28 Mayıs 2022

House Call Quickie

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“I only have an hour.” Emily said as she moved passed Bill who had let her into the house. She went right into the play room dropping her blouse and unhooking her bra. Bill followed her into the room where he and John had already been playing. ‘Hi, John, I hope you don’t mind my interruption, but my pussy was aching for you and Bill so I took a chance.”

“No problem” John said as he rode up and down on a fat dong that was suction-cupped to the weight bench. “I was just sucking Bill off, if you have a taste for some cock you can take my place.” John hissed as he rode the dildo up his ass, his cock and balls bouncing up and down in rhythm to his movement.

“Wow, that’s something, how big is that dildo you’re riding?” Emily asked as she sat down straddling the bench facing John. “Oh, it’s about 8 inches long and 6 inches around, I’m in training for more.” John said as he stroked his dick.

“Shit that is pretty filling!” Emily said as Bill came up to her, his cock sliding into her hand. “And you want more?” Emily asked as she bent over and sucks Bill’s cock all the way down to his balls. “Umm” she exclaimed as her head bobbed up and down making the fat cock in her mouth glisten with her saliva.

Emily sucked and licked Bill’s cock while she watched John move up and down on the flesh colored dick. John has his eyes on Emily’s head and mouth as casino siteleri it moved up and down on Bill. “Fuck you must be horny!” Bill said. “It usually takes you a few warm-up licks before you swallow me whole.”

“Yes, I am super horny, and watching our friend fuck himself for some reason has made me even hotter.” Emily gasped between gulps of man meat. Moving her other hand down between her legs she literally scooped up a handful of pussy cream and fed it to Bill.

Opening his mouth, Emily rubbed her sticky fingers on Bill’s lips. He quickly sucked 3 of her long wet digits into his hot mouth, running his tongue over and through each one licking the pussy dew that Emily had offered to him. “I think your pussy needs some attention” Bill said as he flicked around the last of Emily’s nectar.

“Fuck yeh, having I been saying that since I called you guys?” Emily said as she turned over on her knees and put her ass in the air so Bill would come around and fuck her from behind. As she raised her ass she lowered her face near John’s bobbing cock and balls. “Fuck me Bill while I help John out.”

Bill obliged, quickly grabbing ahold of Emily’s ass checks, spreading them and moving his cock in between the puffy, dripping lips of Emily’s snatch. He rubbed his fat dick around the slick lips and popped the head between them. Slowly he inserted his cock into slot oyna Emily’s tight hole. “Shittt” Emily shouted. “Pump me hard, I need a really slam fuck.” Emily requested as she went down on the cock gyrating in front of her face.

Bill picked up speed, slamming his cock into Emily’s slick cunt. He had the best view of the group and was watching his cock slide in and out of Emily, while her head moved up and down on John’s dick, and John slammed himself on the fat dildo. Excited by what he saw Bill slammed even harder against emily’s ass banging hard and going deep into her pussy.

“Fuck, I’m cumming” Emily hissed through her teeth as she slammed her ass back and deep on Bill’s dick. Bill could feel the increase in juice as he banged hard, his cock beginning to thicken as his jizz was ready to blow too. “Shoot you load in deep” Emily told Bill “I want to feel that hot cum spray all over my pussy.” Bill let go with his first cum of the day and it was a big one. Both his juice and Emily’s poured out around the lips and down onto the work out table. Pulling his dick out he stroked its length and Emily motioned for him to come around to the head of the table.

“I want to suck our juices” Emily said as she began to slurp on the thick shaft in front of her while John continued to bob away on the rubber dick in his ass. Licking him clean, Emily rolled off the table. canlı casino siteleri “Well, my hour is about up, can I take a quick shower?” she asked.

“Absolutely” Bill replied as he opened the door in the mirrored wall to reveal the oversized bathroom. ‘do you mind if we watch?” Bill asked.

“I’d love it” Emily said as she moved to the large shower opposite the door that had just been opened. “Oh great, lots of showerheads and a handheld, might come in handy” she said as the water began to pour from all of the heads around the shower. Stepping in she lathered up and let the warm water wash over her. “You pervs, I just found the adjustable waist high showerhead!” Emily started the warm stream of water and began to move her snatch up and down against it. Finding the different adjustments, she began to visibly pant and rock on the hard pulsing water. “Mother fucker!” She screamed “I’m cumming.”

“Shit, you aren’t the only one” Bill and John said as they stood stroking their dicks watching the shower show. Jizz flew every were and the boys joined Emily in the shower.

Back at the door, all dress Emily kissed each of the guys thanking them for the fun and release. “I’m probably hornier than when I got here.” She teased. “But I think it will do for now.”

“I am so glad she called us.” Bill said and John agreed. “that was a pretty fun hour.” Bill said rubbing the bulge in his pants remembering what had just happened. “And I think she is right, I’m hornier too.”

“Well, we have all day to work on that.” John said moving back to the play room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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