25 Mayıs 2022

Jennifer Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: Jennifer’s Heat

Jennifer could see Dan as he walked away from the fire ring with April. She felt a momentary pang of jealousy that was quickly replaced with a smile. From the look on Dan’s face as he walked away, she knew he was simply off for a good time. And from her conversation with Tracy a minute ago, she also knew that the plans she had gave her little room for jealousy.

Laughing to herself, she turned to follow Tracy around the circle. Through the groups of people, she caught occasional glimpses of Shannon as the two girls moved closer to their friend. At first, Jennifer thought Shannon might be too close to the fire, as her body was covered with a shiny layer of sweat. Then as they got close Jennifer sighed in awe. The glistening sheen was not from sweat after all. Shannon’s skin was shiny, all right, but from semen, not from sweat. Jennifer stood and watched in amazement as Shannon sucked one cock after another, sometimes taking the boy’s thick load in her mouth, and other times pulling her mouth away and jerking the boy off onto her face and tits. She was smiling and laughing gleefully the whole time, obviously enjoying being the absolute center of attention.

Every so often a boy would break the ranks of the circle, or the line that had formed in front of Shannon, and take trembling steps forward. Shannon was obviously used to this, and each time would turn to face the newcomer. She knew that the only reason they would break ranks was that she had excited them beyond their capacity to hold out. Each time a new boy walked forward, Shannon would shiver at the passionate expression on their faces, and reach out to grasp the hard-on that was offered to her.

The unspoken rule was that if you couldn’t wait any longer, you could walk forward, but you had to give up your right to a blow job. Shannon was more than glad to jerk these boys off, but she refused to use her mouth. The other rule was that, if you didn’t shoot by the sixth handstroke, you had to either get to the rear of the line, or find another girl to take care of your “problem”. Otherwise, it would turn into pure pandemonium.

Not that finding a girl to cure your “problem” would be a tough job in this group. Around the entire circle, girls were stroking the cocks of the boys next to them, or on their knees in the sand. There was always a girl who coveted Shannon’s position of Suck Queen, and would be sucking cocks on the outskirts of the circle. So far, though, noone had even come close to de-throning the queen…

Shannon smiled at the next boy to walk up to her, and reached her hand out, curling her fingers around the shaft. She kept her lips around the cock in her mouth, letting the boy fuck her mouth with long smooth strokes, as she jerked the cock hovering over her.

Jennifer watched with a pounding heart as the boy groaned and sprayed a thick river of semen onto Shannon, soaking her shoulders and tits. Shannon moaned with delight as she felt the hot semen hit her skin, then turned back to the boy in front of her. He was taking an unusually long time to come, and she decided to speed things up a bit. Rising up on her knees she began to work her mouth all over the boy’s long, thick cock. A murmur rose up in the crowd and got louder as she brought her hand up between the boy’s thighs, sliding a finger between his ass cheeks. The boy’s head lolled back on his shoulders and he groaned as Shannon began to probe his asshole with her finger. Shannon smiled around the cock in her mouth, lowering her face until the boy’s entire cock was buried in her hot throat, her nose pressing against his belly and pubic hair. A number of kids, both boys and girls sighed at the sight, then erupted into cheering applause as Shannon loosened her lips and let the boy’s thick cum spill over her chin. Keeping her lips loose, she began to move her head, fucking the long cock with her mouth as a steady stream of semen poured out of her mouth and onto her tits.

The boy laughed and stepped back on shaky legs, pulling his drained cock from her mouth and staggering off towards the beach. Again the crowd cheered, and the next boy in line stepped forward.

Shannon must have felt a need to re-prove her talents after the last boy took so long, because as Jennifer watched her friend in silent awe, Shannon repeated her technique on the next boy and the next.

She immediately took the full length of cock into her throat and reached up to gently probe the boy’s asshole, making each boy groan and almost instantaneously spray their hot loads into her mouth. In fact, Shannon used this technique on the next six boys that stepped forward. One after another, they filled her mouth with cum and staggered off. After the sixth, Shannon leaned back on her haunches and looked over the crowd, as if challenging any one of them to better her. Seeing no challenges, she smiled and opened her lips, exposing a huge mouthful of semen before tilting her head back and casino siteleri swallowing. Again a low moan rumbled through the crowd. Shannon grinned and looked around the circle of people.

