28 Mayıs 2022

How Many is Too Many

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With my work, I often travel to various Asian cities, mostly to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, etc. where I get to explore some local delicacies. Mostly I hook up with guys on the Internet, they come to my room, and they cum on my face, and go.

I don’t need (or want) guys to do anything in return for me. I love it when they sit back and enjoy my service. They can watch TV, read a book, or talk on the phone. The more they enjoy it, the more I like it. That’s what I get pleasure out of – giving pleasure, and being used.

For years, I often had more than one guy in one day, but never more than one at the same time. That’s mostly because Asian guys don’t like to perform in the presence of another Asian guy. That’s ok for me.

One time, I hooked up with a Japanese guy in Singapore. I went to his hotel room and started sucking his cock within a minute or two of meeting him 🙂 While he was enjoying the warmth of my mouth, he said if I’d consider serving his friend as well. I said “why not, tell me where he is and I’ll go to him too after you’re done with me”. He said his friend was staying at the same hotel, and he could join us. I’d never tried two guys at once, but I was delighted to be presented the opportunity. So I agreed. He called his friend, talked to him in Japanese. Of course I never let his cock out of my sight, or even out of my mouth while he was talking.

Few minutes later, his friend knocked on the door and the first guy (Rob) told me to get up and open the door for him. I was still wearing underwear (he was naked) so that made sense. I got up, opened the door and invited him in. The second guy (Touri) was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, which quickly disappeared in a few seconds of entering the room.

I went back to Rob and back to work. Soon Touri was standing stark-naked next to me with his cock touching my cheek. It was soft, and I love soft cocks! I love them because I love the feeling of a soft cock getting hard in my mouth! I took it in my mouth, while Rob’s was still in my hand, and waited until it got hard, which didn’t take long at all. Then he sat next to Rob. I started taking turns on one cock in my mouth while working the other with my hand. They loved it. They were speaking casually in Japanese and laughing (Touri didn’t speak much English, just “suck”, “bitch”, and a few other relevant words :o) and I was enjoying myself with my favourite toy, and not just one, but two!

A little while later, they told me to sit on the floor and rest my back on the couch, and they stood in front of my face. Rob asked me if I liked bukkake. I said I didn’t know what that was, and he said they’d teach me. Anyway, I soon found out that bukkake is several guys covering one person with cum. Needless to say, I loved it! My face was dripping with cum. I only wished there was more 🙂

Rob then told me to go to the bathroom and sit in the bathtub, and that they would help me shower. He told me specifically not to wipe the cum off – not that I was in a hurry to get rid of it 🙂 I was just licking some of it that was around my lips 🙂

So I went to the bathroom and sat in the bathtub. I was expecting a nice sexy shower with the two guys.

That happened of course, but not quite the way I had imagined. Rob and Touri followed me shortly into the bathroom. They were still naked. Instead of stepping into the bathtub with me, they stood just outside and pointed their now soft(er) cocks towards me. I thought “cool, more sucking”, so I offered my face with an open mouth. Within seconds, my face started being showered with warm piss coming from both cocks at once! My first reaction was shock and disgust, but seeing how they enjoyed it, I got into it quickly. They dutifully washed all the cum off my face as promised, while some yellow liquid also found its way in my mouth and even up my nostrils 🙂

So that was their idea of “helping me shower”. Not bad at all!!

After that day, I developed another fantasy: Not just one top Asian guy, but more. Two, three, maybe more! But unfortunately, like I said, that’s very hard to come by since most Asian guys dislike the presence of other Asian guys in a sexual context. I just had to do with one guy at a time. Of course, I kept asking them if they’d be interested in a 3some, but no one was – until I met Samuel in Taipei!

Samuel is a successful professional who lives in a nice apartment in Taipei. He’s also a very dominant top, which works perfectly for me. I met him on the Internet. Unlike other guys who visit me in my hotel room, he asked me to go to his apartment, which of course I didn’t turn down 🙂

When I arrived, we had a little chit-chat, he offered me a drink, and casually pulled his pants down and pushed my head onto his cock. I sucked it with pleasure. He said he was happy with my style, so he asked me to take my clothes off. We both got naked and I kept sucking his cock in his living room while he was watching TV. When he was close to illegal bahis cumming, I started stroking his cock, but he pulled my head away and told me to slow down. He didn’t want to cum. He ordered me to put my head on his lap, and just lay there with his cock in my mouth.

