28 Mayıs 2022

If The Dean Only Knew

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I was grading papers when I heard the office door open. There stood Lauren, a hot little number from my American Lit class. She was wearing a mini-skirt and a white blouse that was tied up in a knot below her D-cup breasts. Looking at her, my throat was suddenly parched and my 42-year-old cock was stirring to life. As I pushed my chair back, I knew I was in trouble.

“May I help you?” I naively asked.

“More than you know, Rich,” Lauren purred as she locked the door behind her.

There goes my tenure.

Here we go again. Lauren and I had a, shall we say, mutually beneficial relationship. She gave me her body and I gave her good grades. It was wrong but I was powerless to stop it. She was just too damn hot.

But that was before the dean started asking me nosy questions about my relationship with the young coed. Apparently, there were rumors floating around campus that I was giving Lauren favors in return for her, um, favors. My job was on the line. I had to put the kibosh on my affair with Lauren. I’d fuck her this one last time but that was it.

Lauren untied the knot of her shirt as she approached my desk, until her firm, young breasts were unencumbered. My eyes were bulging in their sockets and my snake was bulging in my pants. She crawled across illegal bahis my desk like a kitten. Suddenly, my office became very hot. She messed up the papers—hers being one of them—but I didn’t care. I was under the vixen’s spell.

As God is my witness, I’m not responsible for the events that followed.

While keeping her eyes locked on mine, Lauren crawled onto my lap, her legs straddling the arms of the padded leather chair. My cock was straining upward like a lava dome.

“Oh, my, Rich,” Lauren giggled. “Is that a harpoon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

I had to give her credit for the harpoon reference, as her class had just finished reading Moby Dick.

“Well–,” I began, but Lauren shushed me with a touch of her forefinger. She fondled both breasts. “Touch them,” she commanded. She didn’t need to tell me twice. I reached up to hold her mambos.

I had to feel Lauren’s tight twat wrapped around my dick. I lifted her up and set her back in my lap, this time with her impaled on my shaft. She hooked both legs over the arms of the chair and humped me while I bucked up into her. I fucked Lauren with everything I had. The hell with tenure; nailing Lauren’s tight, wet pussy was all I cared about.

I lifted her up as illegal bahis siteleri I rose to my feet and lay her on top of my desk. After repositioning my cock back in her pussy, I began pistoning back and forth. Lauren’s tight pussy gripped my cock like it didn’t want it to leave. My cock wasn’t going anywhere until it had deposited a load in her cunt.

To go deeper, I set Lauren’s legs up on my shoulder. My hips hammered my love spike into her flesh tunnel. “Oh!” she cried in pleasure.

While I fucked her, Lauren had me stop so she could suck my cock. She slid down to the floor. “Why, that’s no harpoon,” Lauren exclaimed in mock incredulity. “That’s a white whale!”


I watched with mounting excitement as her cherry red mouth descended to engulf the head of my cock. Her hands stroked my shaft as her tongue flicked like mad on Moby’s white underbelly. I held onto her ponytail before closing my eyes. A gurgling moan of bliss escaped my lips.

Lauren sucked on my cock exquisitely, her mouth forming a tight seal. Her tongue stroked my shaft while her lips dragged up and down, slowly at first but gradually gaining momentum, a hand stroking the base of my shaft, the other gently squeezing my balls. This was great!

Suddenly I felt canlı bahis siteleri the fuse burning on my cum cannon. “Oh, fuck!” I groaned as I shot a load down Lauren’s throat.

“Thar he blows,” said a second voice. “I hope there’s more for me.”

My eyes flew open and I nearly jumped from my chair. The voice belonged to Lauren’s twin sister Lauren, who was holding a camcorder and taping the fellatio. Lauren was a near carbon copy of her sister, in looks, at least. I had often wondered if she sucked and fucked as well as her sister.

Lauren gave Lauren the camera before pushing me back into my chair. My cum-glistening cock rose back up as I watched Lauren disrobe. “You fuck pretty good for an old fart,” she challenged.

Old fart? That stung. I’d show her what an old fart could do. I scooped her up and pressed her to the wall before guiding my hard cock into her tight pussy. She grunted as I thrust up into her inner core.

“Fuck me harder, you bastard!” she cried. In response I spun her around so that I was nailing her from behind. I pounded her poon hard. Her face was scowling, pressed against the door. Her hands pulled at her tits while my hands dug into her hips.

Abruptly she pulled away. “Fuck me in the ass,” she hissed. Music to my ears. I pulled my slick throbber out of her tight twat and pushed it back into her even tighter butt. While I sawed back and forth in her back door Lauren came and came hard. That triggered my own climax, and I filled her butt with man juice.

She got that A.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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