21 Mayıs 2022

Indian Sex Club Ch. 16

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Big Dicks

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

Two days after Anushka had triumphed in her contest against the 6 Kenyans from the Kenyan navy vessel P3124 Jasiri which was visiting Australia and taking part in a joint USA Australia Indian ocean Naval exercise. The 44-year-old Indian woman from Madurai had been fucked by them, taking them all until none of the navy men could raise it again within 30 minutes of cumming. It had taken a six-hour marathon fuck but she had outlasted them. She had proved what I had hoped for and I had big plans to take advantage of her abilities.

Today two of the Kenyans from the ship were returning to fight for a $5000 prize. Whoever of the two could make Anushka cum the most in their 3 hours would get the money: the looser only the enjoyment of the fuck.

I answered the knock on the door of the same hotel suite that the action had taken place in 2 days before and was greeted by three not two people. Chege, the tattooed 26-year-old marine, who had lasted the longest and cum six times was arguing with Onkwani, the 45-year-old kitchen hand, who despite lasting third longest was picked, or more specifically his 9 by 3 and a half inch cock was picked by Anushka. It was the 3rd person that was unfamiliar to me She was a dark-skinned woman, I presumed Kenyan though she could have been a negress, was in her mid-thirties, solid and strong, small titted yet powerfully arsed, long-legged with strong thick thighs and slim shapely calves. The entire package was squeezed into a board tight white naval uniform.

Onkwani said loudly, “Let the man decide. He said we could bring a fucking aid to help us, and the Chief Petty Officer is my fucking aid.”

“Yeah, but he didn’t mean no other person. And this fucking contest ain’t no navy business. She doesn’t below here. She ain’t no sex aid. He meant like a dildo or Spanish fly.” Turning to me Chege continued, “You gotta kick her out.”

“My name is Peninah Anyago, not her,” she interjected, “and on the ship that is that’s Chief Petty Officer to you, marine.”

I pretended to think about the problem but had already made up my mind. “I worded it badly. I said fucking aid. I didn’t say anything which would exclude a person. She stays.”

Chege angrily turned to the nude Anushka who was lying naked and ready on the bed. “That’s it. I’m really pissed. You going to get so much Kenyan black snake today you going to die cumming. I won the other day. I go first and I won’t leave a cum in her for you cheaters.”

Stripped, his muscular tattooed body rippled as he strode to the bed. By the time he reached it, he had fisted his cock to its thin 10 inches. He played with its uncircumcised head then turkey slapped Anushka’s face a couple of times before presenting his cock to her face. “Suck on that, bitch, while I get ready.”

The nude 44 year old Indian moved her 68-kilo body so she knelt in front of the angry marine and opened her mouth to take the quivering black 10 inches. Turning to the three of us he spat out, “This is a fucking aid,” and held up his brass cock ring. As Anushka engulfed his rod in her mouth he clamped the ring below his balls. “Good for hours,” he boasted before fucking her face. He appeared annoyed that she took his full slim fuck tool after an initial gag as he hit the back of his throat, but after about 5 minutes of deep throat fucking he pulled out. Then he took her doggy frantically pumping as he held her steady with one hand on her hip, the other pulling on her long thick oiled hair which hung down her back.

Anushka began to moan as her first orgasm started and her 34B 35 40 body shook as it engulfed her. I could see the inner lips of her cunt protruding slightly, giving her cunt a well-used look. As she was kneeling on the bed you could see outlined in 3D relief on her belly the moving outline of Chege’s cock as he pounded her. He withdrew and attacked her arse: the first plunge allowed his love juice covered tool to penetrate halfway, but another thrust buried it balls deep in her anal chute.

“Play with that clit, bitch,” her ordered as he fucked her arse and reached around to pinch her erect nipples.

Anushka responded and shrieked as another orgasm shuddered through her body, soon followed by another 3. Chege had sweat pouring off him as he pulled out and rolled the Indian women onto her back. Lying on her back we could see her incredibly thick pubic hair which had been shaven into a one-inch wide horizontal strip just above her slit with four bands radiating from it. The marine then mounted her missionary style and, as he was a bit out of breath after his frenzied start, proceeded to fuck her steadily. He was no fool and kept varying the angle of his fucking, so she experienced both full deep penetration of his 10 inches casino oyna and maximum clit contact. The reward was another 5 writhing orgasms from Anushka who after 40 minutes had cum 9 times.