I’m very hairy. Chest, back, shoulders, all covered in hair. Samuel told me he always wanted a dog, but never had one because he didn’t want the burden of a dog inside his apartment. So I had to become his dog. Always wondering around on all fours, never talking, and obeying his orders. If he was happy, I could have a bone (!) if not, I got slapped on the ass or the back of the head. We played that game the rest of that day (Saturday). I even sat next to him on the floor while he had his lunch. He fed me by putting some chicken meat directly in my mouth with his hand, and some rice on his cock. Of course I had to lap up the rice myself – and with much hunger! Later in the afternoon, while he was reading a magazine with me on his lap, he blessed me by cumming directly in my mouth and letting me swallow the whole lot.

To continue my serving him, he ordered me to help him shower (not like the other two guys, so don’t get any wrong ideas). We both went into the shower, and I washed his body all over. When we came out, I dried him and helped him put his clothes on. Buttoned his shirt up, and put his belt on. I loved being his slave, and I hope he liked my service. He told me he was going out with his friends that night, so I had to leave. I put his shoes on his feet and tied his shoelaces. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to a sex party the following day – as if I’d say no!! So we agreed to meet at his apartment Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, I went back to Samuel’s place. This time, he was much more focused on fucking my mouth, unlike Saturday, when he was just relaxing. He immediately sat me on the couch, and got up on it, standing on his knees. He fucked my mouth fiercely and shot his cum down my throat in a few minutes. After thanking him for breakfast (!), I asked whether we were still going to the party, and if so, why didn’t he wait till then. He was a little angry with me for questioning his actions like that, so that only resulted in a slap on the face. He said we were going, but a little later.

I spent the next hour or so first helping him shower and get dressed, then sitting on the floor at his feet while he was reading the Sunday paper, watching TV, or talking on the phone. He was talking Mandarin, so I didn’t know what it was about.

A little later, his phone rang, he answered, and said we could go. He told me the party was in the same building, 3 floors up. I wanted to ask who else was going and how many people, but I decided to keep quiet remembering his earlier outburst. I was of course very excited and eager to go and play, no matter what 🙂

We took the elevator and went up and rang the bell. A Taiwanese man in his late 40’s opened the door and let us in. He and Samuel exchanged a few words, but there was no other pleasantry. I was a little surprised that Samuel didn’t introduce us. The man didn’t even smile at me; he was just sizing me up and down. We walked in.

The apartment was the same shape as Samuel’s, only symmetrically opposite, since it was facing the other side of the same building. We walked into the living room, where the neighbour (that’s how I’ll refer to him; I still don’t know his name) had a gigantic plasma TV. There was a baseball game on, and 3 other guys watching it. They turned to look at me. Again, there were no introductions or pleasantries exchanged. All the guys were Asian, so I was happy. I was also wondering how many of these guys were tops. Including Samuel, there were now a total of 5 guys, so needless to say, I could hardly contain my excitement.

Samuel went in and sat near the TV in a single lounge chair. So I couldn’t sit next to him. I thought I’d go and sit at his feet again, but as was walking towards him, the neighbour pulled my arm and asked me to sit on the 3-seater, next to 2 of the other guys. I did. The third other guy was sitting on the second single-seater opposite Samuel.

The neighbour then disappeared for a minute and came back with a ridiculous red leather (rubber?) g-string. He gave it to me and said something in Mandarin. I asked if he wanted me to put it on. Samuel then said no one spoke English, so I would have to use sign language. Then he said “there won’t be much need to talk anyway”, and laughed. He said “They’ve all been told you like to suck cock, so just stick with the plan”. I took the g-string and got up. All the other guys were fully clothed, so it felt a little awkward to get naked alone, but I had already decided to go along with it, so I thought I’d walk into the other room and put it on and come back. To my surprise, the neighbour pulled my arm again and told me (in Mandarin) to do it there and then – I think. I looked at Samuel, and he just said “put it on here”. illegal bahis siteleri So I promptly took all my clothes off, and put the g-string on. I thought it looked a little stupid on my hairy body, especially now that my cock was getting hard, it wasn’t really covering much!