Her performance had stirred the flames of lust and passion throughout the entire crowd and now she was the centerpiece of an immense orgy. She lazily stroked the cocks of two boys who stood on either side of her as she took a much needed break to let her mouth rest and surveyed the area around the bonfire.

The full moon cast it’s strong, yellowish light over everything, combining with the flickering glow of the fire to create an almost surreal picture. Everywhere she looked she could see couples and various sized groups trading inhibition for exhibition. Sex simply for sex’ sake, with no ties to jealousy or possession… Male and female giving up everything for the sake of pure pleasure. She grinned to herself, quite pleased with her part in it all.

A low groan brought her back to the present and she felt the cock in her left hand beginning to throb and expand from her slow stroking. Looking up at the boy, she smiled sexily, running her tongue over her lips.

“Are you ready to come…?” she panted to the boy, grinning as he nodded urgently. “Do you want to come in my mouth…?” she teased, leaning forward to lick the copious flow of pre-cum covering his cockhead.

The boy simply groaned and pushed his hips forward, sliding his thick hard-on between Shannon’s lips. She matched his thrust with a forward movement of her head, taking the long shaft deep into the back of her throat. Once again the boy let out a low growl and Shannon felt his cock expand mightily. His hips began to buck as his semen rocketed up his shaft, spilling thickly into Shannon’s sucking mouth and throat. She mewled like a kitten as she swallowed his copious flow. Pulling her lips back slightly as her mouth filled to overflowing, she looked up at the boy in amazement as his cock continued to jerk and pour hot cum into her mouth. Even given the fact that she must have coaxed the cum from at least forty boys in the last couple of hours, she was amazed at the amount of semen this cock was producing!

She grinned around the cockhead, letting his cum spill over her lips and pour onto her tits, cascading over her chin like a mini waterfall. At the same time she realized the boy on her right had given up on waiting for her mouth as his cock too, began to shoot, spraying a thick river onto her cheek and neck. Shannon squealed with delight and stroked him faster, urging him on as she directed his ejaculation towards her face. Pulling her mouth off the first boy, she turned slightly and captured the last of the second boy’s spray in her mouth, taking his cock deep and sucking him off. She smiled as he groaned his appreciation and she leaned forward, taking his entire cock into her throat as a reward for his patience. Holding her face steady, she allowed the boy to slowly fuck her throat as he came again and again, the last of his cum draining into her stomach.

Momentarily exhausted, Shannon sat back on her haunches and grinned up at the two boys. It was only then that she noticed the striking similarities of their looks. The boy on the left saw the familiar look in her eyes and grinned back.

“Yeah”, he chuckled, “We’re twins… I’m Keith…”

“And I’m Kevin…” the other boy offered, “And we love you.”

Shannon laughed at this as she shook each boy’s hand. “Nice to meet you both. That was quite exciting… Twins….wow. And you both come like horses! Damn!”

Slowly, Shannon stood up on shaky knees. She needed to take a break just to catch her breath. The group seemed to be momentarily satisfied or otherwise occupied, and she smiled sweetly at the three or four boys who were standing nearby, stroking their hard cocks.

“Hold those thoughts for me, gentlemen…” she purred, “I need to take a little breather…okay?”

The boys groaned their disappointment, but Shannon grinned as she saw two girls immediately walk up to the boys and laughingly begin to whisper to them. As they all walked a short distance away and sat down on a blanket together, Shannon knew the boys wouldn’t be disappointed for long… Turning back around, she saw that the twins were still standing where she’d left them. Smiling sexily, she sauntered up to them, moving between and sliding a hand over each boys arm.

“I’m going for a swim, guys. Want to be my lifeguards?”, she asked, already knowing the answer. The boys excitedly agreed and the three of them turned towards the water. As they walked through the crowd, Shannon’s excitement grew as they paused every few steps to watch another couple or group living out their fantasies. Here and there she saw couples fucking in just about every position one could imagine, but it also seemed to her that most of the action happening was of the oral variety. And more often than not the action would be centered around one slot oyna or two girls surrounded by a group of guys.