But it was not one way. Lying on her back allowed Anushka to use her cunt muscles to the fullest. I could see her belly rippling and knew Chege was receiving the full effect of her magic fuck tube. I saw his face change and could tell he was experiencing what I had been introduced to the week before. She was squeezing his tool every way: randomly, rhythmically, targeted or totally and the marine was groaning, his tool embedded in her.

Eventually, he managed to extract it and we could all see the result of his fucking. Sure Anushka’s pussy was spread wide leaking cum juice, but Chege’s enlarged cock head was purple and his cock veins were standing out like a bodybuilder’s in competition mode. His ball sack was compressed behind the brass ring, swollen with unreleased cum and skin tight. But Anushka had now cum 13 times in 75 minutes.

But he was a marine and he only knew one way: forward. After a couple of minutes, he again positioned Anushka doggy style and thrust into her. Anushka was only five foot four, 140 pounds of soft and curvaceous Indian femininity: Chege stood over six feet tall and was 220 pounds of solid muscle and he was determinedly ploughing into her. His cock thrust deep up into her belly, slamming aside her tight, sodden pussy walls, and skewering the Indian 44-year-old so thoroughly, she exploded in another immediate shuddering orgasm, and simply knelt there, reaching back to clutch him tightly, as her shivering cunt walls clasped and sucked on his massive tool with furious contractions.

Then she recovered and began to hump against him, rubbing her back against his chest as she drove backwards taking his cock pole deep into her. She pumped her arse back, his cock jabbing up inside her with each thrust. His hands clutched her hips occasionally sliding down onto her rounded buttocks to give them a slap or squeeze.

She rocked back and forth, his fuck pole embedded within her, as the fire in her guts spread and intensified; turning into a roaring that drowned out all thought and sounds. Then her body arched so far it crashed forward on the bed and her whole body shivered and writhed through a body racking orgasm. Shimmering waves of erotic gratification ripped through her body. Even her toes and fingers twitched as she trembled through furious slashing bolts of searing ecstasy.

“Oh, Yeah,” she wailed, not trying to deny the bursts of pleasure that his stabbing rod sent rippling up her cunt and through her body. “Ohh, Ohh, Ohh,” Anushka chanted, as the rutting continued. This was raw and primitive sex. They were going at it like a couple of wild animals, their perspiration-sheened bodies clapping together wetly as they met.

“Fuck me, you marine bastard,” she pleaded, hunching up against him, raking his buttocks with her fingernails. “Just shut up and … ooouuuu … fuck me! Harder! Faster! Oh, Lord, it’s good … soo good! Stuff it up inside me! Oh, you cunt…go, go … ram me … rip me … don’t stop screwing me! Slam it into me!”

Her juices were flowing, and his long prick had her fuck hole plugged up too tight for her slippery secretions to dribble out. They built up inside her until they could be heard sloshing around in her vagina. Her steaming pussy started making squishing and sucking noises around his driving straining cock. They were both sweating and panting. His swollen shaved testicles whacked her in the arse repeatedly, making lewd splats as they slapped rapid-fire into her anal crack

“unghhhhh ungh ” she cried, bucking her greedy cunt up to him as she tugged at his butt to help him screw into her all the harder and faster. He couldn’t go deeper; the head of his pistoning prong was already banging against the neck of her uterus, making that pear-shaped organ of femininity bob up and down like a cork on a wind-swept lake.

Chege was close, too. His balls had already drawn up against his body. Even with the cock ring hey were quivering with the need to release their burdensome load. Anushka stayed right with him taking all he could give.

“WWWHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed, throwing back her head and digging her fingernails into his muscular arse cheeks. She had jerked his rod into her right up to his tight nuts and had no desire to back out. Her snug sheath clamped down around his fully inserted prick, squeezing it like a velvety vice.

“Jesus,” he rasped, sweating as her box was not only tight and steaming hot; now that she was coming it had turned into one of those rarest cunts – a snapping pussy! The involuntary contractions of her sex muscles caused her aroused slit to clutch spasmodically at his rod. It was as if she were milking the sperm up from his quivering balls. “UNNGH” he groaned, and then, grunting, “GNU, UNG, UNG!”

