28 Mayıs 2022

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 03

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Ross and Claude had their yearly golf outing this coming Saturday. Where Ross decided if the boys wanted to go with them and learn to play. But to his dismay, he found out that neither Jon nor Todd liked golf. But, both did tell him that both of their sisters loved the game. So he went and searched for Jenny and Carrie. He found both in the den actually watching one of his golfing videos. He asked both if they loved golf and wanted to learn how to play, to which both loved the idea.

Both also telling him that they would love to learn the game. And hopefully they could turn out to become the next Nancy Lopez. To this he laughed, and told them all he could do was teach them some basics, that if they wanted to play like that they would have to be taught professionally. They said they would love to go and learn all they could from him and Claude. So he got both to come with him, where he was going to take Jenny and Carrie out to a golf shop to get both a set of clubs, as well as golfing attire and shoes.

At the store he was talking to the salesman that he dealt with only, explaining just what his ladies needed. So, the guy measured Jenny and Carrie, to see which length of shafts they would need. Then he asked Ross which brand of clubs they wanted. He said Wilson, and he also got both a Titleist putter and chipping wedges. With that done, he led the ladies over to where the women’s apparel was, where he told the woman what he wanted for his ladies. So she asked Jenny and Carrie which style they usually wore at home, pants or skirts, tank tops or polo.

“We both wear skirts and regular shirts. But we do like tank tops some times.” So she got both measured and led both over to where their sizes were, and stood back and let Jenny and Carrie pick what suited them. When they had some picked out, they went to the dressing room to see what each outfit would look like on them. The ladies ended up getting two skirts and one polo and a tank top, one in pink and the other in blue. Then lastly they got their shoes. Two hours after they had all their golf gear, both Jenny and Carrie were ready to learn.

For the next couple of months, Katherine had done well teaching Leslie, Jenny and Carrie the art of jewelry making. Actually they all surprised her, as fast as each picked it up. As both Ross and Claude had also done very well in teaching Jenny and Carrie how to play the great game of golf. Once they had gone above his teaching, Ross hired a great coach, who was a former pro to pick up where he left off. In just the first month James had been teaching them, both ladies had gotten very good at the game. Carrie could hit her tee shot about 235 yards, and Jenny was getting a little over 225 on hers. But what Jenny was becoming great at was her mid and scoring irons. She had already had people calling her ‘pin seeker’. Because right now she was very good at them, and if she kept up the training, she would be deadly. Jenny had already dropped a few balls in from between 120-130 years away. She could also hit the flagstick or get within 2 feet of it on 6 out of 10 attempts. Carrie wasn’t that sharp yet, but with more training, she would be just like Jenny. James also had both working on their strength, which would increase their club head speed and add more distance.

By June, both jenny and Carrie had been practicing all they could with James. They signed up for their clubs championship, on that day those two ladies made themselves known. In their very first event, they did very well, for the two rounds they played in it; Jenny had a two day score of 164, which were 20 over par. Carrie ended with a score of 171 which was 27 over. They didn’t make the cut, but everyone there was very happy for the ladies.

On July 3rd, the 4 ladies had just finished all the jewelry orders, and all were now ready to be delivered to the stores. Both Katherine and Leslie took off to deliver it all, and get the checks for each order. Katherine, as she was in her bank, making out the deposit slips out, she almost fainted when she got the grand total. She had made $162,844.00 for the jewelry. So she deposited $127,844.00 into her account and went over to see the lady who handled new accounts. Where she got Jenny and Carrie their own accounts opened up with $10,000.00 each. Then she got a cashier’s check for $15,000.00 for Leslie. When they got home, and were resting on the couch, she took out the girl’s account books.

“Here ladies these are for you.” She said handing of her ladies each their account books.

“What are they mom?” They asked.

“They are your account books; you both now have savings accounts at the bank.”

“Good lord mom! Why $10,000.00? What’s that for?’

“Dears those are for both of you. It is for all your help with all the jewelry.” Both tried to protest, saying they didn’t need it, but they knew she did. Also telling Katherine, that all their helping was too much fun to get paid for. To this, Katherine smiled and told them she was glad they had fun, and told each that casino oyna that was what a good job should be like. And not to worry, that she would get more after they sold. Then she opened her purse and handed Leslie her check.

