28 Mayıs 2022

Jazzmyne Ch. 02

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Note: The story takes place about two years before the events of the first. It is a sort of “origin story” before I continue with Jazzmyne’s story.


“Ohhh…Shit! FUCK!” I screamed in pleasure as the large truck driver continued to relentlessly fuck my tight asshole, sweat dripping down from my face. This complete stranger, whom I met a mere five minutes earlier, was already deep inside of me, ready to cum any moment and willing to pay at fifty bucks for it. I had gone to the store to buy some cigarettes for my boyfriend (and essentially, pimp) Madsen, but ended up being seduced by this guy and getting fucked- what a way to spend a 19th birthday.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!” he announced, and he picked up speed, his balls slapping against my freshly pierced pussy.

“Gah! SHIT! Aggh!” I groaned, the pain and pleasure overtaking me. He slapped my tattooed asscheeks one more time, before he exploded deep inside my asshole.

“Aah! Aaah! Damn! Shit!” he yelled as he splurged his fresh, warm semen deep inside of me, filling me to the brim as some of the sticky substance even leaked from my hole. I groaned as he grew soft inside of me. My hands were shaking from the sex and from holding onto the dirty sink so hard. I was breathing heavily, recovering from the sex, as he pulled up his pants and buckled them. A knock on the door sounded as the gas station attendant inquired if everything was alright, and the truck driver said everything was fine. He unlocked the door, and before he left he brought in my face for a long, sloppy kiss.

I pulled up my shiny leggings and put on my leather jacket, started my car and headed back to the nearby neighborhood where I lived with Madsen. It was about a ten minute drive, but with my asshole burning it felt like nearly an hour before I drove into the pothole and weed ridden driveway of Madsen’s tiny house. The house served as a crackhouse for the rest of the community, so there were always new people there, who sometimes even slept there for weeks before leaving.

Upon entering, the smell of freshly lit cigarettes, weed and street cut cocaine was strong all over the dilapidated house, and at least seven guys were strewn all over the floor and on the couch, most of them unconscious or half-conscious. One of the half-awake guys woke up suddenly, and murmured, “Heey, girl! Wanna fuck?” He grabbed my ass, and I slapped him away. “Fuck off” I replied.

I went to the bathroom to quickly change my sweaty clothes. I took off my leather jacket and my white v-neck shirt, as well as my shiny leggings and heels, and changed into a pair of patterned spandex capris and an older, more traditional, low-cut Indian shirt with some light-blue accents- an article of clothing indicative of my Indian heritage on my mother’s side. The shirt had one sleeve, while the other side was sleeveless and shoulderless. The tightness of the shirt emphasized my large, D-cup breasts, my pierced nipples bleeding through the tight fabric. The shirt was also quite short, enough to reveal a great deal of my fit, tattooed belly with its belly piercing.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened, and Madsen came in. He was a white guy of average build, not too muscular nor too lean. He was only slightly taller than me, and his body was riddled with tattoos. Having fucked with him before, his dick was, compared to other guys that have fucked me, was rather smaller than average. He was wearing a simple white tank top and sagged his jeans. He approached me, and gave me a deep, passionate kiss while his hand cupped my breast.

“I like how you look today, girl…” he muttered with a shaky voice. It was obvious he was high, especially from his breath. He gripped my breast slightly harder, and I casino siteleri winced. “My boys out there want a good fuck today… Think you can satisfy ’em… and me too?”

I was so tired from the anal sex I just had a mere half hour ago. But I couldn’t get enough of the sex. So, I agreed, and quickly put on thick, red lipstick to make myself look at least somewhat decent for my audience. We went out to the small living room with the half-conscious druggies were beginning to wake up, their boners already visible.

“Why don’t you start off with me, slut?” Madsen pulled down his jeans, revealing his long, hard cock. I slowly bent down, trying to seduce him slowly, but he was too horny for a little foreplay. He grabbed my hair, and shoved his dick into my awaiting, pouty mouth. My hand grabbed his hairy ballsack, and stroked his huge dick from there. The other druggies now stood up and, pulling their pants down, began to jack themselves off to me. Saliva began drooling from the corners of my lips and onto my chin, slowly dripping in stringy beads onto the wooden floor. I stroked slightly faster, and used my pierced tongue to swirl around his cock. Suddenly, another dick slapped against my face, and I let go of Madsen’s dick to attend to this one.

