28 Mayıs 2022

I Need My Daddy

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He died last June in a car crash. My mother was at the wheel and it was because of her that they were both killed. Mom was a real bitch. You know the type, always right and always critical of other people and very demanding and vindictive.

Dad always stood up for me and I idolized him. I was his favorite and I really hated the way mom treated him. About once every couple of weeks she would send us on useless errands, and those were the times she would let dad fuck her. Being bi she would have sex with other women I think, but it was always a secret and never talked about but when she was feeling very sexy it was always daddy who would have to satisfy her.

I was named after my mother, Kimberly, but in the family I was Kim and she was Kimberly. Anyway my sister’s bedroom is right next to Dads, and When we were home from college, we would peek thru the small hole my sister had made in the back of their closet. When we knew they were going to do it, she would put one of those door magnifying gadgets in the hole and we could see the whole room real good. She’d race to the room and part the clothes and be sure the door was open, then we would pretend to go out and park the car around the block. We’d sneak back to her room and watch. Mom was a real witch. She made him do everything she wanted and was always ordering him around. And nothing ever pleased her. She was always bitching about something. Anyway, that was how it began.

We watched mom get undressed and put her things on a chair. She told daddy to hurry up and get undressed. I guess he wasn’t fast enough to suit her but than when he turned around, I saw his dick for the first time. He wasn’t hard or anything but still he was big. Mom sat on the edge of the bed and made dad lay down real close to her. She began jerking him and we watched him get bigger and bigger. Finally she let go of him and for the first time we saw my father with a hard on. When mom made him stand up we both gasped. He was really big and hard. It stood up sorta pointing at the ceiling and he stepped back while mom laid down with her legs dangling off the bottom of the bed.

She gave him an order. “Eat me! I want to cum that way first. Go down on me and eat me out real good baby.” We kept switching back and forth exchanging places as we watched. I watched her cum and heave up, pushing her pussy against daddy’s mouth and screaming all sorts of orders. She used words I would never have thought to use but they seemed to excite daddy. “Eat my cunt baby. Suck that clit harder. Use your fingers in my cunt and finger fuck me when I tell you it’s cumming.” Things like that.

I began stroking my pussy thru my panties as I watched. I was wet and the white silk patch between my legs was wet and slippery as my fingers ran up and down the wet spot. When mom suddenly yelled out, “NOW! Suck harder and fuck my cunt with those fingers. It’s cumming now, Fuck, oh my god here it comes, Oh yeah, Oh My God yeah.” When it ended she laid there for a minute before she rolled off the bed and squatted in front of dad. Then she reached up and clutched his balls and put the head of his cock in her mouth and began making those slurpy sounds as she sucked him. Then she paused and looked up and warned him. “Don’t you dare cum until I’m through using him. Don’t you dare, or we’ll have to start all over again. Understand?”

Dad shook his head and stood still while she sucked and jerked his cock. Tiring of her little game she let him go again and we watched his rigid cock spring out of her mouth and point upward. My god he looked hard. Now she stood up and sat on the edge of the bed before swinging her legs up. She wiggled to the center and drew her feet up so her heels were tight up against the cheeks of her ass, then her knees fell apart and she motioned for him to move between her thighs.

She was so exposed that I got a good view of dad as he moved to kneel between her legs and he was sort of scary. I’d seen him once or twice without his clothes on but I never realized how thick and big he could get. Mom buried her chin in her chest and watched as dad held his cock down and began to put it in her cunt. She took a deep breath and warned: “Slow Ted. I don’t want you to tear me apart with that fucking rod of yours. Just go slow and I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”

I watched dads ass move forward then very slowly he backed out a little. He did it again and then back out again. He was slowly stretching mom open and each time he went in deeper she would let out a little gasp. “For gods sake Ted your pushing my guts out my mouth. Your too fucking hard. Go slow but get that damn thing in, will you? Quit playing with me!”

I could tell dad was furious but he was trying his best to go slow and do what she wanted. In and out, in and out, he slowly thrust back and forth. A couple of minutes later he was going a bit faster and mom was starting to moan and sort of rock her hips from side to side. Suddenly she moved her hands from illegal bahis her sides and clutched at her breasts. Lifting one she managed to get it’s nipple to her lips and I watched her tongue flick over it. Then she tugged at it and began sucking. Moments later her legs began to tremble and she straightened them out. Now I could watch dads cock going in and out and that’s when I came. I had to bite the side of my hand to keep from squealing aloud but I kept watching. I was fascinated by what she was making him do.