“Here sis, this is yours.”

“Oh no, I don’t need it but you will sis.”

“Now don’t tell me I’m going to have trouble with my own sister. Dear this is what I want to do, and you earned it and deserve it too. Now please take it, and no more disagreements.”

“Alright sis, if you insist.” Leslie said and put it in her purse.

By this time both Katherine and Leslie were getting very big, both were now 5 and half months into their pregnancies. Both ladies now stayed with Katherine and Leslie to help take care of them.

“As you all know, I told each place that we wouldn’t begin to make jewelry again until after we both give birth. So, ladies, would you both like to try diving? Remember that letter you both brought home?”

“Yes we both love to.”

“Good now I’ll call Ann Cooper for you both, to see if she has time or not to still coach you ladies.” So Katherine reached over and called Mill Valley Country Club, and asked to speak with Ann. She waited while they paged Ann for her.

“Hello this is Ann Cooper, how may I help you?’ Katherine introduced herself and explained what she was calling about. Ann told her that yes; she would love to coach Jenny and Carrie, and get them ready for the competition.

“When would you want to start?” Katherine asked.

“We can start tonight if that’s alright with you. Say from 7 till 10?”

“That’s fine. We’ll see you then, and they hung up. Then she told everything to Jenny and Carrie, where both women could tell they each were very happy over this.

“Well ladies let’s let Les measure you and get your right sizes, and then we’ll go to Health’s and get you some swimsuits.” Katherine told Jenny and Carrie as Leslie reached into a drawer and got out her tape. After she was through, they all headed for Health’s.

Once there both Jenny and Carrie took their time looking at all the different styles and colors, to see which suited their moods and also looked the best on them. Both ended up choosing white over pink bikinis and one pieces. They also found the same colors in towels and shoulder bags. After they purchased the items, they all headed back home, for dinner and for the ladies to get ready for their first diving practice.

When they entered the house, all of the guys were in the den; they got up and greeted the womenfolk. Then both Ross and Claude asked where they had been.

“We went to Health’s to get our divers some suits, towels and bags.”

“Our divers?’ Ross questioned.

“Yes dear. Jenny and Carrie will be in the diving competition at the country club. They have their first practice with Ann Cooper tonight.” Katherine explained.

“Great! I hope you ladies win it.” Ross said and hugged his daughters. “Then we will have two sport athletes in both of you.”

“We will give it our best shot.” They both said and left room. When both re entered the den and sat down, they asked if they could join the conversation.

“Sure you can. It’s about you Jen, you and Todd. Claude has gotten everything fixed and now you both are now fully Hayward’s. He got your names changed for you.” Katherine told Jenny and Todd. To this Jenny got up and hugged Claude and thanked him, and then she sat back down beside Carrie. Claude told Jenny that she was very welcome and he was glad to help. Then she thought for a minute, and then looked at Ross and Katherine.

“One thing. This will make my full name exactly as, I hope this is right, Aunt Jennifer’s. How will the family act over that?”

“Jen honey, you don’t have to worry about that. Almost all of them will love it, because you will help keep her memory alive. There would only be two people I know of who would try and make a mess out of this. But, hun they each don’t care for the family anyway, just themselves. So, to the rest of us, their opinions don’t count either.” Ross explained to Jenny.

“Now dears that is only one of the surprises for you. Now Ross you already know about this, but none of you 3, Jen, Carrie, or Katherine know about it yet.” Claude told them, so, they waited for him to tell them. “Now what are your birthdays date and year? Carrie?’

“September 7th, 1972.” She answered.

“Now please tell us yours Jenny?’

“Wow! This is amazing! Both of ours are the same exact date. September 7th, 1972! We both are the same exact age!”

“That’s right ladies. Now for the other parts of this surprise, one: what this means, ladies, is you both were born on your Aunt Jennifer’s birthday. And lastly, you all 3 share middle names.”

“That is truly amazing! That both the ladies are the same exact age and will celebrate birthdays together. Then they both were born on Jennifer’s birthday, and they all share middle names. Renee. Damn! That is really unheard of.” Katherine laughed slot oyna with the other adults at both ladies. Who weren’t paying any attention to them now. Both were talking and hugging each other happily.

