defense.

Growing up in the Bible Belt, surrounded by rednecks and Bible thumpers, learning how to fight was a matter of necessity. Besides, I out-weighed them both by a good fifty pounds, all of it hard earned muscle. I may not have the body of a body builder, but I was strong as an ox and didn’t take shit from no man.

I passed him, focused on the first guy, who didn’t slow his step as I approached. I balled up my fist and hit him head on in a near run, sending him to the ground in a heap of human flesh. I continued on to meet with his friend, who stopped running and was looking around. I couldn’t tell if he was looking for a makeshift weapon or an escape route. I didn’t slow my pace.

“Get the fuck away!” I demanded as I approached him. There was nothing I hated more than a fag basher. “And take your buddy with you. There won’t be any violence here tonight unless it’s me kicking your skinny worthless ass.”

The guy looked scared, thankfully, and started backing up. A sly smile stretched across his face, betraying what was happening behind me. I turned and met his friend face to face, striking him quickly in the jaw, once again knocking him to the ground. I ducked in time to miss the second guy’s lame attack from behind and punched him in the gut, doubling him over and sending him to his knees.

“Look guys, you’re not going to win this fight,” I reasoned with them, “I fight dirty. I will bite, pull hair, do whatever it takes to win. If you fight me, you had better be wearing casino siteleri a cup, otherwise, I’ll leave you infertile and bleeding in the streets.” To drive home my point, I kicked the first guy in the nuts with my steel toed boots. He screamed and clutched his crotch. I returned my attention to the second guy, who raised his hands in surrender.

“Okay, dude, we’ll go.” He practically screamed.

I watched him get to his feet and scramble over to his buddy, gently helping him up. Both of them scurried away into the direction from which they came. When they disappeared from sight, I turned and looked at the boy. He was standing on the corner watching what was going down. He looked both shocked and beautiful at the same time.

I approached him, looking to retrieve my joint, if I could find it.

“Thank you,” he said to me as I walked past him. I ignored him, focused on finding my joint. “I don’t know what would have happened if they had caught up with me.”

“You need to be more careful of who you try to hook up with.” I told him, finding my half smoked joint and lighting it up again.

“That’s just it, though. I wasn’t hitting on them. They just started following me as I left the bus station. When I realized what was happening, I started running.”

I looked at him. He was visibly trembling from the event, so I offered him a hit off the joint. He waved it away.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “You look like you could use it.”

He changed his mind and gingerly took the joint from me. I watched him take a hit. He took another hit and handed it back to me.

“Maybe they saw you hooking up with another guy.”

“I didn’t hook up with any guy,” he informed me hotly, “The guy I had my eyes on left before I had a chance.”

It occurred to me that he could have been talking about me. Maybe he recognized me from when he sucked me off a week prior. I smiled to myself and took another hit, offering him what was left of the joint. He took it and finished it off.

“What time is it?” he asked as he sat down next to me and looked at his watch. “Oh, shit, I missed my bus.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know,” he answered. A moment of silence passed between us before he continued. “Do you live nearby?”

Even stoned I knew where he was going with this line of questioning, and I would have obliged taking him back to my room, fucking him senseless, but my hotel had strict rules about visitors.

“I’m staying at Traveler’s Hotel,” I told him honestly, “Room 209, but they don’t allow visitors to go to the rooms.”

“Oh, okay then.”

“You stuck out here until morning?” I asked, feeling sympathy for him. My high was in full force, and I was still horny. I tried to think of some way to sneak him up to my room.

“Unless I call a cab, but I don’t have my phone with me.”

“I don’t have a phone,” I informed him. It was something I couldn’t afford, but desperately wanted. “I could stay with you, though, until the busses start running again. If you want the company.”

“You don’t have anywhere you need to be? What about your job? Don’t you need to go to work in the morning?”

“Naw, I work day labor jobs and just finished a week long ticket that’s put me in the black for a while. I’m taking tomorrow off. The foreman said he would call me Monday if he has more work for me. It could turn into a full time job, which would be great.”

“That does sound great. You must be a hard worker.”

“Unfortunately, hard work is all I know.”

He stood slot oyna and walked to the bus sign, examining the posted times of arrival and departure. I took the opportunity to check him out. His little bubble butt was made more obvious as he stood in silhouette. I wondered what it would be like to fuck him. If it was anything like him blowing me, I could fall in love with him easily.

We talked small talk for a while, him flirting with me and my pining for a secret moment with him. I learned his name was Joey, that he had something to do with one of the downtown restaurants, but he only mentioned that he worked at one of them, not indicating what he did exactly. I assumed he was embarrassed to admit he waited tables.

We walked around downtown together, kissing and groping each other in dark doorways and other secluded spaces. I tried desperately to convince him to suck me off without being too forward, but he always politely refused. We walked along the deserted Riverwalk, holding hands like lovers, cuddling on benches where we talked about our childhoods and what the high school experience was like for us. By the time the busses were running again, we knew quite a lot about each other, and my fondness for him grew beyond wanting to get into his pants.