Then he pulled slot oyna out whimpering and ripped off his cock ring. His twitching cock spurted. Anushka rolled onto her back and was covered with big, sticky, hot jets of ejaculate mixed with blood that he was spurting onto her belly. It was gushing out of him under terrific pressure, actually splattering against her and bouncing onto and staining the sheets.

Chege tried to stand but his legs were unsteady and he wobbled then collapsed to the floor screaming in pain and holding his cock. It was obvious that Anushka’s cunt had severely ruptured something. There was no way he could continue but his score was 19 cums.

During Chenge’s fuck Chief Petty Officer Peninah wriggled her 35-year-old body out of her tight. starched white uniform. She stripped and took off her military-issue bra allowing her not overlarge tits to hang flat against her chest. She continued with the rest of her underwear. No Navy issue with the rest. A tiny red thong barely covered her shaved pussy and was wedged into and almost disappeared into her arse crack, held tight by her taut butt muscles. With that removed, I saw she had a Filipina type mound, no outer lips but with a pronounced gap between her cunt lips that allowed a full vision of her prominent large clit hood and clit and thick hanging inner lips. Her cunt hair was short but very curly and sparse when compared to the Indian women. Around her waist, she had a 4 strand Kenyan bead chain. I was getting very horny.

Being used to petite Vietnamese and other Asians and more recently the softer almost flabby bodies of the Indians, she was a new experience for me. She was 5 ft 6 and compared to Asians overweight at 130 pounds, but she was solid and fit, not soft Her tits were a smallish 33, her belly was large and rounded at 35 and wide arsed at 40. She had an arse alright, but it wasn’t one of those ridiculous bootilicious ones like the black pornstar Cherokee d’Ass with her 36D 30 52 figure and it meant her legs were quite attractive with thick thighs. On her flatish tits were monster nipples, already hard and erect.

Sure, at 35 years of age her tits sagged a little but I imagined them supported in a quarter cup bra fully exposing those monster nipples and I got even harder real quick. Then I noticed her largish face. Somehow it just grabbed you. Maybe it was the intelligent eyes, maybe the sensuous mouth. I don’t know but I knew it was far more alive and attractive than the Sudanese refugee women faces I had seen.

Peninah was not as tall as those women and her skin was not as dark but a more pleasant medium-dark chocolate colour. Her face was far more attractive to my eyes; no Sudanese overlarge lips, no Sudanese round pig-shaped face, no brutal short semi shaved hairstyle. Instead, prominent cheekbones gave definition and shape and character to her features and emphasised the intelligence, expression and confidence in her eyes. Body wise there was no similarity. The Sudanese women somehow morphed in their thirties from long-legged, slim if over arsed bodies into over big full-bellied, small titted big arsed pear-shaped bodies balanced on thin shapeless legs. The naval woman had a more solid and thick body than a typical Asian, but compared to the Sudanese it had a woman’s shape and compared to the Asians she was stronger and fuller titted.

Two features grabbed my eyes. Her hair was braided into cornrows and braided, perhaps with extensions as coloured thin ribbons and beads were entwined in the swinging hanging braids. I later found out these were Maassi decorations. Second, the backs of her hands and forearms were covered with intricate swirls, whorls and tribal designs in red henna temporary tattoos. I found them both very feminine and arousing Engrossed by what I was seeing I mentally compared her to the South Sudanese refugees that had flooded into Australia in the last five years. Different, but better different.

Four hours later it was Onkwani turn to try and exceed the 19 cums that Chege had extracted before the marine had become a war casualty. Absentmindedly I wondered if the marine would get the Kenyan equivalent of a purple heart as he had suffered an injury in his performance. Onkwani was playing with his weapon. It was nine inches long and three and a half inches wide. Pencil thick veins stood out along its ebony shaft and near the fist-sized head were 2 circles of ball bearings that had been inserted under the skin. It took me back to my days in the Australian army in Vietnam when I had seen the Negroes, high on weed, use their knives to make small slits in their cock skin and insert triple O shotgun pellets under the skin.

So much for being a sex aid. She took control and used Onkwani’s cock like a handheld dildo on Anushka’s slit, first making it wet then widening the opening and finally using the head on Anushka’s clit. So aroused was Anushka that she took the huge head of his cock more easily than two days before canlı casino siteleri in her gang bang. But Peninah restrained Onkwani from slamming it home and made him use the 2 circles of ball bearings under the skin near the head of his cock on Anushka’s clit. The effect was immediate and she shuddered and groaned as her first orgasm hit her. After her second Peninah let Onkwani drive the full thick nine inches fully home which he did in 3 brutal thrusts. So wide was his cock that you could see her pussy being inverted and pulled out by each withdrawal of Onkwani’s cock.

