27 Mayıs 2022

How I Became My Neighbor’s Diaperboy Ch. 01

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My parents had left town for the week and I meant to have alot of fun. Little did I know where that fun would be found.

I had been home for most of the summer after my first year of college and I was a little tired of some of my parents house rules. It wasn’t that they were outrageous, they just made me feel like a little child. They wanted to always know where I was going and when I’d be back. But now I could do anything I wanted. Almost anything. They managed to still try and keep track of me by getting the neighbor lady to check in on me. Can you believe it. I’m in college for pete’s sake. But I had to put up with it because I had nowhere else to live and they pretty much supported me financialy as well.

Anyway I tried not to let it bug me. I wouldn’t be doing any partying at the house but I would be partying. The very first night I was out very late and came home very drunk. I didn’t bother to undress for bed, basically I just passed out on the bed still in my street clothes.

I’m a little foggy about what happened next. For some reason I woke with a start really early the next morning. Something wasn’t right. After listening to the house for a minute I layed back down wondering what was wrong. I quickly figured it out. I had wet the bed. Looking down at myself I could plainly see that the entire front of my pants were soaked along with a large part of the bed. Also it was still warm. I had just wet them before I woke. If I hadn’t woke up to pee what had woke me up so suddenly. I soon found out.

Someone was in the house and they were right outside my door.

“Hello. Colin are you here?” a female voice said as she slowly opened the door.

It was my neighbor Miss Hunt. I was stuck. I didn’t even have time to grab a blanket to cover up before she stuck her head in the door and immediately noticed my wet condition,

“Oh my, what happened Colin?” she asked.

“I uh, I think I wet my bed” I stammered.

“You sure did you naughty boy,” she said.

“I’m… really sorry Miss Hunt, I don’t know how it happened.” I feebily replied.

“Could this be because you were out til four in the morning,” she asked. “It smells like you were illegal bahis drinking too. Would your parents approve of this?”

“Please don’t tell them Miss Hunt,” I nearly cried “They won’t understand.”

“Why don’t you get cleaned up and then we’ll talk,” Miss Hunt scolded. “This is a very serious betrayal of your parents trust. Now you know why they asked me to check in on you.”

“You’re right Miss Hunt. But please don’t tell them,” I begged.” They wouldn’t understand. They’d probably kick me out of the house. I’ll do anything you say.”

“I’ll take that into consideration while you clean up. I’ll be right back so be quick about it,” she said as she quickly left the room.

My head was spinning. What the hell had just happened. Not only was I now in big trouble for drinking all night but I had also been caught wetting my bed by an attractive neighbor lady.

I hadn’t really givin’ it much thought but Miss Hunt was pretty hot.

She was tall for a woman about 5’11” ( kind of intimidating). She had long dark hair, large breasts and a beautiful round, full, and lucious butt. Some would say her butt was kind of big but hers was perfect, nice and full not small and hard. She had a butt you could really get ahold of. Yummy.

I quickly showered and returned to my bedroom. Walking in naked I was surprise again by Miss Hunt.

“Oh shit,” I yelped. “What the hell! Can’t you knock.”

She just smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it. Me seeing you naked is the least of your worries, my little bed-wetter.”

I grabbed a blanket to cover myself.

“What do you mean exactly?” I asked.

“You don’t want you parents to find out about you drinking and bed-wetting right?” she asked.

I nodded yes.

“So here is your deal. You will do whatever I say for the rest of the week or I will tell your parents everything,” she stated. “There’s no negotions. Whatever I say. If you do not do as I say your parents will find out and you’ll be on your own. You’ll find your own place to live and provide you own money. Right?”

“Yes, you are probably right,” I conceded.

“So do we have a deal?” she asked.

“I guess so,” illegal bahis siteleri I replied. “I don’t have much choice do I?”

“No you don’t.” she firmly stated. “So let’s get started. Let me just get my things ready.”

What things? What were we going to get started with. A large bag suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She reached in and pulled something out. Here was my first surprise. In her hand was a huge disposable diaper.

“Why don’t you lay down so I can get this on you.” she said matter-of-factly.

“What!!” I nearly screamed. “I don’t need a diaper!”

“Oh really,” she replied laughing. “And who is it who just wet his bed? I think someone who wets the bed needs a diaper. Now lay down or our deal is off.”

“It was an accident. I don’t need a diaper.” I said. “It won’t happen again.”

“You’re right it won’t happen again because you’ll be wearing a diaper.” she relied sternly. “I don’t have time to fool around. Lay down now or the deal is off. NOW!”

I was speechless. She was totally serious and I was totally screwed. I either let her put me in a diaper or she was going to ruin my life.

I was already sitting on the bed with a blanket covering my lap. I just stared at her stunned and she stared back with a smile on her face. She had me and she knew it. What else would I have to put up with the rest of the week. I was going to find out.

I slowly layed back on the bed helpless and whispered “Ok”.

“That’s a good boy. Let’s get rid of this blanket first,” she said as she grabbed the blanket swiftly and pulled it off my nakedness.

I hadn’t known it but I had become hard. She couldn’t help but notice immediately.

“Well well well. Someone is excited. You know what I think. I think that you wet your bed on purpose hoping that someone like me would make you into the diaperboy you’ve always wanted to be.”

“What?” was all I could say. She’s out of her mind.

“Well either way it’s diapertime. Lift your butt honey so I can slide your diaper underneath,” she said sweetly. “Good boy.”

She quickly pulled the front of the diaper into place and fastened the tapes. Then she sat back and admired canlı bahis siteleri her work.

“There. You’re diaper is nice and snug. How does it feel?”

“I uh, I don’t know,” I said sheepishly. “It feels funny.”

She laughed. “Get used to them, diaperboy. You may be wearing them all week if you’re not a good boy.”

I just swallowed and said nothing. Suddenly I was just like a baby. Diapered and helpless.

“Stand up and let me check your diaper. I want to make sure it won’t leak.” she ordered.

I stood up and she walked around me appraising her diaper job. First she grabbed my butt several times and made a disapproving tsk. Than she walked around the front and saw my huge hard-on trying to poke through the front of my diaper.

“Well you love this don’t you?” she asked as she firmly grabbed the front of my diaper and rubbed my cock through the diaper.

But only for a moment. She quickly stopped rubbing and laughed at me and than she stuck her finger in along each leg to check for a tight fit. She wasn’t happy about the fit at all.

“You know what,” she said. “Lay down so I can put another diaper on you. I don’t want any leaks. There just isn’t enough padding on your tushy diaperboy.”

I layed down again and she put a second diaper on over my first diaper.

“There you go,” she announced. “Now you’ll have plenty of protection.”

“Miss Hunt, I can” I tried to say.

“Hold on,” Miss Hunt interrupted. “Since I have to take care of you and you’re such a diaperboy I’d like you to address me as Mommy.”

I was stunned. She was out of her mind. What have I gotten myself into.

“I can use the toilet Miss Hunt,” I managed to say.

SMACK. She spanked my butt. Hard.

“What did you say!” she asked forcefully.

” I said I can use the toilet. What do you care about how much protection I’ve got?” I repeated.

SMACK. She spanked my butt again.

“You will address me as Mommy or you’ll have it alot worse than wearing just a diaper. As for the toilet, we will just have to see how you do. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” I relied.

“Yes what,” she asked.

“Yes Mommy,” I sheepishly replied.

“That’s right diaperboy.” she said triumphantly.

“Now let’s get ready. We’re going over to my house. A mommy likes to take care of her diaperboy at home right?” She laughed as she patted me on my well padded butt.

Oh shit.

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