“Mom, Dad, we both would like to go visit her grave site please.”

“Sure ladies, its 4 now. We can take you both to see it after dinner, and then we will head for the club for your first practice.” Ross told the ladies.

“We will wait for Jon and Todd, and bring them with us when they get home from their practice.” Leslie told Katherine and Ross. “Because, I want to witness all of this with my own eyes.” She finished as they all went into the kitchen and started eating dinner.

After dinner, Katherine, Jenny and Carrie went to their rooms to get ready. When both Jenny and Carrie reappeared in the den, where their whole family was sitting and waiting for them to get ready. They all left the house together heading for the grave site. On the way, Jenny and Carrie asked if they could stop and get some flowers to put on the grave.

“Sure ladies we can do that.” Ross answered and pulled into a florist, and got 2 dozen roses.

When they got there, Katherine and Ross let the ladies go and visit it alone. Where they both sat on the hood of the car and watched. The ladies put the roses in vase in front of the big cross that marked Jennifer’s grave. Then they stood back holding hands and looking at their aunt’s grave. Even from as far away as she was, Katherine could see the tears running down her ladies faces. An hour later Jenny

and Carrie came back to where their parents were where all four hugged and left for the club.

“How did you ladies like it?” Ross asked.

“It was a very beautiful sight. I also got a strange feeling while standing there. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was as if Aunt Jennifer was approving of me or something.” Jenny told Katherine and Ross.

“That was the same thing I felt. It was like she was confirming all that Jen and I share with her.” Carrie added. Katherine looked back and saw her ladies were still holding hands, and would hug each other occasionally, with bright smiles. Ross had also witnessed this display also through the rear view mirror. Both Ross and Katherine were very happy to see their daughters bonding closely like this.

“Can I ask a serious question here?” Jenny asked.

“Sure honey. What is it?”

“What color was Aunt Jennifer’s hair?” To that Ross explained to her that Jennifer’s hair was the same color as Carrie’s was pale blonde. To this Jenny asked Katherine if she could help her change her color to match Carrie’s and Jennifer’s. Katherine told Jenny she could and tomorrow she would call her Aunt Rachel at her salon. Explaining that Rachel had way more experience at that than she did.

“Thank you.”

“Your very welcome babe.” Katherine said as they pulled into the club and parked. All four got out and headed inside, both ladies asked Katherine to come with them in case the needed help getting ready. So, those 3 entered the woman’s locker room, and reappeared 10 minutes later, in the pool area. They made their way over to the table where Ross was sitting talking to Ann. Katherine sat down and joined in on their conversation, as both Jenny and Carrie sat their towels and keys down beside Katherine and went over to the pool to get warmed up for what ever happened tonight.

For 15 minutes, Ann let them warm up, while she sat with Ross and Katherine and watched, trying to see where each lady was already, and where she would need to help both. Right now, she could see that both were already very good at form and the entrance, so she knew she wouldn’t have to help much there, just let them practice. So she got up and walked over to the boards where Jenny and Carrie were, and talked to both. Then she fine tuned their form and entrance, and taught each just what they needed to do to get it perfect.

“Ok Jenny your first dear. Now remember to enter straight with your feet together and toes pointed. The less splash you make the higher your scores will be. So, Jenny got on the board and concentrated, and did like she was told. When she exited the pool, Ann was there and met her at the side.

“That was perfect Jenny dear. You made no splash at all, if you pay attention to

your entrance, you can about feel how much splash you make.”

“I think I did notice that. I felt as though I hadn’t made much of one, it’s just the way the water surrounds you. I felt like I sliced right through it.” Jenny admitted. Ann told her that was exactly what she meant, as they came up to Carrie next to the boards. Ann told Carrie that it was her turn now and explained she told Jenny to Carrie. Carrie ended up doing the exact same as Jenny did. Ann met Carrie and they talked and they came back to Jenny. This was where Ann asked each if they knew any hard dives. Carrie said she could do a 1 ½ with a ½ twist. Jenny told Ann her hardest was a 2 ½ gainer in the pike. So Ann asked them to canlı casino siteleri show her their dives, so that if they needed help she could help them. Carrie was first; she got mentally ready and did the best at her dive as she could. She ended up doing rather well on it, just slightly off center and caused a small splash.