Shannon smiled, wondering if she was the inspiration for these circles. It pleased her to think that she was and also to know that she wasn’t alone with her little sexual ‘quirks’…

And she wasn’t the only one growing excited along their walk. Looking down, she saw that both Keith’s and Kevin’s trunks were tented out with born again hard-ons. She smiled and moved her hands from their arms to the front of their trunks, curling her fingers around their cocks and stroking them slowly as they watched a young girl, on her knees in the sand give her partner a deep, sloppy blowjob. Shannon felt both cocks in her hands lurch as they watched the girl suddenly pull her lips from the boy’s cock and jerk him off over her face. The boy leaned his head back and groaned as his semen shot out covering the girl’s lips and cheek. She was laughing excitedly as she jerked him off and Shannon felt the cocks in her hands buck again.

“My competition someday, do you think?” she asked the boys as they continued their walk to the water. Neither boy responded verbally, but both of them put their arms around her, Kevin moving his hand over her shoulder to cup her breast. Shannon sighed at his touch and squeezed their hard-on’s gently as they walked on.

Suddenly, beside a small group of people, Shannon spied Jennifer. She was kneeling on a blanket with two muscular boys standing in front of her. She was still wearing her white blouse, but it was completely unbuttoned and hanging loosely. The moonlight on her hair looked like a halo, but she was doing something not angelic at all…

Her eyes were focused on the two boy’s midsections as she slowly stroked two impossibly large cocks. Both of her hands were glistening with the pre-cum that poured from the heads and Jennifer stared transfixed at the site of them moving through her fists. Shannon grinned at the boys as she settled down into the warm sand to watch her friend. The boys joined her, sitting on either side and leaning back as Shannon’s hands moved over their cocks once again. Both Kevin and Keith had large cocks, but the monsters that Jennifer was manipulating were simply enormous! Shannon wondered what one of those would feel like inside her pussy and shivered at the thought. Those two were definitely made for hand jobs!

Jennifer looked as if she was hypnotized as her eyes moved from one cock to the other, then back. Her stroke was steady and even, pausing only occasionally to smear more pre-cum over the long shafts as it poured from their cockheads. Both guys had their eyes closed, moaning contentedly as this gorgeous girl pleasured them.

As for Jennifer, the pleasure was truly hers. She’d found one of these two standing in another circle down the beach and had been transfixed by the size of his cock. She’d come across him just a little while ago and had stood away, just watching him as he stroked his shaft while watching another couple fucking on a blanket. Her heart had been pounding as she silently walked up to him and reached her hand out, covering his as it moved slowly up and down. He looked down at her and grinned, but neither one spoke a word as Jennifer pulled him away from the circle and a little further down the beach. As they walked, Jennifer kept her hand around his cock. Then, as they neared the fire, Jennifer stopped in her tracks as she spied the other boy lying alone on the blanket she now knelt upon. His cock was fully hard even though he appeared to be sleeping and Jennifer could only stand and stare at the size of him. If anything his cock was longer than the one she held in her hand while just as thick. Her head began to spin and she felt as if she was in a dream as she pulled the first boy with her to the blanket. It was as if this was meant to be.

As she knelt by the second boy, she motioned for the first boy to stand in front of her. She began to stroke his cock with one hand as her other hand reached over to the sleeping boy’s shaft. Her fingers curled around it and she shivered with pure lust as she began to stroke him, feeling the living shaft expand even more in her fist. The boy opened his eyes and began to speak, but Jennifer removed her hand from his cock and pressed her finger to his lips, telling him to be silent. She wanted no words to interrupt her ‘dream’.

Signaling him to stand beside the other boy, Jennifer returned her hand to his cock and began stroking him with the same rhythm she was using on the second boy. She knelt in front of them and began her slow hand movements just as Shannon walked up behind her. Jennifer was oblivious to her friend’s presence just as she was oblivious to anything and everything except for the two hard cocks in front of her face. With trance-like tunnel vision she milked these two monsters as slowly and gently as if she were petting a kitten. Both cocks had grown to such proportions that she couldn’t canlı casino siteleri even close her fingers fully around the shafts. She stared at them with child-like fascination as her hands moved back and forth, drawing their foreskins back as she moved to their balls, then moving back to gently caress the heads with a circular motion, smearing their flowing pre-cum that she milked out on each upstroke.