As soon as she began trembling she let out a long moan and actually sobbed to dad. “Fuck… it’s close. It’s coming Teddy. Oh yeah, it’s coming on hard now… Oh fuck. Do it now. Pound it in now baby. Ram that cock in and finish meeeeee. Harder, Dammit, HARDER, NOW USE IT ALL YOU WANT! Fuck my cunt faster and harder. Oh shit…. I want it now. Fill my cunt with that thick cum of yours and fuck me harder, HARDER! Fuck my brains out you son of a bitch. Give it to me hard and hurt me. Now. I’m Cummingggggg. Oh My God, Oh my God it feels so good. Ram it in deeper. Faster, I…I’m…. I’m gonna Cum again. Here it comes. Oh shit. Keep fucking me, keep fucking, keep sliding that fucking cock in and out of my slippery cunt. Yeahhhhh I’m cumming again!”

He kept lifting his cock almost all the way out then plunging it back in and the room was filled with the slapping sounds as his thighs beat against moms. Then she slowly lifted her legs high and let out a long gasp.

“I can’t do it again. Oh god that was fantastic, really amazing, but I can’t cum again. Oh god Ted that was the best. Did you make it? I’m so fucking wet I can’t tell.” Dad paused and then pulled his cock out. I think I could actually hear it sort of pop as he moved back and I saw it spring up.

“No. I was close Kimberly but I didn’t.” Mom swung her legs over the side of the bed and had dad sit next to her. Then she began to jerk his cock. Up and down, up and down and every so often she would pause to take the pale purple head of his cock in her mouth and do something to it with her tongue. Then she would sort of lick his heavy balls and do it all over again. Suddenly she began stroking him really fast and looking up at his face, she snarled. “Tell me when. I want cum now. Tell me when and I’ll give you that reward you want. Come on now don’t hold back Ted. Give me all that milky cum so I know you won’t be able to fuck any of your girl friends tomorrow. Now give it to me.”

Moms hand was a blurr as she jerked him faster and faster until finally dad gave in. “It’s coming … It’s cumming Kimberly. Yeah,,, Gonna shoot…. Here it comes!” Mom quickly opened her mouth and took most of his cock in deep. Her cheeks dimpled then slowly filled out again as he exploded in her mouth. I thought she would spit it out but when she opened her mouth a minute later, it was all gone. She really swallowed all of dad’s cum.

Over the next few days I found out exactly how nasty and jealous mom was. Since I turned nineteen and gone off to college, she accused him of having an affair with any and all women he came in contact with, at least thats what my older sister told me.

The girl in the check out line at the grocery store, or the lady in the cosmetics department at the local drugstore. I have to admit, dad did attract women, but he didn’t work at it, and I never saw him pick up on it. There was just something about him that attracted women and mom would get furious if she even thought he was looking at someone. Her revenge was to make him go weeks without sex and that only brought me closer to dad. I could sympathize with him.

Over the next few weeks I began masturbating a lot while I was home on mid term vacation. Sometimes three or four times a day. I kept thinking about what I had seen that afternoon and I went through picture albums until I found a picture of dad in his bathing suit at a picnic or something. I would stare at it as I played with my clit and masturbate until I came. something that I had done pretty much since I became eighteen. Now I’d imagine him fucking me like he did mom.

But then it happened…. Mom caught me. At first she just sort of scolded me and told me the usual stuff. “Don’t do it any more and all that crap about it being natural and that I shouldn’t be doing it so much,” but when she saw dads picture on the bed, she went ballistic. I won’t go into what she called me but I think she was more pissed off at dad than she was at me. I don’t know what she told dad, but now he was even avoiding looking at me, and that hurt more than I can ever say. Then, the day she left to go on a cruise with my aunt, she had another argument with dad and came tearing into my bedroom screaming at me.