Meanwhile, Peninah had moved and was sucking on one nipple as she fingered the other. The two of them quickly drew 3 cums from the Indian so that within 15 minutes she had cum 6 times. Peninah told Onkwani to get under Anushka and arse fuck her which he did and even in that position, he was still able to bottom at least 5 and a half inches into Anushka. Peninah had moved into a 69 position but not yet started with her head and cunt about 6 inches above Anushka.

The soft, fragrant gash of her sex was open above Anushka’s eyes. Peninah’s fingers traced light designs over dark ebony flesh as they moved over her flat melons and thick nipples. Almost instantly they were as rigid and throbbing as my engorged pecker. Down her hands moved, never losing contact with her flesh as she descended over her stomach to her hips. Then they angled outward and down over her legs which straddled Anushka’s face. Thus she explored her body at length before she slid her fingers to her now glistening thick shaven cunt lips, inches above Anushka’s face.

As Onkwani steadily drilled Anushka’s arse Peninah’s inner lips became engorged under her caresses and started to leak love juice. Her fingers rubbed and tugged these, stretching and parting them. Her middle digits slipped between them alternating between caresses that went up and down the length of her slit and probes that went deeply between the lips and into her depths beyond. While her middle digits worked her slit, her index fingers wedged her clit, rolling and pulling it.

Anushka’s hips twitched as she watched Peninah’s masturbation inches above her face and accepted her anal fucking by Onkwani. She had already cum 3 more times and she was extremely horny. Peninah was losing herself in her sex play. Her eyes, when not shut, were glazed and slightly rolled back. Her breathing had become deeper and more laboured. A sheen of sweat had begun to cover her body, making her light ebony flesh glimmer even more erotically. Peninah’s tits swayed and juggled and her hips bucked and twitched as she drove her pussy harder and faster against her teasing fingers.

Both hers and Anushka’s whimpers and moans filled the room. With her eyes shut tight and her head thrown back, Peninah’s fingers became a blur as they flew up and down her snatch. Suddenly her body froze and a sound halfway between a gurgle and a moan slipped from her half-open mouth. Rub and pause, rub and pause, her fingers moved against her sex as her entire body convulsed. Pulse after pulse of orgasm rippled through her and she unloaded a stream of cum into Anushka’s face before falling forward to eat the Indian as she rubbed her pussy into Anushka’s cum-covered face. Satiated she rolled off Anushka who had now cum 15 times.

She arranged Anushka on the bed so her head hung over the edge and directed Onkwani to fuck her throat while she fingered Anushka. After about a minute she smiled at Onkwani and said, “I’ve found her G spot.”

Then she went to work. As Anushka convulsed on the sofa with nine inches buried in her throat Peninah’s fingers pleasured Anushka’s G spot. Quickly Anushka reached 20 cums and Onkwani screamed “I’ve won,” and unleashed a stream of cum into Anushka’s mouth.

“Get hard again sailor. We still have nearly seventy minutes,” Peninah moaned as she worked over Sia’s G spot.

As Onkwani tried to regroup Peninah tried to drain Anushka using her other hand’s fingers on Anushka’s nipples, as she fingered the Indian’s G spot and clit. By the time Onkwani was ready Anushka was moaning incoherently, drool dripping from her mouth. For the remaining time, orchestrated by Peninah they took Anushka every way possible that I had read of, seen on the internet porn or fantasised about. I gave up counting the cums about the time Anushka’s voice gave out.

I do remember Peninah’s cries before of “God, he backdooring me with his tongue. Don’t stop,” as I tongued her after eating her pussy while she knelt eating Anushka.

Later on, I got thinking. Did the colours of the waist chain beads signify anything? Did some Kenyans prefer gold? What about ankle chains? My mind ticked over as I thought of a cheap present to impress the Navy woman after this was finished. Perhaps no need to break the bank buying gold.

Satiated she raised herself from a still writhing moaning exhausted and semi-conscious Anushka and approached Chege who had stayed there first perhaps hoping his tally would not have been reached, then engrossed like me in what he saw. She got into his personal space and looked up into the marine. “Yes, marine. You were right before. This isn’t Navy business.”

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