27 Mayıs 2022

In the Manner of Sappho

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Sappho inspired a class, called the theosos, comprised of beautiful female entertainers who performed their music for gentlemen eating and drinking while reclining on floor mats. Sappho educated the young women in poetry, philosophy, and music so that they could seduce older men of distinction with their minds as well as their sexual charms. The theosoi were followed by gentleman’s banquets, where Sappho’s proteges would entertain. After they finished playing their music, the lyric poets were known to go around the room to give each of the gentlemen a “kiss”—which meant performing oral sex.

At one particular banquet, the matron of the house, one Calixta, joined the men and brazenly ate lamb, olives, and grape leaves and drank numerous cups of wine as if she were one of the men. Sappho’s normal task was to supervise her young fledglings, decorate the banquet room with flowers, and perfume the air with incense. This night she remained in the foyer until the music finished and approached the lady, Calixta.

Sappho unhooked the shoulder eyelet of her silken gown in the fashion of Greek commoners, women and men alike, diagonally casino oyna covering the left breast and leaving the right one bare, and let the garment fall to the floor, unveiling her delta of womanliness.

By appearances, Calixta was a woman of fifty with short, coiled gray hair, hazel eyes, and a large handsome nose. She smiled and told Sappho, “You’re a thing of beauty.”

“Thank you, mitera,” Sappho replied as she knelt alongside the mat on which the aristocratic woman lay. Then she Sappho took the liberty of unfastening the hook and eyelet that secured the full length gown Calixta wore. The lady fluttered her eyelashes bashfully as Sappho undressed her.

“Mitera,” Sappho again called her mother affectionately, as she caressed Calixta’s aged breasts drooping down to her belly. Sappho pinched each nipple and kissed her areolas before suckling like a babe, which evidently pleased Calixta, who writhed sensuously in response.

While twelve men including Calixta’s husband, Creon, enjoyed the gift of fellatio from Sappho’s enthusiastic pupils, Sappho tasted the fruit of Aphrodite. She sniffed and nuzzled Calixta’s wiry hedge, slot oyna savoring the matron’s mature odor, before coating the mons with tongue. Sappho’s muscular tongue pierced the lady’s labia and entered her pink vagina as deftly as any man’s penis. After inducing Calixta to shiver, moan, and drool from her cleft, Sappho sifted the fleshy pussy between her teeth and sucked on it like an oyster.

After Sappho induced an orgasmic tempest in Calixta’s loins, she wriggled alongside of her and kissed her on the mouth.

“I taste Aphrodite on your lips,” Calixta said playfully.

Sappho the hovered over her, saying wistfully, “Well, let us worship the goddess of love.” She spread her vagina wings over Calixta’s face and opened her cunt with her fingers. She drizzled feminine nectar from her fingers to Calixta’s lips, wetting the lady’s appetite for her cunt.

After the lady thoroughly covered Sappho’s pussy, clitoris, and arse with her furry tongue, she interrupted, declaring, “I must pause to make water.”

To her surprise and delight, Sappho said, “Let me drink of thee.” Switching positions, Calixta stooped over Sappho’s canlı casino siteleri waiting lips and sent a twined stream of urine into her mouth. Sappho hummed a beautiful melody as she drank the older woman’s tangy piss.

Sappho prohibited her young ladies from fucking the gentlemen at these engagements. However, in the arms of Calixta, after coaxing the elder beauty to fondle and suck on her teats, Sappho clamped her legs around Calixta’s and their cunts kissed. They rubbed until Calixta cried out, “O Hera, fuck thy mother Gaia!”

When her lover was spent, Sappho bid her an affectionate farewell, collected her fee in gold coins from Creon, who looked to have been stupefied by orgasm, and escorted her girls homeward through the streets of Mytilene, Lesbos.

Sappho’s husband Kyrkylis was not at home. He was vacationing on the island of Milos with his pupil, Andros, a young man of considerable charms, no doubt fucking each other all night and day. Kyrkylis always returned home exhausted from mentoring fair Andros.

Sappho undressed and reclined on her bed mat, wondering whether the handsome ferryman, Phaeon, really had a cock the size of the phallus of Heracles, as one of her theosos pupils claimed to have observed. One day she would see for herself, she thought, as she drifted down the river Styx in the underworld of her dreams.

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