“You’re a little slut. You get off fucking yourself thinking about your father, so you can have him until I get back or you go back to college. You let him fuck you, you little whore. Let him ram that fucking hard cock deep in your little illegal bahis siteleri pussy and find out how it feels. I want you to take care of him for the next three weeks. I want you to be his little whore. Go ahead. You won’t need pictures, you can have him do you for real if you can get him to do it. Just don’t screw things up before you go back to college.”

Two days later the package I had sent for came. I had ordered a vibrator, a sheath that slid over it, and a sort of wiggly dildo thing called a wabbit. The one I ordered was just about the size I thought dad was. Up until then I had to just use my fingers or the handle of my hair brush but I thought this would be more exciting. After she had ranted and raved at me and gone, I started to think about what she had told me. Did she say the same things to dad? He did seem to be sort of avoiding me. Anyway a couple of days later I was having a difficult time staying asleep. My mind was working overtime and I was thinking about dad. I got up to get a glass of milk and passing the door to his bedroom I saw him jerking off. I ran to the peep hole and watched. It wasn’t very exciting because he wasn’t saying anything, just slowly stroking his cock. I was getting more excited imagining him putting that big hard cock in me than he seemed to be, as he slowly jerked off.

I only had a brief teddy on and my pussy was getting really sticky and I wanted to cum sooo bad but I kept watching. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more and I went to the door of his bedroom. I quietly turned the knob and pushed it about three inches open. I could see him in the dim light. As he was on his bed jerking, I was standing outside the door, fingering myself. Then I started to cum. I lost my balance and fell against the door, tumbling into the room.

There I was, my teddy up around my waist with my fingers buried deep in my cunt. He stopped and tried to pull the sheet up but it looked like a tent. He was so big that he couldn’t hide anything. What flashed thru my mind was moms last words. “You’re a whore and I want you to take care of your father. You can have him until I get back.” For a long time neither of us knew what to say. The silence was deafening. I think I was the first to speak. “I’m sorry daddy. It’s just not right though. I mean the way mom treats you. I know you do what you have to so… we all do. I get up tight too and ….well I have to calm myself down and I know you do too….. I understand.”

I don’t think he was quite believing what I was saying. And quite frankly he seemed embarrassed beyond belief. Still he said nothing. I pulled my teddy down and went and sat down next to him on the bed. I tried, oh god I did try, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the outline of his erect cock outlined under the sheet. Trying to sound mature and very understanding, I rambled on.

“Mom talked to me before she left. She sort of was angry with me. She caught me doing myself and she got upset. Did she tell you about it?” He nodded yes, and I went on. “Well she called me some things that hurt real bad but maybe she was right. Maybe I am a whore. Maybe I think about things that I shouldn’t. …….. Can I tell you something? He nodded yes and I went on.

“Well, by accident, a long time ago, I saw you and her making love and I saw how she bossed you around and I saw how, in the end, she needed you. Well I can’t ever forget that. Then when she came to my room the day she left, she told me to take care of you….. I think she meant it.”

He looked puzzled and asked: “How? What did she say? What did she want you to do?”

I was getting a high on just thinking about what we were discussing and I became more daring. “She said that I should take care of you. She said that I should …… I guess….. Take her place.?” He looked at me and a small grin crept over his face. “Your mother says a lot of things when she’s upset. Don’t believe most of it Kim. You know how she gets. I don’t think that’s what she meant. She probably meant do the wash and make dinner, things like that.”

I had to get things back on track so I quickly changed the subject. “look dad, I’m a big girl and I can figure things out pretty good. I know she’s cold and I know she has girlfriends that she does things with, but I don’t want her to make you feel like your to blame for the way she is. If I sit here quiet and just watch, would you finish what you were doing? That would sort of restore my feeling of closeness. Will you please…… Please daddy, please?”

He shook his head, NO. I was devastated and my begging got more urgent. ” I saw you and mom making love that time and it was beautiful. All I want to do is watch. I won’t say anything….. Just watch.” I pulled the sheet back and got my first close look at his cock. Now semi-erect he was still magnificent and I hesitated for a second as my hand began to reach out. He would have stopped me, so I paused and drew back. Again I pleaded…. “Please daddy. Just canlı bahis siteleri this one time. Let me watch…. Please? Mommy said it would be all right. I just want to watch, ok?”