“That was very good Carrie. I’ll help you dear with it, and soon you’ll be able to do it perfectly.” Ann told Carrie as she came back to them. “Ok Jenny your turn hun.” Jenny nodded and stepped on the board and walked to the end of it, and then turned facing the back. She inched all the way until only her toes were left on the board. Raised her hands, concentrated, then bounced off and went right into the flips, and made a perfect entrance. The water barely moved as Jenny entered. When she re-surfaced at the edge of the pool, all she could hear was clapping, coming from everyone who decided to sit and watch their practice. This attention made Jenny smile brightly. When she got out, Carrie was there with her towel and hugged her.

“That was beautiful sis.” Carrie told Jenny as they made their way back to Ann and the boards.

“Jenny dear that was a great dive!” Ann said as she hugged Jenny with Carrie. “Now I know you had to have been taught hun. No person can just pick a very difficult dive like that out and do it perfectly as you just did. So, where did you learn that at?”

“Well I was in two competitions back in Canada. My team coach asked each one of us as to which dives we liked the best. I told him that I loved gainers because of how beautiful they looked. So, he and his assistant spent time with me teach me how to do them perfectly.” Jenny explained to Ann and Carrie. “Actually it did surprise me, that I can still do them so perfectly. Seeing that it has been a few years since I’ve attempted one.”

“That’s very good. Were you taught any more?’

“I think I was taught 15 total. But each are like my gainer, I haven’t tried one or practiced them at all in a few years.” Jenny answered.

“Great dear, we’ll run you through them and let you practice them again. Now, dear Carrie how many more can you do?” To this Carrie answered that she could do about 6 more. But that none of them were near as good as the one she did earlier. Ann told Carrie not to worry about that, because she would help her learn them and get it to Carrie could do each perfectly. Then she said that she and Jenny would teach Carrie, Jenny’s dives. And she also told both ladies that they were way ahead of any of their competitors in the championship. And that by the time it rolled around, both ladies would be more than ready for it.

By 10:30, Ann had helped each with a few more of their dives. She also could tell that Carrie needed a little more help, because she was still over rotating on her flips. So, she would spend a lot of time tomorrow with Carrie curing that problem for her.

“Well dears I’ll see you ladies tomorrow night at 6:30. Now get plenty of sleep so you’ll be ready for practice ladies.”

“We will thank you Mrs. Ann. We both appreciate all your help.”

“You ladies are very welcome. And please just call me Ann, dears I’m not that old.” She laughed with Jenny and Carrie. Then they all hugged, and the ladies went to the locker room.

“You ladies did great out there tonight. We’re so proud of you both.” Katherine told her ladies on the way home.

“Thanks to Ann and Jen, I’ll make it.” Carrie said and hugged Jenny. Once they all got home the ladies hugged and kissed Katherine, Ross, Leslie and Claude good night, and went up to get their showers and fall in bed.

In the den all the adults were talking about Jenny and Carrie.

“How did both ladies like the grave site?” Leslie asked Katherine. So, she explained it all for Leslie and even what both had told them after words.

“That’s good. Well sis, I think it’s time we did our exercises and head for bed.” Katherine told Leslie, as they got up and went into the living room, after they finished, both hugged and went into their rooms.

The next morning everyone was up, and had gone about their days. Both Katherine and Leslie had taken Jenny and Carrie to Los Angeles, to Rachel’s salon which was on Rodeo Drive. When they arrived in front of the salon and got out, they could tell the ladies were surprised by the whole street.

“Wow this place is very pretty.” Carrie said as she took in all the scenery.

“Sure is sis. Actually the whole street is.” Jenny said as they all entered the salon looking around. This is where both Katherine and Leslie went into shock seeing a tall brunette coming up to them.

“Jackie?” They both asked in a happy squeal.

“Yes? How may I help you ladies today?”

“Now I can’t believe you don’t remember us.” Leslie told the woman.

“True we both know it’s been a long time. But not long enough to be forgotten, as we seem to have been.” To this Jackie stared at them, looking in thought. Then she looked in shock herself.

“Oh my god! No it can’t be. Kathy? Leslie?” She asked.

“Yes dear, it’s us. You had us very worried for awhile there.”

“I can’t believe this! How long has it been? What some 10 to 12 years?’

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