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Internet Lovers

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Doc rang the bell at Marty’s apartment ten minutes early. They had been Inter-netting for three years. This was the first time the two would meet face-to-face. He was a nervous as a school boy.

Marty was almost twenty years his junior. Yet they communicated and spoke of everything from the erotic to the mundane. She was really very intelligence.

Their talks revealed a very mature and smart lady. She was one of the few people that ever made Doc feel dumb. That’s why he had to meet Internet vixen.

He had driven eight hundred miles to Louisville. The woman was just too irresistible to not want to meet. Now standing outside her apartment there was an illogical fret she might not answer the door.

Doc and Marty met over an Internet game. After a few games the two found they had much in common. It wasn’t long before pictures and real names where exchange. Their friendship grew over the next months.

At first the conversations covered the normal subjects of life, hobbies and family. Soon they drifted into more adult subjects. Finally the two cyber and then phone calls. Still, the bulk of their talks were the normal chat between friends.

The old cliché of “Young enough to be my daughter” fit her. Doc was fifty-five and Marty was thirty-seven. But she could debate and discuss any subject with a maturity beyond her years.

One night Doc asked permission to come and visit her. At first Marty thought he was joking. He wasn’t.

Her major concern was that they could lose what both had gain over the months. He made it clear the just to meet her was a moral imperative. The younger woman finally agreed.

Doc had arrived in town that morning. He called Marty. To his surprise, she was glad he had actually showed up.

The older man offered to take Marty to dinner. She countered by had inviting him over for a casual home cooked dinner. The silver haired traveler just couldn’t turn down that offer!

She opened the door wearing Levi jeans and a causal sweater. She was a fox from the pictures and now standing in front of her now only made that a reality. His eyes automatically traveled up and down her body.

She was a slender beauty. Her form was compact and firm. A gentle loveliness. A real country beauty.

“Damn! You’re beautiful!” Doc exclaimed absent-mindedly, “I think I’m outta my class.”

She actually blushed. The older man admiration was so simple and true. Doc was younger looking than his pictures would indicate.

“I’m not disappointed either, Doc,” she invited, “Please come in.”

Taking his arm, Marty escorted the visitor into the dinning room. She smelled wonderful. It was a turn on. He fraught not to get an erection.

Doc made assurances that expectation dinner and a conversation was the only thing . The older man intended to live up to that promise. Despite the few hot conversations between the two, he did regard the pretty brunette as a lady.

“I hope this meetin’ wasn’t force on your part,” Doc apologized, “ But I just couldn’t wait to see you any longer.”

“That’s Ok.” Marty admitted, “I was anxious to meet you too.”

“Now,” the older man smiled, “makes me feel alot better!”

“Place your jacket on the chair over there,” she offered pointing to a large recliner in the corner. “Then come with me into the kitchen.” She moved away saying, “Dinner’s almost ready.”

Doc followed Marty. He had to admire the young rounded butt. He sat down at the kitchen table while she completed the preparations.

The oversized sweater would fall open at the neck easily. Marty had no bra on. Doc didn’t want to but he had to sneak a peek like a hormone driven teenager.

The tanned breasts were rounded with very dark nipples on top. They were firm. They were very kissable.

“You dirty ol’ man!” Doc chastised himself.

Marty’s long brunette hair was pulled back into a ponytail. It waved like a banner with movement. The Dixie maiden was a natural beauty.

Her body was athletic and feminine. She was a woman most men could only dream of meeting. Certainly a girl Doc thought he would never meet like this again!

As she placed dinner on the table, Marty asked, “Doc. Could you get the wine from the refrigerator?”

He nodded acknowledgement. Got up and removed the wine. Then he proceeded to pour a couple of glasses full.

The two settled in at the table. Both were in the uncomfortable quiet that is normal on a first meeting situation. Finally he raised a glass.

“To the Internet!” Doc toasted, “An’ to an extremely foxy lady.”

Marty drank to the toast. A girlish smile came across a set of ruby lips. Even on the NET he was a charmer.

The meal was excellent. The traditional small talk continued through dinner. They were two people raising the level of a liaison.

After the meal they went into the living room. Both settled in on the couch. They stared at each other wondering what next.

“I must admit,” Marty, the first to speak, confessed, “you’ve been everything I have expected casino oyna so far.”

“Is that a good thing,” Doc quipped, “or bad thing?”

“It’s a good thing,” She assured reaching back removed the tie from the hair

The brunette mane flair outward. The fell down onto a set of rounded shoulders and down to the small of the back. The tress enhances a lovely face.