The neighbour then pulled my hand and pulled me close to him. He slapped my ass a few times and said something in Mandarin, and this time, they all laughed. I figured it was a pleasant laugh, more like a “now, that’s better” type of expression.

He then pulled my head down on his crotch. He was fullly clothed, so I undid his zipper, pulled his underwear down and pulled his cock out, and started sucking it. His cock was quite small, and he had way too much pubic hair, which is a combination that I don’t like much. Still, I knew I had to do what I was told. I sucked it a bit more. He then got up, pulled his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles. I got down on my knees and he started fucking my mouth deep – or as deep as his cock would go which was unfortunately not that far!

He then took it out gestured me to stroke, which of course I did, until he shot his cum on my face – in no more than 10 seconds! Then he pulled up his pants.

Just as I was thinking I was having a disappointing start with the small cock and quick cum (and he was already fully clothed again), I noticed in the corner of my eye 2 of the other guys getting their pants off. My disappointment quickly turned into sexual ecstasy. I’d been dreaming for so long of having two guys at once, now I was getting 5!!

I walked over and sat in front of the one who had his cock out first – first come first served 🙂 and started sucking his cock. Of course I had the other guy’s cock in my free hand. Then the 3rd guy came and sat next to the other two, which allowed me to have one cock in my mouth, and one in each hand. The guy in the middle was holding my ears as if they were handles and pushing my head up and down on his cock. I love that! I thought I was in heaven!!

I then started taking turns on the 3 guys with my mouth, while keeping the other 2 occupied with my hands. And these cocks were much better than the neighbour’s. Longer, thicker and with less hair 🙂

At one point, I was again on my knees with the 3 guys standing around me. That’s when I noticed Samuel getting up from his seat. I was wondering when he’d join in. Much to my dismay, he didn’t. Instead, he walked over to the neighbour and they talked in Mandarind for a minute. Then the neighbour handed him something (cash?) and he just walked out of the living room, shortly after which I heard the apartment door open and close. I figured the neighbour gave him some money for supplies, maybe fried chicken or something, which is popular in Taiwan, and that Samuel would be back soon.

So I went back to work.

The neighbour was on the phone most of the time. He was making calls on his home phone while receiving calls on his mobile. He was talking the whole time. Was he going to come back to me? Although I don’t like being fucked in the ass, I thought if he wanted to join in, I could make an exception for him, especially considering his size 🙂 I was so horny, I’d do anything!

A little later the doorbell rang. I was sure it was Samuel. I remember feeling happy for his return. I’d only known him for a day, but I’d already started missing him in 15 minutes! That’s what being a slave does. I get attached to a good master 🙂

The neighbour got up, and came back in a minute with two other guys – no Samuel!

Two new strangers, with me down on my knees sucking off three other strangers!! I had decided to go along with it, no matter what, but it was getting a little weird, even for my taste. Still, I thought “as long as I’m pleasing them, I should be fine”.

Again, not much talking. The two new guys sat near the dinner table on chairs while I was working on the first three.

In a few more minutes, one of the guys was very close to cumming, so I stroked his cock and let him cum on my lips and face, while one of the others jerked off himself and shot his cum on the side of my face. They sat down with limp cocks, and the third one fucked my throat for a little while, and shot his cum in my mouth. I didn’t swallow. In fact, I decided (the way things were going) not to swallow any cum because it was getting a little too risky with all these guys. Already, I was up to 7 guys, and it wasn’t even midday!