It belonged to a larger man, and thus was much larger, and wider. It was tattooed, but I barley noticed as I sucked it violently. This guy forced it down my throat, causing me to gag instinctively. More saliva mixed with a bit of precum drooled down my neck and onto my top. I stroked this guy’s dick fast and hard. “Damn girl! Madsen, this slut knows how to suck dick, man! What is she, 19? But she… aggh! She sucks likes she’s been doin’ it forever, man!” His dick hardened- he was close to cumming. So, I stroked faster and faster, sucking and slurping his dick up to get him to ejaculate hard and fast. At this point, I had pulled down my spandex capris to finger myself at the same time, to get myself off as well. After several brief moments, he exploded. He squirted a fresh, warm load into my wet mouth, before pulling out his dick and splurging the rest of the semen onto my awaiting face, coating it with a fresh layer of cum. But I wasn’t finished- I still had a few more guys to suck off.

I moved on to the next guy- a leaner guy, similar to Madsen’s build. I grabbed his dick, interrupting his masturbation, and thrust it into my mouth. I sucked it hard and good, like the others. Some other guy got too excited, and before I could even suck him off, splurged all over my face and shirt. “Gaah! FUCK!” his drunken voice yelled. I continued to suck, like a real bitch in heat, and before long this guy also cummed, moaning in a high voice. I slurped as much cum as I could, swallowing about half of it while the rest drooled from my lips. By now, my face was coated in sticky, warm semen and my own spit, as was my neck and shoulderless shirt. I pulled down the neck of my top, revealing my tits, and took the next guy and placed his dick between my them. He began to fuck my tits, groaning in pleasure. He went faster and harder every moment that passed.

“Shit… This slut’s got real game!” he proclaimed. He was quick to cum, and he exploded semen all over my luscious tits, and soon afterwards, I came to my own climax. I pissed myself all over the floor, creaming myself and covering my hand in warm, wet and smelly piss. In my animal-like state, I licked my hand of the foul-smelling urine, and took two dicks in my hands, stroking them like crazy. Two of the guys I had sucked off became hard once more and shoved both of their hard cocks into my mouth, and I gagged and drooled, making a huge mess of my face.

Madsen, who was jacking for a while already, couldn’t take it anymore and shot his load all over slot oyna my tits and shirt, and some onto my face. He stuck his dick into my earhole, and cummed into there as well. He was trying to fill all of my holes!

The two dicks in my mouth exploded once more, and I swallowed as much of it as I could before I gagged and drooled a lot of semen onto the floor and my tits. The two I was stroking with my hands cummed too, and coated my small hands with large amounts of the sticky stuff. I slurped up the rest from the tips of their dicks and some off of my fingers. The bitter, salty taste of the cum was strong on my tongue.

Madsen, having become hard once more, was still unsatisfied. “I think it’s time for some real fucking now, ain’t it boys?” he asked the seven men. They all chanted in agreement, and one of the more muscular of them picked me up and put me onto my back on the floor. My pierced, tattooed pussy exposed, he slammed his dick, already quite hard again, into the entrance, already wet from arousal and my piss. He pumped hard, while another guy shoved his dick into my mouth again, causing me to gag from being fucked in such an awkward position. I felt a finger go into my asshole, which was still in pain from earlier. I screamed at the sudden intrusion, as another finger went in, then another.

“Yeah! Spit roast that whore!” I heard someone yell. Meanwhile, two more guys entered the house, excited to join the action. It was becoming a larger and larger crowd. I could only handle so many guys, but I was being used so much I could barely noticed while being fucked like a piece of meat.

The guy fucking my mouth shot his load after only several minutes, and shot it straight down my throat and the remainder on my belly. Another guy quickly replaced him, and at that same moment the guy fucking my pussy deposited his load inside of me, filling me to the brim with his sperm. The dick in my mouth exploded , and coated my face. The repetition seemed nearly endless. Someone grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over onto belly, then propped me up onto my knees, and continued to spit roast me. A dick entered my mouth, and another into my pussy. Then, by far my most painful experience of the day, two dicks entered my asshole at the same time. Another entered my mouth, and yet another in my pussy.. In total, I had six dicks inside of me- a true manifestation of a slut. In the corner of my eye, I saw a flash, and few phones being held up. People were taking pictures and videos.