“Omi,” he admired innocently, “You just keep gettin’ more beautiful!”

“Doc, I’m notta tease.” She invited in a soft voice, “I would like a kiss if you’re willin’.”

“I would be insane to refuse that offer,” the older man responded leaning forward.

Marty closed eyes feeling his lips touch hers. Her arms reached out pulling him closer. She kissed back.

The intensity of the kiss increased. Doc ran fingers through the red tinged brunette mane. Two soft hands tightened behind his neck. Her lips parted and his tongue began to probe. The pair of tongues dance a tango as they French.

Doc’s hands tenderly caressed the smooth shoulder blades. They then moved to the small of the back. The exploring hands finally slid lower over a set of firm ass cheeks.

“Ooooooooh,” she moaned, feeling the mature hands on the solid bottom.

Marty placed a curvy leg over to straddle Doc’s thighs. Giving a smile, the sexy brunette sat on his lap. A gentle peck on the lips was given.

Doc’s hand traced from the long neck slowly descending to the waist of the sweater. It moved inside the bottom and across a flat abdomen. It continued up between the rounded breasts.

“I didn’t come here expecting this,” Doc softly stated, “I don’t want to lose our friendship over a moment of passion.”

“I know you didn’t.” Marty said in a whisper, “Please don’t stop. I want to live those fantasies we’ve talked about.”

He cupped her left breast squeezing gently. It felt warm and soft. An erect nipple was captured between thumb and forefinger.

“Yeeeeesss!” She moaned again, “You do have such gentle hands.”

Marty squirmed on his lap. Doc could feel the warmth of her crotch. His penis was stirring.

They locked into a kiss. His tongue entered the hot willing mouth. They French deeply.

Doc hands moved under the sweater around to the small back. They stopped kissing for her pulled the garment up and over the brunette mane. A set of full breasts juggled free.

Doc was enthralled. The nice mounds were a mere inches from his face. The nipples were erect and dark. Her deep breathing had them bouncing enticingly.

“Marty,” Doc again reminded, “I didn’t expect this tonight.” He looked up at her saying, “I want you but I don’t demand you.”

“I know, sweetheart,” she cooed threading long fingers through the white hair, “I do know you intended to be honorable.” Kissing his forehead, she explained, “This is why I’m willin’ to give myself to you.” The kissed moved to this mouth. They embraced. “I’m the one not bein’ honorable,” she said breaking the kiss.

“You really want to make love with me tonight?” the older man amazed.

“Yes, my darlin’,” the sexy Southern Belle told, “Yes, my dear friend, tonight we will be lovers an’ I promise all our dreams will be acted out.”

He leaned forward capturing an erect nipple with hot lips. Marty continued to run her fingers through the white/gray hair. She hunched into the pleasuring making mouth.

“Yes, baby,” she sighed, “Yes, take me an’ remember I won’t break!”

It was all the encouragement Doc needed. Marty was wanting this as much as he. It would be a night of released fantasies and passions.

He then moved to the other nipple. A mature mouth sucked and washed the harden nub. A squeezing hand massaged the other breast.

Marty reached down to Doc’s waist. Anxious hands pulled the shirt up to expose his chest. Releasing the nipple he reluctantly leaned back so the shirt could be jerked off.

She kissed his chin, throat and moved down his chest. She nibbled and teased a hard nipple. It tingled.

“Damn, girl,” Doc hissed, “That’s a new one on me.”

Marty continued down to the top of the pants. With a pull the button gave way. Next the zipper was jerked down. She tugged the pants open enough to expose the stiff cock contained by jockey shorts.

The dark haired vixen then yanked down on the briefs. They fell to his ankles. A hard cock came flipping out.

Marty caught it in a hot mouth. She sucked it in! An experience tongue massages it.

“Sweet Mother-of-Pearl!” Doc gasped, “Damn! You’re one wonderful woman!”

With his hands on her head, Marty moved up and down on the shaft. She would leave the cock long enough to suck and kiss the balls. Her finger played with the ball sac with feathery touches.

“Don’t hold back, Doc,” Marty confessed. “Tonight is our night of unrestricted fun.” She hotly ordered, “Be my full lover tonight.” The turned on brunette hissed, “I won’t break, baby.”

The hot woman inhaled the harden cock to the balls. She hummed consistently. Marty again slot oyna massaged the stiff shaft with that very practiced tongue.

Doc leaned his head backwards with closed eyes. He felt her throat constrict around the head. It was the most marvelous feeling he had in years.

Marty pulled back to the head. She would hold it with teeth giving the gentlest of pulls until a set of ruby lips remained.