I didn’t spit the cum since I didn’t want to spit on the floor, and there were no tissues in sight, or any means of explaining to the neighbour my need of tissues, so I just let it drip out of my mouth onto my chest, where it stuck to my chest hair. I thought I’d need a good shower after all that exercise 🙂

The third guy also sat down, tired, but pleased. My earlier curiousity about how many of these guys were tops had been answered, and in my favour :o) The neighbour, and the other canlı bahis siteleri three were only interested in sticking their cocks in my mouth, and by the looks on the two newcomers’ faces, my luck was going to continue just fine 🙂

When the first three were obviously satisfied with their first round of throat stuffing, the new two started moving. They came over and pulled their cocks out for me to suck, still on my knees. Then one of the guys pulled his pants down all the way and sat back on the one-seater lounge chair. I followed him, this time on all fours, with my head well positioned to serve his cock. The other one came over, took something out of his pocket, which I later discovered was a condom and a little pack of lube. He pulled my head towards his cock and stuck it in my mouth. It got very hard in my mouth. It was long enough to reach down to my throat, making me gag. It was quite thick too 🙂 He then reached down to my ass and pulled the g-string out of the way, while lubing my ass. I thought I’d let him have a little play.

He then took his cock out of my mouth and pushed my head down onto the other guy’s. In the corner of my eye, I could see he was putting on a condom. Putting the two together, I realised my ass was in danger of being violated. If it was a small cock, I would have let him with the state I was in, but I figured that thing would rip me apart. Without letting the cock out of my mouth, I sort of looked up a little, and at the neighbour who was still on the phone. I looked at him with questioning eyes and pointed to the guy who had now successfully positioned the head of his cock against my virgin hole and started pushing it in. Just as I reached the pain threshold and got on the verge of screaming, the neighbour noticed what was happening, and he started yelling at the man with the condom. They exchanged a few heated comments in Mandarin, and my ass was saved. Instead of fucking my ass, the guy had to be content with slapping it with the palm of one hand while jerking off with the other. I was still sucking the other guy’s cock while my ass cheeks were red with all the slapping.

During all this, the doorbell rang two or three more times, and more people walked in. Since my head was constantly being pushed down on the guy’s cock, I couldn’t lift my head to see who was there, or how many. And I still didn’t know if Samuel had returned. I sensed there were at least four new guys, all watching me getting slapped in the ass and being throat-fucked.

A little later, the cock in my mouth started spurting cum while the guy was pushing my head down on it with all his strength. Since I had decided not to swallow any more cum, I nearly choked with it being rammed down my throat and all the cum filling up in there. I’m sure some of it ended up in my stomach, but most of it oozed out of my mouth back onto the guy’s cock. He was completely wasted, so he let my head go. The second guy must have really enjoyed that show, because he started cumming on my ass and back, jerking off his own cock. I could feel the hot sticky cum running down the side of my body, with some of it sticking to the hair on my back to make enough of a mess as I discovered later in the day.

Having successfully completed my current mission, I lifted my head to see the newcomers. There were five new guys!!! So my number was already up to 12!! A dozen guys in one day!!! What good deed had I done to deserve this!!

Samuel was still not back, and I guess he’d already been gone for well over an hour, so I kind of gave up waiting for him. Not that his absense would be noticed that much, with these cocks all around me!

Two of the newcomers walked over, and one of them pulled me over to the coffee table. I sat on the little table, while he was holding my shoulders and I was pulling his shorts down. I thought two of the first three guys had already left, or maybe they were somewhere else in the room. With all these guys pulling and pushing me in all directions, and sticking their cocks in my mouth, it wasn’t easy to have a good investigative look around the room. My most vivid memory of that day was countless belly buttons in front of my eyes!

The guy held the back of my head with one hand and my shoulder with the other and started fucking my mouth, deep and hard. The second guy walked over as well. I reached for his cock and started stroking it. The first guy didn’t take long to cum, and I let it drip out again, this time it went onto my chest, and some of it on my legs. Then the next guy positioned his cock in front of me. It was a nice cock. Long, but not too long. Thick, but not too thick. A nice yummy cock. He also had very nice abs and legs. I looked up at his face, and saw that he was really good-looking. I put my hands around his waist and started stroking his cock with my head. This guys was hot! I wanted his cum. I had to swallow his cum!

By this time, the room was like a busy night-club. Only standing room, with some guys sitting on the floor and most standing up. Most of the guys were watching the baseball game. I guess it was some sort of final or something. I have no interest in baseball, but I could see that it was an important game. I was only part of the entertainment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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