21 Mayıs 2022

House of Euphoria

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Note: I went the gay sauna a few times. One night I just had an urge to write a story based on my own experience. To give a little context to the story; I’m Chinese and been born and raised in the UK, height 5″2, weight 65kg and aged 20.

I got semi-comfortable after going to gay sauna a few times, which was also named Refresh. This place had three levels bottom floor was the reception, bar, lockers and Jacuzzi which had a statue of a lion laid relaxing with its mouth open as if it was showing its was ready to bite. Just before the Jacuzzi were the showers and, the many people who take a glimpse just before entering the Jacuzzi. Beyond the Jacuzzi is a dark room which had very limited blue lights to guide people to their prize. The second floor has a sauna, steam room and showers. Lastly the third floor which had the private rooms, a 2×3 glory hole cubicles and slings.

My story begins as I enter the gay sauna I strip naked in the locker room while, catching glances of an older man. What was going through my mind would I have sex with him? I continued to undress and head to the showers as it felt necessary. After a while illegal bahis of wondering round I ended up in the top floor in the room which contained slings and cubicles of glory holes. There where people congregated in response to the groans and moans of this man being penetrated on a sling. He clung on to the sling like he was trying to cling onto reality; however it was evident on his face he was losing himself in pleasure. The audience got bigger and we all couldn’t take our eyes off them. I felt a nudge and there he was like a tree, 6″4, his lustful yet tender eyes looked at me. In return I looked at his curly dark chestnut hair. He gestured to the private rooms and asked “would you like to go to a room with me” I took a glance at his enormous cock and, my mind panicked and took a pause and declined him and ran off to the dark maze.

After a short while I found him in a dark private room watching screen which was installed into the wall. I nervously said “I’m scared that it might not fit inside me” he gave me a grin and said “okay”. I kneeled to where he was sat and started to suck his thick soft cock. He then grabbed me illegal bahis siteleri and placed me on the platform he was sitting on. With such tenderness in his voice, he said “you don’t belong on the floor”. Those words resonated in my mind and made me want to do whatever I could to give him pleasure. As my wet tongue lathered his now erect cock, he started to work on my hole. Slowly he entered in and out loosening my ass. I felt I was ready to receive his cock and so I asked him to lie down on his back. Slowly inched down and I felt his cock slowly entering me and the pain was there as his dick entered me. He was very patient and finally he was completely inside me. Now he started to move his cock and fuck me slowly which then the pace got faster and faster. I felt a whole rush through my body and I was slowly losing my mind. I moaned and cried out with each thrust he had.

He decided to change the position and I was in doggy position and with my ass held high and my back arched he began to fuck me. His head push through my tight hole and the rush started again. I lifted my arms of the platform leaned back to kiss him. canlı bahis siteleri He grabbed me by my breast and I felt the sweat from his chest down to his rock hard body. I could feel his heavy breath down my neck and his panting voice in my ear. He whispered inside my ear “I’m going to cum” and he went to full gear and fuck me hard as he could with the last of his energy. I was going to cum, and with the last thrust. He held me tightly as his cock pumped his seed inside me. With that final thrust he made me cum and leaving my cock to ooze while we froze in time for a second to catch our breaths. While we cleaned ourselves in the shows I introduced myself as Ted and he in response said Brian. I could still feel my asshole was still stretched open and this sort of bothered me. Brian asked whether I was okay. I replied, “my hole is just a lil sore” he gave me a smile as to show that he’s proud of doing a good job.

I was drawn to Brian and enjoyed his company. Unfortunately, the sauna was closing soon and he offered to give me a lift back to my house as I lived locally. He drove back to my house while I directed him where to go. I gave him a peck on the lips and we said our goodbyes.


Well that is the end of the story. I do hope you enjoy my short story though, I would love for any relevant harsh criticism. I always want to improve this and write it better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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