This was a cock sucking of incredible sensation. Marty was not just blowing the harden dick, she was loving it. Doc was being titillated in ways he never believes could be done.

I’m getin’ ready to cum!” the sex driven older man announced.

Marty picked up the pace of head bobbing on hard dick.

“I’m gonna cum!” He shouted.

The hot brunette haired girl wrapped tight arms around his lower back. Her humming increased.

“I’m cummmmmming!” Doc yelled.

The older man unloaded a wad of sperm into the younger lover’s mouth. The woman was an expert. Marty inhaled the warm sperm like a vacuum cleaner. She even continued to suck and lick the pulsating cock after it had completed ejaculating.

“That’s the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted,” she huskily stated proceeding to lick the hard organ clean.

“You’re one fine cocksucker, Fox.” Doc panted.

Marty held deflated cock in a hot mouth. She remained very still. Then looking directly into his eyes a warm tongue went to work on the shaft.

Doc could not believe it! She was making him hard again. Marty slid a hand between his ass cheeks. A gentle push with a middle finger teased the anus. It was just enough pressure to tingles and stimulates the older man. Doc had never experienced anything like it before. He was immediately rigid again.

Marty stood up and turned around. Bending from the waist she pushed the tight jean pants down a set of curvy legs. A pair of pink bikini panties were exposed. She wiggled a rounded ass enticingly.

Before the panties could be removed, the lusting Doc pulled sexy woman back. She dropped onto his lap back facing him. A stiff cock stuck up between the tanned legs.

Marty reached down to the hard cock. With a gentle hand, she jacks the pulsating rod slowly. It was patience strokes to entice but not to encourage an orgasm. It was just enough to keep it hard while Doc went to work.

He kissed the nape of the neck while putting arms around a small waist. A left hand began to gently work a dark, erect nipples while a right hand trekked its way down a flat stomach beneath the panties.

It continued through the brown pubic hair. Anxious fingers played with the fine muff for a moment. Then pushed on between wet pussy lips.

Marty spread legs wide to allow the probing hand access. Doc gently works fingers that penetrate deeper. He touches a hard clit. It captured between index and middle fingers.

“Oooooooooooh,” She moaned leaning back.

A set of firm hips push back against the inserted fingers. She was soaking wet at the intrusion. Doc began to move the pleasure making digits in and out in a steady rhythm.

“Gawd, baby,” she moaned louder, “You have magical fingers.”

Her hand had stopped moving on the stiffen cock. The masturbation has become secondary to the pleasure consuming her. He pumps faster into the willing cunt.

“Oh Doc,” Marty groans softly. “I think I’m gonna cum all over your hand.”

“Let yourself go, Fox.” He encourages pushing deeper, “It won’t be the only time tonight.”

He pushes into the wet pussy more insistently. Marty rises and falls on his hand. He pulls back to her clit and teases and rubs it faster.

“Oh my!” she cries, I’m cummin’!” The athletic thighs clamped around the pleasure making hand, as she groaned, “Omi! Omi! Omigod! I’m really cummin’!”

The slurping sounds of a wet cunt sucking on the invading digits add to the moans as orgasm ripped through Marty’s body. She taunts and flaccid. The long brunette hair actually slaps the older man’s face.

She then collapses on Doc. Breathing heavily, she falls back with eyes closed enjoying the aftermath of a hot finger-fuck. Her body leans on the older lover’s.

Doc picked her up. They move into the bedroom. He placed the hot Marty on the king sized bed.

The thin panties are ripped off. Marty willing spread legs. A very glistening cunt is expose to his vision.

“Oh Doc, I’m a bitch in heat,” she immorally confesses in a hiss, “I need to feel you in me now.”

“Not quite yet, lovely lady,” Doc halts setting up.

He then leaves the room. She hears him in the kitchen and the living. He soon returns.

In the right hand he has a glass of ice. In the left hand a dildo. It was a large device with different attachments.

“I thought you weren’t expectin’ anything?” she giggled looking at the well equipped toy.

“I wasn’t expecting anything.” Doc admitted, “But I hoped this might be possible.”

“So be prepared?” she mused still grinning.

“I figured why not?” the older man sheepishly canlı casino siteleri admitted.

Marty heard the vibrator buzz on. She jerked slightly at the sound. Doc raised it up.

“That’s a fuckin’ cruise missile!” Marty remarked lightly.

Marty flinched slightly and then shivered when the lustful friend trailed the smooth tip along a perfect neck. The pulsating tip went on to a rounded breast. It then over a hard dark nipple and onto the twin mounds of flesh.