Making our way back to the bus stop, I prepared myself for saying good-bye to him. It was a night I’d always remember, time spent with a hot guy that wasn’t just about sex. I had never really had that experience before, and I wasn’t sure what to do now that it was over. Did I kiss him good-bye? Did I go home with him? What did he want from me?

“Well, I guess this is good-bye,” I told him as his bus approached.

“You don’t want to come to my place and fuck me?” He asked, giving my crotch a quick, sly squeeze. My cock responded immediately, growing hard in the tight confines of my pants. “I’m not ready for tonight to end.”

“It’s morning now,” I smiled, “but I guess we could extend the night for as long as the sun will allow us.”

The doors swung open and we boarded, each of us flashing our bus passes. I followed Joey to a seat and sat down next to him in the nearly empty bus. No sooner than the bus was in motion did Joey place his hand on my crotch, rubbing the thick mound of encased flesh seductively, invitingly, all the while staring out the window as if nothing was going on. He was driving me out of my mind with lust, and he damned well knew it.

The bus continued on its route outside the boundaries of downtown and into an upper middleclass neighborhood. I was surprised when he reached up and pulled the bell to signal our stop. Once off the bus, we walked up the driveway of an apartment complex and was soon at his door. He smiled at me as he unlocked the door.

The apartment was not what I was expecting. It was carefully decorated with high end furniture, some of it obviously very old. There were paintings hanging on the walls that clearly came from a high-end gallery. On one side of the living room was a short staircase that led to an upper floor. It wasn’t an apartment, but a town house.

Joey quickly kissed me, distracting me from the interior’s décor, and started unbuckling my belt. I helped him get at his prize and quickly pulled my pants to the knees. He admired my cock, once more playing with it before taking it into his mouth. His lips and tongue worked my hard flesh with the expert motions I expected from him. Being as horny and worked up as I was, it wasn’t long before he brought me to the edge of orgasm. I pulled him off me and stood canlı casino siteleri him up.

“I didn’t come all this way for a blow job,” I told him, working at getting his pants off.

Shucking out of his pants, he turned around, presenting me with his ass. It was small, round, muscular. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined it, I wasted no time lining my cock up with his hole, spitting on the little pink orifice for lube.

His rectum opened up to me like an old friend, but it fit my cock snugly. I sunk my length into him slowly, in case he needed to adjust before pumping into him with the merciless lust that drove my passions. I fucked him hard, seeking only my own pleasure.

“Oh, god, yes!” he screamed as I fucked him in short thrusts, keeping my length buried in him, “Fuck me hard! Give me your cock!”

I started fucking him with long, hard strokes, making him feel every inch I had to offer. He screamed with pleasure.

“Cum inside me,” he begged, “Impregnate me with your babies.”

The idea of impregnating him caused me to slow my assault on his love tunnel, but only for a moment. He wanted my seed, and I wanted to give it to him. With one last thrust, I emptied myself into him, a wave of pleasure sweeping my body. I thought I’d never finish cumming, unable to move even when I did.

After I recovered from the intensity of my orgasm, I thrust into him in a slow, grinding motion for a while longer, not wanting to be finished with him so soon. I pulled out of him with regret and pulled my pants up. We were finished with what we came here to do, and although I didn’t want it to end I had to leave.

Joey remained naked from the waist down as he showed me out. I kissed him before leaving, then began to make my way back to the bus stop, but just as I got to the sidewalk, I saw the bus heading back downtown pass by without stopping.

I stopped in my tracks and considered my options. It would be another thirty minutes before the next bus came. I could wait for it at the bus stop, or I could go back and fuck Joey again.

I turned and walked back to his apartment.

I walked slowly back to Joey’s, debating the situation and turning back toward the bus stop twice before I knocked on his door. He answered it wearing a pair of athletic shorts and nothing else.

“Hey!” I said, trying to act casually.

“What do you want?” he half smiled at me, clearly amused.

“Well, I missed my bus, you see.”


“And I thought that, um… while I was waiting, I might, um, fuck you again?”

“Again?” he nearly yelped, “You can go again already?”

“I’m already hard,” I answered, grabbing my hard-on through the denim of my jeans to prove it.

He opened the door without a word and I entered. He quickly dropped the shorts he was wearing and turned toward the wall just inside the entranceway, exposing his pretty little ass to me once more. Without a thought of foreplay, I got my jeans unfastened and guided my cock toward his willing, cum slicked hole. I pushed into him aggressively, knowing how he liked to be fucked hard.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he squealed, “Fuck me baby!”

I tore into him, giving him the best fuck I could dream up. I ground into him, fucked him deep, fucked him in long, powerful strokes. I wanted him to remember my cock when he wanted to get fucked. I wanted him to dream about me and hunt me down, if he could.

When I was finished with him, I put my spent cock away, then left the apartment without a word. I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again, but hoped our paths crossed again. I loved being inside him, enjoyed his company in a way I had never had with another guy. But even if we never met again, I had him for the night and I was thankful for the experience.

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