Groaning, yelling, chanting and my own screams were echoed throughout the house and could surely be heard outside, which was why so many people were coming to get a good fuck from me. By now, I was only half-conscious, and these guys were fucking a limp body. I felt some of them splurge their semen inside of me, while the rest cummed a few minutes later. One of them, who was still fucking my vagina, took the longest to cum, but he eventually reached climax and filled my vagina like the rest of them. The guys took a break for a while- putting their pants back on and smoking some weed, while looking at my completely used, half-awake body lay on the wooden floor, completely coated in cum and spit, my hair in frays and wet from sweating, and my asshole and pussy expanded at least twice their normal size, sticky cum leaking from their edges.

Madsen came over and finished jacking off right in front of me, before he pushed his dick into my swollen, used pussy and cummed inside of me one last time, groaning softly. The crowd cheered him on. Someone handed me a joint, which I weakly smoked before my hand fell to the ground from exhaustion. I glanced over to a clock and noticed that it had been an hour since I had started this.

After about ten minutes of canlı casino siteleri relaxation, the horny guys continued, and more came in through the door. Once again, I was continually spit roasted, with multiple dicks intruding my holes constantly and my body filling up with semen until it flowed from my holes like a slow river. My holes were all abused and used, and after almost three hours of this, all I remember was being laid into a car, and a shadowy man handing Madsen a large sum of money, before all went to black. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I soon realized I was literally being traded to another guy. Several days later, I woke up in a small trailer park in Louisiana, and ended up doing similar things there with a small gang of guys- except this time, it was daily.

In the interest of time…


“Please Dan! This is too far! Dan please! FUCK!” My new boyfriend (and, essentially, owner) brought the shaving razor close to my face, and to prevent myself from getting cut, I ultimately decided to not resist against his huge hands. The razor shaved off both of my eyebrows, leaving my forehead bald and my face nearly unrecognizable. He threw my half naked body, only wearing a pair of booty shorts, to the floor of the small trailer.

“That’s what happens when you let other guys fuck you without me sayin’, slut. You know what, I don’t think anyone would fuck you without those brows..” he said to me as I lay there, crying. He then left me there. I lay there for a good two hours, before deciding to get up, get dressed and drive to the nearby town, to the tattoo parlor. There, I had the artist tattoo on solid black, arched eyebrows onto my face. It took about an hour, and the creep glanced at my face and body lustily.

When he finished, he gave me the total- of which I could not pay up, not only because I couldn’t afford it, but also because I did not have any money at all. Dan never gave me money, just things- slutty clothes, tattoos and sex toys- all things sex, nothing else (besides food and drugs, of course). There was no one in the parlor besides me and the artist. His lustful stare continued, and under his breath, he muttered, “Well, if you can’t pay, there is always another option” His hand approached my left tit, and began to stroke it through the fabric of my tank top, before another person- a tall man in a suit- approached him.

“I’ll pay for her, Sanders, don’t get your hopes up” I breathed a sigh of relief. This guy was my savior. He walked with me outside into the dark alleyway.

“Thanks..” I told him softly. His hand held mine.

“You’re Dan’s girl, right?” I nodded in reply. “Name’s Saul. I’m his cousin. I know what he does to you”

We stood there in the dark alleyway in silence, my arms crossed, before he spoke again.

“I can give you a place to live, you know… I’ve got a small apartment in South Carolina, it’s not far” he said. His hand came up and stroked my cheek and my lips. His kindness was a bit shocking for me, as most of my partners in the past had been using me for my body.

“You’re a beautiful young girl. What’s your name?” His hand moved to my shoulder, and we walked to his car.

“Dan calls me Chesti”

“You don’t sound like you like that name, and it doesn’t seem like your real one” I hesitated for a moment, almost forgetting my real name. It’s been a while since I’ve actually used it.

“My parents called me Noore” My name was of Indian origin, as my mom was half-Indian herself; I was a girl of rather numerous racial origins.

“Hmmm… how about we give you a more… glamorous name?” I felt a little awkward. Here I was, another guy giving me another name. I had a feeling it would be another name typical of other sluts like Synammon or Dixi.

“Jazzmyne sounds nice..” he said. “Yes, I think it fits perfectly!” He started the car, and within moments we were on the freeway.

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