Doc moved the humming device across the flat belly. He pause a few brief seconds to tease bellybutton. He then expertly ran the silver tool along the tight lipped cunt.

“Ohhhhhh!” Marty let out as the sensation brought forth pussy juice.

The vibrator had multipurpose. A twisting head to find and stimulate the G spot. Ears to drive a clit wild. Vibrating, popping bulbs on the inside that expanded the shaft to massage the inside of a cunt to multi-climaxes. Doc’s tool was a torture device of pleasure.

“A stripper friend of mine introduced this to me.” Doc skimmed the vibrator over the inside of Marty’s upper legs. “She told me that it helps to make a fuckin’ session sweet.” The older man slowly guided the silver sex toy over the brunette’s wet pussy. “An’ usin’ it on you, my hot friend, makes it an even sweeter pleasure.” He then probed the tip against the clit. Marty flinched at the touch, “It prepares a cunt for some real good eatin’.”

“Omi, sweetie,” Marty moaned while accommodating Doc by opening the curvy gorgeous legs wider, “are’ya gonna eat my pussy now?

“Don’t get ahead of me, Fox,” Doc replied teasing Marty’s clit, “Our fun has just begun.”

He again moved back to Marty’s full rack. The use of the vibrator on the firm breasts had the hot woman tingling. The lustfilled older man placed the tool across the dark nipples. He then turned up the power.

“Ooooooeeeeeee!” Marty squealed involuntary.

The sex driven Doc knew how to use the toy well. Marty arched her athletic torso to ensure complete access to the vibrating tool’s touch. The beautiful orbs of flesh twitched with the teasing instrument.

Doc sucked on each nipple first and then tried to inhale as much of the tit as possible. Licking and sucking on them to cause Marty to shiver more with the sexual thrill Doc’s mouth cause.

Doc’s torture tactics with the toy continued while making love to Marty’ breasts. The vibrator was placed on the enlarge clit. She rubbed on it left to right and then up and down. Marty’s hips moved with the tool’s actions. Her cunt was now soaked and juices were flowing from the opening. The sheet surface just below was becoming a small pond.

“Damn you,” Marty moaned with closed eyed, “I’ve never had anyone get me so hot so quickly.”

Doc placed the vibrator on the opening quivering lips of the cunt. He turned it up slightly more. Then the tip disappeared between the pink opening of the pussy mouth.

“Oh Goddamn you!” Marty shrieked loudly, “I’m already too damn hot!” She humped a pair of firm thighs allowing the vibrator to enter deeper. “I’m so fuckin’ hot I can’t stand it!”

“Now you’re ready for some real lovin’,” Doc remarked pulling the toy from Marty’s cunt.

“Oh no!” the sex hazed Marty rued, “You’re not gonna turn into a super tease?”

He turned off the device. Placed it on a nearby table. Masculine fingers removed an ice cube from the glass. It disappeared behind a set of mustached lips.

Doc then leaned forward and captured Marty’s right nipple with a cold mouth.

“Oh my,” Marty whispered hotly, “That’s really feelin’ good.”

Doc sucked the nipple and breast in the icy mouth as far as possible. The cold sensation on warm tit made Marty shiver with ecstasy. The beautiful face twisted in pleasure showing the results the sensations caused.

Doc then sit up and removed another ice cube from the drink. The older man went after the other nipple and breast. The same action was repeated.

Marty petted the silver gray head as the lusty older man sucked and licked the large mound. Marty hunched and twisted with the movements of a loving tongue.

“That feels so wonderful, Honey,” The Southern Belle whispered in a moan, “Oh god that feels good.”

Doc then removed a third cube from the glass. It was placed in his mouth. A lecherous grin was given to Marty. A second later, a gray haired head was buried between Marty’s thighs.

“Oh, sweet Mary!” Marty squealed in joyful shock.

The hot Southern vixen hunched a shaking cunt at her sexy Internet buddy. Slurping sounds announced Marty becoming very wet with lust. The reddish brown mane flipped back and forth, left to right as Doc’s cold tongue made love to the hot pussy. Marty was getting an expert cunt eating from the older friend.

“Ooooooooooo!” she reacted to the coolness running down the wet slit.

Doc leaned forward and licked the icy cold tongue all over the brunette’s vixen’s clit. Marty shimmered to the cold. A pair of dark nipples were very erect. A tight lipped pussy quivered from the chill.

Doc then goes between the athletic legs. He kisses the inside of the thighs. A cold tongue washes and licks the entire pubic area. He nibbles while teasing the sensitive skin with the cold tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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