21 Mayıs 2022

Huge Breasted Friend

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Everything in this story is 100% true so it won’t be as exciting or thrilling as a fictional story.


When I was in my mid 20’s I worked at a restaurant in Northeast Ohio to help myself pay my way through college. One of the people I worked with was a bartender and my initial reaction to her was not positive. I found her grumpy and abrasive and didn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t my favorite person. As time went on I grew to understand her demeanor more and we started having conversations. We talked about a lot of things but one of the things she would occasionally throw in was her problems with having large breasts. Now, she was not a fat woman (she’s ten years my senior) but she’s tall and sturdy built. In fact she’s slightly taller than me but that’s not an amazing feat. With her build it wasn’t surprising that she had some decent sized boobs and they weren’t small, for sure, but seeing her in her work uniform I didn’t exactly think they were that large.

One day we ended up going out to the bars as friends and had a few drinks. I dropped her off at home and as she was walking up the stairs to her front door she asked for a hug and jammed my face right between her boobs as she was standing a few steps above me. It was a completely surprising move and clearly no accident. This up front and person interaction with her boobs was the first time I realized that they were a lot bigger than I thought. My head just sank in between her boobs and I loved the sensation.

From then on we hung out more but never moved out of the friend zone. I really wanted a better look at those big boobs but just couldn’t seem to make it happen. There was but a single time where I got the full effect. After some drinking we were at my parents house and I managed to get her naked. When I saw her breasts I was blown away. I had seen D cups but these were so much bigger it was ridiculous. Her breasts had natural cleavage but were still wider illegal bahis than her waist. They hung nearly to her belly button but stuck out. I had seen the half inch deep indentations in her shoulders from her bra but when I lifted one of her breasts with both hands I was stunned at its weight. This was a truly massive tit in every way possible. A soft, white gargantuan breast. She quipped, ‘fun for the whole family’ and I replied back, ‘…and the neighbors.’

I confess I was hooked. Huge voluminous breasts, big areolas, big suckable nipples. It was as if all the dimensions of her breasts exploded once her bra was off. She was not exaggerating the size of her breasts in the least. We had sex that day which was apparently her first sexual encounter in years. And that was it. I never again saw her breasts in the flesh again but the story continues.

We remained friends and when she bought a house she asked me in as a renter. My friend would always claim to be a double D which nowadays seems like not much at all yet they were so many times larger than the D cup I saw. Double D just did not seem possible. When my friend got home the first thing she did was remove her bra because of the pain it caused her shoulders. She would let out a huge sigh when she got her harness off. She generally wore a white t-shirt and tan bathrobe and her breasts were always out and center. The sheerness of the white shirt allowed her nipples to show and when they were erect I would always ask if she felt cold. She’d look down to see her nipples and give me a disapproving, ‘ha ha.’ Some of her t-shirts were a bit old and her nipples and areolas could be seen through the shirt. As roomies, she didn’t even make any attempt to hide her massive pendulous breasts which was definitely a mixed blessing.

Seeing her gigantic breasts was delightful but at the same time frustrating as they were always just out of reach. Her thinking was that if we expanded illegal bahis siteleri our relationship it would spoil our friendship. But, it wasn’t like she was dating anyone else… ever. In fact I’ve never known her to ever date anyone since our one sexual encounter. One time she was invited to be in a coworkers wedding party and the dress she was given was strapless. Her breasts looked ginormous and upon seeing her the bride said, ‘holy bazoombas.’ It was probably the first time her friends had seen her braless. We would often watch movies on the TV and out of the corner of my eyes I could see her massive breasts sitting in her lap but I could never understand how those things could possibly be double D’s.

The frustration of living with a massive breasted woman whom I could only see but never touch was annoying. I ended up seeking release with porn of big breasted women. My friend would sometimes use my PC and discovered my love of huge breasts (I only like naturals). I really didn’t care or feel embarrassed. I was more angry that she so jealously guarded her huge breasts and caused me to seek other outlets.

Fast forward about 8 years and I discovered the woman who I would eventually marry. At this point this situation between my big breasted friend and myself had changed and she was living in MY house. She had to go and she mentioned that it felt like a divorce. No, not a divorce. She had sat the parameters of our relationship and she would have to find a new place to live as my fiance was going to be moving in. My fiance was nothing like my friend in any physical dimensions but that was fine. Big breasts are awesome fun but I prefer my wife to be more modest up top.

The years went by and I remained in contact with my friend and we would get together occasionally. She had definitely put on weight over the years but most of it collected in her breasts. I’ve seen a lot of big boobed girls who’s bodies caught canlı bahis siteleri up to the boobs but in my friends case her boobs remained wildly out of proportion. One day I went to her apartment to drop something off. She didn’t realize I was going to be there and came out without a bra on. Under her shirt I could tell that her boobs had done nothing but grow. She vainly tried to hide them with her arms but it was futile and I only laughed. Every dimension had expanded yet they still managed to stick out even as they hung to her naval. Her breasts were increasingly causing her physical discomfort and one day she confessed to me that she had had a professional bra fitting at Victoria Secrets and she was in fact a double G which left her shocked and dismayed. I was not surprised in the least. When I said something about not knowing they made bra’s that big she replied back that I knew very well that bra’s came that big given my preference of porn. Touche.

Years have continued to pass and she’s now in her late 50’s. She went to a get together this past year that required a dress and her breasts had clearly increased in size further. She sat at a table next to me and the sheer volume of girth from her back to the front of her breasts was mind blowing. If she had been a double G it was clear she had increased at least a single bra size and possibly two. That would put her in the I or J category. I would love to come up with a subtle way to query about her current bra size but I have yet to come up with a way to make it work.

I would absolutely love to see her breasts one more time even though I’m married. Just a glance, a glimpse, maybe a little lift for a moment. It wont happen so I’ve tried to convince her to try a dating website to no avail. If I can’t have those gigantic breasts someone else should. She suffers every day with back pain for breasts that serve no purpose. I have no doubt there are tons of guys in Northeast Ohio who would LOVE to have those monster titties to come home to. As far as I know she has never been on a date in the past 20 years. We all make choices in life but it’s a crying shame for the most mind blowing breasts I’ve ever seen to go to complete waste.

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