Shannon’s fascination with the erotic scene in front of her had grown as well. She and her friends instinctively knew not to interrupt the goings-on and had contented themselves to merely observe.

Well, not entirely passively… Shannon had drawn the twin’s cocks out of their trunks and was stroking them slowly, mimicking Jennifer’s hand movements as she watched her friend.

The boy on Jennifer’s left began to breathe slightly faster and Shannon saw Jennifer smile although the pace of her stroking stayed slow and steady. Raising herself up slightly on her knees, she leaned forward, focusing on the two shining cockheads.

“Come for me….” Jennifer whispered. “I want to watch your big hard cocks come on me…hot thick cum… Mmmmm…on my face….my tits…in my mouth…. Come for me…”

Jennifer’s teasing chant worked it’s magic on the two boys. And magic it was. Their breathing increased together, as if they shared the same set of lungs. Jennifer continued her slow stroking, fighting the urge to move faster and moving as if in slow motion. She knew they were both very close as she leaned forward still more, laving their cockheads with her wet tongue, each one in turn and with the same agonizingly slow motion. Both boys groaned and their cocks erupted simultaneously. Jennifer leaned back and only now allowed the pace of her hands to increase, jerking both boys off onto her face and tits.

The boys were groaning as their cocks sprayed load after thick load onto Jennifer, coating her lips with their hot syrup. Jennifer laughed with delight and opened her mouth wide, catching as much of their cum on her tongue as she continued stroking. Her face was streaked with thick lines of white and the cum pooled on her tongue, nearly overflowing her lip. She was laughing throatily as both boys’ orgasms subsided and as they both stared down at her, she grinned and tilted her head back, letting them watch her swallow their thick juices. They both groaned at her show, then again, with more feeling when she leaned forward to take each of their cockheads into her mouth and role her tongue over them, capturing the last of their loads in her hot mouth. Her lips stretched tightly as she struggled to get even a part of their heads in her mouth, so much so that eventually she stopped trying. Neither boy voiced a complaint though…

Finally, Jennifer leaned back on her haunches and, smiling at the boys, used her fingers to clean their cum from her face, pooling it onto her fingers then drawing it into her mouth as they stared at her in awe.

And when she was finished, Jennifer held her finger to her lips, instructing them both to maintain their silence as she stood up, pulled her blouse closed with a grin and silently walked away towards the water.

Shannon and the twins stayed sitting, dumbfounded at what they’d just witnessed. It was as if something mystical had just occurred. A ceremony from the Church of the Erotic. When she finally came to her sense, she realized that she was still stroking the twin’s hard-on’s and from the expressions on their faces, they too were very close to coming in her hands. She grinned at them and jumped to her feet, wanting to catch up with Jennifer before losing sight of her again. She called for the twins to follow her and they both jumped up, their hard-on’s bobbing in front of them as they hurried to catch up.

Shannon smiled at them when they reached her side and reached out to squeeze their cocks quickly as they walked.

“I’ll make it up to you guys…” she panted, “I promise. I just need to catch up to Jennifer!”

Kevin gave his brother a shocked look then turned his gaze to Shannon. “You KNOW that girl?!” he stuttered. Shannon grinned and nodded, spying Jennifer standing in the shallow surf.

Once again, she was struck by the sheer beauty of her girlfriend. Especially in the yellow glow of the moon. Jennifer was staring out over the water and as they drew closer, she grinned and stretched her arms over her head, causing her blouse to fall open, exposing her shimmering, cum-covered tits. The twins, groaned in unison at the sight. Shannon chuckled and playfully punched them each on the arm.

“Hey, you guys…I thought you were MY lifeguards!” she said teasingly. Kevin laughed and put his arm around her, cupping her breast.

“We are, darlin'”, he laughed, “But your friend here is the one who just got drowned…”

They all cracked up at that and were still laughing when they reached Jennifer. She turned towards the laughter and her face lit up when she saw her friend.

“Shannon!!” she cried, opening her arms and hugging Shannon closely. Shannon hugged back, loving the slippery feel of Jennifer’s cum-covered tits sliding against her own.

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