He certainly wasn’t enthusiastic but he did wrap his fingers around his cock and slowly bring it back to life. As I watched I became more agitated and fidgety. I had this urge to grab him and do what mom had done but I knew he would have stopped me, so I acted real ladylike and just put my hands in my lap. Within moments he was hard and his cock stood erect. I didn’t realize it but my own hand had moved to my cunt and was now slowly massaging the puffy folds, and my swollen clit, while I watched him.

I listened as his curled fingers moved up and down the dry surface of his cock and my first instinct was to make it wet with my mouth but I just sat there and watched. Minutes passed but he just got harder. That’s when a small droplet of clear fluid appeared at the head of his cock. It began to slowly run down the underside and now I could hear the soft squish, squish as his hand moved up and down the full length of his cock. He was becoming frustrated and I was getting closer and closer to making myself cum. I moved closer and continued to watch. Suddenly I couldn’t stand it any more and I reached out and wrapped my hand around his balls and rolled them in my palm.

He didn’t stop me, so maybe I was helping, and that made me even more daring. Another small droplet of pre cum appeared and now he was getting close but it wasn’t ready to happen yet. Finally I leaned over and held his wrist firmly and took his hand away. I guess he was close and just didn’t care anymore about stopping me. I replaced his hand with mine and put my mouth over the head of his cock and sucked it for a few seconds. Now the shaft was wet and my hand slid easily up and down. The pre cum mixed with my saliva made it slick and slippery and I started to jerk him faster. When I rubbed my curled fingers around the rim of his cocks head, he would begin to quake. So I kept doing it right up there. Suddenly he moaned and looked at me. “No Kim. No. I’m gonna cum. Baby stop it now. Don’t do it any more honey. I’m gonna finish.”

I went faster and never took my eyes off his cock. I had his heavy balls in one hand and the head of his cock wrapped within the grasping fingers of my other hand. I whispered, Yes daddy I want to see it happen. I just want to watch it spurt out. Let it go….please. For me?” His balls seemed to pull away and nestle closer to his groin. Then I felt him twitch and I slowed my jerking down, almost stopping.

Suddenly a long thick ribbon of whitish cum geysered up and splattered against my cheek. I was a little startled. I hadn’t expected it to shoot so far, but the second spurt came right after that and then a third. I wanted to take it in my mouth but I guess I was too slow. Now the slippery gobs of cum sort of came out in continuous short bursts and ran over my hand and down the length of his pulsing cock.

I suppose it was instinct. I had this sudden urge to let him finish in my mouth, so at the very end I put the head of his cock to my lips and sucked him in. I don’t know what I expected. It was sort of stringy and not exactly what I had thought. A little salty but it was the slippery stringy feeling on my tongue that excited me most. I kept sucking almost as if his cock were a pacifier. And he stayed hard.

He actually stayed just as hard as ever, even after he stopped spurting. I guess it felt good for him because he just stared up at the ceiling and let me suck on him. Finally he sort of rolled to the side and took some tissues from the nightstand and handed them to me. I paused. I knew he intended to wipe all the cum up but at the last moment I began to lap it up using my tongue. He moaned. “Noooo, no Kim, don’t do that.” Yet he held still as I continued to clean him up using my mouth.

I was sort of proud of what I’d done and since it was over, he couldn’t stop me now. Then the thought struck me. I had watched as mom made him put his mouth to her pussy and I had the sudden impulse to ask him if he would do that with me. “Daddy? Would you make me cum with your mouth the way you did with mom? That would make me feel more….you know, kind of intimate and all and right now I feel sort of horny like.” He stared at me as if trying to decide. I went on. “Well you just let me help you so could you sort of help me? Hunh?”

Before he could make an excuse not to, I crawled up next to him and took my teddy off. I don’t know if mom shaves her cunt, but I do and I’m sort of proud of how nice and pink and tight my little slit is. I kind uh wiggled next to him when he decided to do it. He turned onto his side and surprised me by what he did next. It wasn’t something he had done with mom so it was special. He kissed me on the lips then moved his mouth down and put one of my nipples in his mouth and sort of ran his tongue around and round it. Something was happening to me. My pussy began to sort of quiver and twitch. And I felt myself get real wet down there. When he moved on to my other breast I was going wild and then he put his hand over my pussy and I was a little upset over how wet I had gotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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